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  • Podcast: 2024 Compilation #1 | Mitch Tru

    23 MAR 2024 · Some funny short samples from a previous episode about UFOs, aliens and WWIII. .
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  • Who is God? Short version

    19 MAR 2024 · I prefer short clips. Tune in. Please share if you like my show. I had great parents. I didn't need a religion to become a good person Get the music or become a sponsor:
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  • UFOs or World War 3? EP 13

    18 MAR 2024 · Sen. Gillibrand: "I’m very concerned about UAPs...constantly around our military sites" Who or what is SPYING on our military bases? "We don't know where they come from, who made them, or how they operate?" – Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, NY 👀 Are these UAPs (UFOs) spying for China in preparation for WW3, or are they Extraterrestrials trying to prevent WW3? Let's find out! Tune in for another ridiculous episode of my show :)) Music: TAKE U HOME and THE MAN U LOVE 2 LOVE [LIVE] © Mitch Tru. Available on Unchained. Get the music or become a sponsor:
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  • Who is God? Episode 12

    17 MAR 2024 · This is the addendum to yesterday's show. I'm not PC so this is not safe for work. Use headphones or air pods. Just want to add, I love my parents. I did not need a religion. They taught me well. To become a sponsor
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  • Israel, Hamas, and a Recovering Catholic

    15 MAR 2024 · What it says. My shows are not safe so use headphones or air pods. This one is over the top. Why do people become atheists or agnostics? I share just one personal example. If you don't have an open mind do yourself a favor and keep scrolling. I think it's funny. I'm not PC. At the very end of this episode is my Donald Trump National Anthem. Lots of people think it's hilarious! Music: Take U Home © Mitch Tru. Available everywhere. Kindly support my work: Thank you very much, Mitch Tru Please follow me on Facebook
    Ascoltato 17 min. 18 sec.
  • Podcast: Does Trump Love Adolph Hitler?

    13 MAR 2024 · Does Donald Trump Love Adolph Hitler? My "one of a kind" podcast returns! Listen, we need to start talking to each other again. Whether you love Trump or Biden or no one at all. It's divide and conquer time! United We Stand. Divided We Fall. Come together, right meow....over me! :)) Contributions: Aww y'all are too much. Thank you! If anyone else would like to sponsor my work to help me beat 9/11-related illnesses that are not covered by the godless WTC Health Program (such as NASH, a severe liver disease!!) here are the links to send a little something – • PayPal - use friends & family option: • Venmo: • Or Get the Music! 🎵 PayPal: The fine print: 🐾 * I truly hate suffering like this. I need to focus and stay positive to beat all this and you know I will. I mean look how far we have come!! All donations will be spent on bills, proper nutrition, vitamins, supplements and whatever else worked last time such as Uber when I am unable to drive Love you, Mitch Music: INTO THE LIGHT © Mitch Tru. All Rights Reserved. Available on all platforms.
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  • The Trailer Swift & Kelce Bowl 2024!

    12 FEB 2024 · Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs! Here's my twisted take on the Superbowl. I love Taylor. You all know that. I just don't get the whole romance with Travis Kelce. Is it legit? Ha! Thank you so much for listening and sharing my show. Please support my work: The Mitch Tru Show™ Music: Take U Home by Mitch Tru. New Episode © 2024. All Rights Reserved.
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  • Donald Trump and Mind Control EP 07

    18 GEN 2024 · Trump continues to emotionally abuse his victim E Jean Carroll and his fans love it. but why? Become a sponsor and all my links
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  • Donald Trump vs NikkiHaley vs RFKJr vs Biden EP 06

    14 GEN 2024 · Trump vs Biden 2024 getting interesting if Nikki keeps at it and Christie runs as No Labels candidate. Mitch Tru. All Rights Reserved. Support my work:
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  • Episode 5 - HELLO!

    5 GEN 2024 · Welcome! Looking forward to 2024. Are you? My episodes are really short. Two or three minutes. I also post shorter highlights clips around 30 seconds or so. About: Artist, Musician, Host of The Mitch Tru Show, Blogger, 9/11 Responder | Variety Show Please support my work Theme Music by Mitch Tru. All Rights Reserved. ©2023.
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