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    Milky Breast & Social Discourse

    25 GEN 2024 · Get ready for an epic episode of #Tribechat! In this captivating podcast, we feature the legendary adult film performer and mental health professional, the one and only Jetsetting JasmineTM. Hosted by the incredible Omari The Rebel, this exclusive one-on-one interview delves into fascinating topics that will leave you mesmerized. In this episode, we explore the intriguing world of breast milk sex kink fetish and how it intertwines with Jetsetting JasmineTM's unique perspective. Prepare to be amazed as we uncover the powerful influence of being a Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. (ZΦB) member on Jetsetting JasmineTM's journey. She opens up about the impact it has had on her life and shares her personal experiences. But that's not all! We also tackle the controversial subject of raceplay fetishes/kink with thought-provoking discussions and insights. Get ready to have your mind expanded and your perspective challenged as we dive deep into this complex topic. In addition, we get an intimate glimpse into Jetsetting JasmineTM's personal life as she shares her side of the story on how she met her now husband and business partner, the extraordinary King Noire. Their journey is inspiring and will leave you in awe. But the excitement doesn't stop there! Omari The Rebel breaks down the theory of "putting black men in a dress is an attack on black masculinity" in a closing segment. He brilliantly deconstructs this theory and addresses actor Brandon Timothy Jackson's response to Kat Williams' interview on the "Club Shay Shay Podcast" with Shannon Sharpe. And that's not all, folks! We also bring you the latest news stories, including why tens of thousands of CMS students are missing out on sex education and health screenings, how LinkedIn is slowly becoming an app for finding love, and Lil Nas X's response to Dave Chappelle's jokes. This episode of #Tribechat is an absolute must-watch! Get ready to have your boundaries shattered and new perspectives emerge. Stay tuned for the captivating premiere, where the world of adult entertainment, mental health, and social issues collide. Don't miss it!
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    Omari does Vegas

    17 DIC 2023 · Join Omari as he embarks on a thrilling journey from Brooklyn to Las Vegas for the highly-anticipated Girls Gone Wireless event. In this special episode of Tribechat, Omari sits down with the talented and Xbiz award-winning performer, Phinney, at his Playhouse in Vegas. Alongside the captivating ebony Mystique, they delve into the electrifying world of adult film. Get ready for an unforgettable weekend filled with networking, collaboration, and the celebration of this remarkable anniversary. Tune in to Tribechat and experience the excitement firsthand!
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    Kinky Desserts & King Talk

    2 NOV 2023 · Indulge your senses and prepare for an enticing and boundary-pushing experience as Omari sits down with the legendary adult film star and fetish performer, King Noire, in the captivating atmosphere of the black-owned Kinky Desserts Bar, nestled in the vibrant lower east side of Manhattan. Welcome to the highly anticipated second episode of season three of Tribechat, titled "Kinky Desserts & King Talk." As you step inside the Kinky Desserts Bar, your eyes are immediately drawn to the meticulously crafted baked treats that adorn the display. Waffles, cupcakes, and cakes take on alluring shapes, mirroring the human form with breasts, vaginas, and penises. This black-owned dessert bar fearlessly celebrates sensuality and pushes the boundaries of culinary artistry. In this episode, King Noire takes center stage, captivating us with his storytelling prowess as he delves into his award-winning pan-sexual adult film scene. With a raw and unapologetic approach, he invites us into a world of exploration, pleasure, and uninhibited desires, leaving us captivated by his talent and charisma. During his visit to the tri-state area, King Noire shares his journey of recording the music video for his latest song, "King Said(XXxcellenc)." As the pulsating beats of his music fill the air, we are transported into the realm of his creativity, witnessing the seamless fusion of his passions for music and adult entertainment. But it's not all about the glitz and glamour. King Noire fearlessly embraces his identity as Queer, sharing with us the intimate moments when he knew Jett Sett Jasmine was the woman who would capture his heart. Their love defies societal norms, reminding us of the power of connection and the beauty found in unconventional relationships. In a candid conversation on sexual health, King Noire and Omari shed light on the importance of regular testing. They delve into the new and essential "MGEN" test, highlighting its significance in maintaining a healthy sexual lifestyle. King Noire also opens up about his use of Prep medication, a powerful tool in mitigating exposure to HIV/AIDS and ensuring a fulfilling and safe sexual experience. Transitioning to King's music career, Omari and King Noire explore the highs and lows of being signed to record labels. Their passionate discussion culminates in a clash of opinions as they debate their picks for the "top 5 dead or alive" best rappers, showcasing their love for the art form and their unwavering dedication to their craft. But this episode doesn't shy away from exploring uncharted territories. King Noire fearlessly shares his journey into the world of polyamory, offering invaluable insights and advice on being taken seriously as a male fetish performer in the BDSM community. His words challenge societal norms and empower listeners to embrace their desires without judgment. Prepare yourself for a nearly hour-long exclusive one-on-one interview that traverses the realms of pleasure, vulnerability, and empowerment. "Kinky Desserts & King Talk" is a risqué and evocative exploration of human connections, inviting you to question societal standards and embrace the beauty found in diverse desires. Join Omari and King Noire in this unforgettable podcast episode that will leave you craving more.
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    Season 3 premiere

    23 OTT 2023 · "Tribechat Season Premiere: Omari & Pegasus Return to WTF Media Studios in Manhattan! 🔥🎉 Join us as Omari The Rebel and Big Pink Pegasus make a triumphant comeback to the electrifying Tribechat show! In this highly-anticipated episode, they dive headfirst into the hottest news stories making waves across the nation. First up, brace yourselves for the shocking revelations as police and child services pay a visit to Blueface's LA home following disturbing stripper videos involving his son. The unraveling drama has kept officers on their toes, with a staggering nine calls made to the rapper's residence since May. Next, prepare for a thought-provoking discussion as Omari & Pegasus shed light on the Dallas school district's controversial partnership with a sex education group promoting gender transition teachings. This eye-opening collaboration has stirred up a storm of opinions, making headlines on Yahoo News. But that's not all! Brace yourselves for the mind-boggling findings of a new study revealing the alarming truth behind why such a large number of singles find themselves entangled with their exes. Prepare to be captivated as Omari & Pegasus dissect the reasons behind this phenomenon and delve into the complexities of modern relationships. And lastly, get ready for a jaw-dropping twist as we uncover the scandalous story of an HR manager at an Oregon property maintenance company. Accused of sending a provocative chocolate surprise to an employee, this shocking incident takes an unexpected turn. The details of this outrageous case will leave you both stunned and bewildered. But wait, there's more! Omari & Pegasus take the conversation to a whole new level as they delve into the world of bunz and basketball. Expect an engaging discussion that will have you on the edge of your seat, as they tackle the topics that matter most to the Tribechat community. And finally, prepare for an impactful and heartfelt conversation as Omari & Pegasus address the recent incident of a woman going viral for being hit with a brick after rejecting a man's advances. They shed light on the harrowing issue of violence against black women and delve into the urgent need for change in our society. Don't miss this explosive season premiere of Tribechat, where Omari & Pegasus bring their unique perspectives, unfiltered opinions, and captivating energy to the forefront. Tune in for an unforgettable episode that will leave you craving for more. See you there, Tribechat fam! 💥✨"
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    Tribechat recap

    31 AGO 2023 · Check out our latest YouTube video, where Omari The Rebel and Big Pink Pegasus take you through a thrilling recap of Season 1 and Season 2 of our podcast, "Tribechat"! 🎉 In this episode, we sit down in the exclusive "New Society for Wellness" clubhouse in Manhattan and dive deep into some unforgettable moments. From the legendary Hip-Hop DJ Fatman Scoop's appearance to the intriguing conversation with adult film star Aryanna StarrXXX about the challenges of the adult entertainment industry during the pandemic, we leave no stone unturned. Join us as we explore the fascinating insights shared by Dr. Zhana, an NYU professor and clinical psychologist, who discusses her open love smarter course. We also delve into the captivating episode where Tyomi Morgan reveals her experience of sharing a sex partner with her twin sister. But that's not all! We had the incredible opportunity to speak with adult film star Lady Paree, who opens up about her legal battle with Facebook, the false accusations of being Trans, and even her encounter with the notorious Ku Klux Klan while working in a strip club. Prepare yourself for the shocking clash between Omari and Pegasus over race play in one episode, and the thought-provoking discussion on race play kinks with a group of black podcasters in another. We even take you behind the scenes of an adult filming party in one of our episodes! Don't miss out on this engaging and eye-opening recap of "Tribechat" Season 1 and Season 2. Hit that play button and join the conversation today! 💬 #TribechatPodcast #PodcastRecap #Season1and2Recap #NewSocietyforWellness #ManhattanClubhouse #FatmanScoop #AdultEntertainmentDuringPandemic #DrZhana #OpenLoveSmarterCourse #TyomiMorgan #TwinSisterSexPartner #LadyParee #FacebookLawsuit #TransAccusations #KuKluxKlanEncounter #RacePlayClash #ThoughtProvokingDiscussion #BlackPodcasters #AdultFilmingParty #EngagingContent
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    Tribechat: live from the content party

    13 SET 2022 · Join Omari and Pegasus as they take you behind the scenes of an exclusive adult entertainer content party in this exciting episode of the Tribechat podcast! Get an exclusive peek into the world of adult performers as they network and come together to create amazing content. Special guests Dom Kat from the sex workers survival guide and Maybach Sha from the Respek the Blackout podcast join us for the season finale, making it an episode you don't want to miss! Hosted by the incredible Trinity Ava, a rising adult performer and tribe member of the Nzuri Kabila group. Get ready for an immersive experience as you can even hear the electrifying energy and passion in the background! #TribechatPodcast #AdultEntertainment #BehindTheScenes #ContentParty #PodcastFinale #ExclusiveInterviews
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    Men can squirt

    24 LUG 2022 · Omari and Pegasus are joined by sex educator Dirty Lola from the Netflix series principles of pleasure & the owner of the exclusive upscale sexclub "The New Society for Wellness" Daniel Saynt to talk grants for sex positive creators, NFTs, and how MEN can squirt! Dirty Lola talks her history with Daniel and the NSFW clubhouse. Habari Gani- Man crashes his truck distracted by receiving oral sex, New York City makes the list of kinkiest places in the world to live,  and protesters interrupt you Joel Osteen's service by stripping out of their dresses in the name of Reproductive Rights! Follow our guests- Follow Dirty Lola @dirtylola on social media. Her website Follow @DanielSaynt Follow the clubhouse page @weareNSFW And to make sure that you follow us on all of our platforms, like and subscribe
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    The Audio orgy

    23 LUG 2022 · Omari and Pegasus are joined by Doc Chocolate of the BullsandQueens podcast, Bomber and Belle of Blackandkinky podcast are Content Creator, producer and filmmaker Mark King returns in part two of the controversial conversation about the Queen of Spades term and race play fetishism. Doc, happens to be raceplay King Enthusiast as he previously had a conversation about the controversial kink with Bomber and Belle, as Omari in Pegasus have visited this subject matter and season 1. Habari Gani breakdown: Geico gets sued for 5.2 million in a case in which a woman contracts STD while having sex in an insured vehicle by Geico, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards argue about their teen daughter joining only fans, and Queen Latifah talks about her experience with Tupac and the gay club in San Francisco. Listen to Blackandkinky podcast Listen to BullsandQueens podcast Follow Mark King Make sure that you subscribe to all of our platforms
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    Cucks, Simps and Dirty talk tips?

    2 MAG 2022 · In the newest episode of Tribechat, Omari The Rebel and Big Pink Pegasus sit down together to talk: cucks, simps & dirty talk tips. Habari Gani (what's the news breakdown): *A Dr uses his own sperm during an artificial insemination and is found out years later to be the father I'm someone else's child. * Netflix has a new BDSM themed romantic comedy called "Love and Leashes" *Badman Kevo talks alleged affair with YouTuber an inspiration behind the viral meme, Kaya Nicole. Omari The Rebel and Big Pink Pegasus talk about diversity in the event promotion scene, quoting nightlife and sex positivity icon Venus Cuffs. They review fellow podcasters "Black & Kinky Podcast's" hilarious commentary on the slap & make fun of some tips to successful dirty talk in the swinger community provided by Omari targets Channing Crowder over his remarks about Russell Wilson and Ciara. Credits: *Venus Cuffs Quote, Paper Magazine *"Love's Not colorblind" - Kevin A Patterson *Black&Kinky Podcast *Swingershelp article on Dirty talk *TripleXplayground products *Xsitebunny information @omaritherebel on Twitter and Instagram @BigpinkPegasus_ on Instagram Link our platforms
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NK Tribe Chat is a long form podcast about lifestyle, swinger and education. We interview authors, business owners, entertainers, youtubers, bloggers, videographers, musicians and more.

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