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THE MMG - The Millennial Money Guide

  • Feminine Magnetism: Attracting A Provider

    2 APR 2024 · Being mindful about your life choices is key to success in every aspect of life. When you date, you need to have set standards not based on shallow things like height or physical features that eventually fade with age. But based on values. For example, can this man build an empire with you? Can this man insure that your children are born into wealth? If you’re over the age of 24 you have no business dealing with men who aren’t winners! The days of “I like him because he’s cute and funny” are over. Generationally you need to build a partnership with a man who brings more to the table than just “I love you.” Listen to this episode if you want to attract a provider man into your life. If your man isn't making your life easier, sorry to say it, but he ain't the one. Topics Covered In This Episode: - How To Attract a Provider Man - Why You're Attracting All The Wrong Men - How Your Childhood Impacts Your Dating Experiences - How To Identify a Provider Vs a Lovebomber  - Heartwarming Examples of Providers From Ginas Followers Episode Sponsor: Monisha Kumar is a birth attendant, postpartum doula, and womb body worker. She supports and celebrates women and their whole beings and story, not just symptoms. In reverence to women’s physiology, nature, and earths cycle, she specializes in serving the womb continuum. Bringing you in touch to your body, fluid, and soul. Monisha’s approach is slow, gentle, and nourishing. She holds space for women to unfold in their truth and vulnerability, not healing YOU, but reminding you of the healer and women within. Services: - Womb Body Work - Womb Steaming - Birth Support - Postpartum Support - Full Spectrum Womb Support Website: Instagram: THE MMG RESOURCES: - - - - - Relationship Coach:
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  • Tax Hacks: Maximising Your Refund

    1 MAR 2024 · It’s estimated that Canadians lose billions of dollars annually due to mistakes, missed deductions, and unclaimed credits on tax returns. Studies suggest that Canadians are leaving hundreds of millions to billions of dollars unclaimed each year. The reality is that you’re probably leaving money on the table. Some of the largest expenses that are missed include medical expenses, charitable donations, employment expenses, educational and so much more. Ensuring that all eligible expenses are properly documented and claimed can help taxpayers like you maximize your tax refund or minimise your tax liability. Tune into today’s episode where I dive deeper into how you’re going to maximize your tax return! Episode Sponsor: It's everyone’s favourite time of the year, tax season! Lucky for you MMG has partnered with Mandeep Sandhu a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with over 10 years of in depth tax experience. This tax year if you need a professional to take care of your personal or corporate taxes, bookkeeping, trust returns or general tax advice reach out to Mandeep Sandhu. His knowledge from working at a globally recognized accounting firm and CPA In-Depth Tax Program will ensure that your taxes are completed diligently. Avoid the hassle of waiting at an accountants office to complete your taxes and have Mandeep complete your taxes remotely. Call or email today. Mention the MMG podcast and get 10% off your service. Instagram: Email: Topics Covered In This Episode: - Tax Deductions Vs Credits - Commonly Missed Deductions & Credits - A Note For Small Business Owner's Resources: - - - - -
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  • Rich or Broke: Decoding Your Money Attachment Style

    11 FEB 2024 · Have you ever stopped to think about how your childhood experiences can affect your romantic relationships? Did you know that our upbringing can affect the way we behave in adult relationships, including how we handle our finances? While your parents might not have known what an attachment style was, they shaped yours as a child. The fact is, we don’t just have relationships with people, we have relationships with money too! And how you feel and what you believe can have a big impact on whether you earn, save, invest, or even lose money. To understand how trauma impacts your money habits we need to understand the different attachment styles people develop when they’re young. Whether you're anxious, avoidant, disorganized or secure, your attachment style will often dictate how you relate to money. Is your attachment style making you rich or broke? There's only one way to find out, hit the 'play' button now, thank me later. Episode Sponsor: Rhea Kallar is an investment and insurance advisor who specializes in critical illness, disability, and life insurance to help you secure your wealth and navigate towaards prosperity. To book a free consultation and begin growing your wealth today, DM her my name, Gina, to receive a free insurance and investment toolkit to learn more about the benefits of insurance and investing. Contact Rhea today, to step into a new era of wealth and prosperity Services: - Life Insurance - Disability Insurance - Critical Illness Insurance - Health & Dental Coverage - RRSP - RESP - TFSA - Budgeting Instagram: Email: Calendly Link: Topics Covered In This Episode: - Money Attachment Styles - Money Scripts - Building Financial Intimacy In Your Relationship Based On Your Attachment Style Resources: - - - - - Let's Connect: - - - - -
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  • Unveiling Indian Weddings

    31 GEN 2024 · If you live in Metro Vancouver or the Greater Toronto area, there's a good chance that you've either been invited to an Indian wedding or attended one. They're often lavish, extravagant, week-long affairs with anywhere from 500 to 1,200 guests. An Indian wedding can last from three days to even a full week. There is a lot to love in an Indian wedding, but with all the extravagance and glamor, the cons of a big, fat Indian wedding are not always considered. But here’s the harsh truth: such weddings burn a hole in the family’s pocket and no matter how hard they try, keeping every guest happy is next to impossible. Throughout this episode, you’ll hear anonymous submissions from couples about their challenges and pain points. Today, we’re getting into the nitty gritty of indian weddings between the nosy relatives who always find a reason to be unhappy, the flaunt factor, the traditions and culture, the maddening preparations, pricey and unprofessional vendors, familial expectations, bachelorettes gone wrong, getting into debt, and finally teaching you how to set clear boundaries with your family— we’re covering it all. Today, I’m Unveiling South Asian Weddings for all that they are. Episode Sponsor: The team at Kash Aesthetics and Medica Spa is conveniently located in Langley, a nurse directed clinic with certified medical aesthicians that truly want to help you. They provide: dermaplaning, chemical peels, microneedling, and laser hair removal with the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum. As a thank you for listening, here's a gift for you: - For the month of February book a facial with your special someone or a friend and both of you will get pampered for $195. - Receive a brazilian laser treatment on promo for $99. - Interested in another treatment? Mention my name "Gina" and get $20 off of your first service @kash_aesthetics Phone: 604-371-1032 Email: Topics Covered In This Episode: - What's causing such steep wedding expenses? - Negative vendor expenses - Past brides share their biggest regrets & advice for future brides - Bachlorettes gone wrong - choose your bride tribe wisely - Families going into 6 figure debt - drowning in HELOCS & second mortgages - Financial advice from Gina on how to budget for your big fat indian wedding Resources: - - - - - Let's Connect: - - - - -
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  • Million Dollar Decisions

    21 GEN 2024 · Do you make million dollar decisions or do you make penny decisions? The difference between the two determines what your life looks like and it’s one of the most important areas of your life that you have control over. Success isn’t just about working hard; it’s about the choices we make. Who you spend your time with matters. Did you know that up to 95% of our success or failure in life can be attributed to our peer group? If the circle you're in consistently makes Broke Ass Decisions chances are you will too. Negative naysayers can hinder growth, and it’s paramount to reassess the relationships in your life. Millionaires aren’t simply born, they emerge from the daily decisions they make. They’re bold, taking calculated risks that other’s might shy away from. In this episode, I dive deeper into the daily decisions you should be making if you aspire to hit millionaire status in your life. The sooner you adopt these habits, the quicker you’ll achieve your goals. Hey, before you know it you’ll be rolling around in money. Topics Covered In This Episode: - Million dollar decisions you should be making everyday - How to scale your business and make more income - Setting and enforcing boundaries - The importance of a routine and how to develop a healthy one - Building a million dollar network - Thinking million dollar thoughts Resources: - - - - Let's Connect: - - - - -
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  • New Year, New Money Mindset

    13 GEN 2024 · New year, new me?! Is 2024 your big break when it comes to transforming financially? Listen, I know 2023 felt like a bit of a rollercoaster but it's up to you to get your sh*t together. And what better way to start than by setting some solid new years resolutions that revolve around money? This New Year, New Money Mindset is EVERYTHING. Tune into this episode to learn more about actionable steps you can take to start the new year off successfully, these tips will set you up for 2024 and years to come! Episode Sponsor: - - Topics Covered In This Episode: - New Years Resolutions Related To Money - How to Budget Successfully - How to Pay off Debt in 2024 - How To Start Investing in 2024 - How Automation is a Game Changer for Your Finances - Anonymous Submission: Financial Abuse Resources: - - - - - Let's Connect: - - - - -
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  • From Rags To Riches

    28 DIC 2023 · 80% of millionaires in the US are first generation rich, meaning they didn’t inherit their wealth, instead they built it. Tune into this episode where I explore the intersection of mindset and money. Learn personal tips, mindset shifts, and financial strategies that'll help you achieve millonaire status in your life time. Whether you're navigating financial challenges or aiming for financial freedom, this episode is your guide to rewriting your financial story. I dedicate this episode to all of the women who dont come from money. Although you may not come from money, today I'm teaching you 3 steps, where if followed, you'll BUILD wealth. Topics Covered In This Episode: - The Hardest Lessons I Learnt at 6 - 3 Steps To Build Wealth - Why You Should Hire a Mentor or Financial Coach Let's Connect: - - - - -
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  • Heartbeats & Bank Statements - Talk Money To Me, Baby

    28 DIC 2023 · We’ve all heard the saying that money can’t buy love but can love survive the financial rollercoaster? Do you think combining money and marriage is a disaster? Financial stress is the second leading cause of relationship breakdowns, behind infidelity. 73% of couples say stress related to money is the root cause of their issues. Financial compatibility means you and the person you are in relationship with are on the same page about money. We all have our own opinions and habits when it comes to saving or spending, and if your partner's views are very different than your own, it could cause conflict and be a sign of financial incompatibility. In this episode, you're going to learn how to talk money with your person. Episodes Sponsor: Bosa Properties is a top real estate developer based out of the lower mainland. Connect with them on instagram: Topics Covered In This Episode: - Financial Compatability - Money Questions To Ask While Dating - Discussing Debt As A Couple - Secrets to managing money as a couple Let's Connect: - - - -
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  • No Daddy, No Safety Net

    28 DIC 2023 · This episode is dedicated to the all the girlies who grew up without a strong male figure in their life. To all the women who navigated the journey of life without their father by their side. Today, we celebrate your resilience and the unique experiences that shape you into the remarkable woman you are. This episode celebrates your story, your strength, but more importantly the power of sisterhood. To all the women listening and navigating through life today without a father, brother, or significant other, I understand your pain, your struggles, and challenges that shape the lens through which you view the world. But today, I’m here to remind you that you are the author of your story. Today, I share tips designed to empower you, Today, I’m teaching you how to own your financial journey by inspiring you with my own. Topics Covered In This Episode: - Overcoming Adversity - Financial Hardship - Building A Community - The Importance of Financial Literacy Let's Connect: - - -
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Award winning millennial money coach, Gina Judge teaches you how to better manage your money. Learn how to budget, invest, build credit, manage student loans, obtain a mortgage, and become...

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Award winning millennial money coach, Gina Judge teaches you how to better manage your money. Learn how to budget, invest, build credit, manage student loans, obtain a mortgage, and become debt free all while living a more fulfilled life. With 8 years of experience in the finance industry, Gina's helped thousands of Canadians improve their financial well-being. In 2019, she was nominated for WXN's Emerging Leader Award, an award that recognizes 100 of the most powerful women in Canada. Building a financial road map isn’t easy, tune in every Sunday to learn more about steps you can take to go from being flat broke to a financial badass.

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