• 06-14-2024 - On This Day in Insane History

    14 GIU 2024 · On June 14th, 2024, an unusual event occurred when the small town of Plainview, Nebraska was overrun not by a storm or natural disaster, but by a herd of escaped emus. It seems that old Farmer Johnson, known throughout the county as a bit odd, had taken to breeding emus on his spread just outside of town. While an unconventional livestock choice for the Nebraska plains, Johnson found the large flightless birds easier to manage than cattle or hogs. That morning however, it appeared Johnson had neglected to properly secure the emu pen. Dozens of the inquisitive birds decided if they were trapped, they'd prefer to explore. Soon emus were waddling down country roads, startling residents as they pecked about yards and wandered into town. Attempts to corral the emus proved comicly inept. Being faster and more agile than their size suggested, the crafty birds evaded capture. One was spotted riding a loose downtown before hopping off near the grain silo. By midday, the last emu had been encouraged to rejoin its flock. Farmer Johnson was fined for improper livestock containment, though few held a grudge. After all, it isn't every day the quiet prairie town of Plainview finds itself overrun, if only briefly, by Australia's unusual answer to thechicken.
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  • 06-13-2024 - On This Day in Insane History

    13 GIU 2024 · On June 13, 1962, an unusual event occurred at a butcher shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mr. Angus McMurtry opened his shop that morning just as usual, but little did he know the strange day that was to unfold. By mid-morning, a most perplexing thing happened - a goose wandered into his shop! Now, this may not seem all that odd, but Angus's shop was located smack in the middle of the bustling city streets, quite a distance from any farms or parks. The goose seemed as confused as Angus by its new surroundings and made its way over to the counter, staring expectantly at the wares on display. "Well now, what have we here?" said Angus. The goose honked loudly in response. Angus wasn't sure what to make of this strange visitor and decided his only course of action was to shoo it back out the door. But every time he approached, the goose hissed and flapped its wings, determined to remain inside. After a while, Angus gave up trying to remove his unwelcome feathered customer and decided to let it be - for now. As the morning wore on, word of the shop goose spread fast throughout Edinburgh. Citizens came in droves to catch a glimpse of the oddity for themselves. The goose, for its part, seemed to enjoy the attention and waddled around the shop, eyeing customers as if deciding whether they'd make a suitable snack. By the end of the day, Angus was tired but chuckled to himself over the story he'd have to share with his family over dinner. It just went to show that sometimes the most unexpected things can wander into our lives, even amongst the familiar streets of the city.
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  • 06-12-2024 - On This Day in Insane History

    12 GIU 2024 · On the 12th of June in the year 1535, during the reign of King Henry VIII, the people of Oxford awoke to a most curious scene. Whereas the great spires of the university's buildings ever stood proudly against the morning sky, on this day one seemed to have grown legs! It was reported that around 4 o'clock, witnesses outside Balilol College glimpsed movement atop the bell tower. Rubbing their sleepy eyes, they saw to their disbelief the structure lifting itself from its foundation and slowly ambling across the quad. Students and faculty spilled from their rooms, roused by the scraping and shuffling, to find the tower had stopped to gaze upon them with its pointed peak. Word quickly spread and soon all of Oxford had turned out, gawking open-mouthed as the stone tower danced a jig around the courtyard. Attempts by custodians to question the tower or guide it with ropes ended with them flung aside like rag dolls. Only when the sun had fully risen did the mysterious locomotion cease, the tower settling back where it stood, again as motionless as if it had never stirred. Inquiries by the Bishop of Oxford could find no explanation, and the incident was never repeated. To this day scholars debate what force, natural or supernatural, allowed the tower to so curiously comically jaunt about on its own that summer morn. It remains a quirk in history, a fact which gives us pause to smile at the impossible and wonder at forces beyond our ken.
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  • 06-11-2024 - On This Day in Insane History

    11 GIU 2024 · On June 11th, 2024 in a remote village in rural Wales, a most unusual event occurred that would puzzle officials for years to come. It was a mild, cloudy morning when farmer Liam Evans ventured out to the pasture to check on his prize-winning herd of cattle. But what he discovered would leave him, and the whole village, utterly bewildered. Where before had stood his large, placid Aberdeen Angus, now there was only empty grassland. His cattle, all 30 head, had vanished without a trace. Liam searched the perimeter of the pasture and found no tracks leading out, no clues as to how the cattle could have simply disappeared into thin air. Liam scratched his head in disbelief and hurried back to the village for help. Soon a search party was assembled, combing the countryside for any sign of the missing cows. They found not one hoofprint. No droppings, no broken fences, no signs of struggle. It was as if the cattle had simply dissolved upon the soil. Try as they might, the search lasted well into the night but turned up nothing. Baffled villagers could only shake their heads, unable to explain the mysterious bovine evaporation that had unfurled on their quiet patch of countryside that cloudy June day. To this day, the disappearance of Liam Evans' herd remains an unsolved mystery. Historians still puzzle how 30 cattle seemingly vanished without explanation on that very strange morning of June 11th, 2024 in rural Wales.
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  • 06-10-2024 - On This Day in Insane History

    10 GIU 2024 · On June 10th, 2024 in the small village of Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch, Wales, the residents were awakened by a most peculiar noise. It was Edward T. Toplofty, the village simpleton, who had managed to find his way into the belfry of St. Dubricius Church. Now, Edward was known for his mischievous antics, but none of his previous escapades had involved the church bells. As the morning sun rose over the picturesque homes of the village, it revealed a sight that would be talked about for years - Edward had somehow rigged all nine of the massive bells to ring at once, and was swinging wildly from rope to rope cackling with glee, lost in the chaos. For nearly thirty minutes the bells clanged in a bizarre and dissonant chorus, sending birds scattering and drawing grumpy complaints from all corners of the community. When the reverend and town elders finally wrestled their way into the belfry and restrained Edward, the bells fell silent, leaving only the thundering of hearts and questions on every tongue. How had Edward managed such an audacious feat? And what could possibly possess him to create such an unholy racket? To this day, the good people of Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch still speak of "The Morning of the Nine Bells," trying to make sense of the rare bit of excitement Edward Toplofty had brought to their peaceful village with his solitary madcap carillon.
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  • 06-09-2024 - On This Day in Insane History

    9 GIU 2024 · On June 9th, 2024 in the small town of Beaverton, Oregon, the local coffee shop saw an unexpected visitor that morning. Barista Mindy Richards was just opening up the shop when she heard a strange noise coming from the back alley. "When I went to investigate, I never could have imagined what I was about to see," Mindy recalled. "There, standing between our dumpster and old Mrs. Johnson's fence, was the most unusual creature." The creature stood on two legs like a man but was covered in thick gray fur. A long tail swished behind it as it rummaged through the trash. "At first I thought it was just a big monkey that had escaped from the zoo up in Portland," Mindy said. But as she inched closer, she realized this was unlike any monkey she had ever seen. Its face more closely resembled that of a giant beaver, with buck teeth protruding from its snout. In its search for food it had knocked over the dumpster. Mindy stood frozen, uncertain of what to do. She then accidentally kicked a can, catching the creature's attention. It turned and caught sight of her, tilting its head as if curious about this new discovery. Just then the morning deliver truck pulled up, and its loud engine scared the beast away. It dashed back into the shadows, moving improbably fast on its hind legs. Mindy was left with more questions than answers about the strange creature that had invaded their small town. To this day, no one has been able to explain the sighting of this bizarre beaver-monkey hybrid seen in the alley that morning.
    1 min. 49 sec.
  • 06-08-2024 - On This Day in Insane History

    8 GIU 2024 · On June 8th, 2024, a most peculiar event occurred in a small village just outside of London, England. It started as no different than any other Sunday morning, with villagers awake and preparing for the day, when all of sudden the sky became as dark as night. Clouds quickly rolled in and filled the sky, though the weather reports predicted a clear day. Within minutes, an odd rumbling could be heard coming from above. The villagers stopped in their tracks, looking to one another in confusion as the rumbling grew louder by the second. Then, without warning, dozens upon dozens of potatoes came falling from the sky. Large Russet and Red potatoes rained down on the village, pelting roofs, streets, and anyone unfortunate enough to be outdoors. Potatoes fell in such thick numbers it looked as though it were hailing spuds instead of ice. Try as they might, the villagers could not for the life of them figure how such a thing could be occurring. As quickly as it started, within ten minutes the mysterious potato storm stopped. The skies cleared and sun shone down once more, reveal the village covered in potatoes as far as the eye could see. When researchers examined the potatoes for clues, they were most ordinary specimens. None bore any signs of having been rocketed or otherwise artificially transported. To this day, the great potato storm of 2024 remains an utter enigma with no rational explanation in sight. The people of that small village can only shrug and laugh about their brush with the bizarre and unexplained. It remains a most talked-about strange occurrence that I'm sure will be debated for years to come.
    1 min. 55 sec.
  • 06-07-2024 - On This Day in Insane History

    7 GIU 2024 · June 7, 2024 offered a most curious turn of events when the migrating Monarch butterflies that summer decided to take a rather unconventional route. Instead of their traditional path through the central United States on their journey south, vast clusters of the orange and black flutterers veered dramatically westward, crossing over the Rocky Mountains into Northern California and Oregon. Local ornithologists and entomologists were flummoxed, checking weather patterns and floral maps for clues to the Monarchs' strange deviation. Nothing obvious explained the divergence from decades of observational data. The butterflies themselves offered no explanations, silently flapping their way through the Pacific coastal forests and meadows. It was only after several days of confused searching that scientists happened upon what seemed to have drawn the monarchs: a singular, massive apple tree laden with blooms in a remote section of Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. Having exhausted their traditional sources of nectar further east, the butterflies must have caught scent of the accidental feast from miles away. A rare genetic mutation in that lone tree resulted in it flowering a full month early, and so that one oddity resulted in rewriting the expected migration routes for that year. How the Monarchs' great-grandbutterflies would find their way back east again for the return flight south remains to be documented. But for the moment, the small town of Gold Beach, Oregon found its streets dotted with drifting bits of orange and black confetti, remnants of the Monarchs' detour brought by the whims of nature and that one extraordinary apple tree.
    1 min. 58 sec.
  • 06-06-2024 - On This Day in Insane History

    6 GIU 2024 · On June 6, 2024, an unusual phenomenon occurred in the western region of rural France. Farmers in the area had begun their morning milking of the cows when suddenly all of the livestock burst into song. Eyewitnesses reported hearing elaborate four-part harmonies coming from the mouths of cows, pigs, sheep and chickens alike. The animals performed a medley of popular hits from years past including "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice and "Macarena" by Los del Río. But what truly shocked the farmers was when their livestock launched into a rousing rendition of the French national anthem "La Marseillaise." Word of the animal musical quickly spread and researchers from a nearby university arrived to study the extraordinary behavior. After extensive analysis, scientists determined the singing was not the result of hidden recording devices or secret experimentation. Some hypothesis it may have been caused by abnormalities in the earth's magnetic field interacting with trace minerals in the region's water supply. Unfortunately, after an hour the impromptu barnyard concert came to an abrupt end. From that day on, the animals reverted to their normal routines and never sang chorally again. The incident was scarcely believed until eyewitnesses supplied shaky smartphone videos as proof of the inexplicable event. It remains a strange footnote in the history books of that small French township.
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  • 06-05-2024 - On This Day in Insane History

    5 GIU 2024 · On June 5th, 2024, in a small village outside of Liverpool, England, townsfolk were startled by a most bizarre occurrence. It was shortly after 9am when Joseph Hinkley noticed that his prize-winning cow, Bessie, had grown to an immense size overnight! Instead of her usual 700 pounds, Bessie had ballooned to a whopping 7 tons. Mr. Hinkley rubbed his eyes in disbelief and called upon the entire village to witness this spectacle. When the crowd arrived, gasps and shouts of "bloomin' 'eck!" filled the air at the sight of gigantic Bessie, who was now too large to even fit in her stall. No one could provide any logical explanation for Bessie's startling transformation. The village doctor took samples to analyze but was stumped. Word of the enormous cow spread fast across England. Tourists flocked to see Bessie, and amateur scientists proposed all sorts of outlandish theories. Was it occult spellwork? A freak radiation pulse? Or had Bessie simply eaten a bit too much grass? To this day, the cause remains a mystery. While Bessie returned to her regular size a week later, she went down in history as Liverpool's largest bovines curiosity. The only certainty is that on that extraordinary June day in 2024, this small town had a experience it will never forget thanks to its briefly supersized Bessie.
    1 min. 42 sec.

journey back in time with "This Day in Insane History" your daily dose of the most bewildering, shocking, and downright insane moments from our shared past. Each episode delves into...

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journey back in time with "This Day in Insane History" your daily dose of the most bewildering, shocking, and downright insane moments from our shared past. Each episode delves into a specific date, unearthing tales of audacious adventures, mind-boggling coincidences, and events so extraordinary they'll make you question reality. From military blunders to unbelievable feats of endurance, from political scandals to bizarre cultural practices, "This Day in Insane History" promises that you'll never look at today's date the same way again.
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