• The Person in the Mirror: A Voice for the voiceless and downtrodden or what?

    29 FEB 2024 · We will all appear before the Judgement Seat of The LORD Jesus Christ and give an account to Him of what we have done with our lives that was a gift from Him. This is as certain as day turning into night because Jesus is the Word of God who created the Universe and holds ALL THINGS together (Colossians 1v15-23; Hebrews 1v3) God tells us in Proverbs 24v11-12 to 'Rescue those who are being taken away to death. And for those who stagger to the slaughter, hold them back. If you claim ignorance and say 'See, we did not know this'...Does He not consider it, who weighs the hearts and their motives? And does not He know it, who guards your life and keeps your soul? And will He not repay every man (and woman) according to his/her works'?
    25 min. 25 sec.
  • They Knew.....

    24 FEB 2024 · Geo Political Source: Voltaire.net This article reveals with primary source material evidence that Israel knew about the Hamas attack even up to a year before and leading up to the attack. Bearing in mind also that Netanayhu showed a map at the UN Security Council of 'The New Middle East' that EXCLUDED Palestine....
    35 min. 21 sec.
  • A Call to Repentance: An Open Letter from Palestinian Christians to Western Leaders and Theologians

    24 FEB 2024 · A Letter that was put together by Palestinian Christians and sent out to Western Church leaders and theologians.....who had just begun to experience a Genocide of unpredented magnitude....as the Western Church for the most part....WALKS BY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD LIKE THE Priest and the Levite in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus said 'Go and do likewise' as the Good Samaritan did. Maybe today it could be called 'The Parable of the Good Palestinian because Jesus in his usual uncompromising way challenged the racism of the Jews of his generation who hated the Samaritans.
    19 min. 9 sec.
  • Declassified- Why the UK political elite is so deeply aligned with atrocities in Gaza

    20 DIC 2023 · The Bombing of Gaza has been cheered on by the vast majority of UK MPs- Why?
    35 min. 51 sec.

    18 NOV 2023 · A young talented rap singer called MC Abdul- has become prominent amongst black rappers in the States....because they know the real thing when they see it. The context for this young kids' rap songs is the Genocide on the people of Gaza by Zionist Israel that the whole world has been protesting about. Think of the courage that this takes to go out on the street and sing his rap songs to get it out to the world. He could be killed anytime and yet he is letting the world know of what they are living through. This is to honour this young 'warrior'. This is what he declared himself to be, a warrior, And that is indeed what he is, a true warrior at 14 years old. When 14 year old Middle Class kids in Suburban England worry about their exams and what A Levels to aspire to......keep perspective.
    20 min. 29 sec.
  • The Resilience of Palestinian Christians Part 2

    13 NOV 2023 · How does the Servant of the LORD establish Justice on earth? Developing Part 1 of these two podcasts reading from a paper that I myself wrote back in 2016 on 'The Resilience of Palestinian Christians in the face of military occupation, apartheid and the silence of Western Governments'.
    22 min. 35 sec.
  • The Resilience of Palestinian Christians Part 1

    13 NOV 2023 · This short series is relevant right now in November 2023 after nearly five weeks of relentless bombardment of Gaza in one of the most horrific Genocides in the 21st century let alone the 20th. Zionist Israel is the creation of Empire, first the British with the help of the Rothschilds and then the American Empire. There is one people group that are profoundly and almost totally forgotten and neglected and this is the Palestinian Christians.
    25 min. 21 sec.

    9 NOV 2023 · Here is the next few stories from the NGO in Gaza We Are Not Numbers....
    22 min. 15 sec.

    9 NOV 2023 · We Are Not Numbers is an NGO is Gaza which was the idea of and subsequently founded by an American Journalist called Pam Bailey. Pam inspired countless numbers of young people in Gaza to write and tell their stories of living under a brutal miliary occupation. This short podcast series retells the stories of some of the Youth of Gaza from the We Are Not Numbers Website.
    30 min. 10 sec.
  • Facing the Challenge: Becoming Whole Life Missionary Disciples

    25 SET 2023 · In this final podcast in Part 1 of this presentation 'Facing the Challenge- Becoming Whole Life Missionary Disciples in a Culture of Captivity' I recap from the previous podcast and then complete Part 1. Worldviews and some ideologies related to Globalism are highlighted here. Finally, the reason why Western Culture has become comprehensively Babyloninian Neo-Pagan across the spectrum of culture. I finish by drawing attention to the fundamental and foundation problem with Western Christianity and that is Dualism, marked by an unbiblical Sacred-Secular Divide. The effects of this has been disastrous and so the surrender of the public arena to various man made ideologies is why Western culture is Neo-Pagan today, it is because the Western Church simply was not equipped to challenge the onslaught of Humanism since the Enlightenment of the early 18th century known as Modernity. The Church in other words is largely responsible for the state of the culture because it exists in its own privatised ghetto and so the public arena is not permeated whatsoever with the Biblical Worldview.
    21 min. 40 sec.

Daniel chapter 5v5-30 reveals that the time for the Babylonian empire was at an end. Lieutenant-General Sir John Glubb was a British soldier, scholar and author who studied the life...

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Daniel chapter 5v5-30 reveals that the time for the Babylonian empire was at an end. Lieutenant-General Sir John Glubb was a British soldier, scholar and author who studied the life cycle of world empires throughout history and discovered that all empires have a lifespan of about 250 years on average. He argued that empires go through seven steps. The age of outburst (or pioneers), the age of conquests, the age of commerce, the age of affluence, the age of intellect, the age of decadence and finally the age of decline and collapse.
The king of Babylon in his arrogance and pride is drinking from the vessels from the Temple of God.
Unlike his father Nebuchadnezzar, this king did not acknowledge the one true God. Even as the king and a thousand of his nobles are getting drunk and praising the gods of gold, silver, bronze, iron, wood and stone suddenly there appears out of the blue some writing on the wall. The message is from God....Your days are numbered, you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting, your kingdom is at an end and given to another kingdom, which also fell and was given over and on and on. All empires have their lifespan. The West has been travelling in a direction of soft Totalitarianism, and has become harder from March 2020. Are the leaders of Western Governments as arrogant and proud as this king who did not acknowledge that the Most High God alone rules in the kingdom of men. Is the Writing on the Wall for Western Culture? Is a new Globalist empire being formed to take over from the 'democractic' Western empire to terminate the nation state and impose a Globalist One World Government? This is what this podcast is about......All empires have their 'Writing on the Wall' moment. We are called as followers of Jesus to understand the times in which we live. Writing on the Wall attempts to do that from a Biblical Worldview perspective.
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