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  • David Ruffin-Statue of a Fool 1:24:24 1.51 PM

    24 GEN 2024 · Intro by: Gail Nobles Story by: Gail Nobles Today we're going to talk about David Ruffin and the song Statue of a Fool. Hello! I'm Gail Nobles welcome to the oldies show. Statue of a Fool is a song written by Jan Crutchfield which has been recorded by a number of country artist. But when you hear the voice of David Ruffin singing it, it sounds different and the song credit names are both Jan Crutchfield and David Ruffin. The song comes from David's album Who Am I released in 1975. Statue of a Fool became a hit for David. I've seen David Ruffin performed the song with the Temptations. During his performance, he would stand still like a statue. It sounds as if someone considered himself in the lyrics a foolish person in a relationship. David acted out the powerful words very well, and the song had a soulful melody, and now the song is a classic. When David sings the song, I can feel the emotion coming from him. When your heart is broken, it can be hard to get over someone to move on. So maybe that's why the song is called Statue of a Fool. Statue of a Fool is a powerful song. It is a great example of what great songs are all about. The song is timeless. I'm Gail Nobles. Thank you for listening to the podcast oldies show.
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  • Kool Blues 1:7:24 4.45 PM

    7 GEN 2024 · Story by: Gail Nobles Have you ever heard of a duo called Kool Blues? They are a duo that remains reminds me of another duo call Sam and Dave. Kool Blues are two singers named John Prim and William Gilbert. They are a soul duo that remind me of Sam and Dave when they sing a song titled “I'm Gonna Keep On Loving You." It's a song that was released in 1972 on Capsoul Records. Some of you might remember Kool Blues and their songs and some of you may not. It's my first time hearing them and their song I'm Gonna Keep On Loving You. It's a song that's new to me. It's like a new oldie to add onto the playlist. So when you have time, give Kool Blues a listen. They have other great songs too. I'm Gail Nobles. Thank you for listening to the Podcast Oldies Show.
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  • Black Ivory 12:15:23 7.06 PM

    16 DIC 2023 · Photo: Reginald Wickham - copyright holder Usage: Wikipedia Welcome to the Podcast Oldies Show. Today you hear about a group call Black Ivory. Hello! I'm Gail Nobles. Black Ivory was originally known as the Mellow Souls and formed in Harlem New York in the summer of 1969. The group got their start by auditioning over the phone with musician Patrick Adams. Adams began to train and develop the group. The group featured songwriter and prolific disco producer Leroy Burgess, Stewart Bascombe, and Russell Patterson. They were managed by Patrick Adams and executive at the Today/Perception record company. Burgess was the lead voice of the majority of their hits in the early 1970s. Their 1972 debut album Don't Turn Around became a top 20 hit spending 19 weeks on the Billboard R&B albums chart and peeking at number 13. Black Ivory scored three top 40 R&B hits in 1972 including the singles Don't Turn Around (number 38) and You and I (number 32) from their debut album. The group recorded several uptempo songs in the disco vein, such as "Big Apple Rock", "Walking Downtown (On a Saturday Night)", "What Goes Around (Comes Around)" and, later, "Mainline" but, not being known for the style, they were unable to compete when disco became the dominant music style. I love some of the group ballads such as: You Mean Everything To Me. In 1995, the group reunited and returned to the stage on the Classic Soul circuit, featuring all three original members, with Stuart Bascombe doing most of the leads.
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  • Crystal’s Image 10:23:23 7.51 PM

    24 OTT 2023 · Music intro by: Gail Nobles Cover image by: Gail Nobles How many of you have headed of the group Crystal's Image? If you have never heard of them, that's good because now you can learn about them and add their songs to your list. They are a soul group founded by Frank Gillespie, Larry Scales and Richard Alexander, all from Benton Harbor, Michigan. They have a song titled A Friend released in the year of 1980. You can hear the groups song on YouTube. The song has a soul disco style. They sing: Why can't we be friends until the end? Why can't we? The lyrics are pretty good lyrics. It's a great song to listen to. They sound like a very good group. I'm Gail Nobles & you're listening to the Oldies Show....
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  • Jimmy Briscoe & the Little Beavers 9:28:23 2.40 PM

    28 SET 2023 · Hello I'm Gail Nobles on the Podcast Oldies Show. Before I get started, I just want you to know about a Facebook page to follow calked Keep Our Music Alive. They remind you of all the great singers, music groups, and bands. That’s Keep Our Music Alive on Facebook. From that very page, I found out about a group called Jimmy Briscoe and The Little Beavers. In the 1970s, when The Jackson 5's popularity gave rise to many other teenage groups, five young men from Baltimore, Maryland were discovered at a talent show in Baltimore by music promoter Paul Kyser. They recorded a number of singles, starting with Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers' "Why Do Fools Fall in Love", backed with "Sugar Brown", in 1971 on Atlantic Records and then for the Pi Kappa label distributed by Buddah Records as one of its subsidiary/affiliated labels. Their album My Ebony Princess, released by Pi Kappa in 1974, was reviewed as a "top album pick" by Billboard magazine;[3] the title cut gave them their greatest success. The group's vocal harmony set them apart from the other groups, though lack of distribution left them relatively unknown to the public. Other releases included "Where Were You (When I Needed You)", "I Only Feel This Way When I'm With You", "I'll Care For You", and "So Sweet The Love".
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  • The Controllers - My Love Is Real 9:7:23 9.22 PM

    8 SET 2023 · The Controllers are a soul and R&B vocal group originally from Birmingham Alabama who had a series of successful recordings in the late 1970s and the 1980s. They made a beautiful song titled My Love Is Real. The song was written by David Camon. He was also a talented artist who passed away in 2016 in Birmingham Alabama. My Love Is Real was produced by Frederick Knight. He is also a singer, songwriter, and record producer born in Birmingham Alabama. My Love Is Real is a beautiful sounding song. To hear it, I suggest that you listen to the song fro YouTube. My Love Is Real by The Controllers. I’m Gail Nobles, and you’’re listening to the Podcast Oldies Show.
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  • Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings -I Learned the Hard Way 6:27:23 12.52 AM

    27 GIU 2023 · Song: I Learned The Hard Way Song by: Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings Song written by: Bosco Mann Photo credit: - Own work Usage: Podcast Vocals: Gail Nobles Keyboardist & Drummer: Gail Nobles Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings made an electrifying song, I Learned the Hard Way. (Singing Song) Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, I Learned the Hard Way. They made a video for that was like a movie and Sharon Jones was a great actress in the video. The backup singers were great in some of the scenes just singing. I learned the Hard Way is a great song that you can feel. I Learned the Hard Way is the name of Sharon Jones & The Dap-King’s fourth studio album. It was released in April of 2010 on Daptone Records. The album debuted at number 15 on the U.S. Billboard 200, selling 23,00 copies in its first week. Upon its release, I Learned the Hard Way received generally positive reviews from most music critics. The single I Learned The Hard Way is a song written by Bosco Mann. He is the producer behind the signature sound of Daptone Records as well as a bandleader and bassist for the Dap-Kings. He wrote an amazing song with an amazing sound. It’s a song that should be played forever on the radio. In my opinion, it’s a timeless classic. I’m Gail Nobles, & you’re listening to Classic Waves.
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  • Jerry Butler - .. Cooling Out 2:7:23 2.29 PM

    7 FEB 2023 · Song: I'm Just Thinking About Cooling Out Song by: Jerry Butler Photo credit: from Laurel Maryland, USA - Usage: Wikipedia Keyboardist: Gail Nobles Vocals by: Gail Nobles Jerry Butler - “I’m Just Thinking About Cooling Out” on the Philadelphia International Records label, the style: Disco & Soul released in 1978. A song produced by Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff. Written by Jerry Butler, Kenneth Gamble, & Leon Huff. “Busy rushin’ to and fro. Searchin’ for it high and low. Tryin’ to get what I think I want Only to find that I - I really don’t. Got to go relax myself. I think I’ve over taxed myself. Tired of all the stress & strain I need a minute to rest my brain. I’m just thinking about coolin’ out …” I’m sure there’s a lot of hardworking people out there that need a break. I’m sure that many can relate to Jerry’s song. Real feelings in a song and how you can relate to others is what makes a good song. “Im just Thinking About Cooling Out” is a really good song. According to, the single was last sold on Jan 14, 2023 on vinyl. You’re listening to the Podcast Oldies Show, and I’m you’re host, Gail Nobles.
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  • Wolfman Jack’s Golden Oldies Commercial 11:4:22 3.42 PM

    4 NOV 2022 · Audio: XERB Rosarito Beach, Mexico - Monday, March 15, 1971 By: Free the Airchecks Usage: - Public Domain Uploaded by 92.9 Kick FM Hello! I’m GN & you’re listening to the Podcast Oldies Show. I love oldies & radio personality, Wolfman Jack. The most famous US radio personality of all time. I loved the Wolfman’s character. (Acting) Do you dig it man? That’s what he would ask if he were alive to hear conversations about him. When he played a song sometimes, he would let you know what song was coming up next. (Acting) Here’s Daryl Hall & John Oats - I Can’t Go For That. I loved his voice & and he would make quiet a bit of noise while playing the music. (Wolf sound) Yea, you might remember him most from his howling wolf sound. I loved everything about the Wolfman. Even his look. In Dec. 1963, he took a demo tape to XERF, but instead ended up operating the station. For eight months, he aired The Wolfman Jack Show. XERF was the most powerful commercial radio station on earth. I’m going to share with you now one of Wolfman’s commercials from XERB which the Wolfman moved to in 1965. It was another powerful clear-channel radio station. It was the sister station of Mexican radio station, XERF. I’m going to take you now back down Radio Memory Lane. (Commercial Playing) On July 1, 1995, Wolfman Jack left us. He never left my mind & heart. What would he say right now? He’d probably say: I Love You Baby!” You’re listening to the Podcast Oldies Show. I’m your host, Gail Nobles.
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  • If You Leave Me Now - Chicago 10:29:22 12.56 PM

    29 OTT 2022 · Song: If You Leave Me Now Song by: Chicago Song written by: Peter Cetera Photo credit: Sven Mandel - Own w Usage: Wikipedia CC BY-SA 4.0 Keyboardist: Gail Nobles Podcast vocals: Gail Nobles Wave sound: CLASSIC WAVES Today’s Topic: Chicago If You Leave Me Now is a song by the rock group Chicago, from their album Chicago X. It was written and sung by bass player Peter Cetera and released as a single in 1976. The single topped the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for two weeks, making it the first number one hit for the group as well as hitting number one on the Easy Listening charts. “If You Leave Me Now" was also Chicago's biggest hit internationally, The song won Grammy Awards for Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) (strings) for arranger Jimmie Haskell and producer James William Guercio[10] and Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group or Chorus, the first Grammy Award won by the group. It also received a Grammy nomination for Record of the Year. In addition, by August 1978 it had sold 1.4 million copies in the United States alone. It has been certified gold and platinum by the RIAA. I remember the song, If You Leave Me Now. I was a little girl when I first heard it. It was a sad song to me. It always made me think about a loved one in the same way the lyrics were written. It made me think as I got older that the writer of the song may have had some of my feelings. I’ve always loved the sound of the music. It was music that I could sleep to. I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to Classic Waves.
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