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Where The Bikers Unite

  • Let Go Of Ego In Rank - Where The Bikers Unite

    15 MAG 2024 · We are starting a conversation for rank and ego in the biker community.
    Ascoltato 44 min. 43 sec.
  • Spokane Washingon: Stop Stigmas, Judgements, Assuming, and Start Thinking On Your Own Will Stop Profiling - Where The Bikers Unite

    30 APR 2024 · Welcome to to Where The Bikers Unite Podcast! Today we are talking about the Spokane Washington situation with profiling, Maverick Gas Station, Biker Riding Club, Bikers of the community, and the Metro Security Police. The bikers were profiled and it is devastating. How do we stop profiling? How do we do better? Let's talk about this. Let's talk about the first rule is to not judge a book by its cover. Matt the President of the RC did the right thing. He called ahead of time to let them know they were coming to get gas, and the gas stations snowballed it by judgment and did the wrong thing. We are going to talk about that. On top, we are going to talk about personal stuff to maybe help us find empathy in to stop judging each other, stop stigmatizing, and stop stereotype people by who they are, what they wear, and so forth. My biggest thing is for us to stop generalizing, and reflecting our own insecurities onto people...because these emotions cause us to profiling. Even when it comes to businesses it causes us to profile. Let's do better. Please listen. We will keep talking about this in our lives here at We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite. This will help the start of the dialogue.
    Ascoltato 45 min.
  • Holding Ourselves Accountable: Breaking Stigmas with Docu series & Police, Social Media, and Bikers

    21 APR 2024 · We are talking about A&E Docu series on a club and how these docu series brings profiling to our biker community. We talk about the Police (Poe Poe) and recording. The key word on this podcast is "holding Ourselves Accountable and asking questions".
    Ascoltato 44 min. 48 sec.
  • Social Media & BIkers PT 2 - Where The Bikers Unite

    3 APR 2024 · We talk about social media as a tool for bikers, biker organizations, and people who report on bikers. We talk about the good and the bad on bikers and reporting.
    Ascoltato 42 min. 47 sec.
  • Social Media & Bikers PT 1 - Where The Bikers Unite

    3 APR 2024 · Let's talk about social media and how we use it as a tool. We will talk about respect when it comes to social media. We talk about the start of social media for us. We go into concerns with how things are handled and how we remove our bias to handle those situations. Sit back and come listen. Maybe you will learn something when it comes to running a Facebook group, or any social media aspect. PT 1. PT 2 is coming.
    Ascoltato 44 min. 37 sec.
  • Apparel Companies, Branding, and Business Connections - Where The Bikers Unite

    28 MAR 2024 · We take our apparel companies seriously. They are popping up everywhere, but also smaller biker businesses for clothing are coming out. How do we support them?Why should we care? What makes them human and being an American Business? We talk about so many amazing companies. I name a few to make that difference.
    Ascoltato 44 min. 35 sec.
  • Drag Specialties, Humanity, Business, EPA, and Rights - Where The Bikers Unite

    23 FEB 2024 · I was doing a lot of watching Youtube and came across a wonderful biker with a great channel and he brought attention to Drag Specialities and how they were doing things with this announcement. I did research. We will talk about the rights of the American People, EPA and all these committees and how we are losing the human connection. Why this is concerning, but understanding of what they placed in their huge catalog. Everyone needs to listen to this one. ..even none bikers.
    Ascoltato 44 min. 35 sec.
  • Where We Go & MotorcycleDreams Where The Bikers Unite

    1 FEB 2024 · We are talking about what I have been doing and the concept of phase 2 of We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite. We are talking about raising funds for Trevor for MotorcycleDreams. and helping him get back on his feet. We are talking about insurance. I talked to my sister and she provided me insite on why he may have not been able to insurnace himself. And the reason on why the insurance companies may have overpriced because of priceless motorcycle parts. We will talk about this as I do my research, but this is a start. If you have any parts around please send them to Trevor to get him back up on his feet. Or donate a dollar. 10000 people = $10,000.
    Ascoltato 44 min. 55 sec.
  • Love of a biker after death- Where The Bikers Unite

    25 GEN 2024 · One of my bikers passed away last week. I am devistated to say the least. I wanted to talk about bikers and the impact they have on me as I build We Are Bikers. Jodi was one of the first female riders that I met back in 2021. She was one of the rides that would always show up to my events. We developed a good friendship as we walked beside each other. This was a hard one to lose because she was so young. We talk about the funeral. We talk about Jodi. We talk about remembering after a biker passes.
    Ascoltato 44 min. 31 sec.
  • The Faith We Walk PT 1 - Where The Bikers Unite

    19 DIC 2023 · We are starting to talk about faith. Kathryn Anne opens up about why it is so important to respect all faiths, and religions to help unit. We start the dialogue with her faith, and the way she sees things and how she placed that back into the organization.Her co-chair Amelia is strong in her walk with Jesus, and the hard things we do to make sure bikers keep biker content, but we share different walks of faith bikers.
    Ascoltato 44 min. 34 sec.

We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite is a Humanity Biker Organization. This is where we unite to chat with each other about topics from the biker community. Talk about...

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We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite is a Humanity Biker Organization. This is where we unite to chat with each other about topics from the biker community. Talk about where, what, how, who, and beyond of the structure of our organization. We will have guests from the biker community on. We will also, hopefully do some live stuff as we travel around the united states.

This is a biker podcast for every single biker. We honor the biker codes, and respect every biker. Pull up your drink and come listen with us.
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