• Episode 23 #waterfowl Does Advocacy Days 2021

    22 MAG 2021 · The 8th #UBCM advocacy days. My first, of course, since this is my only year on the executive board. To prepare you found me going over the speaking notes for this episode of the green Antler's waterfowl podcast. Listen in to the top three priorities for #local governments in BC. Enjoy
    15 min.
  • Episode 22 - #waterfowl. My #virtualself Takes A #snapshot

    29 APR 2021 · In our episode today I examine my new found ability to screen grab & document my popularity. To examine the patterns of numbers. I read the 9 names that have been either featured guest speakers of this podcast and alternately the people who have made political contributors to my facebook sticker funding campaign. If any fans would like to receive a sticker in the mail please send a self addressed stamped envelope to tahsis's, one and only, green antler at box122 vop1xo. From the mail bag I want to thank Stan Vriend for posting us a box with some garlic bulbs that get tucked into their beds, as snug as a bug in a rug. Always love to make contact with my fellow seed, species and strain nerds out there. ALSO RECIEVED was a book called "you are never alone" by Elin Kelsey with illustrations by Soyeon Kim, from a dear friend and long time supporter Abby Dionne who I know from my time in Ottawa. In addition to all that, I even got an amazing 500 sheets of origami paper from a mysterious sender. TO ALL THE poets who have sent me their words or pictures over the last three years for the inlet outlet revival anthology, especially the kids I take too many pictures of. Special thanks to the repeat performers like Mary Hawkes, Irene ward, Sue Bosecker, Patricia Rice and Karin Zylstra. I owe you all my growing and profound respect. Thanks to everyone who participates and makes contributions. I do so value them more than i can ever account for in a snazzy info graphic. NEVERTHELESS, i endeavor to better understand the biggest why possible. I recieved the below book from being involved in Local Government Leadership Academy for the second time, (the first being in person) virtual leaderboard. Its been an enlightening read about behavior, habits and measuring sticks. A National bestseller. The virtual self. How our digital lives are altering the world around us, by Nora Young.
    15 min.
  • Episode 21 - #waterfowl "Bookmis"

    19 APR 2021 · Today on the Green Antler's waterfowl podcast we feature some Tahsis talent. Juanita DuLong shares with our audience three poems she has written. The first is Bookmis, which translates to "The wildman" or sasquatch. Second she tells the story of footsteps of a young bear. Lastly I read the poem titled "The Road" and we chat about gardens, journeys and milestones that can reveal the path. Thanks for listening.
    15 min.
  • Episode 20 - #waterfowl Countdown To The Youth Forum

    9 APR 2021 · Alex Lidstone of climate caucus joins the waterfowl flock for a discussion about social justice. We are using the next 8 days to blitz media channels to promote the virtual youth climate forum on April 17. If you can share your climate goals for Vancouver island & coastal communities than we want to hear from you. Check out eventbrite to register #youth #climate #virtual #forum. Hope you can make it. See ya then, thanks for listening!
    15 min.
  • Episode 19 #waterfowl Nature break. #ask And Ye Shall Recieve.

    24 MAR 2021 · Today I recorded this episode not at the Green Antler homestead like i usually do but instead i was a little further field. Down on the forshore by the tahsis bridge, walking out towards the trumpter swan family. Beside the tahsis company sawmill site i carefully walk out at low tide in an effort to record the sounds made by this majestic migratory species. But mostly i just talk to myself about locking my keys in my car while doing door to door food deliveries. Thanks to new Jeff on that one, having the skills and tools to pop the door open so we could finish the delivery and my kids didnt have to walk across town to get home, admittedly it's a small town. Also thanks of course to William Davidson and all the volunteers who make the community cupboard a reality, weekly delivering emergency food to seniors at risk, couples and families. This coming sunday we are loading our boxes for families and emptying out the basement of the church to prepare for a shipment currently schduled to arrive April 5. (subject to road conditions)Mark your calendars bring your muscles! Special thanks to the #literacy society for the sudoku puzzles and word searches and the wonderful Janet Kirsop (and her daughter Paula) for rice crispy birds nest with chocolate eggs.
    15 min.
  • Episode 18 - #waterfowl chat about CERIP with MLA Michelle Babchuk

    19 MAR 2021 · The village of Tahsis is thankful to recieve Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program (CERIP) to design and construct outdoor seating (benches & shelters) along popular pedestrian routes, local trails and municipal parks. These benches and shelters are intended to encourage older aged adults to walk more and improve village beautification. As Tahsis recieves 4500mm of rain annually the shelters will provide protectionfrom the rain for pedestrians and trail hikers. This CERIP funding will provide employment for local residents impacted by tourism downturn by building 8 solid fir timber benches (with locally sourced Douglas fir) and 4 timber framed shelters with metal roofs which can accommodate 6 people. Hopefully these improvements can aid ability to acess public spaces and natural areas for residents or visitors to connect outdoors. Our 2020 Official Community Plan states (OCP) "with an aging population accessibility will become an increasing challange. During the Tahsis Age Friendly community Action Plan from 2019 it was recommended that 8-10 piblic benches be strategically placed arou d main walking paths that connect the community. The action plan was developed from the "Global age-friendly cities guide" by the world health organization and by a community wide survey of seniors and older adults at two world cafes. Outdoor spaces and village beautification both ranked as high priorities that can showcase our quality natural environment and make wilderness accessible This project will benefit our community by making it easier for those of us with mobility issues to take breaks while walking around the village. By enhancing the attractiveness of our small town recreational opportunities we can support socially progressive, environmentally sustainable economic development and recovery. The economy in the village and regional areas of Tahsis, Zeballos, Tsaxana and Gold River has been hard hit by the global covid19 pandemic yet we know a more walkable rural atmosphere with acess to remote hiking aligns with direction from the Provincial Health Officer and the Vancouver Island Health Authority. Tourism based businesses suffered due to the U.S. border closure and fewer visitors from B.C. and the rest of Canada during the 2020 spring and summer. Given our location, demographic profile and comitment to reconciliation efforts the village of Tahsis is grateful to the province, our Member of Legislative Assembly and CERIP funding for creating jobs and getting people back to work. Special thanks to Michelle Babchuk and staff for taking the time to talk about age-friendly and accessibly action as it intersects with economic recovery infrastructure at the end of the road in our village of Tahsis.
    13 min. 32 sec.
  • Episode 17- #waterfowl Amplifies Trish Mandewo

    12 MAR 2021 · Trish Mandewo with Synergy on Boards is featured on the Green Antler's waterfowl podcast today to talk about what is means to be creating safe spaces. Since we are both members of the ubcm executive we chat about thick or permeable skin and the open versus empty minds of politicians. Other tasty quotes from the episode are... Find voices that are trying to come out and amplify them. Everyone wants to belong. Who is missing from this discussion? Excuse me mr. Vice president i am speaking. Gate keepers, power structures and a shared purpose.
    15 min.
  • Episode 16 - #waterfowl #Solved

    26 FEB 2021 · In today's episode Sarah #waterfowl Fowler reads chapter 4 from David Miller's book called Solved; how the world's great cities are fixing the climate crisis. Foreword by Bill Mckibben.
    15 min.
  • Episode 15 #waterfowl #MailBag

    5 FEB 2021 · In today's Green Antler episode "#waterfowl" Fowler goes on about being able to participate in her second #LGLA. Although this specific episode contains no interview with the trumpeter swans visiting the inlet at lowtide we are diving into deep water & recieving suprises in the mail. #HYBRID pen pals & virtual expressing a spectrum of #GRATITUDES. Thanks to the village of Tahsis, Verna Jules, university of Toronto press journals division, Rachel Blaney, CARP (Canadian association of retired people)revenue services of British Columbia, Gabi at the local government Leadership Academy, Toni Boot the mayor of Summerland, MLA Josie Osbourne and Bob at eventmobi.
    15 min.
  • Episode 14 #waterfowl "I am sorry, Whats Your Name Again?" with Arjun

    30 GEN 2021 · My guest speaker on today's episode of the waterfowl #podcast is none other than 4 term city council of Kamloops, UBCM past president Arjun Singh. We talked the spectrum wide from pandemic dogs, working off the bad debts of overdue library materials, standing in power against apartheid yet reaching out with a soft touch, the magic of group dynamics, numbers in local government, update or outdate? being funny, being the one at the table talking the most, showing up and putting your name out there.
    15 min.

Listen to our newest & longest episode ever dedicated to Athena Naia. https://anchor.fm/waterfowl/episodes/The-one-and-only-Anne-Cameron-is-featured-in-this--our-longest-episode-to-date-e11unn9 We have moved. https://anchor.fm/waterfowl Come check it out. municipal councillor. Artist. Berry picker. Bird & word nerd...

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Listen to our newest & longest episode ever dedicated to Athena Naia.


We have moved.
Come check it out.

municipal councillor.
Berry picker.
Bird & word nerd

We can be so much sometimes.
I started this podcast in a effort to document my small community representative journey.

A place for all the things I learn from talking to strangers or bonding with friends. Sometimes we have a featured guest and a bit of a discussion around a topic but other times I just read from books or explore meanderings from the wilderness.

Life can be a journey even if we stay at home. So enjoy my going on and on about politics, relations, poetry and the myriad of ways we try to connect with each other. Sincere thanks for your time and dont forget to subscribe to the green Antler's waterfowl podcast.
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