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    Episode 236- Mind vs. Matter, The Struggle Within Success

    16 GIU 2024 · We are spiritual beings having physical experiences! What does success mean to you? Is it about wealth, personal growth, or something else entirely? In our latest episode, we explore the different facets of success and the struggles that come with it. From societal pressures to spiritual journeys, we cover it all. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion! Become a supporter of this podcast: Check out our website:
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    Episode 235- The RobotZombieApe Uprising 2

    2 GIU 2024 · Dutch and Tena discuss the connections between the robot, zombie, and ape uprisings depicted in films. They explore how each theme is a metaphor for past, current, and future world events.  They kick off with a discussion on the film "Atlas" featuring J.Lo, highlighting the integration of Neuralink technology and its implications for the future. From AI-driven societies to the potential for technology to control human movements, this movie provides a chilling glimpse into a possible future. Next, they transition to "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes," the latest installment in the Planet of the Apes series. The film showcases an ape uprising, drawing parallels to the restoration of a remnant of Israel and the continuous struggle against oppression. Dutch and Tena dissect the symbolism and themes, from the loss of history to the twisting of the original teachings of Caesar. Throughout the episode, they draw connections between these fictional narratives and real-world events, offering insights into how these films reflect societal fears and truths. Whether it's the desensitization to AI, the potential for a zombie apocalypse through technological control, or the symbolic representation of black people as apes, this episode is packed with thought-provoking discussions. Don't miss out on this deep dive into the dystopian worlds of robots, zombies, and apes, and what they might be telling us about our own future. 📢 Check out our website:     Stay connected and follow us on social media for more updates and insights! 🗣️ Quotes from Dutch "Humans are going to kill themselves; they can't help but put themselves first." "Stop trusting white people, especially the white woman." "We are definitely moving towards an AI-driven society." 🗣️ Quotes from Tena "The neuralink is already implanted in the majority of people." "The robot uprising connects to the zombie uprising because AI is going to reanimate people."
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    Episode 234- Await Further Instructions

    26 MAG 2024 · 🎧Listen to Dutch and Tena dive into the chilling 2018 film, "Await Further Instructions." This episode explores a British family's terrifying Christmas Eve, where a mysterious black membrane traps them inside their home, and a television set begins issuing ominous instructions. As tensions rise and paranoia sets in, the family grapples with racism, blind obedience, and the eerie parallels to real-world events like the COVID-19 pandemic. Dutch and Tena dissect the film's disturbing themes, from forced quarantines and experimental vaccines to the sinister role of technology in controlling minds. 📢Check out our website- Stay connected and follow us on social media for more updates and insights!
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    Episode 233- The Magical Negro

    19 MAG 2024 · Dutch and Tena briefly share their thoughts on the film titled The American Society of Magical Negroes. This film depicts a distorted reality where a secret society of black people dedicate their lives to pleasing white people. The organization's ultimate goal is to make white people feel comfortable and safe, thus aiming to reduce hate, racial injustice, and violence towards blacks. In actuality, a "magical negro" is a sell out who shucks and jives for the white man.  A magical negro loses their power when they stand up to white supremacy. Tune into the discussion! Visit our website:
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    Episode 232- Them, The Scare Review

    12 MAG 2024 · As we dissect the anthology series "Them," we uncover a narrative woven with the threads of racial trauma, identity, and the relentless pursuit of truth. There is a reason why blacks have experienced racism, torment, and torture. Listen to Dutch & Tena share their sentiments about the second season titled The Scare. 🗣️ Quotes from Tina "Turn to the light. We have to turn to the past to see the mistakes that our people made." "We're in this predicament because we disobeyed the Most High. It goes all the way back to Deuteronomy 28." 🗣️ Quotes from Dutch "That's why you go watch it for yourself, and you guys find out what you can find."
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    Episode 231- What Made You This Way?

    28 APR 2024 · Whether it's the societal pressures that mold us, the personal traumas that mark us, or the spiritual awakenings that guide us, this episode promises to leave you contemplating the forces that have made you the person you are today. Join the discussion and find your answers at And remember, this show is brought to you by—where new fire is always dropping. 🗣️ Quotes from Dutch "This war is like ABC propaganda from the old Uncle Sam to get people to join you for war." "Everybody's out to get you. Everybody." "Life is what made you this way."
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    Episode 230- Is A.I. Making You Dumb?

    21 APR 2024 · Are you in control of your thoughts, or is AI steering the ship? This week's episode of The Realist and The Visionary Podcast tackles the tough questions about artificial intelligence and its impact on human creativity. Join Tina and Dutch as they dissect the ways in which our reliance on technology might be eroding our ability to think and create. It's a conversation you can't afford to miss—especially if you value your mind's independence. Hit play and step into a world where technology meets humanity, and decide for yourself if AI is friend or foe. Listen now and join the discussion at 🗣️ Quotes from Tena "People are becoming retarded. And people were already retarded, but now the AI is really stripping away people's minds, their mental capacity to think, to analyze." 🗣️ Quotes from Dutch "The fact that the average person that showed me their screen time was 8 hours or some change, I'm like, damn."
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    Episode 229- The Lotto Frenzy

    14 APR 2024 · The Lottery is a game created to exploit the poor. It is historically known to be rigged to favor the elite, the government, & their nefearious agendas. There are conspiracies surrounding the lottery such as it being a C.I.A Mind control project, a funding source for the elite, and a way for people to reject the Most High to focus material wealth.
    Ascoltato 1 h 10 min. 32 sec.
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    Episode 228- Are you created for Good or Evil?

    7 APR 2024 · In the newest episode of our podcast, we grapple with the collapse of the Baltimore Key Bridge and the unexpected earthquake in New York and New Jersey. What do these events foretell about the state of our society's foundation? Join us as we dissect the facts, theories, and the potential messages behind these disruptions. But we're not stopping at current events. We're taking a deep dive into the philosophical realms of good versus evil. Are some people inherently destined for one over the other? How do our choices reflect on our path in life? This episode is a must-listen for anyone ready to confront the realities of our world and their place in it. 🗣️ Quotes from Tina "Some people are created for good, and I do believe that some people are created for evil purposes." 🗣️ Quotes from Dutch "Everybody has the ability to do these things because it's called the ability of having free will and choice."
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    Episode 227- The April 8th Solar Eclipse

    25 MAR 2024 · There are alot of conspiracies floating around on social media about the upcoming solar eclipse that will occur on April 8th, 2024. In this live episode, Dutch & Tena share their thoughts.
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People label us as "conspiracy theorists", but there is no conspiracy there is only the truth. We are a young couple trying to enlighten our peers and striving for righteousness....

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People label us as "conspiracy theorists", but there is no conspiracy there is only the truth. We are a young couple trying to enlighten our peers and striving for righteousness.

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