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VB in the Middle

  • VB in the Middle - 10.30.20

    30 OTT 2020 · Today, the bulk of our show was discussing how Bobby Orr, legendary Boston hockey player, took out an ad in the Union Leader newspaper up in NH, endorsing President Trump. Additionally, Don Lemon explains on CNN how he had to part ways with multiple friends for their political views comparing them to "addicts" and saying they are "too far gone". Have you lost friends over their political views or yours? We also check in with Scott Whitley of Wicked Bites about Halloween candy and other dining updates. Also, we bring you October's Sound Bites of the Month! Hear the full show, here.
    Ascoltato 1 h 46 min. 39 sec.
  • Sound Bites of the Month: October 2020

    30 OTT 2020 · It's that time of the month again, the end of the month, and that means Sound Bites of the Month! What was the best sound from the month of October? VB and Lightning bring you the top 5 best sound bites from the month of October! This is always a fun, enjoyable segment to cap off the month. Find out the top 5 sound bites, here!
    Ascoltato 7 min. 53 sec.
  • Wicked Bites with Scott Whitley - 10.30.20

    30 OTT 2020 · Scott Whitley of Wicked Bites chats with VB about Halloween candy & treats the day before the big Halloween holiday. Additionally, he discusses NH's latest restaurant policy that requires patrons to share their name and addresses every time they dine out. Hear the full conversation, here.
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  • Bobby Orr Endorses Trump in newspaper ad

    30 OTT 2020 · Boston legendary hockey player, Bobby Orr, has taken out an ad in NH's Union Leader newspaper (a battleground state), endorsing President Trump and asking for you to consider voting for him. He does not mention Joe Biden or anything negative, just the reasons why he likes President Trump and hopes you vote for him as well. Does this shock you? Does this change your opinion of Bobby Orr in anyway? VB shares his thoughts on this and also brings you the latest from Don Lemon saying he has had to say goodbye to friends due to their political views that will not change. Has this happened to you? Have you lost friends or family members over politics? We discuss.
    Ascoltato 1 h 29 min. 29 sec.
  • VB in the Middle - 10.29.20

    29 OTT 2020 · Today's Topics: "Anonymous", the NY Times author of that 2018 op-ed criticizing President Trump from the perspective of an "insider", has been revealed as Miles Taylor, the former Chief of Staff for the Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Then, a RI family creates a candy catapult for Halloween; VB has some concerns about it. Also, COVID cases are rising; are we headed for another full blown shutdown? We discuss all of these topics on today's VB in the Middle!
    Ascoltato 1 h 49 min. 24 sec.
  • COVID rises; are we headed for another shutdown?

    29 OTT 2020 · COVID cases are on the rise not just in Massachusetts, but across the country as Dr. Fauci says things are going to get worse in the coming months. Are you concerned we are heading towards another full blown shutdown? Is that a definite if Joe Biden wins the Presidency? VB shares his thoughts and hears yours gripes about this COVID pandemic.
    Ascoltato 59 min. 43 sec.
  • A RI family built a candy catapult for Halloween!

    29 OTT 2020 · A Rhode Island family has come up with a creative way to distribute Halloween candy this year...a candy catapult! VB and Lightning disagree on this subject as VB finds some fault with it and Lightning thinks he needs to lighten up! Take a listen.
    Ascoltato 19 min. 47 sec.
  • Anonymous Revealed

    29 OTT 2020 · "Anonymous", The author of the NY Times Op-Ed criticizing President Trump, who was inside the Trump administration, has been revealed. Anonymous is Miles Taylor, the former Chief of Staff to the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. He wrote a criticizing op-ed back in 2018 claiming he was part of the "resistance" inside the Trump administration. VB discusses this new revelation and why he was not exposed sooner. He also dives into the original op-ed piece that "Anonymous" wrote.
    Ascoltato 16 min. 32 sec.
  • VB in the Middle - 10.28.20

    28 OTT 2020 · Today's Topics: VB first discusses the World Series win by the LA Dodgers and how one of it's players was pulled from the game midday due to testing positive for COVID. Then, VB gets into the Philadelphia shooting of an armed Black man at the hands of police to which riots ensued. Also, Kevin O'Connor, the Republican candidate running against Sen. Ed Markey for the Senate, checks in on his campaign leading up to election day. Additionally, National Press Secretary for the Trump campaign 2020, Hogan Gidley chats with VB on what the Trump campaign is doing and has been doing as we inch closer and closer to November 3rd. Hear the full show, here.
    Ascoltato 1 h 46 min. 10 sec.
  • Hogan Gidley - 10.28.20

    28 OTT 2020 · National Press Secretary for the Trump campaign 2020, Hogan Gidley, chats with VB about the Trump re-election campaign as we are just under one week from election day. How is he feeling about the election and what does he have to say about the Biden campaign? Hear the full conversation, here.
    Ascoltato 12 min. 9 sec.
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