Creator to Creators S5 Ep 56 PRZNT

Creator to Creators S5 Ep 56 PRZNT
22 mar 2024 · 25 min. 46 sec. Bio In an industry oversaturdsted with artists looking to mimic others’ successes and aounds, it’s always refreshing to hear consistency and growth and that’s what we got from...

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Bio In an industry oversaturdsted with artists looking to mimic others’ successes and aounds, it’s
always refreshing to hear consistency and growth and that’s what we got from PRZNT’a debut
album Night of the Rose. Anchored by two singles “Or Nah” and “Like Pablo,” PRZNT has
already smashed his day one streaming record by amassing over 120,000 streams on its debut
release. PRZNT is no stranger to massive streaming numbers with more than 120 million
streams across platforms, the Cuban-born artist is gaining worldwide recognition with tracks
including “Laudy Daudy.” His debut album, Night of the Rose, is out now.
Hailing from Cuba, PRZNT cites Latin music as a heavy influence on his style. “My first love was
Michael Jackson— I was heavy on his music when I was younger until I discovered Kid Cudi and
Lil Wayne,” he shares.
PRZNT’s introduction to music making began in high school, when he found his friends getting
into it and developed his own passion and sound. “Around that time, I used to skip school and
create different things until I eventually got decent enough to make music,” adds the artist.
Soon after, he met his first manager, who helped elevate his music onto streaming platforms
where he found a real fanbase. “From there, everything kept flowing, and we kept going up.”
PRZNT eventually caught the attention of NOGXNRE, a decentralized music label pioneering
transparency in the music industry. After some negotiations, the two parties signed their first
record deal helping catapult PRZNT into a new level of artistry.
The artist’s moniker was originally “Present1k,” a reference to being present in the moment
and “not worrying about the future or past.” As he continued to grow as an artist, PRZNT
shifted to the current stage name, keeping its meaning intact. “It’s about staying true to the
moment,” shares the artist.
Night of the Rose, PRZNT’s debut album, was recently released on March 1. “It’s basically a
compilation of the sound I’ve been polishing and perfecting for years,” shares the artist. “This
project is completely me. It defines me as an artist and person. It’s a gift from me to the world.”
With stark and innovative production from NOGXNRE staples Adrian Chafer and Griffin
“Everlyte” Jarosinski, Night of the Rose delivers a consistent holistic sound that captures the
vibe that we’ve all come to know and love from PRZNT. Additional vocals from longtime
collaborator 2Scratch on the catchy Jersey-club inspired track “Video” round out a robust body
of art unlike anything we’ve heard from PRZNT before.
“Or Nah,” the album’s highlighted single, features the familiar sound his early fans fell in love
with: somber melodies on a bed of moody guitars. “It’s for my fans who showed me support
from the beginning,” adds PRZNT. The song is equal parts nostalgic, vibrant, and chill.
Instead of focusing on sending a message, PRZNT wants listeners to have fun with “Or Nah.” “I
want them to enjoy themselves and have a great time partying with friends, chilling in the car
with it, and turning up to the song at my concerts. It’s more of an experience than a meaning,”
explains the artist.
“It was a typical writing day for me,” tells PRZNT of the song’s creation. “I came up with the
melody for the song, chose the vibe to go for. In more broad terms, it says, ‘are you gonna do
something or not going to do it?’ ‘Are you down, or are you not down?’ That’s the whole
meaning of the song. It can be about a girl, a moment, or an experience. We started with the
full production before adding lyrics and melody, then came up with the ideas for the hooks and
In addition to “Or Nah,” PRZNT invites listeners should check out the second single “Like Pablo,”
one of PRZNT’s favorite songs on the album. “The album is an offering from me to the world
about who I am as an artist. It’s what I’ve learned from being an independent artist to having an
independent label behind me. I’m staying true to myself no matter what I experience. I put it
out there for people to enjoy it.”Make sure to stay connected to PRZNT on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts and listen to Night of the Rose on all streaming platforms .
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