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    133. Paul Barney (Euro Tripper)

    12 GIU 2024 · We sat down and talked to Paul about how well Helen turned out this year and what he though about the future of the show. Come listen!
    Ascoltato 1 h 4 min. 21 sec.
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    132. Fred (1320 Video)

    28 MAG 2024 · Another episode down in Helen, GA at Alpine Volks Fair with Fred from 1320 Video. Check it!!
    Ascoltato 1 h 1 min. 3 sec.
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    131. Reload and Bastos311 in Helen

    24 MAG 2024 · Just chilling at Alpine Volks Fair talkin shit! Come hang...
    Ascoltato 1 h 24 sec.
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    130. Matt Murray (Irontrap)

    26 APR 2024 · We got to hang at the Irontrap garage and chill with Matt. We walked down memory lane and talked early volkswagens of course. We also got into what Matt is up to now and the cars that make him tick. Join us!
    Ascoltato 1 h 39 min. 58 sec.
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    129. Paper Boy

    19 APR 2024
    Ascoltato 56 min. 6 sec.
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    128. Things were better

    1 APR 2024 · Some rants about how things are going and seemingly, not for the better!
    Ascoltato 1 h 33 min. 42 sec.
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    127. Sal (S&P Automotive)

    11 MAR 2024 · In this episode we talk to Sal from S&P about his love for VW's, his shop, and Grayson's Ladder. Check it out!
    Ascoltato 1 h 54 min. 51 sec.
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    126. New Builds, Blown Engines, and Daily's Daily

    23 FEB 2024 · Touareg Motor down, Danny's new wagon, upcoming events and more...
    Ascoltato 1 h 26 min. 54 sec.
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    125. Greg aka SWOOPS

    9 FEB 2024 · In this episode we got to sit down with Greg (Swoops) and go over what makes him tick. He talks about his passion for building some amazing cars. We also talk quite a bit about the "brown car", which so many of us know and love. Check it out!!! ((Please pardon the first couple minutes of audio with Swoops. Trust me it gets better!))
    Ascoltato 1 h 54 min. 9 sec.
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    124. Jamie and George (VWvortex)

    19 GEN 2024 · In this episode we finally got to talk to Jamie Vondruska and George Achorn, founders of An amazing chance to hear some of the inner workings of the iconic site. Both Danny and I had a great time learning a bit more about the website that was so very important to us all. Please take a listen!!
    Ascoltato 1 h 48 min. 46 sec.
This Podcast is about cars, and more specifically about Volkswagen and Audi cars. Come take a listen.
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