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    1 SET 2022 · On this episode Another U.S. Food processing plant catches fire add this to a growing list Breaking Heavily armed 'Antifa militants' stand guard outs Texas 'kid friendly' show GO BROKE GO BROKE Target hit with 90% loss as retailer pushes trans gear on youth, chest binders packing underwear IRS spent over $20 million on military equipment and ammo Wisconsin school votes to ban political BLM and LGBT flags Indoctrination campaign called classroom of the month gives young children rewards, including roasted crickets as a smack California electric car company admits it will NEVER be able to charge everybody's electric vehicles Maurice Strong, Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Michael Bloom, and Klaus Schwab Humanity will have to deal with two duel threats of Covid, and global revolutionary sweeping reform Canada building interrogation rooms with weapons armories to arrest and prosecute people for climate crimes Gates funded factory breeds 30 million mosquitoes a week for release in 11 countries Over 30 deaths of young, healthy Canadian doctors cannot be explained any other way than they were killed by the vaccine LA homeless authority doesn't want anyone to say the word homeless they want to replace it with the term othering Tesla owner will never lose his keys again after in the implant in hand and much more a post discussion will be posted later The last seven days airs live at 3 pm central/4 pm Eastern/1 pm pacific on GJRB247 on Zeno.fm, and will be replayed all next week on the GJRB247, and WGJR Worldwide stream on Zeno.fm
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    18 AGO 2022 · There was an error message on my phone during recording and it kicked out of recording. The next episode will be available on Pod bean
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  • The last seven days 8042022

    5 AGO 2022 · On this episode Pentagon creating UFO sightings investigation office Canadian company is selling junk food made from crickets Christian school students say they felt pressure to play along with drag show at chapel service talking more about masons, Mormans, and other things much more
    1 h 43 min. 22 sec.
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    21 LUG 2022 · On this episode Canada's largest outdoor rodeo show to host drag queen brunch sell bug stuffed hot dogs Church of Pfizer: D.C. Promotes faith in vaccine initiative Under the guie of learning english Boston school teaches newly imnigrated students that physical violence and political assassinations are a legitimate form of resisting oppression British supermarkets now putting security tags on cheese to prevent shoplifting amid economic turmoil This one map is terrifying if food shortages, gas prices, overall inflation and the California truckpocalypse isn't enough for Americans to contend with, a water shortage is next If trucks stopped note this is scary listen to the next Gary Russen show Saturday extra on Pod bean I will be talking about this watch for postings on coming special podcast Communist Trudeau panics after his government reveals the quadruple/triple vaccinated now account for 92% of COVID deaths across Canada Australia New south Wales data proves it's a Pandemic of the vaccinated Medical journal survey finds vaccine hesitancy at higher rates for Canadian nurses paramedics The decade of vaccination: WHO estimates "Vaccines" will reduce the worlds population by 15% More than 260,000 troops not fully vaccinated many face discharge under Biden administration mandate Coffins for children ordered in bulk First time in over 30 years Major exodus from liberal denomination Hatred in full display Seattle protesters openly desecrate The Bible and more
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    7 LUG 2022 · On this episode Washington state school board director to teach sex ed to 9 year olds at sex shop she owns Georgia Guidestones monument bombed at 4 am structure represents new world order calls for significantly smaller human population. British prime minister wants to recreate Roman Empire Trudeau Panics as his government reveals the fully vaccinated acccounts for 4 in every 5 Covid Deaths in Canada since February Will the tragic fate of world stars like Celine Dion and Justin Bieber open the eyes of their fans? NATO boss lets cat out of the bag US led bloc has been prepared since 2014 to use Ukraine for proxy conflct with Russia China and Billionair Bill Gates just purchased huge parcels of farmland in North Dakota near U.S. air base WHY IS THAT? Manufacturing plants aren’t just mysterously getting burned down in the United states, its around the world And much more
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  • The last seven days6232022

    23 GIU 2022 · On this episode First trans cheerleader in the NFL will make debut with the Carolina Panthers Cow farts and burps to be taxed for climate change in back door meat tax California animal shelter won't be adopt dogs to second amendment supporters. vows to sue people if they lie about beliefs West point teaching cadets critical race theory queer theory and whiteness docs reveal The coming economic storm Texas GOP declares illegitimately elected rejects 2020 certified results Pfizer trial data for children under 5 shows covid vaccines to be just three percent effective at best(and this was probably just a margin of error making the effectiveness zero) Post-mortem examinations find massive blood clot biostructures in bodies of the vaccinated Fifth largest life insurance company in US paid out 163% more for deaths of working people age 18 - 64 in 2021 after COVID 19 vaccine Mandates Your government is trying to kill you and depopulate the planet: Official government reports confident Pfizer documents and the cost of living crisis proves it Mass cattle deaths send shockwaves through food supply as speculation rise are they being poisoned on purpose? US Farmer issue dire warnings of looming food shortage as most Americans are clueless as to how their food is produced and unprepared for what's coming The next great depression begins: banks run in China being ignored by western media could be a precursor to massive economic collapse Federal reserve details digital dollar plans Christian author warns against new breathe with me Yoga Barbie: Satan is after the children Sick LGBT Pride int he park event targeting children will feature performing unbaptisms on the kids and more discussions and Bible readings Every other week is a Last seven days meeting event Next week this episode repeats on GJRB Online 24/7 on Zeno.fm just ahead of a smooth jazz weekend
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    14 GIU 2022 · On this episode connecticut to hire misinformation expert who will urge social media sites to censor false post Woke drag queen pastor "God is nothing" in hate fillled blasphemous rant NFL to hire transgender cheerleaders DHS issues National terrorism advisory system stay away from malls, sporting events and theaters Radical left wing group plans to storm DC to stop Roe v wade repeal Horrifying study finds Microplastics in lungs of 11 of 13 living patients in stoll of newborn babies Fauci admits Biden mask mandate is about preserving authority The Spanish meteorological agency has confessed that Spain is being sprayed with lead dioxide Silver iodide and diatomite Another nuclear plant closes: Get ready for electricity shortages Policy maker push against fossil fuels means"Will never be another refinery built in U.S." Chevron CEO says
    2 h 19 min. 49 sec.
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    2 GIU 2022 · On this episode Law abiding West Virginia woman with concealed firearm stops a mass shooting If CDC mandates smallpox vaccine for monkeypox pandemic expect serious side effects including breathing difficulty and deadly cardiac events Republicans block Dem backed domestic terror bill that seeks to create “thought police” for military and law enforcement The national science teacher's association just banned use of words including mother, man, and woman because they’re oppressive Report: More than 3000 Diabetics in UK DIED because of Covid lockdowns Confirmed: 70K people died within 28 days of Covid-19 vaccination in England: & 70K within 60 days according to UK Government data Shocking Pfizer study data reveals 82% jabbed pregnant woman had miscarriages so they stopped counting Inconvenient truth for globalist Artic ice at 30 year high Blackouts this summer: 1billion at risk The green world order: Efforts to cease the use of crude oil could be the greatest threat to civilsation’s eight billion people California spills water into oceans rather than letting farmers grow rice Collapse in population of manmals and birds is now impairing the ability of plants to migrate via seed dispersal Another fire devastates Minnesota chicken farm killing tens of thousands of chickens that provide eggs for the food supply And more
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    26 MAG 2022 · On this episode Inconvenient The four Pillars of civilization all require fossil fuels and more of them The baby formula market is corrupt, FDA enforced protection racket designed to feed babies processed junk ingredients An empire that can’t feed babies in an empire collapse America fails to do what off grid jungle tribe villagers can do quite readily – feed their babies Build blackouts better half of America faces power blackouts this summer regulator warns DIESEL SHORTAGES ARE NOW WIDESPREAD WELCOME TO STAGE IV OF THE PLANNEDEMIC: As Washington becomes the first state in the U.S. to reprogram gas pumps for $10 gallon shortages are rising Clay Clark: Lucifierians pushing 666 in their quest to enslave humanity Major supermarkets to ban paying with cash or card and only accept payments via digital & facial recognition technology The human battery, a new source of “green” energy A Very Ominous Warning from the inventor of Electromagnetic mind control Monkeypox spreads at massive LGBT filth festival in Europe Strengthening global systems to prevent and respond to high consequence biological threats Rare Monkeypox virus, just as Gates and WHO predicted Vaccines miraculouslyn ready Analyst Warns World Has Only 10 weeks of Wheat supplies left in storage Death of honey bees from Ethanol plant prompts call for focus on chemical overloading And more
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    19 MAG 2022 · ON TODAY'S EPISODE Wisconsin scool district charges students with sexual harassment for not using trans pronouns Fur baby boom? in 10 gen Z adults rather have pets than kids Calvin Klein incudes pregnant transgender Men in mother's day ad Biological males claiming to be females now allowing to to transfer to woman's prisons in Canada In pushing assisted suicide on the poor Justin Trudeau defines "Dignity" UK Government does not deny chemtrails exist Expert: China is harvesting as many as 150,000 organs from concentration camps victims annually Biden admin cancels huge Alaska oil and gas lease as gas prices hit record highs It turns out the Biden regime's safe smoking kits include free crack pipes Actual insurrection: Chicago mayor urges call to arms over supreme court Satanic temple seeks religious exemption to commit abortions After vaccine Killed so many U.S. airlines have run out of pilots are not cancelling flights United States D.O.D issued a contract for Covid-19 research in Ukraine 3 months before COVID - 19 existed Colbalt 60 dirty bombs combined with mRNA vaccine suppression of Chromosomal repair mechanism could unleash cancer death wave across America and vaccine compliant nations Pulitzer prize winning Health journalist revealed the real purpose of Mask FEAR 41.5K People died within 21 days of covid-19 vaccinations in England & a further 291K died with in 8 months PFIZER appears to ahve committed fraud and fit can be proven in court their company wil be liable for ALL injuries and deaths caused by its Covid vaccines REPORT: 90% of nations planning central bank digital currency much more
    1 h 51 min. 41 sec.

A Thursday morning meeting discussing end time prophecies and news events and how it lines up with the Bible. uploaded podcast each week on Thursdays,and run live every third Friday...

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A Thursday morning meeting discussing end time prophecies and news events and how it lines up with the Bible. uploaded podcast each week on Thursdays,and run live every third Friday at 2:00 pm Central/3:00 pm/Eastern/1:00 PM Pacific

Note this program gets recorded on location at the Clinton Church of Christ fellowship hall. If the Covid 19 situation gets worse this show will have to go on hiatus
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