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    Do you need sissy workout tips?

    17 GIU 2024 · This episode is inspired by Sissy Kylie who says she wants to get a more feminine body and wants sissy workout tips.  Mistress Erika begins the episode talking about body image. Mistress Olivia says, it’s normal to want to change things about your physical body to be more of the feminine ideal in your mind. Many feminized people want workout tips and exercises to target specific areas like ass, hips and stomach. Both ladies talk about exercises they do and recommend for any sissy workout. Ms Olivia talks about how she gets a cute round yoga ass with squats, walking lunges and donkey kicks (among other exercises). Ms Erika adds in a suggestion to do bridges. Working core muscles help to slim the tummy and a tight lacing corset and give that feminine hourglass shape. These Femdoms love feminization and sissy training. They talk about how to combine legitimate exercises with kinky inspiration to make sure these get done! For example, a way to strap a dildo onto the long part of a couch cushion to get a thigh and ass workout while perfecting the sissy cowgirl position! You’ll hear specific exercises suggestions, behind the scenes stories, general naughtiness and so much more. Mistress Olivia’s blog: https://www.experiencedmistress.com/ Mistress Erika’s blog:  https://intelligentphonefantasy.com/
    35 min. 2 sec.
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    BDSM: Are you surprised to find out we love to be a sensual sadist?

    10 GIU 2024 · Today’s episode is inspired by several pets who acted surprised to hear that Mistress Olivia likes pain play and rough kink.  It starts with this quote from one submissive: “You are just such a nice person. And you have a sweet natural demeanor. Even though you can turn into a firm Domme in the blink of an eye, I didn’t think pain play was a fun thing for you.” Both ladies talk about being a Femdom and a sensual sadist.   You’ll hear answers to these questions from another treasured pet and listener who wants to hear more about sadism and masochism. Michael asks: How common is it for a sensual dom to also have a little bit of a sadistic streak? and Is it typical for this to be a frequent activity in a loving and nurturing relationship?  Topics include: Sharing experiences with the S/m part of BDSM Various expectation of a Mistress How do you know you’re correct about your assumptions of her, who she is and what she likes? How can you tell if a sensual Femdom also enjoys rough kink? How does consent work with risk aware BDSM and kink? This is a peek behind the scenes as each Femdom talks about BDSM scenes gone awry when a sub doesn’t obey, how each lady feels when that happens and how it changes her feelings towards the bratty sub. By the end of the episode you'll know that in scene domination is different from the podcast and both ladies love delivering an intense kink session that includes pain play. Mistress Olivia’s blog:  https://www.experiencedmistress.com/ Mistress Erika’s blog:  https://intelligentphonefantasy.com/
    34 min.
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    BDSM: Is pain necessary to train a sissy?

    3 GIU 2024 · What happens when a Dominant Woman decides to feminize a submissive? Sometimes the subby is coerced into sissy training, maybe even before realizing what’s going on and then it’s really too late because full on sissy training is underway. How does a Femdom Mistress train a sissy submissive? Listen to feminization Mistresses talking about how they do coerced feminization, sissy training and use a combination of praise, punishment, pain and pleasure to ensure the creation of the best sissy! This episode is inspired by comments from various listeners. And, while the ladies start off talking about sissification and coerced feminization - much of the conversation about using pain and punishment on a submissive applies to crossdressers and transwomen who are submissive but might not be sissies. The role of discipline to enforce who is in charge is always a favorite topic and an opportunity to talk about the paradox of BDSM where pain is pleasure. Mistress Olivia's blog:  https://www.experiencedmistress.com/ Mistress Erika's blog:  https://intelligentphonefantasy.com/
    34 min. 5 sec.
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    BDSM, kink, Femdom and pop culture with Edge Play author and journalist Jane Boon

    27 MAG 2024 · The conversation starts out with the enduring fascination with “bad girls” - the women who are non-traditional, often sex workers or women that claim their social and/or sexual autonomy.  Jane talks about the role of sex and sex workers in shaping the culture … especially in terms of fetish wear going mainstream with leather and latex being featured in couture lines. Fashion is never “only” about covering the body.  The ladies all talk about how their personal and professional experiences with kink have changed them. Conversation includes: ** the Paradox of BDSM: pain is pleasure, bondage is freedom, etc. ** dominant or powerful women who tend to have a thirst for knowledge and want to grow as people ** the very particular skills of a Pro Domme, whether as an in person Dominatrix or Distance Domination (and phone sex). ** the relationship between submissive and Dominant ** consent  ** merging the personal and professional in erotic spaces ** the role of money - in society, in relationships, as a symbol of power ** and so much more. This episode uses quotes from the BDSM book, Edge Play to explore the nuances of culture, societal roles, and more.  Edge Play by Jane Boonhttps://www.janeboon.com/ Twitter:  @JaneEBoon Mistress Olivia’s blog:  https://www.experiencedmistress.com/ Mistress Erika’s blog:  https://intelligentphonefantasy.com/
    24 min. 48 sec.
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    Everything you need to know about how to enter the Sissy Pageant!

    20 MAG 2024 · This is called the Sissy Pageant because it’s a short title but the hosts want you to know that the Pageant is open to anyone interested in feminization and femme style: crossdressers, transwomen, pantybois, and, of course, sissies! Goddess Skylar is today’s guest because she’s the one that sort of resurrected the Sissy Pageant. The ladies go over the Sissy Pageant rules and details. The short version is: submit 3 photos, answer 4 questions and boom you’re in the running!  Now, how do you DO all that? Sissy Pageant details: ** Join EnchantrixEmpire.com if you’re not already a member. EE is our free adult social networking site. ** There is a Sissy Pageant Group in the Enchantrix Empire. Join the group. ** Upload three photos for the competition. (Include your EE name on a paper in the photos). ** After uploading your contestant photos, you’ll get access to the four questions to answer. ** HAVE FUN! LDW Mistresses will judge the Pageant and pick the top three winners. The judges will be evaluating for best: ** legs/ass ** sex appeal ** style ** and your answers to four questions about your feminization and/or sissy journey. In today’s podcast, the ladies will answer the pageant questions so you’ll hear the questions and our answers. Important dates: By June 15th:  photos and answers submitted Friday June 28th at 8pm eastern: Celebration and winner announcements in the chatroom at communitykink.com.  The celebration is also free and will have lots of Mistresses and general shenanigans. Goddess Skylar will put a link in the chat room that you can click to actually hear the show. What do the winners get? Free time with the Mistress of your choice! ** 2nd runner up 20 free minutes. ** 1st runner up, 30 free minutes. ** Sissy Pageant Grand Prize winner: 60 free minutes. There will be lots of fun leading up to the Pageant, community and conversations, the celebration party and then free phone sex with the Mistress of your choice! Are you ready?  Let’s have some fun! Enchantrix Empire:  https://enchantrixempire.com/ Mistress Olivia’s blog:  https://www.experiencedmistress.com/ Mistress Erika’s blog:  https://intelligentphonefantasy.com/ Goddess Skylar’s blog: https://yourkinkadvisor.com/
    26 min. 7 sec.
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    Edge Play author Jane Boon on BDSM power exchange and the accidental transformation of an investment banker into a Femdom.

    13 MAG 2024 · How in the world did a PhD in industrial engineering end up on The Weekly Hot Spot talking about BDSM and the world of Pro Dommes? In addition to professional experience in engineering and journalism, today’s guest, Jane Boon, is the author of Edge Play. This episode description is actually difficult to write because what do you say about someone who is able to effortlessly blend the worlds of unethical investment banking bro culture and the BDSM learning curve of an accidental Pro Domme?  Both cultures deliver a fantastic ass fucking but only the Femdoms do it after getting consent. Jane jokes that her novel Edge Play is Fifty Shades of Grey meets The Big Short. Edge Play is a fantastic read – it’s an exciting financial thriller - add in the “learning to be a Dominatrix” element and you have one of the best fiction books ever written about Femdom, kink culture and one element of sex work.  This novel about an accidental Pro Domme rings true for the Femdom hosts. The conversation explores profound shifts in understanding about men, power, control, what it means to be a woman in an area where men dominate, what it means to be a woman who dominates men and the evolution of a woman who comes into her own power. Enjoy this fascinating conversation with Jane Boon, a brilliant woman who embraces the motto “more please.” Get. The. Book. ….. now. Edge Play by Jane Boonhttps://www.janeboon.com/ Twitter:  @JaneEBoon Mistress Olivia’s blog:  https://www.experiencedmistress.com/ Mistress Erika’s blog:  https://intelligentphonefantasy.com/
    33 min. 13 sec.
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    Do you have sissygasms? It’s Masturbation May!

    6 MAG 2024 · It’s Masturbation Month and time for the girly girls to celebrate with a sissygasm!  This episode is inspired by several conversations and emails about this distinct kind of orgasm. Your Femdom hosts touch on various aspects of this sexy topic, including: ** Why is it called a sissygasm? ** How is a sissygasm different from a male orgasm? ** What to expect with a sissygasm. Many feminized friends aren’t sure how to have a sissygasm or even if they have experienced one. Mistress Olivia and Ms Erika have some specific suggestions about: ** How to mentally prepare ** Using chastity as feminization and sissy training ** Suggestions for different positions that are popular for sissygasm success. ** How and where to find you P spot ** What is prostate milking and how does that work with sissy training? All this an more. Enjoy and tell us about your sissygasms! Mistress Olivia’s blog:  https://www.experiencedmistress.com/ Mistress Erika’s blog: https://intelligentphonefantasy.com/ 30 day sissy challenge: sissy training assignmentshttps://phonesexassignments.com/product/30-day-sissy-challenge-bundle/ How to masturbate like a girl: Pillow Humping Instructions: https://phonesexassignments.com/product/how-to-masturbate-like-a-girl-pillow-humping-by-mistresses-olivia-and-erika/
    32 min. 11 sec.
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    Can you handle our cock stroking instructions for Masturbation Month?

    29 APR 2024 · Are you ready for Masturbation Month? Your Femdom hosts love this month-long celebration of self love. Today’s podcast is all about cock stroking instructions or JOI, jerk off instructions.   What are some of the ways to spice up your masturbation? Check out the Month of Femdom Guided Masturbation Calendar in the First Class Erotica Store. Click on the phone sex assignments section and look for Ms Erika and Ms Olivia. In this podcast, you’ll hear discussion about new ways to stroke including: - Hand position or grip - Stroking speed or variability of stroking speed - Wet or dry stroking - Lube recommendations for cut or uncut cocks - Weird lube flavors: cum flavored or bacon flavored lube - DIY masturbation ideas - Remote controlled sex toys for even more fun As always, the ladies go off on quirky tangents. For example, did you know that there are masturbate-a-thons? — that’s where participants masturbate to raise money for charity and increase public awareness about masturbation.T hat seems to be a:  STROKE of genius! Ending with a BANG! So we can give the participants a hand! The puns just write themselves! There are also weird sex facts and Guinness Book of World records entries for sexual trivia. Who holds the world record for the largest number of orgasms in a 24 hour period?  Enjoy the podcast, check out the Month of Femdom Guided Masturbation Calendar in the First Class Erotica Store and get a JUMP on your celebrations for Masturbation May! First Class Erotica Store:  https://firstclasseroticastore.com/ A Month of Femdom Guided Masturbation: https://phonesexassignments.com/product/a-month-of-femdom-guided-masturbation-with-mistresses-erika-olivia/ Mistress Olivia:  https://www.experiencedmistress.com/ Mistress Erika:  https://intelligentphonefantasy.com/
    35 min. 18 sec.
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    Bi curious cuckolding: Do all cuckolds suck cock? What about sissy cuckolds?

    22 APR 2024 · Today we’re talking about bi curious cuckolding. That might be seduced, manipulated, or coerced bi for the cuckold. Do all cuckolds suck cock? What about sissy cuckolds? The Cuckold Myths podcast episode that we did earlier inspired this episode to go even deeper into this sexy and fascinating kink.  If a cuckold sucks cock, does that automatically mean they are gay or bi? Does a submissive cuckold who sucks cock ‘turn’ gay? Should all sissy husbands suck cock? What is the role of the Mistress or Dominant Woman in coerced bi situations? Can someone who wants to explore bi or gay desires use cuckolding as a way to begin to investigate those needs? What about the submissive who has no desire to suck cock but ‘will’ do it as an act of submission to his Mistress, Dominant partner or even the Dominant Alpha Man in the cuckold triangle? What is phallus worship and strapon play with a Dominant kinky woman? Are there different expectations for a male partner versus a sissy cuckold husband? What is the role of humiliation and how does that work with coerced bi cuckolding scenes? What happens if her lover, the Alpha Male Bull wants to sexually dominate her partner? Is fluffing, cleaning up, creampie eating, or cum eating training a gateway to cock sucking? There are so many nuances to any kind of cuckolding. This conversation explores all this and more. Mistress Olivia’s personal blog: https://www.experiencedmistress.com/ Mistress Erika’s personal blog: https://intelligentphonefantasy.com/
    21 min. 21 sec.
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    Inside the World of Female Domination: What to expect at a Femdom Kink conference with Mistress Mia Darque

    15 APR 2024 · This episode takes you inside the world of professional Female Domination. Mistress Mia Darque returns to The Weekly Hot Spot podcast with stories and insights from the largest gathering of Pro Domme’s in the US, DomCon LA. What is a Femdom and who decides what is “appropriate” behavior for a Femdom? Did you know there’s actually some controversy around the answer to that question? Yep, there is. Wait until you hear the stories. Mistress Mia brings up the differences in fan behavior of those going to an AVN show and a kink convention.  AVN is the American Adult Video industry trade show. Like any convention, DomCon has breakout sessions. Many of these classes are for industry only, meaning they are geared to the business side of the business of being a Dominatrix.  The ladies talk about some of these BDSM industry classes including: How to balance self and service as a Pro Domme. Ms Olivia points out the paradox of being in charge as a Pro Domme but also being in service to the submissive client. How does that work and how do these Femdoms do this in their own professional and personal lives? There’s a great conversation about collaring a submissive: Does a Pro Domme collar submissive clients? When does a Femdom put a collar on someone? Have the collaring protocols changed over time? What are some of the obligations for the Mistress who collars someone? There are lots of stories, laughter and so much more. DomCon LA:  May 29 - June 2nd, 2024DomCon New Orleans:  Oct. 10 - Oct. 13, 2024https://domcon.com/sessions/new Mistress Mia Darque:  https://www.justsayred.com/ Mistress Olivia: https://www.experiencedmistress.com/ Mistress Erika:  https://intelligentphonefantasy.com/
    26 min. 57 sec.

The Weekly Hot Spot is a podcast hosted by Mistress Olivia and Ms Erika, with fabulous guests.. These women are active in the real-life​ fetish scene and do Distance Domination...

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The Weekly Hot Spot is a podcast hosted by Mistress Olivia and Ms Erika, with fabulous guests.. These women are active in the real-life​ fetish scene and do Distance Domination on the phone. Hear candid conversations about sex, fetish, BDSM, kink, phone sex, and even vanilla erotic pleasure. The show airs every Monday at 1 pm eastern. Check out our blog: www.weeklyhotspot.com
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