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  • All the creative things that I do

    19 MAG 2024 · Today I talk about my creative hobbies and their benefits . Sorry for the background noise it is pretty windy outside
    8 min. 35 sec.
  • How keeping a pocket diary for 24/7 helped me last year

    8 MAG 2024 · Today I talked about how my decision of having a small pocket diary with me for 24/7 for an entire year helped me last year.
    5 min. 17 sec.
  • What inspired me to start writing stories

    30 APR 2024 · Today, I talk about why I started writing stories and what inspired me to do so .
    7 min.
  • Doing things based on what I feel like

    21 APR 2024 · Today, I talk about why I dress up and do things based on my mood and what I feel like and The advantages that I have observed by doing this.
    5 min. 34 sec.
  • Why I love Ayurveda and Slow moving lifestyle

    14 APR 2024 · Today, I share a small vague reason as to why I love ayurveda and slow living lifestyles
    6 min. 24 sec.
  • Why I started doing Yoga and Pilates

    7 APR 2024 · Today, I share the real reason why I started doing yoga and pilates and the improvements I have seen within myself after doing these .
    5 min. 29 sec.
  • My recent lifestyle changes and why I did these changes

    31 MAR 2024 · In today's episode, I talk about my recent lifestyle changes in detail and why I felt necessary to make these changes .
    10 min. 10 sec.
  • I am back ; How has my life been lately

    24 MAR 2024 · So, today, I talk about how my life has been in the last 5 to 6 months and a bit about my future plans
    8 min. 53 sec.
  • Where have I been + An Announced

    5 NOV 2023 · Today, I talked about why I haven't been uploading any episodes lately and an announcement
    4 min. 12 sec.
  • Book review: It ends with us

    15 OTT 2023 · Today I do a small book review on my most recent read , It ends with us
    8 min. 33 sec.
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