Creator to Creators S5 Ep 52 Apollo Liberace

Creator to Creators S5 Ep 52 Apollo Liberace
7 mar 2024 · 31 min. 18 sec.

Become a supporter of this podcast: Apollo Liberace has spent his whole life involved in music, dating back to when he was a just...

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Apollo Liberace has spent his whole life involved in music, dating back to when he was a just a
young child. Now the hip-hop/R&B artist feels that he is putting out some of his best material
yet, with his single “If I Said I Had the Answers, Would You Listen” set to be released on his
birthday, February 27.His newest song is an R&B track that will be complete with a music video featuring himself and his girlfriend “Wolves.” It captures the essence of love and being in a relationship, and Apollo Liberace said it is melodic, while also featuring a little bit of rap and indie vibes. “The song is talking about everything you go through in a relationship,” he said. “The main lyrics are, ‘so cry alone, or you can cry on me if you want to.’ Just talking about two different people in a relationship. It’s displaying all the emotions you go through when you’re happy together. If you
love somebody it’s never going to always be great. It’s really who you’re with, to argue with, the
rest of your life.” Also in the works is a single titled “Paradise,” featuring Tyla Yaweh, who has worked with the likes of Post Malone, Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa. Down the line, Apollo Liberace has plans to create an EP. He said the first song is mostly R&B, but others will feature him on acoustic guitar with a more “indie-folk” feel. “It’s a lot different than what I’ve done before,” he said. “I think it’s the best music I’ve made. It’s real and full of emotion, with different stories.”
Apollo Liberace uses life experiences as his source of inspiration when making music. This
includes the travel he has done, relationships he has been in, heartbreaks and success along
the way. The more you do in life, the more your brain expands,” he said. “And once it expands, it doesn’t
go back. It changes it in every way. Once you see outside the country, you realize how big the
world is. It definitely influences all of it.”
Apollo Liberace started his musical journey at a young age, singing in the church choir and at
youth camps. He wrote and recorded his first song when he was 10-years-old while living in San
Antonio, Texas. He followed in the footsteps of his older sister, who was producing records and
performing. When Apollo Liberace was 12 he had already found success while working
alongside his sister, singing originals along with covers of the Jackson 5 and James Brown
before turning to the hip-hop scene.
When he was 15 he moved to South Korea due to his parents being on military assignment.
While there, he performed as the opening act in the G-Unit Far East Tour, and was eventually
signed by Korea Def Jam Far East.
He moved back to the San Antonio where he had a song on the radio at the age of 17, and
performed at events with thousands of people every weekend. After a stint in Atlanta and then
moving to Los Angeles, Apollo’s hip-hop trio Minus Gravity was signed by Capitol Records and
had success making music. The group split ways after about a decade together, which he said was hard because they were friends he had known since he was a kid. But since then, things have been taking off for Apollo Liberace. He is not only working on putting out new music, but will also be on a Paramount Plus television show with TV personality Chanel West Coast coming out this summer.
“Things just started falling out of the sky for me,” he said. “I’ve got so many things in the works.”
The namesake of Apollo Liberace pays homage to the Greek god of music, and also the
eccentricity and flashiness of legendary pianist Liberace. He can relate to both, as his style is a
bit different than the average person, but also has some edge.
“I really liked his story and his showmanship, basically,” he said. “So I combined those two
things.” Apollo Liberace loves the pure creativity that making music brings to his life. For a long time he was creating what he thought other people would enjoy, but now he is making music for himself
and he feels that it is top tier. Apollo Liberace is focused on making “true art.”
“There are limitless possibilities,” he said. “Whatever you think of, and then seeing the outcome
and being able to hear what you did with the rhythm is always inspiring. There’s always magic to
it, just being able to create.” He added, “I think that’s what music is: convergence of different feelings and different energies. What I put into the mic or the studio that day, I think that will come out. I hope people catch those same moods and feelings, and I think they will with this new music, for sure.” Be sure to check out Apollo Liberace’s music available on all platforms.
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