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  • 0624 Rizzo & Jeff "BEHAR BONANZA"

    24 GIU 2024 · Let's wet your whistle to start the week with a Rizzo Double Dippy...Timberlake was whining on stage about his DUI but we did learn he was let go out of a traffic stop earlier in the night...Be careful Grohl...Don't get doxed by Swifties...We found out that Little Debbie aka Jack Kevorkian has been killing us with her sweet treats for years...The zebra cakes are the most unhealthy snack you can eat...The only radio station and show in the continental United States that cares about the thoughts of Joy Behar is this one...We had a Behar Bonanza as she had no idea the girl on her show had her mother killed and she let her sexual frustration spill over when talking about Bill Belichick in the sack...DJ Dunny Done is DONE according to Johnny....We met a man over the weekend that wanted to be a disc jockey on The Mountain...We played some of him giving it a go and it wasn't well received...Belichick's girl has a type and it's OLD...Speaking of type...Hall Of Fame coach Andy Reid has a type...And its 80/20 chuck beef...He admitted to downing 60 cheeseburgers during the filming of a commercial for State Farm...Playboy requested the services of country star Terri Clark for a cool $1 Million ...A woman called and prefers Dolly for the cover...Fat Beach Day is a thing...Beaches all over the country are holding Fat Beach Day so all the bigs can flarp about with no care in the world...We suggested not going banana hammock because the elastic might irritate the thighs...Marcelos poor puppet hole...A woman who is married to a rag doll comes back in the news every year except this time her rag doll husband has been cheating with 10 men...We say burn in hell to the seaside alarm sound on the iPhone...We checked in on the health of Micheal Jackson's chimp Bubbles...Bubbles it's ok to open your eyes and your ears and check out the Monday edition of The Rizzo & Jeff Show ...HAWK TUAH!!
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    22 GIU 2024 · Rizzo and Jeff's "WEEK IN REVIEW" was a Doozy! First we spoke to the newest BABY on earth who was had in a TACO BELL/KFC and we named in Col. Col What? We do NOT KNOW... well we tried to fgure that out. Wew than took a trip to Idaho to the Potato Parcel to learn about a SEXY ICON! Then we talk Japanese Measurments and how THEY ARE LACKING according to the GOV, Survey! We then PROVE Richard Simmons is DEAD or not... depending on who you believe! YANCY IS FANCY as Jeff is ELECTED the Chancellor and we meet a SPANKED BABY MAN! What a WEEK!!!
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  • 0621 Rizzo & Jeff Show "Dorris is a Bingo Ringer and the Pringles Pooper is BACK being a Lawyer"?

    21 GIU 2024 · Doris you ringer...Do you think you can take us in Bingo? We started the show calling out senior citizens...Did you know Joey Fatone has a tubed meat empire? We like Fat Fatone...How hard will it be to do a St. Elmos fire remake now? Will Rob Lowe have jaundice? These are the questions we ponder...We talked about Jeff's dream that involved Kamala Harris...Rizzo & The First Gentleman...We tried to figure out what it meant...Someone has to dream about Doug Emhoff...Is anyone actually a Cher fan? We have now determined we want to look like Chaz Bono...Chaz is more ripped than us... RIP to the 15 fish that died when a car plowed through a house and into the tank...It did make us ponder if each fish gets their own grave or do the fish all rest in peace together...Amazon is now doing away with the plastic pillows in your packages...Good luck with your items not breaking...What things could you do with a Pringles can? We talked about a lawyer who did a #2 in one...Was caught on video...Suspended, but just got his job back...We debated whether it was right or wrong ...The consensus was that The Fecal MacGyver was a committed hard worker...Beer Hasselhoff...Vodka Hasselhoff...He is an extremely complex man we cannot figure out... George Santos now has an Onlyfans...We went through a list we'd like to see on Onlyfans...Carnie Wilson...Whoopi...Does Steve Harvey have the same mustache downstairs as he has upstairs...Then the calls flew in ...Ginger from Gilligan's Island...Johnny Depp... Should parents charge the other parent for playdates? Another call bonanza...If Little Suzy leaves a 6 pounder on the couch you can just clean it with Brawny according to Blake...The Oscars are going gender neutral, and someone will be living on the moon by the end of the decade... Turn up the #1 drinking song of all time AC/DC Thunderstruck and check out the Friday edition of The Rizzo & Jeff Show!!
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  • 0620 Rizzo & Jeff MOVE to Yancy County, Get Emotional and Talk Baby Men Fetish's and Zack Cluck

    20 GIU 2024 · Nice to meet you Zack Cluck you chicken perv...Thats a man who is obsessed with everything chicken...Also, why when something big happens in the world do we need the opinion of Oprah's "pal" Gayle King? Elon Musk thinks he's John Lennon because in the last few months he's had some assassination attempts happen...How about not having people get trapped in their cars when the battery dies like what happened to one woman...Did you ever lose a donkey? A family did and found it after 9 years...It was happy and living in the wild ...That turned into calls about people's pets that went missing...We got emotional with the fellas today...If you're 900lbs whose fault is it? Johnny thinks the big chunker we discussed has a conveyor belt at home that delivers fried chicken and tacos delivered to him...This guy we talked about has to be bathed in a pool and goes to the bathroom on the lawn...He also got stuck in a tub like Taft...Moral of the story...When you weigh as much as the animals on your farm...Eat Kale...A warning for the folks of Hendersonville county about racoon attacks turned into calls about animal encounters...A woman followed her lost luggage using an Apple airtag to a homeless encampment in Los Angeles...She then paid the homeless to get her belongings back...Want to call Nicolas Cage? (458) 666-4355 ... That is the number promoting his new movie Longlegs...What a freak...Do you know when it's time for a divorce? How about when your husband wants to dress like a baby and pee in a diaper? That seems like a good time...That was followed by a huge influx of calls that wouldn't stop...Keep an eye on your car air fresheners...They are exploding...It's thigh guy season...Short shorts are in fellas FYI...Let's all head to Yancey County to live in a village and listen to the Thursday edition of The Rizzo & Jeff Show!!
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    19 GIU 2024 · Justin Timberlake gets a DUI and here we go....We played audio of every Tom ..Dick and Harry that wanted to weigh in on it...One woman says she saw it coming because of the whole Janet Jackson Superbowl fiasco...We discussed the Japanese and how the men want a universal dating app run by the government because they feel inadequate about their size...We come to find out Rizzo does a lot of "measuring" ...I WAS IN THE POOL" ....Have you picked up the latest copy of The Potato Parcel? If you did you would have read a story about a 3yr old walking down the street with a loaded gun...Note to self...never rob a secret service agent at gunpoint...We read Bill Belichick's love note to his new 23 yr old lover...And her not back to 72 year old Bill...We played "Serial Killer Or Not A Serial Killer?"  We debated if a single middle-aged man who made a song for ladies to date him and it was totally creepy...Can you guess the "two letter tie" when it comes to the rankings of celebrity arrests? After the JT arrest we ran down some...Pee-Wee ...Cosby...R. Kelly ...Stormy Daniels...But a tie for first went to OJ Simpson & MJ Milky Mike ...Neverland Ranch was a special place...In a surprising turn someone wants Whoopi arrested ...Rizzo mis-fatted someone...Smalls from The Sandlot got arrested for throwing a dumbbell at a car windshield and Rizzo thought it was the chunky kid from the movie...He offered his apologies...We finished off with Andre The Giant tall tales and a little jack in the box surprise...Enjoy the Wednesday edition of The Rizzo & Jeff Show!! 
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  • 0618 Rizzo & Jeff "Whoopi Eats Cat... Snacks & ONE WAY HOME that's WHOOP TOOSHIE!

    18 GIU 2024 · When is it appropriate to have a mariachi band? Wanna feel old? Napoleon Dynamite is back hocking Ore-Rida potatoes 20 years after he first came into the public eye...Remember that if you meet an alien that they are not aliens...They are Starseeds...A woman ran a marathon at a Taco Bell and somehow it turned into a tangent about Dr. Now from My 600lb Life ...We blame him for a lot of problems in the world...We played Dead or Alive...Rizzo is convinced Richard Simmons is 6 feet under...We played a poem he read on his YouTube...He is convinced its artificial intelligence...Betty called and believes he is alive and kicking and maybe he is just ashamed of his body nowadays...Speaking of AI...McDonalds has ditched its testing of AI...YouTube ads have killed a woman because she needed CPR, and it took too long for the ads to end before someone could watch a CPR video to help her...Supersonic travel is on the way by 2029 and it is being developed here in NC ...Listener court kicked off with a discussion about 5yr olds being allowed in restaurants ...A restaurant banned kids 5 and under and they got death threats...Rizzo disagreed with them...Jeff agreed and for the first time JEFF won listener court ...Rizzo is now 9-1 ...The Surgeon General wants warning labels for social media...Justin Timberlake got a DUI and it is healthiest to get to bed before 1am... So, before you fall asleep...Check out the Tuesday edition of The Rizzo & Jeff Show 
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    17 GIU 2024 · Ever milk a snake? We have determined if we go broke that will be what gets us out of the hole...We introduced you to the Prowlin' Poppa this morning...He likes to hang at random apartment pools...One poor guy on a dating show caught that demeaning comment from a woman he was trying to woo..."You look like a Ninja Turtle" But no worries...He is a plumber and can pull 100k out of the bank...Ever fall ill on a plane? You might be safe if Dr. Oz is on your flight...He probably could have helped Keith Richards who had to be carried out on a hotel bed to the next tour stop for being so wasted back in the day...Does your dog talk? One scientist thinks your dog understands more than we think...Ever get stuck on a roller coaster or amusement ride...Rizzo & Jeff reminisce about their amusement park mishaps...Norman Lear...Dick Van Dyke ...Jimmy Carter...All men 90 plus that we feel would be better men for the 24 yr. old cheerleader that is now dating Bill Belichick...We bet Bill wouldn't be broke taking a trip to Disney World because most families go broke taking a trip there...Don't try to fake being at work like a bunch of Wells Fargo employees did...They used an old pandemic trick and got caught...Speaking of getting caught...If you're going to message hookers make sure to cover your tracks....One man is suing Apple because his messages to prostitutes did not completely leave his iCloud and they were found by his wife...Grab yourself a $9 Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich and enjoy this Monday edition of The Rizzo & Jeff Show!!
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  • 0614 Rizzo & Jeff Show "Is justifiable violence ok when a cup of water costs $5? The Canadian Chinese"

    14 GIU 2024 · Is justifiable violence ok when a cup of water costs $5? Is it also justifiable if you win the lotto in Canada and them not pay you? Is meat a good form of payment? Well one woman who worked at a Motel 6 thought so...She worked at the front desk and instead of cash she was accepting ground beef in exchange for a room...Can't knock the hustle...Happy Bday to Johnny who is sitting on his deck watching the alpacas...If you made a CD for an exorcism what would be your track 3? We talked about a man who used to work with a woman at Chick-Fil-A and felt his ex-coworker was possessed...So, he broke into her house to perform an exorcism...When he was caught, he asked the cops to play track 3 which we determined was Lisa Loeb "Stay" ...$112 at Red Lobster? That's what one guy told us he spent there on a date after we discussed their collab with Flavor Flav and if anyone has eaten there in the last 9 months...We talked about a special kind of pervert...A man took a job at a chiropractor's office and in two days he was fired for installing a camera in the bathroom at the office...The inconsiderate wedding person...Destination weddings suck...But to have 39 wedding rules upon arrival in Rio? We think not ...But we do know The Village People are bad dirty little boys...What is the most disgusting thing you've found in your food? Ever find a thumb? One man did...Lick around the nuts and you'll find the thumb...Get some vegan ice cream...Embrace the nude like the elders...And check out the Friday edition of The Rizzo & Jeff Show 
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  • 0613 Rizzo & Jeff Show "May we introduce you to Leroy Mr. Sugar Daddy Nasty Time?"

    13 GIU 2024 · Can Pittsburgh get a plumber? Preferably with crack showing? How is there only one working water fountain in the entire city? Can we have Blossom back on Jeopardy? The easiest question in final Jeopardy was asked last night...So many questions to start with this morning...Like this one...Why was Henry Winkler at a Motel 6 in Ireland? Well luckily, he escaped a fire at said hotel...Let's blow up a whale! That's what one community wants to do with a beached whale...The last time this happened folks were injured with blubber...May we introduce you to Leroy Mr. Sugar Daddy Nasty Time? That is the name of a man who was having an affair with another man's wife, and he caught her...We went through what a date would be like with Mr. Nasty Time ...There could be an AI mayor coming to Wyoming...Are you a real American? Hulk Hogan now has his own line of beer...Would you like to snuggle with a goat? We talked to the folks at Syman Says Farms who get 300 people a weekend to their farm to snuggle with them...With that we did find out that there was one woman who showed up and covered herself in hay and was munched on by six baby goats.... Well, the calls flew in, and we learned a woman used to take her pet baby goats to her call center job...Is your friend nick-named Reddi-Whip? Then maybe sitting them on stage and begging people to date them might be the way to go...That is a new trend...A woman gave birth inside of a Taco Bell...We tried to figure out what to name it...Be careful when in a hot tub...Throw some mayo on your hot dog ...smack Rizzo around with a summer sausage and check out the Thursday edition of The Rizzo & Jeff Show!! 
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  • 0612 Rizzo & Jeff "Jenner Jimmies on top and a sweet Oprah cherry and throw in a Mcdonald's Karen claiming a man hangs on Epstein Island"

    12 GIU 2024 · Jenner Jimmies on top and a sweet Oprah cherry and throw in a Mcdonald's Karen claiming a man hangs on Epstein Island kicks off the show today...What's with the nudity lately? A couple wants their guests to come to their wedding nude and a man can't understand why people have an issue with him walking around his neighborhood naked...Well that leads us to groping in a good and bad way ...A bad way is what Kevin Spacey explains as not groping but caressing ...Spacey caressed ...Did you know about the pillowcase on the airplane trick? A guy was called out on a plane for it...Joey Chestnut is a sell-out...No more mouthing wieners for him as he has signed on with a vegan wiener company...He is out of the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest...AI is a scary thing....We played an AI version of Conway Twitty doing 50 Cent and you'd think he was live and in concert...The way Twitty says SHAWTY is what it does for us...Just a quick note...We stop being cool at 41 ...Although everyone on The Mountain Facebook disagreed...Can he undo her bra as fast as she can undo his diaper? That was the question that was asked as we talked about a 23yr old that met an 80yr old at a nursing home...Are you bald and alone? It seems if you are that the lyrics from Hanson's MMM Bop now speak to you as you have gotten older...What if your child's teacher was drunk at school? We talked about one in California who was drunk but not charged because in CA it is not illegal to be drunk in the classroom...We tickled you with Melissa Etheridge live from women's prisons which we will get deeper into tomorrow...Sit back and enjoy the Wednesday edition of The Rizzo & Jeff Show. 
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Thanks for checking out our podcast! The Rizzo and Jeff Show is Asheville's ONLY 24/7 morning show. Be sure to check back every single day for a new episode of...

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Thanks for checking out our podcast! The Rizzo and Jeff Show is Asheville's ONLY 24/7 morning show. Be sure to check back every single day for a new episode of Rizzo and Jeff in the Morning. Find us LIVE weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m eastern time on 105.9 FM in North Carolina OR stream us live on the 105.9 The Mountain app! Expect the best viral guests, some great laughs, local Asheville flair and a ton of participation from YOU! Pickup where you left off- if you had to get out of the car, drop off the kids or had to resume a fight with your boss or annoying co-worker- it doesn't matter because it's all right here every single day posted after the show. When we aren't on the air you can find us on Facebook and ALL social media platforms by searching "Rizzo and Jeff" and "1059 The Mountain" as a way to follow our daily shenanigans and the biggest stories in town. For those of you who have followed us, expect to be able to peep in on some new and classic Rizzo and Jeff moments ;) Don't forget- give us a call or text when listening live at 828-240-1059. Now please kick back and enjoy the show! ~Rizzo & Jeff
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