• Yering Station Rathbone Wine Group - Darren Rathbone

    4 GIU 2024 · Yering Station has been core to the Victorian wine story for almost two centuries. With vines first planted in 1838, Yering Station is proudly the state of Victoria’s first vineyard. To this day, we’re proudly family owned and operated.Yering Station’s home, the Yarra Valley, is considered one of Australia’s premier cool climate wine regions, celebrated for exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The vineyards sprawl across five owned sites in Yarra Glen and Coldstream, sub-regions of Yarra Valley. They’re planted with an array of varieties, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay at the forefront, but also Shiraz, Cabernet, Viognier and more. Since establishment, Yering Station’s ambition has always been to simply make great wine. They believe that each great wine should express their individual epitome of time, place and effort - bringing the vineyard to the bottle. In the vineyards and in the winery, they manage a careful balance of tradition and innovation; employing age-old techniques supported by modern advances, all of which culminate to highlight our distinctive cool climate hallmarks.
    44 min. 4 sec.
  • Mount Pleasant Wines - Adrian Sparks

    28 MAG 2024 · The history of Mount Pleasant goes hand in hand with the history of Modern Australian winemaking. Established in 1921 by legendary winemaker Maurice O’Shea, ours is a story of genuine pride, perfectionism and our very special place. The Old Hill Vineyard is planted by Charles King on rich, volcanic soil with a number of varietals, including the Shiraz we still harvest to this day. Our flagship Maurice O’Shea Shiraz is awarded 99 points by world-renowned wine critic James Halliday. Awarded number 3 in the Top 100 Australian Wineries by Halliday.
    24 min. 54 sec.
  • Tarrawarra - Adam McCallum

    21 MAG 2024 · Founders Marc and Eva Besen purchased the property at TarraWarra in 1979, initially as a family retreat. Thanks to their love of the wines of Burgundy, and with encouragement from legendary Yarra Valley winemaker Dr John Middleton, they planted the first 6 hectares of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in 1983. Forty years on, the 400-hectare property now encompasses 26 hectares of vines, an extensive nature reserve, cattle grazing, a kitchen garden and our beautiful cellar door and restaurant. The vision to create and share a unique and beautiful place is driven by gratitude to this country that opened its arms and homes when Marc Besen arrived in 1947. Together we strive to fulfil his vision for TarraWarra, as custodians, we are defined by heritage and a deep sense of place.The TarraWarra vineyards are managed by Stuart Sissins, Chris Beard and their team. Stuart joined TarraWarra in 1997, coming from a background in farming. Their knowledge of every site on both properties is a constant in informing the decisions of the future. Chris commenced with TarraWarra in September 2023 when we took over the long-term lease of Swallowfield vineyard in Gembrook.The vineyard at TarraWarra is comprised of 26 hectares divided into 25 separate blocks, which are spread across the property’s 400 hectares. While TarraWarra Estate is best known for exceptional Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, more recent additions have attracted much attention. These include J Block Shiraz and our newest varieties, Barbera and Nebbiolo. These single-vineyard wines express the unique terroir of distinct sites on the property, while the Estate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are blended from fruit grown across the property and represent the essence of the Estate. Under the watchful eye of winemaker Sarah Fagan, all of TarraWarra Estate’s wines are meticulously grown, handpicked, made and aged on the estate.TarraWarra Estate’s respect for sustainability and provenance make the property an internationally recognised place to visit in the Yarra Valley. Our subterranean cellar door provides an unforgettable tasting experience, while the deck shaded by native peppercorn trees, and with expansive views of our surrounds, is the perfect place to linger over a glass of wine. Our restaurant, with Head Chef Maxwell Parlas, have created a wonderful dining experience with a menu inspired by our kitchen garden and local suppliers.Whether you visit us here, surrounded by native bushland and waterways, or drink our labour of love at home, TarraWarra Estate always finds a way to leave an impression.
    23 min. 51 sec.
  • Wirra Wirra - Mathew Deller MW AUSTR

    30 APR 2024 · In 1894 Robert Strangways Wigley, a former state cricketer and lovable eccentric purchased 240 acres of land in McLaren Vale and established Wirra Wirra. In a burgeoning era for McLaren Vale as a wine region, Wirra Wirra was a major player with a reputation for quality. Wigley died in 1926 which led to the winery’s closure in 1936 and the beautiful ironstone cellars of Wirra Wirra were left to ruin.In 1969 another visionary saw two crumbling walls and a stubborn slate fermenter and had a dream to resurrect Wirra Wirra to its former glory. Richard Gregory “Greg” Trott enlisted his Cousin Roger and they purchased the site and spent the next three years counting pennies, hauling rocks and re-building the bones of Wirra Wirra. Greg’s love for building and dreaming continued until his passing in 2005, yet his legacy lives on at Wirra Wirra.Today, Wirra Wirra is known the world over for its exemplary Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvigon and Grenache from McLaren Vale and Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling from the neighbouring cool climate Adelaide Hills. Wirra Wirra’s home in McLaren Vale is surrounded by estate vineyards which are biodynamically farmed and includes a café and cellar door. In 2021 Wirra Wirra was recognised as a Global Winner of the Great Wine Capitals Tourism Award.
    33 min. 17 sec.
  • Munda Wines - Damien Smith - Pauly Vandenbergh

    23 APR 2024 · Munda Wines stands as an Indigenous-owned enterprise proudly holding verified Supply Nation status. Pauly Vandenbergh, the Director hailing from Ceduna, is a proud member of the Wirangu and Kokatha people, whose ancestral language defines "munda" as the sacred essence of land or country. The mission of Munda Wines is rooted in sharing the profound narrative of the land and the intricate processes that give life to the wines they proudly present. As Aboriginal people, we don't claim ownership of the Munda. We view Munda as our nurturing mother and provider, believing that by caring for munda, it reciprocates that care. Across the vast expanse of this Munda now known as Australia, there exist over 500 distinct countries and language groups, each contributing to the rich tapestry of our collective heritage.The Australian Wine Industry encompasses more than 2,100 wineries spread across 60 regions, each intricately weaving their narrative around shared attributes and unique selling points. These regions, known as Geographic Indicators (GI), were initially described during European colonization. It is crucial to recognize that beneath these GIs lies a foundation deeply rooted in the stories and heritage of First Nation's Peoples, with a history stretching back over 65,000 years.Presently, the industry crushes over 2 million tonnes, exports surpassing $2.6 billion, and caters to a well-educated domestic market that is rapidly evolving, driven by a growing appetite for authentic narratives. Despite employing over 150,000 individuals, Indigenous representation remains notably limited.Our vineyard sourcing reflects our philosophy of firstly no ownership of country but selecting some of the finest vineyard sites in the country that best reflect its unique munda (land/country/terroir).
    37 min. 46 sec.
  • Mount Langi Ghiran - Adam Lauder

    16 APR 2024 · Established in the 1960s by the Fratin family, Mount Langi Ghiran is a pioneer in cool-climate Shiraz, located in the remote and rugged Grampian region of Southeastern Australia. Originating from a pre-phylloxera Shiraz clone from the Northern Rhône, the vineyard's early roots were nurtured by viticulturist and winemaker Trevor Mast, who assumed winemaking duties in the 1980s. Today, the second generation of the Rathbone family continues Mount Langi Ghiran’s legacy as family-owned, crafting wines that exemplify the best of both place and vintage. Nestled in a north-south valley sheltered from the afternoon sun and cooled by icy winds from the Southern Ocean, the estate features towering granite cliffs and loamy red soils. The unique setting results in an extended ripening season, making it one of the last vineyards harvested in Australia. An optimal environment for cool climate Shiraz, Mount Langi Ghiran is celebrated for its diverse fruit flavors, aromas, elegance, vibrancy, and subtle notes of pepper. The winemaking legacy, initiated by Trevor Mast in the 1980s and 1990s, has evolved under the stewardship of Adam Louder, a Grampian local raised just three miles from the winery. Working closely with viticulturist Damien Sheehan, who has tended these vines for over 25 years, Adam aims to capture the best of both site and season each vintage, solidifying Mount Langi Ghiran's reputation as a benchmark for cool-climate Australian Shiraz. With 25 years of vineyard oversight, General Manager and Viticulturist Damien Sheehan brings a holistic approach to ensure each vine performs at its best. His deep love for the Mount Langi Ghiran property and dedication to its legacy inspire ongoing enhancements in quality, vine health, and sustainability. Aligned with Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, the winery passionately promotes biodiversity and strives to minimize its environmental impact. Today, Mount Langi Ghiran stands as a symbol of excellence, rooted in a rich history and a commitment to crafting wines that embody the essence of its remarkable terroir in this special corner of the world. 
    24 min. 42 sec.
  • Trocchio Wines - Tim Donegan

    17 APR 2022 · At Trocchio Wines our philosophy is to make wines that are a true expression of where they come from: the soils, the growing conditions of a given season and the cultural impacts such as canopy management etc. This is the story that the fruit has to tell when it leaves the vineyard. It is then the winemaker’s job to handle the fruit as gently as possible as it is turned into wine. Doing this requires minimal intervention in the wine making process to avoid the true storey being lost in translation. Gentle treatment of the wine includes techniques such as traditional open top fermentation and hand pressing the grapes. Gravity fed transfer of the wine is used rather than pumps. clarification of the wine is achieved by letting the wine settle naturally over time instead of using harsh filtration. Only single vineyard wines are made and our growers subscribe to the importance of provenance and a sense of place. Our ultimate goal is to produce wines from our own biodynamically grown fruit with a carbon neutral footprint and minimal use of additives. We are progressing slowly but surely towards this goal with every vintage. Follow our posts to track our progress.
    37 min. 10 sec.
  • Dandelion wines - Elena Brooks

    13 APR 2022 · Dandelion Vineyards are proven plantings that have stood the test of time. We grow our own grapes and source from the best of family vineyards. Our wish is to nurture the unique character of these vineyards and express their terroir in our wines. Capturing variety, vintage and vineyard requires an enlightened approach and although our growers see the Devil in every weed, we encourage the humble Dandelion amongst the vines as they suppress winter weeds and provide mulch in the summer. Founder and winemaker Elena Brooks makes regionally expressive and site-specific wines, across the regions of Barossa, Eden Valley, McLaren Vale and Adelaide Hills. Our philosophy is to create wines focused on vineyard site and varietal purity. Our styles offer great acidity and structure making wines to be enjoyed with diverse food and great company. Modern wines for the modern palate.
    43 min. 14 sec.
  • Hugh Hamilton - Mary Hamilton

    6 APR 2022 · Our tale begins 184 years ago in Dover, England. Hugh’s great, great grandfather Richard Hamilton, formerly a tailor, packed up his life and sailed to the emerging colony of South Australia to become a farmer. It wasn’t long before Richard noticed that something was missing in the new colony – wine! Richard was a man of action. After receiving vine cuttings sealed in black wax from friends in South Africa, Richard planted the first grape vines in South Australia and produced the first wine in the colony. Unwittingly, Richard started the wine industry for which South Australia is now world famous. Today, Hugh and Mary are the 5th and 6th generations of Richard’s winemaking legacy, making them Australia’s Oldest Wine Family. The Hamiltons have not missed a vintage in 180 years, which gives them a unique talent for grape growing that can probably be located on one of their chromosomes! Hugh and Mary have developed their own vineyards where they have a very clear vision to honour the past but continually innovate to be a thoroughly contemporary wine business. Hugh is the Black Sheep of the family and he marches to the best of his own drum. Together with Mary, they produce out of the box wines using alternative varietals, quirky blends and sustainable practices. Their wines pay homage to their history and Black Sheep nature. From the Icon Shiraz ‘Pure Black’ – a wine sealed in black wax that represents the dreams of their future, through to the ‘Flock Range’ of colourful characters such as ‘The Rascal’ and ‘The Trickster’, each bottle of Hugh Hamilton wine is produced to delight.
    34 min. 10 sec.
  • Phil Reedman

    27 MAR 2022 · Philip Reedman is one of only 416 Masters of Wine in the world; he lives and works in Adelaide. A certified educator for the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Philip is also highly involved in education through the Institute of Masters of Wine for whom he teaches at seminars in Europe and Australia. Philip has spent his working life in wine and been actively involved with Australian wine for over 30 years. Working vintages in Alsace, The Douro Valley, Portugal and the Barossa Valley, Philip has subsequently made wine in Argentina, Chile, Californian, Washington State, New Zealand, Bergerac and South Africa. . Philip works as a consultant to a number of wineries and vineyards in South Australia and internationally. Philip is a judge at Regional, Capital City and International wine shows, a speaker at industry conferences around the southern hemisphere and lecturer by invitation to ESC Dijon, Kedge Business School and University of South Australia, Philip also works with The Australian Wine Research Institute’s Advanced Wine Assessment Course as a guest judge helping to train future wine show judges.
    31 min. 4 sec.

Wine Soundtrack, one of Italy’s leading podcasts about wine, is the voice of the Italian wine growers and winemakers. Wine Soundtrack was launched in Italy in May 2017 and is...

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Wine Soundtrack, one of Italy’s leading podcasts about wine, is the voice of the Italian wine growers and winemakers. Wine Soundtrack was launched in Italy in May 2017 and is now launching in Australia. In each podcast, wine producers share the story of who they are and their winery through a series of 30 questions.

Wine Soundtrack was created to bring to life an idea of sharing and insight; it allows wine lovers to listen to the hopes, dreams, intuitions, prospects, loves and passions of the protagonists of the wine world, directly from their own voices.

Wine Soundtrack will make you smile and amuse you through the voices of those who have decided to express their own character, their own dreams and their own ambitions in each bottle of wine. Wine Soundtrack will lead us through the vineyards of ideas and of visionary thinking and will share the passion of these producers. Follow us on our web site www.winesoundtrack.com
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