"I Want to Make The World a Better Place"

"I Want to Make The World a Better Place"
7 feb 2024 · 1 h 5 min. 5 sec.

Welcome to Hot Topics! In this episode, host Gabrielle Crichlow talks to guest and musician Aaron Schiffman about the power of music in promoting social change and raising awareness. Aaron...

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Welcome to Hot Topics! In this episode, host Gabrielle Crichlow talks to guest and musician Aaron Schiffman about the power of music in promoting social change and raising awareness.

Aaron is a talented musician who is on a mission to make the world a better place through his music. He shares his goal of inspiring people and spreading a positive message through his art. The episode explores how music can be a powerful tool in addressing social injustices and challenging extremist ideologies, such as those of the Proud Boys.

Aaron aims to spark controversy and gain publicity by challenging double standards and racism perpetuated by certain groups. He emphasizes the need for more representation in the media and discusses the backlash faced by actress Halle Bailey, a young Black woman who played the character Ariel in the live-action remake of "The Little Mermaid" in 2023 (Ariel was White in the original animated film made in 1989). This conversation touches on important topics such as systemic racism, income disparities, and the privilege that even poor white individuals may possess.

Furthermore, Aaron and Gabrielle discuss the fear and backlash that arose after Barack Obama's presidential elections and the role of education in combating these issues. They highlight the potential of music to bring about change and raise awareness, as well as the importance of continuous learning and understanding different cultures and perspectives.

The episode also explores the influence of Black culture on various music genres and touches on the topic of cultural appropriation. Aaron shares his personal journey into music and emphasizes the power of words and poetry in uplifting and bringing about change. He expresses his desire to use his music as a means to fight for social justice and provoke reactions.

Overall, this episode aims to inspire listeners and encourage them to take action in their own lives. Through the conversations between Aaron Schiffman and Gabrielle Crichlow, listeners are invited to reflect on the potential of music to promote social change, address social injustices, and raise awareness.

Who is Aaron Schiffman?
Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Aaron Schiffman, who also goes by Double AA (pronounced double a) has had a huge passion for music and entertainment since he was a kid. One of his early introductions into hip hop was hearing the rapper Coolio everywhere. He started playing guitar at age 8, and later got into other instruments such as piano. He also has a love for comic book superheroes, and always dreamed of going out saving the world. He is also a known activist, and fights for civil rights. He is currently working on his debut album “The Kid Who Wanted to be a Superhero” and various other projects.

You can find Aaron:
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aaron.i.schiffman
On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doubleaaofficial/
On Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoubleAAOff
On Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/doubleaaofficial

Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtube.com/live/fk4blUwXz3I
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Original date of episode: May 28, 2023
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