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  • Ep. 10 - Modernizing the MVA

    21 MAG 2024 · Mobile ID, Customer Connect System, CAV testing, and a pilot testing out Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) technology are just some ways Chrissy Nizer and her team are modernizing the Maryland DOT Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). But these systems don’t run on their own, customer service is at the core of everything the MVA does. Needless to say, we were humbled with the opportunity to speak with Administrator Nizer and hear about how the MVA puts people first in new, safe, and innovative ways. On November 17th, 2023, Governor Moore's Work Zone Safety Work Group announced its final set of recommendations. View the complete recommendations​.​ Date of Recording: day, November 28, 2023
    30 min. 1 sec.
  • Ep. 9 - The Norie Hustle

    10 GEN 2024 · After a long day of work, nothing sounds better than going to school. Wait, huh? At least that’s what seemed to be Norie Calvert’s perspective throughout her career as she hustled to achieve her accomplishments. She did so by working hard to move up the career ladder, continuously striving for more knowledge and new opportunities. Norie, WMATA’s Director of Contract Support and Marketing Outreach, impressed Eric and Sarah as they discussed her upbringing, work ethic, and determination to continuously step into new crucial roles. She shared the latest in procurement methodologies and her tips for consultants who are submitting proposals. Date of Recording: Thursday, October 26, 2023
    32 min. 20 sec.
  • Ep. 8 - Sahar's Moral Obligation

    6 DIC 2023 · What do DC; Corvallis, OR; and Tehran, Iran all have in common? Our latest guest, Sahar Nabaee, has walked and rode through their streets looking for ways to improve safety and quality of life! It’s more than just a catchphrase, Sahar dives into the specifics of Vision Zero with Sarah and Eric. We discuss how her work at DDOT is overcoming common challenges to create a network that is more welcoming to a wider variety of modes and users. As Traffic Safety Manager, she leads a team that is committed to delivering quick build solutions so that DC residents and visitors can appreciate the benefits of a well-rounded and safer transportation network. Date of Recording: Monday, September 25, 2023
    31 min. 27 sec.
  • Ep. 7 - Live! Talking Transit with Brian O'Malley

    1 NOV 2023 · There’s no better place to talk about MTA’s Red Line, Resilience 2050, the state of good repair, and urban planning than right here in the heart of Downtown Baltimore. Sponsors, members, and friends of WDCSITE joined us at the Hotel Revival for a rooftop live session of The Sectional. Brian O’Malley, President and CEO of the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance (CMTA), intrigued us with the past, present, and future of Central Maryland’s transportation system. Sarah and Eric engage with Brian and his stories that have us meander around topics such as Light Rail and the Orioles, the irony of a Bus Rapid Transit ribbon cutting, and the Highway to Nowhere. Date of Recording: Thursday, September 7, 2023
    37 min. 8 sec.
  • Ep. 6 - The Carole Effect

    25 SET 2023 · Although the phrase was coined following her transition from a private to public employer, we feel like we’ve experienced our own Carole Effect after chatting with Carole Delion about Connected and Automated Vehicles! We learned and were inspired by her insight as Deputy Director of MDOT SHA’s Office of Transportation Mobility & Operations. Carole’s unique background, career mantras, and passion for her work have driven her to be a leader in our region for this emerging technology. We discuss future scenarios as well as technology you can find right here on our own streets today. This episode is as much about CAVs as it is an encouragement to take on new opportunities life throws at us. Date of Recording: Monday, March 20, 2023
    33 min. 54 sec.
  • Ep. 5 - Radio Roundup

    30 MAR 2023 · Operations, Planning, Engineering – all vital yet typical transportation professional disciplines. But what about Reporting? Jordan Pascale, reporter for WAMU Radio, provides us a perspective we often don’t hear in a professional setting. Jordan chats with Sarah and Eric about the myriad of topics he covers on a day-to-day basis. Jordan’s passion for all things transportation is evident as we touch on some of his favorite bike lanes, the implications of free Metrobus fares in DC, the chaotic curbside, the push towards vision zero, and more. Date of Recording: Monday, February 6, 2023
    31 min. 43 sec.
  • Ep. 4 - Livin' La Vida Vendor

    15 DIC 2022 · Technology is vital to many transportation projects these days. Hence, co-hosts Sarah and Eric are interested in learning about how this technology reaches our projects. We’ve brought in Randy Dominick, president of Traffic Systems & Technology (TS&T), to describe his perspective on new technology, supply chain, workforce, and procurement issues. He’s proud of how far our infrastructure has come and is looking forward to future opportunities to improve the system. Date of Recording: Monday, November 14, 2022
    28 min. 48 sec.
  • Ep. 3 - The Riveting Future of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

    27 OTT 2022 · Co-hosts Sarah and Eric are still “shaking in their boots” after all the Bay Bridge deflection talk with our most recent guests, Heather Lowe and Melissa Williams. The Chesapeake Bay Crossing Study Project Manager and MDTA’s Director of Division of Project Planning and Program Development, respectively, chat with us about this study and much more. They LIVE this project and they couldn’t wait to tell us how their careers brought them here, what challenges they face, and what the future holds for a potential new bay crossing. Learn more about the study: Sign up for the Bay Bridge Run: Join us for our Annual Conference: Date of Recording: September 23, 2022
    30 min. 34 sec.
  • Ep. 2 - The $5 Billion Woman

    1 LUG 2022 · Co-hosts Sarah and Eric are back and they’ve brought a guest! The Sectional is proud to welcome Susan Shaw, the “$5 Billion Dollar Woman”, as our very first guest. Susan, VDOT Megaprojects Director, is a remarkable individual with an eye for problem solving. She’s not afraid to get out of her comfort zone, whether that be through cultural immersion or technical diversification. Listen as we talk about the challenges facing our region and how VDOT is collaborating across the Potomac to provide more transportation choices. Date of Recording: June 13, 2022
    24 min. 37 sec.
  • Ep. 1 - Welcome!; $ for Safety

    16 MAR 2022 · Co-hosts Sarah and Eric welcome you to the launch of The Sectional! We kick off talking about the importance of safety, the urgency to reduce crash severity, the different ways our communities work towards a safe transportation system, and the funding we’ll need to accomplish our ambitious yet critical goals. Date of Recording: January 20, 2022
    20 min. 4 sec.

Casual conversations with local transportation professionals. Come join us on The Sectional, where CAPSITE's co-hosts will talk about local hot topics and today’s biggest issues in Washington, DC, Maryland, Northern...

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Casual conversations with local transportation professionals.
Come join us on The Sectional, where CAPSITE's co-hosts will talk about local hot topics and today’s biggest issues in Washington, DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and beyond.
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