• Virginia Focus - VSP Fighting Fraud

    7 GIU 2024 · Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime. The FBI estimates that over a 10-year period, insurance fraud costs the average U.S. family between $4,000 and $7,000 in increased premiums. In Virginia, the Virginia State Police have a group of highly skilled, professional law enforcement personnel eager to fight insurance fraud. On today's episode, we're learning more from VSP Insurance Fraud Program Coordinator First Sergeant Peter Lazear.
    29 min. 59 sec.
  • Virginia Focus - Toolbelt Generation

    31 MAG 2024 · The Wall Street Journal and other media are picking up the story that Gen Z is being called the Toolbelt Generation because they are disenfranchised with the college track and see rising pay and more jobs in the trades. Aaron Hilger CEO of SMACNA, the trade association for the sheet metal and HVAC industry, can help us understand more about this trend.
    30 min.
  • Virginia Focus - Solopreneur

    10 MAG 2024 · Those looking to strike out on their own may enjoy today's segment about being a Solopreneur. On this episode we're talking to the author of the book "Succeeding As A Solopreneur", Liz Steblay. She says her book helps you achieve success at every stage of your solopreneur journey, from determining if you’re ready to “go for it,” to setting a marketing and pricing strategy, to lowering your tax rate to keep more of what you earn.
    30 min.
  • Virginia Focus - Junior Achievement

    3 MAG 2024 · A new study shows the majority of teens are confident about retirement but only 60% understand what the term means. Junior Achievement and MissionSquare Foundation commissioned the study that questioned kids between the ages of 13 and 18. Let's learn more by chatting with Ed Grocholski, the Chief Marketing Officer at Junior Achievement.
    30 min.
  • Virginia Focus - FARE

    26 APR 2024 · On average, every 10 seconds, a food allergy sends a patient to the emergency room. May 12 to May 18 is Food Allergy Awareness Week, and while it's two weeks away, we're taking advantage of an opportunity to help raise awareness of food allergies and anaphylaxis. We'll do that by talking to a representative of FARE, which stands for Food Allergy Research and Education. They are the leading nonprofit working to enhance the lives of allergy sufferers and foster understanding and support for their struggle. Let's learn more from FARE CEO Dr. Sung Poblete.
    30 min.
  • Virginia Focus - Raising Mentally Strong Kids

    19 APR 2024 · If you are a parent, you are likely hoping to raise your kids to develop strong and resilient brains so they can live happy and productive lives. A new book written by Child Psychologist Dr. Charles Fay and Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen gives pratical, easy to understand advice that encompasses your childs brain and their mind to help them become adults who can successfully navigate life on their own. Let's hear more about the book, "Raising Mentally Strong Kids: How to Combine the Power of Neuroscience with Love and Logic to Grow Confident, Kind, Responsible, and Resilient Children and Young Adults" with Dr. Charles Fay.
    30 min.
  • Virginia Focus -The Big Deal

    12 APR 2024 · When the time feels right to sell your business, how do you even get started?  On this episode we're talking about what business owners need to know when selling their business to avoid making the mistake of a lifetime and what factors they should consider in today’s dynamic marketplace. The guest on the show is Andy Goldberg. He's an attorney with decades of experience in the field of business and the author of a new book, "THE BIG DEAL: A Practical Guide to Selling Your Business With Confidence and Clarity".
    30 min.
  • Virginia Focus - Prescription Drug Price Gouging

    5 APR 2024 · A controversial federal program known as “340b” was created to cover the costs for uninsured and vulnerable patients by providing medicine discounts to hospitals, who would then pass the savings on to its patients. However, a new report highlights that the opposite is occurring. Instead of saving money, patients are spending 2.5 times more on medicines at 340b program entities than at non-340b entities. On this episode, we're talking to leading Policy Expert Anthonio Ciaccia [[cha-cha]]to find out why this program with good intentions failed and which Fortune 500 companies are making billions off of this program.
    30 min.
  • Virginia Focus - Disastrous EV Mandates

    29 MAR 2024 · President Biden continues pushing his “green agenda” with a goal of requiring two-thirds of new car and light truck sales to be electric vehicles by 2032, but automakers have been calling foul. They say they simply cannot meet these requirements while remaining profitable. Today we're talking with Mike Spagnola, President and CEO of the Specialty Equipment Market Association, also known as SEMA about how rushing into this change too quickly could adversely affect the entire automotive industry.
    30 min.
  • Virginia Focus - Crypto & Tax Season

    15 MAR 2024 · Many businesses are currently struggling to calculate the tax owed on their crypto investments, giving way to questions about what is required of them in this upcoming tax season. Additionally, many wonder when and how they should start adopting new reporting practices in order to comply with looming changes to crypto tax requirements. On this episode, we are talking to the Senior Director of Government Solutions for TaxBit, Miles Fuller to learn more.
    30 min.

Virginia Focus is a half hour weekly Public Affairs program from the Virginia News Network hosted by Rebecca Hughes. The program features interviews about issues if importance and interest to...

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Virginia Focus is a half hour weekly Public Affairs program from the Virginia News Network hosted by Rebecca Hughes. The program features interviews about issues if importance and interest to Virginians such as politics, non profits, history and economic development.
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