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  • The Importance of Mobility for Balance

    23 OTT 2023 · In Episode #8, Jeff gives some suggestions for Avita teachers with older adults in their classes. How do we work with willing students in their 80's? How do we deal with the challenges of osteoporosis, medications, and the desire to increase bone density? With Avita Yoga, there is always a way to bring results to those who practice. Jeff spends considerable time on the importance of mobility to maintain balance. Flexibility won't help. Nor will the practice of standing on one foot. With adequate mobility, the brain and body figure it out automatically! In this call, we celebrate a remarkable milestone shared by a student, and Jeff addresses a fascinating question about hands-on bodywork. The episode finishes with a conversation about the Avita Yoga Teacher Training. There are questions about the practicalities of the program, time commitment, structure, and how it addresses the emotional aspect of the practice.
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  • Harnessing the Power of Peace and Patience

    7 OTT 2023 · In Episode 7, Avita students share some remarkable revelations that come with the power of practicing peace and patience. Jeff explains the importance of entering the patterns we want to resolve by engaging muscles we rarely use and keeping them healthy. He explains that we often must befriend the negative patterns to recognize and undo them. Fighting something only makes it more complicated and more challenging to resolve. This is why some Avita Yoga shapes gently move us into shapes we might think are wrong or even "bad" for us. A long-time student shares a miraculous story about using sandbags to relieve shoulder pain and a breathing method we can all benefit from to get a better night's sleep. And finally, some simple guidelines for physical fitness by dropping the over complication and returning to the basics of breathing and peaceful presence. Quite simply, we don't need to push ourselves to be our best. For more helpful insights on breathing and why use Buteyko breathing in Avita Yoga, check out this video by Patrick Mckeown:
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  • Resolving Frozen Shoulder & All Love is Self-Love

    11 SET 2023 · There’s a wide variety of questions in Episode 6. We open with a question about shoulder injuries and how to work with a “frozen shoulder,” when to hold back, and when to deepen to resolve the lack of mobility. There’s advice on using strap work to strengthen hands and resolve arthritis caused by reparative motions. Jeff takes us deep with a question about why all love is self-love, a comment he made in a recent class. There are helpful insights to resolve arthritis of the thumb and some words about the delicate issue of forward flexion for those with Osteoporosis. There’s more, and the links to classes referenced in the discussion are here: 60-minute Avita class mentioned releasing the hip muscles that can trigger Sciatic Pain… 30-minute Avita class mentioned the movement of the spine... 30-minute Avita class for arthritis of the thumb… Do you have a question or want to attend the following discussion? Click the link below to register…
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  • Practcing the Avita Series - How We Progress

    18 LUG 2023 · Jeff explains the Avita Series, one through five, how they came about, and how best to practice with the progression while still choosing particular classes you love. There are questions about how to work with hypermobility as well as how Avita Yoga benefits the lymphatic system. Here’s a link to the Annapolis workshop mentioned in the call. Link to Series 5.0: Link to the Annapolis workshop referenced in the podcast:
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  • Cracking/Popping Joints - What Does it Mean?

    18 LUG 2023 · In this podcast we learn to literally “listen to our bodies” - there’s a question about joints popping! What is that sound? Is it bad or good? It’s not something to fear, but it’s good to know why these kinds of sounds change as the body loosens up and the joints becomes more mobile. There’s also a question about refining a practice for a bone spur in the hip. We can work with that! There’s good insights on the importance of welcoming the shaky, uncertain parts of a yoga shape. It’s so good! Been diagnosed with a labral tear? Listen in and find out how we work with it. Avita Teachers! This one’s for you! Jeff advises on the importance of a class succession while still tailoring to your student's needs.
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  • Jaw Pain, Occlusion, and The Neck & Shoulders

    18 LUG 2023 · In this podcast, the subject of cramps comes up and why we should not fear them and even welcome them. Also, there’s advice for dealing with hip soreness caused by hiking and something you may never have considered; how issues with occlusion (teeth and how they come together when we bite) can affect the whole body.
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  • Yoga and Purpose - Finding Healing Sensation

    18 LUG 2023 · With a few other Avita Yoga teachers on the call, the discussion goes deep into “purpose” and its meaning in practice and teaching. Also, advice on distinguishing between pain and healing sensation, and some great insights into using shoes and orthotics as crutches when needed but with the ultimate goal of not becoming reliant on them.
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  • Hip Tightness - Recovering from Surgery

    18 LUG 2023 · Jeff answers questions about internal hip rotation and knee degeneration leading to an in-depth conversation about general leg health. There are also details on how to deal with muscle and joint tightness with limited movement after surgery, Jeff talks about the importance of regaining the ability to squat and why it’s important, not just for mobility but overall health. and finally, the advantages of every so often “taking a break from your practice.” Here’s a link to the knee workshop referenced in the podcast:
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Jeff Bailey is the founder of Avita Yoga. He has a long and diverse yoga background that began in 1985 in Gunnison, CO. The son of a rural veterinarian, Jeff...

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Jeff Bailey is the founder of Avita Yoga. He has a long and diverse yoga background that began in 1985 in Gunnison, CO. The son of a rural veterinarian, Jeff developed an early appreciation for anatomy and physiology, both of which form a basis for the practical nature of a yoga practice. He can reduce the complexities of the body and mind to simple, understandable terms and works with people of all ages to relieve chronic pain and bring more joy to life.

Jeff holds two 200-hour teacher certifications and a 300-hour certification and has logged over 9,000 teaching hours in his career. He heads up the Avita Yoga® Teacher Training program and has graduates worldwide. As a trained Rolfer, Jeff weaves structurally integrative elements into his classes with practical "off the mat" applications in life. Jeff has been a student of A Course In Miracles since 1990. One of its principle messages corresponds perfectly with The Yoga Sutras: to identify and resolve the obstacles to peace and lasting freedom. His consistent dedication to our shared, eternal truth has inspired Avita as a unique and healing approach to yoga.

Jeff has found that yoga can heal almost anything with a self-forgiving approach. Jeff appreciates the reflective power of yoga as a moving meditation, a quality that naturally finds its way into his classes.

Learn more at or email Jeff at
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