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  • Malachi McCaskill is Caught In A Strange Loop

    17 GIU 2024 · This month, the Tony Award and Pulitzer-winning Strange Loop opened at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles. Written by Michael R. Jackson, this hard-hitting and provocative musical centers around Usher, a young, gay, Black writer who writes a musical about a young, gay, Black writer who is writing a musical about a young, gay, Black writer…thus a strange loop. Usher embarks on a journey of self-discovery covering the raw aspects of life, the good and the bad, while dealing with his Thoughts, personified by a unique cast of characters. Having just wrapped up a run at San Francisco’s ACT, this production highlights a fresh face to the scene via North Carolina, queer performer Malachi McCaskill as Usher. Like Usher, Malachi is finding his way through life and professional theatre as a young, queer, Black performer. In this episode, we talk about it all. We talk about finding his identity in high school, his relationship with religion, manifesting his role in Strange Loop, coming to the West Coast for his first time, his creative process as an actor, the realities of being a young, gay, Black men in entertainment, what the future holds in store, and his message to the LGBTQ community. Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez @AlexanderisOnAir You can check out our in-depth chat with him in the current issue of GED Magazine now on newsstands or at 
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  • Danny Pintauro is Back and He’s the Boss

    3 APR 2024 · Actor Danny Pintauro first hit the big screen over four decades ago, in the disturbing film Cujo. Having played in dramatic themes at an even younger age for the soap opera As the World Turns, he was no stranger to giving it his all on set. Immediately following Cujo he was cast on one of the most popular sitcoms of the 80s, Who’s the Boss? For 8 seasons and 196 episodes, we saw Danny, as Jonathan Bower, literally grow up on our screens. Having difficulty finding acting work by leaving his sitcom personality behind, he entered public life that would only return to the media’s eye by way of a forced coming out, and coming out as HIV. But now he’s back, he’s reentering Hollywood with a renewed confidence, a mission, and a new body. In this episode we talk about being a child actor and the isolation that often came with it, living life beyond Hollywood, dealing with the stigma of being gay and having HIV at a different time, what it’s like to be back in showbiz, getting into shape, embracing his adulthood, and the stereotypes he must overcome to get back to his passion of acting. We talk about it all…check it out.   Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez @AlexanderisOnAir You can check out our in-depth chat with him in the current issue of GED Magazine now on newsstands or at  
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  • Darwin Del Fabro is Celebrating His Non-Binary & Brazilian Culture

    7 MAR 2024 · Talking to Darwin Del Fabro is like talking to the embodiment of a bona fide muse. With an ethereal beauty, they celebrate their non-binary side, and with well-crafted words of artistry, they inspire with every phrase that lilts out of their mouth. An old soul in a youthful body, their manners and grace are from yesteryear, while their modern ideas and work ethic make them a present-day mover and shaker in the entertainment field. There is little left that they haven’t accomplished. A successful singer, actor, producer, fashionista, and more, they live and breathe entertainment with a resume that most other artists don’t even come close to in a lifetime. We, in the US, are just getting to appreciate the person who has come to us via Brazil. US audiences first saw Darwin in Blumhouse’s queer-themed horror film They/Them, while they have celebrated a lucrative career in stage and screen and music in Brazil. In this episode we talk about the culture of Brazil, being queer in Brazil, getting into the biz very early on, his move to New York and learning English while studying musical theatre, his creative process when making music, his return to Brazil as non-binary after 8 years away, his latest album Revisiting Elis Regina, his role in and love for horror films, and so much more! Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez @AlexanderisOnAir You can check out our in-depth chat with them in the current issue of GED Magazine now on newsstands or at
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  • Queer Artist Derek Jameson is Fulfulling His Destiny

    29 AGO 2023 · Performer Derek Jameson is no stranger to Pride stages and most recently headlined a day full of LGBTQ fellowship and entertainment at a local county fair with Out At the Fair. Derek’s music reaches beyond our community, however, with themes and textures that sample from many different musical genres. Derek has also written for producer/DJs Morgan Page, Bijou, Matroda, and Kaleena Zanders, collaborating with songwriter to the stars, Jessica Hoover, and producer Trent Park. As a performer, he has traveled the world, including a tour in Asia. He also took the stage as the opening act for Darren Criss and Danity Kane As if the music wasn’t spiritual enough, Derek also works with countless people in spiritual development as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner who uses past life regression work to help his clients. He’s worked with Hollywood celebrities from HBO’s Euphoria, Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, The Big Bang Theory, and many more as a celebrity regressionist and Tarot reader. Derek serves as our GED cover boy this month. Listen in as we chat with him about his career, his spiritual nature, coming out, mental health, and more. Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez. Pick up the latest issue of GED Magazine on newsstands or head to
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  • Dancer/Choreographer Lockhart Brownline (Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Britney, JLo)

    14 LUG 2023 · Bro-lesque has been popping up all over SoCal nightclubs. Bringing glitz and glamour with artistry and hot boys, it is a call back to the classic burlesque shows with enough modern flair to make it unique in the market. Bro-lesque’s creator and frontman Lockhart Brownlie is no stranger to stages. Lockhart started training in dance at an early age when he would sit in the back of his sister’s dance classes. After being one of the most sought-after choreographers in Australia, he would start his international career by working with Katy Perry on her two world tours, performing at Super Bowl Half Time, presidential campaign shows, films, and multiple televised award shows around the world. He also worked with Taylor Swift on her tour, collaborated with Britney Spears on her Domination Vegas residency, JLO’s tour, also in Wicked on Broadway, and has been featured on Glee, True Blood, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Minx on HBO, and Magic Mike Live for Britain’s Got Talent and more. He has also choreographed for many lifestyle brands, hair companies, and even collaborated with Sir Elton John for his Oscar-nominated song “I’m Gonna Love Me Again.” Lockhart is our current cover guy for this month’s issue of GED magazine. In this episode, we talk about the bullying he received growing up because of his dancing and how he worked through it, the struggle of dealing with feminine vs masculine pressures, his move to the States, what the first day of rehearsal with pop’s biggest names is like, dealing with body issues as a dancer and a gay man, the need to celebrate our sexuality, all about Bro-lesque, and more! Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez. Follow Lockhart on IG: @LockieBrownlie Check out our in-depth chat with Lockhart in the current issue of GED Magazine, available on newsstands or at
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  • Jason Stuart: Comedic Trailblazer

    29 GIU 2023 · SoCal audiences have known comedian Jason Stuart for a long time. Popping up at gay events, emceeing Prides, performing stand-up at comedy clubs for gay and straight nights, making jokes on red carpets, stealing the spotlight at house parties, and flirting with boys at the bar is just a normal week for Jason. His comedy is just a part of his wildly colorful career. As an actor, he has over 265 film and TV credits to his name, from playing that funny character that always gets the zingers, to serious and even (gasp!) straight parts in films like The Birth of A Nation, to David E. Kelly’s Goliath (starring Billy Bob Thornton). You never know where his signature expressions will pop up next, he is just as home acting for a major studio as he is supporting an LGBTQ web series. His co-star celebrity list reads like Entertainment Weekly’s Who’s Who with names that include George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, J.K. Simmons, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Angela Lansbury, Damon Wayans, Jai Rodriguez, and on and on…always holding his own. As an openly gay actor, Jason is a trailblazer for the community who, this Pride season, celebrates the 30th anniversary of his coming out publicly on the Geraldo Show declaring to the nation: “I’m gay, deal with it!” Long before even Ellen came out, there was Jason, setting the stage for entertainers to come out publicly, even at the risk of limiting his blossoming career. Recently he has received accolades and rave reviews for Smothered, now in season 2, about a Jewish middle-aged couple trying to salvage their relationship because they can’t afford to get divorced. On this episode of US of Gay, we chat with Jason about the gay culture when he was growing up, why he came out on national TV, the evolution of LGBTQ in the media, his stand-up comedy, what he’s learned from life, all about his current hit Smothered, finally getting the recognition for his work, and much more! Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez. Check out our in-depth chat with Jason in the Pride issue of GED Magazine, available on newsstands or at
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  • Social Media's Michael and Matt: Who's Your Daddy?

    6 GIU 2023 · We first talked to influencers Michael and Matthew for GED Magazine almost a year and a half ago. This married couple who first met through coming out YouTube videos have built a social media empire (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Grindr – just kidding they aren’t on Grindr), that started out covering their many travels around the world. Their travel blog has evolved to encompass the day-to-day of their married life and, their most recent mission, parenthood. This month, they debut their podcast Who’s Your Daddy? which details the intimate struggles of becoming parents through non-traditional means. Meeting with industry experts and guests who have quite literally manifested forming a family themselves, they’re learning how to make it all happen through the process of surrogacy, IVF, private adoption, and foster-to-adopt. On this episode of US of Gay, we catch up with the boys and talk about the realities of married life and social media, open relationships, what made them decide to have kids, what avenues towards parenthood they have explored, homophobia in the world of surrogacy and how it doesn’t just affect parents, all about their new podcast, what they’ve learned from their podcast guests, and more! Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez.
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  • Drag Race's Salina EsTitties: Drag Isn't Dangerous

    2 MAG 2023 · She’s loud, proud, and Latinaaaaa….she’s Salina EsTitties! This SoCal diva has made her way into Drag Race fans’ hearts, oftentimes stealing the spotlight during this last season. Whereas some of the queens were focused on getting camera time, spewing out one-liners for the editors, or becoming viral memes, Salina was there to compete. Her sincerity lept off the screen as we celebrated her highs, her lows, and her sorrows. A sober, gay, Latino, Weho fixture, she unabashedly challenges the norms in all those categories. From being homeless to winning the Golden Boot (all in good fun) on Drag Race, she promotes self-confidence, hard work, body positivity, and activism through example. This month she will take part in the Drag Isn’t Dangerous telethon, a monumental event in drag history, especially in the face of political oppression. We caught up with her as we chatted about celebrating your heritage, the reality of body positivity, owning your mistakes and learning from them, her sober journey, her drag evolution, getting politically involved, and more! Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez You can read our in-depth article with this fabulous queen in the current issue of GED Magazine or at
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  • Prince Joshua: For the Love of DILFs Influencer, Activist, and…Himbo?

    19 APR 2023 · You may be familiar with Prince Joshua from his social media, his presence in LGBTQ nightlife, or from the recent splash he made from his entrance on For the Love of DILFs, the queer answer to a dating reality show that matches DILFS and himbos. (For those unfamiliar, himbos refers to an attractive but not very bright male.) Before you hit the cancel culture button, the term himbos on this show is actually used as a foil as we find out there’s more going on with the contestants than just a hot body. Like the show, Prince Joshua has a veneer of good looks and sexual energy. When you look further, you find there’s a lot more going on when you look at Joshua’s educated activism, especially when it comes to building bridges with our trans community. That peeling back of the facade was the reason Joshua did the show in the first place. Prince Joshua graces the cover of the April issue of GED Magazine, which you can check out on newsstands or at On this episode of US of Gay, Prince Joshua chats with his…from his bed! We talk about where his title comes from, how anyone can claim their royalty, his early life in Idaho, being raised in a religious environment, what spirituality looks like for him today, what being an influencer means, his future goals, the celebration of sexuality in today’s age, his future goals, his body issues, and more. We also get the BTS tea from his time on For the Love of DILFS and what he learned about himself and our gay culture from doing the show. Did he find love? You’ll have to listen and find out. Things get deep as we talk about his sister Rose’s coming out as trans, what we can learn from the trans community, how the gay community can support our trans family, and the straight community’s obligation to support our LGBTQ political efforts. All that and more with host Alexander Rodriguez.
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  • Ep 15 Bros Movie Co-Star and Co-Producer Guy Branum!

    27 SET 2022 · Comedy has certainly changed over the years, what's funny has now turned into what’s PC? But with that, the queer comedy industry is now being given a spotlight in Hollywood and earned a place at the table in mainstream media. In this episode, we chat with Guy Branum who is a current trailblazer in the industry. Guy Branum co-stars and co-produced the Universal rom-com BROS with Billy Eichner as well as wrapped up writing on the new Mel Brooks variety series History of the World, Part II. His book My Life As A Goddess is a collection of side-splitting and illuminating essays making NPR’s 2018 Good Reads List and Entertainment Weekly’s Must List. You may also know him from his recurring segment “No More Mr. Nice Gay” on Totally Biased, serving as “Staff Homosexual” on Chelsea Lately and his performance as Natalie Portman’s sassy gay friend in the feature film No Strings Attached. Guy was the creator and hosted truTV’s Talk Show the Game Show. He also worked on Comedy Central’s hit show The Other Two, Hulu’s The Mindy Project, Amazon Prime’s A League of Their Own, Punk’d and Awkward on MTV, ABilly on the Street on truTV, and Fashion Police on E!. He is currently developing a reboot of How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days for Paramount When the hell does this guy sleep? We chat about going from law school to comedy, working for macho networks, being the token gay guy, body positivity, the queer evolution in media, working with Billy Eichner on Bros, coming out, being PC in comedy, and so much more! Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez.
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This is U.S. of Gay, queer entertainment for all, powered by GED Magazine: your short form podcast where we spill the tea with your favorite GED personalities about the latest...

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This is U.S. of Gay, queer entertainment for all, powered by GED Magazine: your short form podcast where we spill the tea with your favorite GED personalities about the latest hot topics affecting our community...hosted by Alexander Rodriguez. We ARE the U.S. of Gay! Check out our magazine at - your LGBTQ media source on newsstands and online.
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