• Damien Pollok - Innovation in print

    17 MAG 2024 · Hello and welcome to the Metal Pack pod, the industry's leading podcast for the global metal packaging industry.  The Metal pack pod is brought to you by the Metal packager, the number one digital resource for the global metal packaging market with over 7,000 monthly users in over 150 countries globally, be sure to check us out on metalpackager.com. Today we welcome Damien Pollock, head of product and application at Koenig and Bauer Metal Print. During this mini-podcast episode, we look ahead to the rest of 2024 and what the industry can look forward to in terms of new innovations from Koenig and Bauer. But before we begin the episode, we must give special mention to our sponsors. PPG. We're proud to partner with you and thank you for supporting the Metal pack pod this past year. Their range of innovative and sustainable solutions enables its customers to protect and beautify the world. Now, on to today's show.
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  • Jason Galley - tackling the metal packaging sector

    29 APR 2024 · In today’s episode we welcome Jason Galley, who is director and chief executive of the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association.During this episode we discuss with Jason the state of play in the UK metal packaging sector. We outline the complexities involved in terms of EPR and how Jason plans to tackle a variety of multi-layered challenges and opportunities facing the organisation in 2024.Beginning his career as a metallurgist at Carnaud Metal Box (now Crown Holdings Inc) and holding subsequent senior positions at companies including American National Can, Alcan Packaging, Aerocan, as well as 12 years at Ball Corporation, Jason has 33 years’ industry experience in the metal packaging industry. He has worked across many steel and aluminium packaging sectors including beverage, food, pharmaceutical, household, and personal care. He also brings a wealth of experience in operations and sustainability. But before we begin, we must give special mention to our sponsors PPG, their range of innovative solutions help protect and beautify the world Now onto today’s show.
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  • Jasper Joosten - growing the future of Intralox

    29 APR 2024 · In the latest episode of The Metal Pack Pod, we welcome Intralox's Jasper Joosten, global account team leader for its container business for the CPG team.Before joining Intralox one year ago, Joosten has developed international sales and management experience in roles as a global account director and commercial director in leading OEMs for food processing, packaging automation and robotics and dispense solutions while working with the multinational players in the food and beverage industry globally. During this episode, we discuss Intralox's global expansion which includes a relocation of its European headquarters to a larger facility in Amsterdam. to accommodate current and future growth.The new facility allows for more efficient processes and enlarged production capacity by utilising very narrow aisles in the warehouse and increasing the production area by nearly 3000 square meters.This additional space improves set up for modular plastic belting assembly and fosters an environment for the continued growth of thermo drive and activated roller belt technologies. We also speak about the current state of play in the global container business. and Joosten has his views on the current trends we expect to see in the industry. But before we begin, we must give special mention to our sponsors PPG. Their range of innovative and sustainable solutions help protect and beautify the world.
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  • Can-sized - Women in Metal Packaging

    1 FEB 2024 · In this slightly shorter episode, we are joined by Actega’s Teresa Ramos and Roeslein & Associates’ Martha Rojas. The pair talk about what it means to be a woman in a male-dominated environment and crucially, how the industry needs to do more to level the playing field for women in the industry. They also talk about how the industry seeks to future-proof itself for years to come, encouraging the next generation of women metal packaging professionals is essential, to ensure that the industry maximises a talent pool at its disposal.
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  • Davide Padovani - The steel behind packaging

    11 GEN 2024 · In today’s episode we welcome Davide Padovani, Chief Executive Officer of Steelforce Packaging. Davide is a dynamic leader with a solid foundation in business and a wealth of experience in consulting and entrepreneurial ventures. Born and raised in Naples, Italy, Davide's journey through academia and professional life has created a deep understanding of the business world. His career began in the field of consulting, where he specialised in working with food and beverage companies, amassing eight years of valuable industry knowledge. This experience not only deepened his understanding of the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector but also equipped him with the insights and skills needed to thrive in the world of business.His work history reflects his cross over from consulting to entrepreneurship, including starting up the Seal of Quality and The American Metal-Packaging Company. Since 2012, he took the helm of the joint venture, Steelforce Packaging, playing a pivotal role in its expansion and consolidation. During this episode we talk about Davide’s journey within the industry as a fourth-generation family member within. The business, the rich history of Steelforce Packaging, and Davide’s views on the latest industry trends across the whole metal packaging industry supply chain. This is a must-listen for industry figures looking to unpack the latest state of play in the canmaking business – enjoy! But before we begin, we must give special mention to our sponsors PPG, their range of innovative solutions help protect and beautify the world Now onto today’s show.
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  • The Meadow & DRT podcast - manufacturing solutions together

    1 DIC 2023 · In today’s episode we have a special episode, as we welcome Meadow and DRT, fresh off their Gold awards at the recent Canmaker Summit. Most household products come in linear single-use packaging made of non-recyclable material. The Meadow Closed Loop Packaging System, with its infinitely recyclable aluminium can paired with a reusable dispenser, is able to deliver personal care products and other consumables in a convenient and truly environmentally friendly package. The circular solution reduces the demand for virgin mate-rial, increasing PCR (post-consumer recycled) content eliminating waste streams such as landfill, incineration and leakage in nature. Meadow has sought collaboration with DRT, providing Meadow with an end manufacturing solution that can be made at scale for the consumer market. The Daisy Top opening is simple to use, but its production requires aerospace precision to achieve reliability at industry-standard speeds of up to 3,000 units per minute. In today’s episode we host a roundtable discussion with some of the indivduals that have brought this concept to life: From Meadow we welcome Meadow co-founder Nick Paget and from DRT Metal Packaging we have President Larry Churchwell, Brandon Rinehart, Vice President Innovation and Will Hoffman, Vice President Sales & Marketing. But before we begin, we must give special mention to our sponsors PPG, their range of innovative solutions help protect and beautify the world. Now onto today’s show.
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  • Alain Cagnard - Technically leading in the industry

    17 NOV 2023 · In today's episode, we welcome Alain Cagnard, Global technical leader metal packaging at Eastman. Alain began his career in the metal packaging industry back in 1994 as a lab technician for the Beer & Beverage internal spray and easy open-end market at Dexter in France which is now Sherwin Williams. He joined PPG, in various technical leader roles in France and Italy, developing coatings throughout the metal packaging supply chain. During his time with PPG, Alain also supported inks for metal packaging, twist-off caps and aluminium coil coating. In 2012 with Valspar(now Sherwin Williams), he was the Technical Director Europe for metal packaging coatings. After his executive MBA with HEC Paris in 2015 he worked in the titanium dioxide business with Kronos Worldwide. In 2018, Alain joined Eastman to help develop polyesters for BPANI coatings applications within the metal packaging coatings and is currently coordinating the global technical efforts for the metal packaging markets within Eastman's coatings and ink's division. During this episode, we discuss the growth of Eastman within the metal packaging sphere, an update on BPA and associated legislation and Eastman's Tetrashield, an Eastman proprietary polyester, which compares favourable with BPA epoxy coatings.
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  • Robert Bunting - Carrying on the Bunting name

    3 NOV 2023 · On today's episode, we are joined by Robert Bunting Jr. Bunting is the 3rd generation President and CEO of Bunting. Robert has been with Bunting for 16 years, serving in a variety of roles consisting of sales, product management, general manager, and now President and CEO Bunting® is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of magnetic separators, metal detectors, materials handling, magnetic printing cylinders, magnets, magnet assemblies, and magnetizing equipment. Founded in 1959 by Walter F. Bunting in Chicago, Illinois, the company has remained family-owned and family-operated ever since. This podcast examines the future for Bunting and Robert’s ambitions for the company in his new role. We hope you enjoy the episode
    26 min. 48 sec.

An industry first, The Metal Packager brings you 'The Metal Pack Pod'! The industry's only dedicated podcast for metal packaging. We bring you the latest industry analysis from this $14...

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An industry first, The Metal Packager brings you 'The Metal Pack Pod'! The industry's only dedicated podcast for metal packaging.

We bring you the latest industry analysis from this $14 billion a year industry. Make 'The Metal Pack Pod' your go-to resource for everything you need if conducting business in the industry.

Brought to you by metalpackager.com
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