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  • Creator to Creators S 6 Ep 12 Sherri Chung

    24 MAG 2024 ·  Bio: Award-winning composer Sherri Chung has been recognized internationally as a trailblazing composer for film and television. Her music transcends genre, and fuses inspirations—both traditional and emerging—in support of filmmakers’ visions worldwide. Sherri composed the score for HBO Max/Amblin’s animated series Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai, and most recently; the Peacock original series, Based on a True Story, the Netflix feature film, Happiness For Beginners, and NBC’s Found. Frequently recognized for her other television credits, including the CW network series Kung Fu, Batwoman, and Riverdale, NBC’s Blindspot, and Ava DuVernay’s limited series The Red Line, she has also scored numerous feature films, documentaries, and commercials. Recent film credits include Warner Bros Studio’s Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, and The Lost Husband, the latter which garnered her a Society of Composers and Lyricists nomination for Best Score for an Independent Studio Film. She also composed the score for The Other Side of Home, which was shortlisted in the 2017 Oscars for Best Short Documentary. Her outstanding work has not gone unnoticed, as Sherri is a 2024 nominee for the IFMCA Breakthrough Composer of the Year. Alongside her composing work, Sherri is also a pianist, vocalist, performer and songwriter. As a vocalist, she has recorded for films, commercials, trailer music, and television (ABC’s Resurrection, CW’s Arrow and NBC’s Blindspot).  Her voice can also be heard on the Netflix documentary series The Keepers (Emmy nominated for Outstanding Documentary). An active member of the film music industry, Sherri also serves as Governor of the Music Branch of the Television Academy.
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  • Creator to Creators S6 Ep 11 DNT

    23 MAG 2024 · DNT is a man of mystery and says that he wants his fans to love the music, and not just the person putting out the material. On May 10, he is releasing his debut five song EP called My Five Faces that features the new single “Girl,” that is complete with a catchy hook and an epic bass line.  “The record is about the jealousy that I’ve been through, but it also has a double entendre with what the girl went through during the story of the break up i’m narrating, as the rest of the EP has,” he said. “The song sounds happy with the melody and everything, but it is also really sad.”The story in the song is about being jealous of the girl who is in another relationship after their breakup, but it turns out she isn’t happy either because it’s just something meaningless. It is something to just fill the void.The tune is one that is timeless, reminiscent of disco and new age funk, with a poppy, dancey groove. The intense, yet ethereal, beat complements perfectly with DNT’s vocals, telling the tough story of love and jealousy. DNT explained that almost everyone in his family plays music, and he has been playing keyboard and singing since he was a child. He has been working on this EP for eight months,and has been involved in co-producing it.  DNT wrote “Girl?” in July when the events he sings about just happened. He then got someone to put a beat under it, but then he scrapped everything and started fresh. He wrote the bass line that comes before the chorus, which is simple and also masterfully done to uptick the song’s vibe in what is more akin to an ‘80s beat. “This is the only track that was 100% all me,” DNT said. “My engineer helped me with the mix, but I totally composed it.” The EP includes: 1. On Top - Takeover  2. Parties I Eye-Rolled Rolling Ecstasy 3. Girls? 4. Mirage of Us 5. Beatrice & The Devil Each song is associated with a different face, or feeling. “On Top - Takeover” has to do with sex and is a remix of an unreleased song by The Weeknd.  “Parties I Eye-Rolled Rolling Ecstasy” has to do with drugs, but it is a song he wrote when he was sober originally titled “Mermaids Calling.” It talks about the life that he and his friends were living. The meaning is about guys who go partying every night and their mothers are waiting on the doorstep for them with a cross. She knows every time they go out partying, she isn’t sure if he is coming back.“It’s about crazy night life, and actually I lost a person I knew like that right after I wrote it,” he said. “His name is hidden in the title” The fourth song on the album, “Mirage of Us” has the face of regret. This is a jazzy number, and DNT made the drums poppy but with an R&B vibe. The final song on the album, “Beatrice & The Devil” is about pain. It is actually two tracks combined. This directly relates to Dante of the Divine Comedy, Beatrice is the girl Dante is following through Hell till Paradise. The song is about himself trying to get this girl in love through sex, but in reality all she wanted was for someone to make her feel loved and protected. It transitions right into the Devil portion of the song, and is a rap section where the Devil takes the lead in the artist.“Never let your feelings get you down,” DNT said. “I’ve been through some things, but you don’t have to let your feelings overtake you.” DNT, which has a multitude of meanings that include Dante (From Divine Comedy) and “Do not trust,” is brand new to the music industry. Inspired by The Weeknd, he feels that this anonymity helped him get to where he is as one of the top musicians around. Some of his other biggest inspirations include XXXTentacion and Travis Scott, and DNT also has a huge appreciation for Tame Impala’s music. He is always working, and is already getting his next mixtape ready. DNT has the songs written and plans to get started on recording right after the release of this EP. “I have written five other albums so I am prepared,” he said. “I don’t like doing things just out of nowhere. Everything has a meaning for me.”
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  • Creator to Creators S6 Ep 10 Adam Levine (Grave Line Tours )

    22 MAG 2024 ·  Adam Levine is the founder and Chief Undertaking Officer of Grave Line Tours in Los Angeles, which was established in 2023. Since learning about Jack the Ripper on a trip to London when he was 13, Adam has harbored an obsession with the macabre. Prior to founding Grave Line, Adam worked in construction, restoring Los Angeles homes. Los Angeles is his favorite city in the world and he is truly honored to run its premiere spooky tour operation. He has a background in studio art with a focus in painting, and holds a masters in economics. He lives in Van Nuys with his cat, Jean Valcat. Rate comment subscribe hit notification bell for all new videos  Check out my podcast -
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  • Creator to Creators S6 Ep 9 Caz Kush

    22 MAG 2024 · Artist Caz Kush welcomes listeners to have a good time with his recent single “Piñatas.” Released under his label, Never Not Going In Ent., “Piñatas” is a fresh hit for all to enjoy. “I just wanna catch people’s attention with Piñatas make peoples ears stand up then hit them with something deep, Piñatas is just the tip of the iceberg, i have a series called car bars and another that’s freestyles about the most random comments where every week I’m dropping straight bars on all platforms that accept video playback. Tune in and check me out not only all that I have so much unreleased music I’m working on putting out, with much more substance, valuable lessons, ect just stay tuned. Much more coming” “I make music for everyone, not just the club, It’s for people to listen to when they aren’t sure about what to do or where to go next, it’s for the people who want to do better for themselves, their people and just in general want to show people it doesn’t take all that to do what you want to do, If you can think of it you can make it happen” shares Caz Kush of his art. From age nine, the Indiana-based musician has been making music and exploring various art forms. He is a multitalented artist responsible for his own writing, producing, engineering, visuals, and covers--among other skills. “My Tag “Caz, You mixed this” signifies that every song has its own unique engineering and feeling to it, nobody mixes/masters the same, when you hear that “Caz You Mixed This” You will understand” Says Caz Kush, Caz Kush is also not afraid to experiment. He can smoothly transition across genres to create unexpected sounds for all listeners. “Never coming from a violent place or the street life was a plus for me because I’ve always been the type to spread positivity through music and art. how to find yourself and just keep your head up, let people be there for you, there’s people who truly don’t have that so if you do be grateful and let them people help” “The whole scene is popularizing guns and violence--things that shouldn’t be. Why not talk about how to spread love, happiness, equality, spirituality?, I want people to know it don’t take all this to do what you want to do. You don’t have to sell drugs. You don’t have to be involved with the street life, Just be you, You can do what you want with music, art, ect.” Shares Caz Kush Caz Kush credits Tyler the Creator as a huge influence on his career. “He is himself, and that’s what I like to be,” shares Caz. “I’m bringing something new and different that people might not have seen before.” The artist aims at spreading his message and showing people that “whatever you’re going through, you can flip it into a positive, your mind is powerful, some use them powers for good and some, well, don’t” Caz Kush wants to be the voice for people who might not have the words in their head to express themselves. “I’m trying to change the world for real,” he adds. “But I can’t do it alone--I need people with the same mindset, ones who are on the same wave” “I’d rather help the world, a Grammy don’t mean you win” When it comes to writing music, Caz Kush approaches new songs from a beats-first approach. “I take the thoughts in my head and do everything except the beat,” shares the artist. “Piñatas” originated from a beat on YouTube that caught the attention of Caz Kush. “I heard a beat called ‘Shake’ or something like that and I had to hit up the producer instantly to get the rights for it. It was so vibey, bouncy, catchy. I knew it could be played anywhere and people could attach to it. This is the kind of song you can play doing literally anything/make a dance to – people can get into because of the vibe and energy.” “The biggest thing for me is my children look up to me, along with other people like my family, I’m sure some random people I don’t know yet but hope I get to meet do aswell. In knowing that shows my direction within my artist expression, I want anyone who looks up to me to understand the person I am is who I am, the person you are is who you should be, and the person that’s next to you is exactly who they should be, we should all love and support each other the same. Love and celebrate your people, we all got things we are going through, be there for the person next to you, and let them be there for you. Spread more love and peace around the universe It helps way more then you may think” We all go through different things and we all have different ways to cope with things, whatever helps you express yourself, a message, helps your chest not be so heavy, don’t be scared to let it out, there are most definitely people out there that could use it! At the end of the day, Caz Kush wants listeners to know his music is for them. “Do what you gotta do to make it in life--healing, growing, doing everything you need to do, I love you all and wish you the very best in anything you do in life, make sure it’s amazing, I know it will be :)” tells Caz Kush.
    30 min. 16 sec.
  • Creator to Creators S6 Ep 8 Alejandro Lema

    21 MAG 2024 · With “Seduce You,” Alejandro Lema, whose previous work has attracted millions of streams, begins a “new era,” a more focused and professional phase of his career. The track, releasing May 10, matches the title. The music is slow, highly sensual, the tone and vocals dreamy, the theme overtly but not pornographically sexual. The lyrics leave no doubt about the subject. “Seduce You is a very sexy, fierce, sensual record that is expressing the act of sex and the gentleness and vulnerability that comes with it,” he said. From the chorus, Alejandro’s voice up in the clouds: You know I’d be Gentle with your body (body) Until you get used to me, Seducing you “It’s pretty straightforward,” he said. “There’s no little entendres or anything.” From the first verse, his voice back on earth in the borderland between baritone and tenor: We’ll do it on the floor, until we’re sore We’ve gone until we’re sore, but I want more “‘Seduce You’ started off with me simply wanting to make something with pitched vocals as the chorus. I knew I wanted the lyrics to be very seductive because, with the beat being so simple, I wanted the lyrics to stand out.” He describes the feeling he wants as “all in the moment.” Alejandro is deliberate about the “new era” of a career that began on TikTok and other social media when he was in his very early teens, 13 or 14. That is where his millions of streams and his fan base come from. He began formally releasing music on all platforms in 2021, when he was 18. He didn’t really know what he was doing or how to do it. “It was new to me. I didn’t really know the right way to go about everything. I was just a kid in my room making music,” he said. The music he put out between then and this year is highly charged, fast-paced, thelyrics explicit. Alejandro plays, experiments — grows — with the vocals and production. For all his talk about not knowing what he was doing, listening to his songs makes it clear why they got all those streams. For “Seduce You,” he wanted a slower pace, a slower mood, a rawer feel. “When I was creating the song, it felt like it needed to be raw, like parts where I’m not singing exactly on time, parts where my voice will rasp and strain slightly to add more emotion.” In the end, he said, “It felt like the perfect mix, distorted and messy, but also very clean with the production.”“Obviously, I had dreams and aspirations of making a big impact in music, but in terms of a full package kind of thing — my appearance, my vocal ability, my production, I feel like ‘Seduce You’ is a more polished, improved version of my sound.” He wrote, composed, produced, engineered and performed the entire song. He calls his genre “dark R&B” and alternative pop. One reason is that the label applies to the artists who inspire him. The mix he likes and describes also includes rock, R&B and mainstream pop. His list of inspirations begins with The Weeknd, “early The Weeknd, like 2012 to 2015 The Weeknd.” That was the main reason why I started making music, like I said, as a kid in my room. Then, over time, I got inspiration from, like, The Neighbourhood or the Arctic Monkeys.” They have something, he says, “that just draws me to them.” Next for him is a debut EP, five to six songs, by the end of the year or early next year. Seduce You,” the latest step in the evolution of his sound, is “just the start of that.” “I look at my earlier stuff as me trying to find my sound. I don’t think I’ll ever necessarily find’ my sound, but I’m getting closer.” He aspires to a greatness that is his, where he gets “as big as I can get, get my music out to as many people as I can, and become that star that I always dreamed of when I was a kid, while still remaining human without losing my self.” In a discussion of mainstream pop, alternative pop, R&B, rock, he says his music is not all one or the other, or even, perhaps, anything that hasn’t been done somehow at some time or other. “But it’s something fresh. I want my music to have that something that draws other people in, and where they will hear me and be like ‘Okay. That’s an Alejandro Lema song.’” In this way, too, “Seduce You” is a “start.” Start with Alejandro Lema by connecting on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.
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  • Creator to Creators S6 Ep 7 Liyana Mansor

    21 MAG 2024 · Liyana Mansor Bio: is a UK-based editor with a flair for contributing to narratives across a variety of high-profile projects. Her most recent work includes editing two episodes of the eagerly-awaited Paramount+ series, Knuckles, set to premiere on April 26th. Liyana's eye for detail and storytelling prowess was prior showcased in her editing of two episodes of TNT's The Alienist: The Angel of Darkness. This exceptional work earned her nominations for both the BFE Breakthrough Editor Award and the CCE Best Editing in TV Drama Award alongside Editor Jay Prychidny. With a rich background in Visual Effects Editorial, Liyana has contributed her expertise to a number of critically acclaimed productions. Her credits include Charlie Booker’s Black Mirror, the multi-award-winning Chernobyl from showrunner Craig Mazin, Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller Alien: Covenant, and the Disney+ Star Wars series, Andor, led by showrunner Tony Gilroy. Liyana’s work on Andor was recognized with an Emmy nomination, underscoring her status in the industry. Liyana's expertise in editing is rooted in her academic background in Film, Media, and English Literature, as well as her Bachelor's Degree in Creative Advertising which honed her creative problem-solving skills. Her hands-on experience also includes working as a 1st Assistant for Luke Dunkley, where she gained practice cutting scenes on her own. Beyond her professional endeavors, Liyana has co-developed a VFX Editorial workshop with Netflix and TEMPO, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of editors throughout Europe and Africa. When away from the editing suite, she enjoys outdoor adventures like hiking, climbing, and surfing.
    35 min. 1 sec.
  • Creator to Creators S6 Ep 6 Joaquin Elizondo

    19 MAG 2024 · Joaquin was an editor on the Netflix limited series "Griselda" to portray the captivating story of Griselda Blanco, depicted by Sofia Vergara in her most prominent dramatic role to date. The series explores Griselda's journey from Medellín to becoming the formidable 'Godmother' of Miami's drug empire in the late '70s and early '80s. Joaquin edited three episodes (101, 103, 105). Through meticulous editing, Joaquin collaborated with a team to ensure the narrative's authenticity and enhance Sofia Vergara's outstanding performance, contributing to the series' success as the #1 show on Netflix in over 89 countries and accumulating over 1.73 billion minutes watched in the second week after its release. M.V.B Films Productions  emai
    32 min. 20 sec.
  • Creator to Creators S6 Ep5 Ed Morales

    10 MAG 2024 · links A good song may not always be defined by a single genre. If the music and lyrics combined can transcend a categorical box connecting then evoking feelings and memories in the listener, an artist has succeeded. Texas singer/songwriter Ed Morales does just this. His music is a diverse confluence of Rock, Pop, R&B, and Americana into what some call “Urban Americana”. Bringing a deep musical integrity to his lyrics - connecting directly with his listeners on journeys to their first love and first heartbreak, of joyful open road freedoms and inner contemplations, of soulful awakenings or crossroad deliberations.With a long and rich history in the music, Ed Morales has experienced a career as both a label and as an independent recording artist dovetailing into songwriting and publishing. Gifted in the art of capturing live performance, his musicality, harmony, and emotive lyrics point back to earlier influences such as Jackson Browne, Don Henley and Tom Petty. His seemingly carefree though thoughtful musical arrangements, however, put him in a class all his own. Valuing simplicity and integrity over temporal solos or complex story songs, Morales organic/pure approach creates a deep, lasting connection with his listeners.Morales realized initial success in the 1980’s when labels still ran on music publication announcements, independent radio playlists and live shows. “The first time my career really started to take off was in the 80’s I record a few songs at UAR studios in San Antonio, Texas. One song entitled “Will You Be There”, caught the attention of A/R rep at a then local record label called Teardrop Records. They liked it and pressed a couple hundred copies and it wound up on Billboard. Received a couple of great reviews, a lot of radio play and live shows. We went from local to regional act later getting signed to a label out of LA called Target Entertainment. Again, the album received a great deal of critical-acclaim at the time being touted by CMJ as “the best thing to come out of Texas since ZZ Top”. Of course we had a lot of fun, as nineteen-year-old kids, doing that. Most importantly, it validated to me that something in the music was connecting. That meant a great deal and why I continue to write today.”Morales and his original band separated. Life happened and he gained a very successful career in the corporate sector - though he never stopped writing. He continued to release music in other bands and as a solo artist - reaping success with both mainstream and Christian music. With a strong regional following in San Antonio and Central Texas, Morales continues to write and perform today.
    26 min. 52 sec.
  • Creator to Creators S6 Ep4 SATEGA

    8 MAG 2024 · SATEGA, born in Chicago and raised in Miami, is a singer, rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur. In addition to his music, his website also features his apparel line New Vintage (with the tagline “New Vision, New Style, New Waves. New Vintage by SATEGA).” He & #39;s ready to share his vault full of songs with his fans and with new coming listeners.If you haven't already, be sure to check out his website www.SATEGA.WORLD to subscribe and stay up to date with all his new releases and also to pick up some dope New Vintage apparel by SATEGA. Though he is just beginning a professional recording career, he has performed in many venues, including at Rolling Loud, and in several other places with other mainstream artists. His immediate goal is to put out a lot of music his fans have been requesting, and continue to build his music catalog and business endeavors.
    33 min. 12 sec.
  • Creator to Creators S6 Ep 3 Sienna-Rose Jerak

    8 MAG 2024 · Instagram: @siennarosejerak Multitalented musician, actor, and model, Sienna-Rose Jerak is poised for the spotlight with her new single, “You Got Me.” Reflecting on the authenticity of music from the late 90s and early 2000s, Sienna Rose’s single aims at reducing the noise of today’s overstimulated music scene to bring her voice to life.Living across two continents—Sienna Rose is based in both Melbourne, Australia, and Los Angeles, California—the talented Sienna-Rose has a wide range of life experiences to draw from. “I love performing,” shares the young artist. At the age of eight, Sienna Rose added acting to her resume. The multitalented artist also plays the piano! Inspired by 90s’ sensations Brandi, Monica, and Christina Aguilera, Sienna Rose is also passionate about the “Y2K era”—the early 2000s. “It was a great time for young people,” she explains. “I love the 90s/2000s feel more than modern music.” Set to an upbeat, 90s-type instrumentation, “You Got Me” portrays the intricate part of love in which you like someone but you’re not sure if the feeling is mutual. “It’s hot and cold,” shares Sienna Rose. “You’re wrapped up in games and don’t know what to do.”
    15 min. 44 sec.

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