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    Episode 13 - We are back !

    11 NOV 2018 · After a few weeks (months) away, the guys are back to catch up and discuss where they have been, what they have done and what’s to come. "We'" mainly being Shano talking about his arsenal of new medals from 2 IFBB bodybuilding shows and a new pro-card and what it took to get there. There is also a new APP to help others improve their eating and fitness goals ! We are BACK and back in a big WAY ! this episode is proudly brought to you by www.grisbystore.com
    1 h 9 min. 42 sec.
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    Episode 12 - Angelica Teixeira - Miss Bikini Olympia

    23 LUG 2018 · In this episode we find out that Miss Bikini Angelica Teixeira is actually a “Misses” and if being an all-round nice person had a title, she would be the “Miss” of that too ! Angelica is living proof that starting from the bottom and overcoming obstacles without giving up, truley pays off. She had to overcome language barriers, competition rules that slowed her progress and a marathon of competitions all over the USA to earn the right to turn professional, but once she did there was no turning back or slowing down ! Today Angelica is the queen of the bikini category preparing to defend her title but remains as humble as she was during the tough times. That is why Angelica is a true ambassador of the sport and a role model to all women and men too! This episode is brought to you by @gatsupplements
    52 min. 37 sec.
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    Episode 11 - Aaron Smith - Professional Rugby player (Highlanders & New Zealand national team)

    11 LUG 2018 · Aaron Smith is a professional Rugby player for the Highlanders and the New Zealand national team, the All Blacks. In this episode Aaron discusses his childhood in Fielding NZ; deciding whether to play cricket or Rugby, hair-do’s and don’ts and passing on offers to switch codes in pursuit of a dream. These days Aaron is settled in his position and riding high on a wave of success but forever reflecting on the journey without forgetting where it all started. Aaron shares his ambitions for the future and describes the magic that makes playing for one of the GOAT national teams that only a select few will ever experience ! This episode is brought to you by @musclepharm
    1 h 13 min. 1 sec.
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    Episode 10 - Phil Heath "Dream Killer" current and 7 time Mr Olympia. PART 2

    24 GIU 2018 · In Part 2, Phil Heath brushes on being presented the Mr O title by The Rock, what went down behind the scenes during the recording of Generation Iron and some current and future projects in the works…and more !
    50 min. 28 sec.
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    Episode 9 - Phil Heath "Dream Killer" current and 7 time Mr Olympia. PART 1

    13 GIU 2018 · Around the birthtime of social media, the reign of Phil Heath began and played out under the watchful eye of the cyber theatre of millions of followers worldwide! Something that no other current Mr Olympia experienced for 7 consecutive seasons in a period when anyone from anywhere in the world has a voice to use without rules; a lot of them unaware of their impact . One sure thing is Phil’s achievements, equalling the great Arnold Schwarzenegger with 7 Mr Olympia wins and about to enter “legacy status” walking the path where only two other men have ever been before and that’s a 8th title. Phil doesn’t hide his goals towards success but doesn’t always disclose the good, success has enabled him to do! Hear part 1 of the conversation with Phil and get to know the hidden path of champions! This episode is proudly brought to you by @gifted_athletics, @phil_app and @thegiftboxbyphil
    49 min. 26 sec.
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    Episode 8 - NZ BOSS is turning 40 !

    29 MAG 2018 · In this episode NZ BOSS discusses the highs and lows of turning 40, and as usual DJ Big Wig offers very little useful information to assist in joining the 40 club! The guys touch on the year ahead, updates on previous guests and will NZ BOSS be going through a mid-life crisis and compete again or hang up the posing leopard skin trunks? SPECIAL EXTRA: We go back in time and hear who NZ BOSS is, where he came from and how he ended up being the NZ BOSS compliments of a previous interview on the Chris Em’s podcast “School of Struggle”.
    54 min. 13 sec.
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    Episode 7 - Jay Cutler 4 x Mr Olympia Body Building Icon

    14 MAG 2018 · Question: How do you become the king of the throne in a time when there was no social media, internet was “on the way”, magazines were only published once a month ( if you made the cover !) and no one remembered second-best? Jay Cutler has the answers; from breaking into the scene during that period, to the journey to the top without any hand-outs or easy shortcuts. Jay is now retired from competitive bodybuilding but remains relevant in the new cyber age sticking to the same fundamentals that worked back then ! This episode is brought to you by @cutler_nutrition and @jaycutler
    1 h 15 min. 5 sec.
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    Episode 6 - Katrina Grant - NZ Netball Captain

    3 MAG 2018 · In this episode New Zealand Netball Captain Katrina Grant ( @katrinagrant7 ) talks Comm games, mind games, world games, club games; but it’s not just a game! It’s a 24 hour business to climb that peak of success and stay there ! Hear what makes Katrina a role model not only to women but to all, through her experience and dedication to keep achieving even when challenges suggest otherwise! OH and she has pretty good incident management skills too, stepping in to breakup a few verbal altercations between @NSNZ_BOSS and @DJ_big_wig ! This episode is brought to you by @musclepharm and @nutritionSystems_NZ
    57 min. 20 sec.
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    Episode 5 - At the SYDNEY FITNESS EXPO

    23 APR 2018 · In this episode @NSNZ_BOSS and @DJ_big_wig bail from the studio, pick up the mike and hit the Sydney Fitness Expo in Australia to give you a rundown from celebs that you know and people from the deep shadows that make the industry tick and show flow each year. Listen to the current Miss Bikini Olympia ANGELICA TEIXEIRA talk about fitness, her title and life/work balance; one half of the STAFFORD BROTHERS (Matt) break it down about keeping it healthy with a hectic DJ schedule playing around the world and the unsung hero’s from the supplement industry from the very beginning of “pre-workouts” with Kevin Ramos and funky shaker bottles with Clas from Smart Shaker. Oh…and there is also a “wardrobe meltdown” by @NSNZ_BOSS that you can’t miss.
    29 min. 48 sec.
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    Episode 4 - Forrest Griffin - Retired UFC Legend

    4 APR 2018 · Forrest Griffin is that guy that we all know who turned a random opportunity to participate in a TV Show into the fame and legacy that followed in the battlegrounds of cage! Now let’s meet the retired mixed martial artist Forrest Griffin and hear about the stories you didn’t know, from being a cop to airport incidents and things that happen on tour! Forrest is funny AF and tells it how it is! Learn how he is helping fighters of today with programs to manage the gruelling sport through nutrition and preparation working alongside a cutting edge team. Todays episode is proudly brought to you by NZ BOSS Hour of Power Podcast.
    1 h 12 sec.

Hosted by Shane “Shano” Hunter (aka NZ BOSS); is a veteran of the Fitness Industry, and not only known in the world of bodybuilding through his achievements but also a...

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Hosted by Shane “Shano” Hunter (aka NZ BOSS); is a veteran of the Fitness Industry, and not only known in the world of bodybuilding through his achievements but also a successful corporate figure is well-known in New Zealand and Internationally. As the head of Nutrition Systems NZ, he is a role model to many and a social media sensation in NZ, sharing his training secrets, motivational posts and an insight on how highly driven people can fit so much into a single 24 hour day.
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