• Comparing Large Language Models (LLMs), Data Sets, and Potential Breakthroughs

    6 DIC 2023 · In this episode, hosts Erik Brown, EJ, and Ryan Elmore dive into how large language models (LLMs) work and provide a behind-the-scenes look at "Nigel," a generative AI platform developed by West Monroe. The hosts analyze various LLMs, their functionalities, and their real-world implications while offering insights into the balance between technical prowess and practical utility. They also highlight generative AI's current capabilities and debate its future potential across various sectors. In this episode: - Compare Different LLMs: The hosts delve into the functionalities and effectiveness of various large language models, providing insights into their comparative advantages and suitable use cases. This segment helps listeners understand how to choose the right model for specific applications. - Understand Current Limitations in AI: The episode covers the current state of generative AI, including its limitations and potential future advancements. This discussion is aimed at providing a comprehensive view of where AI technology stands today and what developments might be on the horizon. - Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look: Dive into how generative AI and large language models are applied in real-world scenarios, including a detailed look at the interactive platform "Nigel" by West Monroe–and why West Monroe created it. Don't forget! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsJ11mYrTYBGJrQGWBV-W5lLtlpScia1z
    31 min. 49 sec.
  • AI’s Role in Streamlining Coding

    15 NOV 2023 · In this episode of "This is AI," hosts Erik Brown, EJ Johnson, and Ryan Elmore, along with special guest Alex Cruikshank, explore the transformative role of AI in coding. The team delves into how tools like GitHub Copilot are not just aiding but reshaping the software development process. They examine the delicate balance between leveraging AI for efficiency and ensuring foundational coding skills are not overshadowed by automated solutions. From enhancing developer productivity to redefining the coding landscape, this episode provides a deep dive into the dynamic world of AI and software development. Watch or listen to this episode to: - Uncover the Efficiency of AI in Coding: Gain insights into how AI tools like GitHub Copilot are revolutionizing software development, enhancing efficiency, and potentially transforming the coding process. Understand the balance between AI-driven automation and the critical skills required in coding. - Explore the Impact of AI on Developer Roles: Delve into the nuanced implications of AI in the software development industry, particularly for junior developers. Learn about the challenges and opportunities presented by AI assistance in coding, and how it shapes the journey of a developer. Experience AI in Action: Witness a live demonstration of GitHub Copilot, providing a practical example of AI's capabilities in coding. Understand the strengths and limitations of AI in software development, offering a glimpse into the future of this rapidly evolving field.
    38 min. 24 sec.
  • The Art of Crafting Prompts – From Simple Questions to Complex Challenges

    18 OTT 2023 · In episode 3 of "This is AI," hosts EJ, Erik Brown, and Ryan Elmore delve into the intricate world of AI prompts, from the most basic to the highly sophisticated. They shed light on the versatility of tools and data, illustrating how different inputs can drastically alter AI outcomes. The episode highlights the journey from crafting simple emails to revolutionizing healthcare solutions using GPT-4. With a special focus on the role of data provision and the absence thereof, the hosts discuss the nuances of prompt engineering and its potential in various sectors. Real-world applications, such as West Monroe’s innovative 'Coverage Oracle' in healthcare, are explored, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the vast potential of generative AI. Watch or listen to this episode to: - Dive Deep into the World of Prompts: Understand the vast spectrum of AI prompts, from crafting simple emails to developing advanced healthcare solutions. Discover how the intricacy of a prompt can lead to varied and impactful AI outcomes. - Explore the Power of Data and Tools: Learn about the significance of data provision in shaping AI responses and the transformative potential of tools. Delve into the challenges and opportunities that arise when data is either provided or relied upon from other sources. - Witness Real-World AI Transformations: Engage with compelling examples, such as West Monroe’s proof-of-concept built for healthcare, the Coverage Oracle. Gain insights into how generative AI, when harnessed correctly, can lead to groundbreaking solutions in diverse sectors. And don't forget to check our https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/spoiler-alert-misconception-ai-hollywood-ryan-elmore/ about AI in Hollywood: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/spoiler-alert-misconception-ai-hollywood-ryan-elmore/ Learn more about This is AI: https://www.westmonroe.com/perspectives/podcast/this-is-ai
    35 min. 20 sec.
  • AI Dilemma: What Comes First, the Technology or the Use Case?

    29 SET 2023 · In episode 2 of "This is AI," hosts EJ, Erik Brown, and Ryan Elmore discuss the application of generative AI across industries, exploring the challenges organizations face when choosing between pre-built and custom solutions. They emphasize aligning AI with organizational goals and explore real-world examples, including a global food and beverage leader enhancing customer experiences. The episode delves into prompt engineering, fine-tuning, and data governance, offering insights into navigating AI adoption for impactful results. Watch or listen to this episode to: - Unlock the AI Dilemma: Discover the challenges and considerations in deciding between adopting pre-built AI solutions or crafting custom models, and learn how to align AI strategies with organizational goals for optimal impact! - Discover Real-World AI Applications: Dive into intriguing examples, such as a global food and beverage leader leveraging AI to enhance customer experiences, and gain insights into the practical implementation of generative AI across industries! - Master AI Techniques: Explore the nuances of prompt engineering, fine-tuning, and data governance, and equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of AI adoption for meaningful and innovative results! Learn more about This is AI: https://www.westmonroe.com/perspectives/podcast/this-is-ai
    35 min. 38 sec.
  • Unpacking AI: The Rise & Reach of Generative Models

    27 SET 2023 · In the inaugural episode of "This is AI," hosts EJ, Erik Brown, and Ryan Elmore from West Monroe lay the groundwork for a series exploring generative AI. They chart the evolution of AI from machine learning and deep learning to generative AI, underscoring its diverse applications. The episode emphasizes viewing AI as a suite of tools and teases future discussions on use cases, practical applications, and the trajectory of large language models. Watch on YoutTube or listen here to this episode to learn about: - The Evolution of AI: Discover the journey of AI from machine learning to deep learning and finally to generative AI, and understand how each phase has contributed to the advancements in the field! - Static vs. Dynamic Models: Gain insights from Ryan Elmore on how generative AI models remain static while the incoming data is dynamic, offering a fresh perspective on machine learning approaches! - Rethinking AI Use Cases: Hear EJ’s spicy take on why we need to rethink our conversation around generative AI use cases and focus on practical applications in products and services!
    21 min. 2 sec.

Join our West Monroe experts as they show you real use cases for applying AI to your business. Topics will include: Navigating use case landmines, effective ways to implement Gen...

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Join our West Monroe experts as they show you real use cases for applying AI to your business. Topics will include: Navigating use case landmines, effective ways to implement Gen AI in your business, a deep dive on tools we've built, the impact of generative AI on software development, insights on other large language models, and our perspective on a tool-based approach versus bespoke-built solutions, and why they're both important for organizations to consider in their day-to-day business.

Listen on your favorite podcast app or watch us on YouTube where we share our screen to show you how to apply these ideas to your business. Our AI experts include Eric Johnson, director, Product Experience & Engineering Lab; Erik Brown, senior partner, Product Experience & Engineering Lab; and Ryan Elmore, Innovation Fellow and Head Data Scientist at West Monroe.

West Monroe is a digital services firm that was born in technology but built for business—partnering with companies in transformative industries to deliver quantifiable financial value. We believe that digital is a mindset—not a project, a team, or a destination—and it’s something companies become, not something they do. That’s why we work in diverse, multidisciplinary teams that blend management consulting, digital design, and product engineering to move companies from traditional ways of working to digital operating models—and create experiences that transcend the digital and physical worlds. Connected by the 13 founding values that drive our culture, our 2,000 employees work collaboratively across the firm with the belief that our clients’ success is our success. Visit WestMonroe.com to learn more.
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