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  • Trusting Divinity through Challenging Times

    9 DIC 2020 · The lives of young people today are full of uncertainty and stress. They are making decisions on relationships, schooling, and career paths and then there is the stress of the pandemic and social disconnection. Wendy Van Dam focuses on helping young women in the millennial generation live their life fully through trusting divinity. Wendy (Ms. Divinity) shares her own life path and how she got caught up in other people's expectations. She talks about how she was living roles she thought she wanted but she still didn't feel satisfied with her life. She said she felt like a "robot" going through the motions. She eventually sought out a business coach who helped her "bring her soul alive" through learning how to trust divinity. She felt empowered to create her own life and leave her limiting beliefs behind. Ms. Divinity helps young women find and pursue what makes their spirit soar. She is a mentor who helps young people follow their heart in choosing their career and life path. Wendy talks about "turning the lights on" in your beliefs and spirituality and to trust in your higher power and the spirituality that lives in you. Listen to inspiration about what your higher power is calling you to. Ms. Divinity invites people to become the next best version of themselves. She helps them create a vision of "what would I love." What are your gifts and talents you can use to bless the lives of others? What does it look like to Dream Big? Wendy teaches people how to ALLOW GRACE into their lives to change them for the better. She inspires people to let go of judgement and cocreate with God. To step out in faith and trust their higher power. "You put in the work and let your higher power do the rest." This is a powerful message for challenging times as these.
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  • Are You Happy in Your Heart? Podcast: Nothing is Wrong With You - Everything is Fine

    28 GIU 2020 · This week, I had the opportunity to guest on the Are You Happy in Your Heart? podcast! I talked with Sarah Worlton about my experience as a wellness coach, and how I've learned to fight off anxiety and be more present.
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  • Seeing Your Body as a person, not an object

    26 GIU 2020 · Holly is a Certified Master Level Coach through Health Coach Institute and helps highly driven women build resilience to toxic beauty and diet messages. She uses an intuitive and spiritual approach that guides her clients towards self trust, confidence and Sovereignty over their entire being; body, mind and soul. From this place, her clients are able to make self guided decisions and finally live the life they desire in the body they live in today. In this episode Holly shares her personal journey with her body image beginning with dieting at the age of 8 years old to try to change her body. Holly talks about cultural messages that condition us as women with a message that you need to "stay pretty, stay conventionally attractive, stay small." The 70 billion dollar beauty industry promotes women being dissatisfied with their looks. Holly shares how she chose a career in fashion a highly "image centered" industry and found herself struggling with disordered eating and dissatisfaction with her body that led to digestive issues, hair loss, and anxiety. Holly describes her obsession with eating healthy and struggling with orthorexia and constant worries and fears about what she ate. She talks about how it influenced her quality of life, relationships, and mood. Holly loves to help people transform beliefs and teaches her clients "Intuitive Eating" which focuses on a healthy sustainable relationship with food. Holly shares how she helps women see their bodies as a "person" and treating it as a friend and rejecting cultural messages of being "not enough." Holly believes if we get out of the way of our body (stop trying to manipulate and change it) the body can self-regulate weight and health. Our body is our greatest teacher, our partner instead of our enemy. Holly began identifying her body as a person and felt less "hate" for her body. Holly helps her clients personify their body and honor it, naming the body, and exploring where body dissatisfaction comes from. She says hating our bodies is about conditioning and culture. We have been literally fed (pun intended) a system of beliefs (diet culture) that values weight, size, and physical characteristics above health and wellness. Holly shares her 4 part framework for loving the body we are in from 1) awareness 2) nourishment 3) resilience 4) sovereignty/freedom. It is possible to make peace with food and accept your body just as it is. Find community, support, and education through as Holly calls it a "homecoming" to who you truly are. Instagram: Facebook Group: Website: Books: Fearing The Black Body by Dr. Sabrina Strings Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch Health At Every Size by Lindo Bacon Body Respect by Lindo Bacon & Lucy Aphramor
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  • The Big Self Podcast: Creating new beliefs and shifting mindsets (GUEST!)

    26 MAG 2020 · I had the opportunity to guest on The Big Self Podcast! I shared my experiences with anxiety and the tremendous freedom that comes when you can confront it. See all of The Big Self podcasts on Apple Podcasts:
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  • Women, Hormones, and Mental Health

    5 APR 2020 · Are you experiencing mood swings, food cravings, fatigue, irritability, depression and or anxiety? If you are a woman these can be signs and symptoms of PMS or changes in your hormones. Women are more likely to have mental health issues because they linked to hormonal changes. Dr. Allyce K. Jones, is a psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioner specializing in women’s mental health. She is especially interested in treating women during reproductive transitions including with mental health symptoms premenstrually, in pregnancy and the postpartum period, and during perimenopause. Dr. Jones will address the significant mental health challenges for women through the life cycle of changes in hormones from puberty to menopause. She reports that changes in hormones can be a "high stakes" time women's mental health. During puberty young women have double the rates of depression as young men. Dr. Jones states this is because during hormonal fluctuation the brain is more sensitive. She will talk about connections between hormonal changes and rates of depression and anxiety. Dr. Jones shares how important it is to track symptoms, cycles, and sleep. She reports that many women she their mental health issues as a weakness that is part of changes in hormones. Dr. Jones reports there is hope with hormonal treatments, psychotropic medications, and counseling on the risks and benefits of medication during these challenging times. She will share with us interventions to improve mental health including; diet, sleep, light therapy, self-care, and support networks. It is important for each woman to make a plan for her own personal mental wellness. As a psychiatric nurse practitioner she will share how the brain reacts to hormonal changes and what we can do about to address areas of physical, emotional, and social well-being through all the seasons of a woman's life. Dr. Jones owns Felicity Women's Center in South Jordan, Utah and offers psychiatric diagnostic exams, medication management, and brief psychotherapy for women throughout Utah and Wyoming via telehealth.
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  • Self-Love and Weight Release

    25 FEB 2020 · A health challenge for many people is the struggle with trying to lose weight. Many try diets, supplements, work outs, fitness trainers, and pills to get the weight off. It can be an emotional roller coaster. You may experience success, discouragement, and a cycle of ups and downs. The journey of weight release is personal, it's self-discovery, it's transformation, and it's about self-love. Brandon Halford is a the manager of commercial sales at Larry H. Miller Subaru, he is an entrepreneur, a Utah State graduate, a book club goer, and someone who has "remade himself" through the journey of weight release. Brandon shares with us his personal journey with anxiety, overeating, and physical health problems. He will shares how he made ONE simple New Year's resolution to stop eating sugar because he was unhappy and had no energy. He will inspire us with his journey to ultimately release 95 lbs of weight and the emotional and mental burdens tied to it. He shares how his desire to "be better" overwhelmed his desire to "stay the same." Brandon shares how his 5 pillars of Wellness helped him love himself, change his self-image, and change self-defeating thoughts. Changing his limiting beliefs helped him keep his weight off and ultimately transform his life for good. Brandon talks about his commitment and determination to not let his fears or his weight control him or hold him back. He shares how "self-trust" is essential to wellness and weight loss. Brandon shares how he was able to focus on the things he loved like cycling, hiking, pickleball, and basketball. He talks about the importance of resilience and getting back up when we fall and focusing on the victory. Brandon says we must "define ourselves by our strengths not our weaknesses." He shows how staying committed to his goals with small steps, resilience, and focusing on love and honesty gave him a life where he can be happy with who he is and make the world a better place.
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  • Loving Yourself to Health

    11 FEB 2020 · Aida Woodward, is a DoTerra Wellness Advocate who lives what she promotes. She loves to teach about healthy lifestyle habits and how essential oils can promote health in the body. Aida will tell us about her own struggles with weight, stomach issues, Epstein-Barr, body fatigue, and colds that just wouldn't go away. Aida will share how beginning whole foods supplements improved her mood, energy, immune system, and overrall health and well-being. Aida shares how taking a whole food supplement promotes healthy hair, skin, bones and nails and that it will give your body what it needs. Aida has a passion for wellness including eating whole foods, moving her body, and learning what herbs and plants can help with certain health issues. Aida says that we are never to old to start taking care of our health. She encourages people to think about how they can prolong their life and have a better quality of life through taking care of yourself. Aida explains how important it is to put our health as a priority in order to age well. Aida shares how DoTerra essential oils are sourced from plants in their natural habitat. Promoting health is Aida's passion and she says that we can love ourselves through out our lives by living life from the Pyramid of Health (exercise, food, rest). Aida will share how she has seen essential oils and natural supplements have been able to help her friends and family members to fight illness, promote health, and improve quality of life. Aida talks to us about being educated consumers to know what we are putting in and on our body in order to help ourselves thrive by getting rest, exercise, and nutrition.
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  • Triology: Health Starts in Your Mouth

    1 FEB 2020 · Where does health start? Is it in your gut, your brain, your body? What if it all starts in your mouth? For the past two decades, Janice King has carried out extensive research on oral health and its connection to systemic deseases. Together with co-founder Dale Winetroub, Janice developed a breakthrough patented oral therapeutics system: TRI-OLOGY (used and recommeded by dentists for 10 years). “TRI-OLOGY” technology addresses a key risk factor linked to chronic diseases - inflammation. Janice informs us about the importance of balance in our gum health in having the right balance in the microbiom and necessary bacteria in the mouth. Janice says that for years we have been using products for our hygiene that are full of chemicals that kill good and bad bacteria as well as destroying human cells. Janice talks about how in our quest for improved health we must look at what we put into our mouths. She says that we need healthy saliva to heal our bodies and ultimately influence our overall health. She shares the research on how chronically inflamed tissues and bacteria in our mouth can contribute to arthritis, cardiovascular disease, infertility and the plaque in the brain found in Alzheimer's disease. When bacteria overgrows and your gums aren't healing then problems arise causing systemic disease. Janice will share with us how eating nutrient dense foods and using natural products can improve dental health and give you strong healthy gums. We damage our gums when we brush our teeth with hard bristles and put cuts in our gums that need to be repaired. After 40 years old our salivia condenses and our gums no longer get the nutrient rich saliva to repair our gums. Janice will give us tips on things to take out and put into your oral hygiene routine to improve the health of your gums, mouth, and ultimately your body and brain. This includes organic whole plant products to improve gum health.
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  • Dream Driven Goals for 2020

    18 GEN 2020 · What are your New Year's Resolutions? What do you want to BE, DO, or HAVE in 2020? It seems like every January we are excited to leave the old year behind and start anew. We are motivated and ready to make change. When February comes we lose our steam and our inspiration and all our goals go out the window. Does it have to be this way? Can we find consistent motivation to not just reach our goals, but transform our lives? Christine Lavulo from "A Beautiful Life Coaching" is a Transformation Coach who is passionate about helping people create their most beautiful and authentic life! She has been engaged in personal development since a very young age. But it wasn't until she found various energy modalities and hired a life coach that her life really began to change. Christine shares with us her challenges with depression, being a single mom, and having her own emotional and mental blocks. Christine helps people have better relationships and "create their best life." Christine will share how her challenges transformed her and inspired her to have the desire to help others. Christine loves working with women who are going through life transitions and have "lost their way" in life. Christine helps people let go of their baggage and learn the steps and techniques to create the life they want. Christine uses energy work, NLP, and goal setting strategies to help people transform their lives. Christine shares how to use the law of attraction and overcome limiting beliefs in order to live the life of your dreams. Christine helps people discover blocks and release blocks that are holding them back. Christine uses success principles she learned in the Jack Canfield's Success Training program and helps people create an "ideal life vision" where they can state their vision and goals in the present as if it has already happened. Christine helps us learn "Mind Over Matter" and how to reframe and reprogram the mind to see the positives and possibilities. Christine talks about setting SMART goals to focus on what you want, not what you don't want. She says personal development is all about your words and mindset. We are training our brain to connect with the emotion of our vision. You can tell your brain what to create. When you act as if has already happened and put yourself in the feeling of what your goal will GIVE you it creates change. Create a vision for what you life looks like, get into the picture of what it will look like, feel like, and be like and you will help your brain create it. Have fun exploring who you are, what is possible, and who you want to be in 2020. What is in it for you? Can you cut out the noise, be still, and explore what path is right for you? Christine talks about the grounding effects of meditation and stillness to remind us who we are and what we are meant to do. What turns you on and lights you up? What is your purpose? Enjoy your journey in 2020!
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  • Love Your Face

    3 GEN 2020 · Am I beautiful? Am I as beautiful as others? What does being beautiful mean? Loving ourselves is a life long journey. For many women the subject of beauty can be painful. Rachel Buchanan has a long history of supporting women's health. After having an Acupuncture practice emphasizing natural remedies for women's health she noticed how each woman's environment, including her beauty and personal care products, were effecting her physical health. Rachel reports clients being diagnosed with diseases where the environment contributed to the decline of their health. Rachel shares about how many beauty products contain harmful ingredients and there is a lack of government regulation in personal care products. This led Rachel to finding a natural beauty product line that advocates for skin health in Washington D.C. Our skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs whatever we put on it into our system. Rachel reports that 90% of products have not been tested for human safety. She feels it is a basic right to have access to safe products for all people. When we have the education about what we are putting on our skin we can make better choices. Rachel's passion is to help women feel beautiful and to be educated to make choices in their personal care products that can support and promote their overall health and well-being while also helping women accentuate their natural beauty. Rachel shares the transformation she has seen in people's health as they use "clean" skincare products. Rachel believes that along with eating healthy, exercise, and managing stress we need to be aware of what we put "on" our skin that goes into our body. Rachel loves to help women who have health issues be able to put on natural makeup to feel good without any negative effects. Start simple trying new products by taking care of your beauty and health from within you by changing how you think, and what you put in and on your body. Rachel believes "beauty comes from the Inside" and that you feel more beautiful and joyful when you spend your days doing things that recharge you. Nurture yourself and share your beauty with the world!
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Have you ever wondered how some people make eating healthy, exercise and managing stress look so easy? You can too. Wellness Wisdom Host and Self-Care specialist, Camille Kennard, and her...

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Have you ever wondered how some people make eating healthy, exercise and managing stress look so easy? You can too. Wellness Wisdom Host and Self-Care specialist, Camille Kennard, and her guests will guide and empower you with the confidence to make wise health choices, see results and make lifestyle changes that last a lifetime. Camille is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Health and Wellness Coach who believes that well-being begins in the mind. Camille shares her own journey of weight release, overcoming negative body image and how she grew to appreciate the value of exercise and healthy eating. Tune in each week for Wellness Wisdom tips on topics such as insomnia, gut health, eating disorders, mindfulness practices, and learning the skills of happiness. Discover Camille’s “3 Secrets to Lasting Health and Happiness,” including 1-Mindful Eating, 2-Joyful Movement, and 3-Stress Resilience. Listen and learn how to overcome the mental and physical obstacles that are holding you back. Make peace with your body and love who you are.
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