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The Skong Show

  • The Skong Show 12-16-19 with Casey Royer of the RADolescents & DI

    17 DIC 2019 · The Skong Show broadcast from The Laguna Beach studio, along with an interview with Casey Royer of the Radolescents and DI, with Ted (HUD), and Scott, we shoot the sh#! regarding there upcoming shows, and history behind the band.
    58 min. 43 sec.
  • Skong show Monday with Worm

    26 APR 2019 · Finally a podcast from Skong? Got to hang out with Worm listen to some great music, and talk about Common Senses new album, Worms upcoming endeavors, and our typical babale roust, and laughs.
    59 min. 23 sec.
  • The Skong Show 12-18-17 show

    19 DIC 2017 · First time in a while for Skong doing a podcast. Listen to worm and Skong, wrap about holiday cheer, Agent Orange, and the good old days in Laguna Beach, as well as some music you do not want to miss.
    1 h 41 min. 23 sec.
  • Skong LIVE @ The Royal Hawaiian Grand Re-Opening 9-26-16

    27 SET 2016 · Skong broadcasts LIVE from the Grand Re-Opening of Laguna institution, The Royal Hawaiian.
    1 h 59 min. 51 sec.
  • The Skong Show on KX93.5 / 7-11-16 show

    12 LUG 2016 · Wyckoff brothers interviewed on the air tonight along with some of there favorite tracks from The Skong Show. Listen to Brent, (Wedge) Garth, (Worm), and Skong banter back and fourth about some classic stories of shenanigans, from the good old days of laguna Beach. We also promoted the benefit jam session at the Sandpiper on […]
    1 h 1 min.
  • The Skong Show on KX935 4-4-16 show

    5 APR 2016 · Another fun Monday night playing some of Skong's favorite tracks. You do not want to miss this.
    1 h 41 min. 7 sec.
  • The Skong show, Monday, March 28th edition.

    29 MAR 2016 · Join me for some music you have, and have not probably ever heard. With some Ska, Two Tone, Dub, Reggae, New Wave, Mod, Punk , and some other sprinkles of stuff I already forgot about.  
    1 h 41 min. 51 sec.
  • 3-7-16 Show, The Skong Show….

    8 MAR 2016 · I know, It's been a while. Here is my latest podcasts, this won't disappoint. Thanks for listening. Skong.
    1 h 47 min. 54 sec.
  • The Skong Show on KX93.5

    22 DIC 2015 · Christmas show with Skong, and surprise Birthday visit from friends.
    1 h 55 min. 20 sec.
  • The Skong Show 12-14-15 show

    15 DIC 2015 · Another episode of Skong spinning his favorite tracks along with requests of his cherished listeners. Click  on to my podcast or tune in live every Monday night from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.
    1 h 34 min. 15 sec.
The Skong Show with Armen Gasparian will have you moving to the likes of The Specials, Black Uhuru, Devo, The Clash, and more.

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