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  • Has Zion Transformed and is there a NBA Conspiracy afoot? (3.20.24)

    20 MAR 2024 · This week I highlight Zion's new transformation (2:00). I cover the latest downtrend of foul calls in the NBA. Is it an NBA conspiracy (4:00). The weekly Miami Heat segment (13:10). Who's winning MVP between Jokic and Shai (21:00)? Anthony Edward and the DUNK (23:40). Mavs talk and my ode to Kyrie (26:30). Who 'I'm High On' looking forward at the standings (29:00). And had to give the Nuggets their love (35:20).  Reference - Follow on Twitter/X: @TheeNBAJoint Music: 'Married to the Game' by Niko Is, HenryDaher, Fiend
    Played 41 min. 54 sec.
  • Protest the All-Star Game & The Age of Player Media (2.21.24)

    22 FEB 2024 · All-star reactions, quotes from some player interviews, look ahead to the nba season stretch run and covering the latest NBA political slant. Follow on Twitter/X: @TheeNBAJoint Music: 'Smoke Break-Dance' by Mick Jenkins
    Played 1 h 10 min. 57 sec.
  • Trade Deadline PT.2 & Heat vs Spurs LIVE Recap (2.8.24)

    8 FEB 2024 · Trade deadline live reactions to every trade of the day. If you need a recap of all the moves this is your source Follow on Twitter/X: @TheeNBAJoint Music: 'What It's Worth' by Black Milk
    Played 1 h 7 min. 19 sec.
  • Trade Deadline PT.1, Embid is Down, LeBron on the Block? (2.5.24)

    5 FEB 2024 · Joel Embid injury outline and timetable talk headlines the show (3:00). LeBron's yearly cryptic tweet just dropped, so does he want a trade (5:40)? My hour of trade talk starts at (12:20). Miami trade ideas (17:30). Lakers trade talk (23:25). Game breakdowns from this past week (54:05). And lastly, a Miami Heat therapy session (1:07:00). Follow on Twitter/X: @TheeNBAJoint Music: 'Won't Trade' by Q-Tip
    Played 1 h 14 min. 29 sec.
  • Rozier & Siakam Trades, League wide Re-cap, Embid 70 & MVP Odds (1.25.24)

    25 GEN 2024 · First on the docket is the Paskal Siakam trade (2:30). Also the Bucks coaching switch up (14:20). Embid goes for 70 against Wemby (20:40). What can the Sixers do in the playoffs (23:10). A healthy Suns team on a hot streak (27:30). I have to talk about the Terry Rozier trade (33:15)! Miami vs Memphis and what is wrong with the Heat (36:00). Brind D. Wade back home (51:15). And I end with MVP betting talk (56:20). Follow on Twitter/X: @TheeNBAJoint Music: 'Hu Man' by Greentea Peng
    Played 1 h 4 min. 26 sec.
  • Year End Top 50 Players Ranked w/ Steeve (1.3.24)

    3 GEN 2024 · Since the Calender year 2023 has finished it is a good time to rank the best of the best in the league. My friend Steeven and I sit down and hash out where all the stars rank out. First I go over the highlights of the Christmas day slate of games (2:10). Then I cover the bigish trade that happened over the New Year between Toronto and New York (8:00). And then we spend the bulk of the podcast listing out the top 50 basketball talents in the league (16:10). Follow on Twitter/X: @TheeNBAJoint Music: 'Band Practice Pt.2 ft. Phonte & Median' by 9th Wonder
    Played 1 h 12 min. 37 sec.
  • XMAS Game Previews, IST Time, & Adam Silver is a Neocon? (12.23.23)

    24 DIC 2023 · X-Mas day gam previews (1:30). In Season Tournament ended and Lakers won (11:50). Giannis' candid thoughts on getting knocked out (16:35). Miami Heat deep dives (22:30). Detroit Pistons on an historically horrible pace (37:00). Clips vs Portland's young guys (42:50). Ja Morant's amazing comeback (55:50). Giannis had 64 & 14 but no game ball (1:03:00). Draymond and the Warriors in a bad situation (1:03:30). I'm High On: Rui Hachimura (1:06:30). A 'Blunt Take' on Adam Silver praising war criminals (1:10:00). A random breakdown of games (1:22:30). And lastly; Can small guards win big in the NBA (1:35:25)? Follow on Twitter/X: @TheeNBAJoint Music: 'Brown Sugar' by D'Angelo Sources: - -
    Played 1 h 51 min. 5 sec.
  • In Season Tourney Hits & What I'm High On NBA Wise (12.6.23)

    7 DIC 2023 · Introducing some new segments this week, starting with what 'I'm High On': The Pelicans squad (1:45). 'Blunt Take' of the week is that Scott Foster should be fired (6:50). And I make my 'Weekly Prayer to the Basketball Gods (10:20). Then a lot of game analysis (12:25). In season tournament talk starts at (43:40). Follow on Twitter/X: @TheeNBAJoint Music: 'cracked screen' by blackwave
    Played 1 h 6 min. 41 sec.
  • NBA & Weed references, Stars Shining, & Breakdown of Miles Bridges Saga (11.22.23)

    23 NOV 2023 · Since this is supposed to be an NBA weed show, we start with some weed references sighted on the court this week (1:30). The 'Legacy Superstars' (TM) of Lebron, KD & Steph have been balling (3:30). My quick thoughts on the Draymond Green chokehold (8:10). Other superstars are also doing their things and rounding into form (9:25). I highlight 3 role players who made a leap (11:45). The testy Denver vs Detroit game, and a rational take on the Pistons (14:45). SAS vs LAC (18:30). Miami's 2 games versus CHI and general trade chatter about the two teams (19:45). Warriors vs Rockets and some Sengun love (29:50). Orlando vs Toronto and how I'm high on the Magic's potential (36:40). And I end the pod talking about Miles Bridges coming back from suspension recently. I dive deep on the backstory of the story... it's heavy (42:45). Follow on Twitter/X: @TheeNBAJoint Music: 'Blood On My Nikes' by Loyle Carner
    Played 1 h 7 min. 7 sec.
  • Basketball Heaven, Heat Warming Up, Broken Clippers (11.15.23)

    18 NOV 2023 · Review of all the teams with hot starts (2:30). Off the court news (4:10). Why this era of basketball is basketball heaven for me (7:15). The start of my game breakdowns (9:05). The Miami Heat portion of the podcast (26:45). Coverage of recent Clipper woes (31:10). Follow on Twitter/X: @TheeNBAJoint Music: 'Pistols on Your Album Covers' by Nas
    Played 48 min. 10 sec.

Essentially this is a weed inspired NBA podcast. You can expect many long winded tangents, a lot of Miami Heat talk, and hopefully thoughtful analysis of the game. I will...

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Essentially this is a weed inspired NBA podcast. You can expect many long winded tangents, a lot of Miami Heat talk, and hopefully thoughtful analysis of the game. I will be talking all things NBA; weekly recaps of the season, player analysis, latest drama, NBA history, predictions, politics of the NBA, and much more. Hopefully all from a fresh and fair lense.

Twitter/X: @TheeNBAJoint
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