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The Nadia Sahari Show

  • Greg Jach, Singer, Songwriter, & RockStar

    4 GEN 2022 · Born and raised just outside of Milwaukee, WI. Greg's journey has been filled with that of heartache, trauma, perseverance, and finally contentment. The challenges began at the early age of three when his parents would divorce....He would not see his father again until the age of 15. During this time his mother would take a wrong turn and walk down the path of substance abuse....A decision that would effect the heart and soul of a child for many years to come. Neglect and instability would soon become Greg's world, and at the age of 11 the real nightmare would begin. His mother had gotten involved with a known drug dealer, and it wouldn't be long before he would move into their home. Greg would soon become witness to guns, drug deals, all night parties, and eventually the physical abuse of his mother. This was his environment for over 3 years until one late October night when he was woken by a relative and walked out of a house filled with detectives and police officers....His mother had been murdered by her boyfriend. At the age of 14, Greg had become numb.
    24 min. 14 sec.
  • Mark Taft, Actor, Singer, Writer

    14 LUG 2021 · Actor/writer/producer/talent scout at Handheld films productions
    22 min. 59 sec.
  • Lisa Belcher, Writer, Director & Actress

    23 GEN 2021 · Lisa has written & directed several award-winning shorts both in Hong Kong & the US. This includes Guest of Honor, which has been picked up by a large non-profit and has an upcoming screening on PBS. Javelina Run, a comedy western, has just started its festival run. She most recently directed a sizzle for a young adult TV series that is currently being pitched. She received the honor of Female Filmmaker of the Year at the Austin Revolution Film Festival. She also has a full resume of acting credits.
    19 min. 59 sec.
  • Victoria Stevens, Actress, Writer

    23 DIC 2020 · Victoria Stevens started her acting career at age 12. She began performing in musicals at Camden County College and then graduated with a Bachelors's in R/T/F Communications from Rowan University. From there, she booked one of her dream jobs working for Disney. She is an actress, known for Copycat Killers (2019), Fight Valley (2016), and Hell House (2015). Besides acting, Victoria is a sketch artist, hip hop dancer, and is certified in unarmed fighting. Her passion is to become a series regular on a sitcom and a lead character in a cop drama. Break song: Everyday Is Christmas When I'm With you. Written by Annette Tucker and Produced by Nadia Sahari
    20 min. 42 sec.
  • Esplicito

    Aros Crytos, Galactic Designer, & Spiritual Coach

    1 DIC 2020 · Aros Crystos has been on the spiritual path most of his life. His life purpose is to awaken people to the understanding that we are all one divine consciousness and to help them rediscover their true nature as divine multi-dimensional beings. He's a prolific writer and artist and uses his beautiful voice to generate healing sounds and provide activations to higher levels of consciousness.
    28 min. 51 sec.
  • Billynaire, with SWAG

    17 NOV 2020 · Billynaire, Entrepreneur, Singer, Hip Hop, SWAG Fashion line, and so much more. This young man is talented and his story will surprise you.
    21 min. 57 sec.
  • Robert Lunte, Voice Coach, Author, & Clinician

    3 NOV 2020 · Robert Lunte is the owner and founder of The Vocalist Studio (TVS). TVS is an Internationally recognized voice training school for singing vocal techniques, public speaking, teacher training, accent training, and vocal related events. Now has developed a new venture called, Course Creek. Listen as we talk about this great method to bring your dream to fruition.
    27 min. 41 sec.
  • Jennifer Hutchins, Producer

    20 OTT 2020 · Did Criss Angel survive the implosion? How did Jennifer react when she produced this show? Jennifer Hutchins, Producer of many TV series, now working on an Animal Rescue show to air on CBS this Fall.
    32 min. 41 sec.
  • Stephen Presley, Director, Producer, & Filmmaker

    6 OTT 2020 · Stephen Presley, Yes, he's Elvis Presley's cousin. He is a Filmmaker, Director, Producer, and has appeared as Director for the series Games of Throne. His documentary "Pandemic: The People, The Conspiracy, The Journey, (2020) can be seen free on TUBI TV.
    1 h 3 min. 3 sec.
  • Kari Nissena, Actress, Producer, & Biz Coach

    22 SET 2020 · Kari Nissena, Biz Coach, Actress, and Producer, what a story! Actors! Want to get that IMDB credit that was promised, ask Kari, and listen to the show.
    32 min. 7 sec.

"Motivational & Inspirational. Real Stories of people who are living their dreams. Are you ready to live your dream? Start here!" Airs Weekly on Tuesdays at 4:30 a.m. CST

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"Motivational & Inspirational. Real Stories of people who are living their dreams. Are you ready to live your dream? Start here!"

Airs Weekly on Tuesdays at 4:30 a.m. CST
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