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The Halas Huddle: A Chicago Bears show

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    S3E81 | Does the Chicago Bears schedule guarantee the playoffs? | Game-by-game and record predictions

    17 MAG 2024 · The NFL has officially released schedules for the 2024 season. The Chicago Bears schedule release video was fantastic - mad props! There are plenty of weird quirks with the Bears' schedule -- both good and bad. There isn't a perfect schedule, but did the NFL do the Chicago Bears dirty or did they help Caleb Williams out? Speaking of Caleb Williams...he looked great in the 30-second video clips floating around social media. Rome Odunze looked good too despite missing time with hamstring tightness. Rob's Rants comes back for a short minute to talk about the Bears heading to London and the misconception that the organization put out there for season ticket holders. Most importantly though, will the Chicago Bears win the division? Who knows. Does the schedule guarantee this team makes the playoffs? Rob and Justin go game-by-game giving their predictions along with their final record prediction. Do you agree? Disagree? Drop us a comment! Leave us a REVIEW or head over to our YouTube channel and hit SUBSCRIBE to be entered into a drawing for a FREE jersey giveaway!
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    S3E80 | Ryan Poles proves why he's the best GM in Chicago Bears history

    29 APR 2024 · The 2024 NFL Draft has come to a close. The Chicago Bears walked away with one of the best on-paper drafts we have ever seen in Chicago. Ryan Poles is proving that he is the best general manager in Bears history. After fleecing the Carolina Panthers, the Bears finish with the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. That pick ended up becoming one of the best quarterback prospects I have ever seen. Poles wasn't done though, he also had the ninth pick in the draft and he found a way to pair Williams with one of the top wide receiver prospects in Rome Odunze. The Bears were not done there though. They snagged the top punter prospect in the draft when they selected Iowa punter Tory Taylor. The Chicago Bears found their swing tackle who could give left tackle Braxton Jones some true competition. Finally, Poles and his staff moved back up into the fifth round to add much-needed defensive line help in edge rusher Austin Booker. Overall, the Chicago Bears dominated the 2024 NFL Draft. They walked away with some elite talent while also using draft capital to add guys like Montez Sweat, Keenan Allen and Ryan Bates.  This is a new era on offense for a Chicago Bears team that hasn't been dominant on offense throughout the current air-it-out playing style. We are expecting Caleb Williams to destroy the current franchise rookie quarterback records while also pushing this team into a legit playoff hunt. Not to mention the expectation of future Super Bowls. If you are as excited as we are, hit that SUBSCRIBE button on our YouTube channel for a chance to win a free Bears jersey of your choosing. Don't forget to hit the LIKE button and leave a few comments too!
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    Chicago Bears Draft: One player Caleb Williams states he wants Poles to draft is shocking

    25 APR 2024 · The Chicago Bears are about to wow fans despite recent stadium concerns. Caleb Williams will be selected first overall but who will the team take with the ninth pick in the draft? A consensus of 23 NFL and Draft analysts has the team taking Rome Odunze over anyone else, but a few think it could be Jared Verse, Olu Fashanu, Dallas Turner, Marvin Harrison, or Malik Nabers.  Who is right and who is wrong? Caleb Williams had a shocking revelation when talking to the media and listed four players he'd like the Chicago Bears to draft at ninth overall. Three of them were obvious but hearing the fourth name and why he wanted him probably has many fans second-guessing things. He definitely did not say, Byron Murphy. If you want the Chicago Bears to draft Caleb Williams, hit the SUBSCRIBE button on our YouTube page now and try to earn a free Bears jersey. Make sure to leave a comment on who you think the Bears will draft at nine or do you think they will make a trade up or down in the draft?
    29 min. 27 sec.
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    S3E79 | Chicago Bears Path to the Draft: 3 Full Mock Drafts - Which one is best?

    9 APR 2024 · The 2024 NFL Draft is nearly here. The Chicago Bears seem zeroed in on Caleb Williams with the first pick in the draft. With the ninth pick in the draft, Ryan Poles has plenty of options. The question is, which draft strategy will be best for the Bears? Which players make the most sense for the Bears? Rob and Justin bring you three different draft strategies that Ryan Poles could use at the end of the month. They also dive into which players make the most sense for the Chicago Bears while proving that you cannot be locked into only one strategy. The Bears have needs at wide receiver, offensive line, defensive end and safety. Defensive tackle could be another area that the Chicago Bears focus on. However, with only four picks in the draft, Ryan Poles will need to be at the top of his game to come away from the draft with every hole filled. Are there any must-have players in this draft outside of Malik Nabers, Rome Odunze, Joe Alt and Marvin Harrison, Jr.? What about the top edge rushers? Do you prefer Jared Verse, Dallas Turner, Laiatu Latu or Chop Robinson? Which of the 3 mock drafts did you prefer? If you didn't fully agree with the players we picked, who would you prefer to see taken instead? We used the Pro Football Focus mock draft simulator, but the actual draft will likely look very different in certain areas. Head to our YouTube page and leave us a comment!! Hit the SUBSCRIBE button to be entered into a free NFL jersey giveaway! Hit the LIKE button and COMMENT on the episode to help the channel grow! We love the support and are looking to expand things even further in the near future!
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    Ryan Poles makes the worst move his career as Chicago Bears GM | Justin Fields traded to Steelers

    18 MAR 2024 · It finally happened. The Chicago Bears traded Justin Fields. It took longer than expected and the return seems less than ideal. Was it truly the worst move of Ryan Poles' career as the Bears' general manager? Rob, Justin and special guest Bob discuss the Fields trade. They weigh in on the compensation and also elaborate on how the move from Chicago to Pittsburgh could affect Fields' career. The Chicago Bears have been busy in free agency also. They traded for Keenan Allen, while also signing D'Andre Swift, Kevin Byard, Jonathan Owens and Gerald Everett. Ryan Poles also brought in a new center in Coleman Shelton. The roster has been improved, but what will the Chicago Bears do in the 2024 NFL Draft now that they only have four picks? Good thing those draft picks are early and they can add more talent while also adding more draft capital. The obvious direction is Caleb Williams at first overall. Hit that SUBSCRIBE button and get entered into a FREE giveaway of a Chicago Bears jersey. Leave us a comment - how are you feeling about the Justin Fields trade? Listen in while watching March Madness - we skipped Selection Sunday to record!
    1 h 16 sec.
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    The Chicago Bears trade Justin Fields, draft Caleb Williams in this full seven-round mock draft

    4 MAR 2024 · The 2024 NFL Combine has come to a close. Many thought Justin Fields would be traded by now. That isn't the case, but it does seem like it is just a matter of time as multiple reports have the Chicago Bears trading Fields and drafting Caleb Williams or another high-end quarterback prospect. Rob and Justin put their GM hats on and ran a full seven-round mock draft. After trading Justin Fields to the Atlanta Falcons, the guys settled on Caleb Williams with the first-overall pick. Multiple trades later and Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears have some serious ammunition to use at the top of the draft. In fact, they end up with five picks in the top 55. How did you like the outcome of the 2024 NFL Draft? Personally, I am not a fan of the outcome. Hopefully, after free agency, we will have an even better idea of what Ryan Poles will have in his back pocket when entering the 2024 NFL Draft and what the Bears will need. If you are a Chicago Bears fan, hit the SUBSCRIBE button on our YouTube Channel and be ENTERED into a FREE giveaway of a BEARS JERSEY of your choice!!
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    Chicago Bears bring back Jaylon Johnson and sign important free agents in this mock offseason

    22 FEB 2024 · We are less than a month away from the start of free agency. In this mock offseason, the Chicago Bears find a way to bring back Jaylon Johnson before he explores free agency. It might be on the franchise tag but a deal is on the horizon. Rob, Justin, and Bob rank every position on the Chicago Bears roster and determine which areas are considered must-fill positions in either free agency, the 2024 NFL Draft, or both. Next, the guys put their Ryan Poles hats on and become the general manager of the Bears in a mock free-agency period. Although big names are important and discussed, how many are realistic options for this team? After cutting Eddie Jackson and Cody Whitehair, the Chicago Bears have the third-most salary cap space to work with at roughly $70 million. If you want a chance to WIN a FREE Chicago Bears jersey of your choosing, then make sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button on our YouTube channel to be entered in our FREE GIVEAWAY!!
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    Is Eddie Jackson done in Chicago?!?! | Chicago Bears safety sends cryptic messages on social media

    10 FEB 2024 · The writing has been on the wall for the last two years, but it appears that Eddie Jackson is officially done in Chicago. The Chicago Bears free safety went to social media and posted a couple of cryptic tweets that insinuated he was not going to be on the Bears' roster in 2024. For the last two years, Eddie Jackson was considered a possible cap casualty. He is now going to be owed $18 million in 2024 and it makes sense that Ryan Poles is going to move on from Jackson. Rob discusses the salary cap ramifications of cutting Jackson. He also talks about how replacing him is going to be more difficult than many fans think. He goes over some of Jackson's stats and although it is the right decision, too many fans are hating on the former superstar. If you like this channel, hit that SUBSCRIBE button on our YouTube channel for a chance to win a FREE Chicago Bears jersey. Hit the LIKE button and make sure to leave a comment with your favorite Eddie Jackson highlight or memory. Not discussed, what team will Jackson end up with? Be on the lookout for those answers and more details on Jackson's career at
    15 min. 59 sec.
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    S3E75 | Chicago Bears rumored in multiple trades for the first pick | Are expectations realistic?

    5 FEB 2024 · The quarterback debate continues among analysts and fans as the Chicago Bears continue their evaluations of Caleb Williams, Drake Maye and others ahead of the NFL Combine. Ryan Poles loves to run through offseason mock drafts and other offseason scenarios. He now needs to start considering hypothetical 2024 NFL Draft trade scenarios and determine what trade packages he'd actually accept to move down from the first-overall pick. Caleb Williams (or Drake Maye) may be the answer for the Chicago Bears, and Poles might not be willing to move on from the top pick in the draft. It's also possible he receives what many consider a haul and cannot stand pat. Rob and Justin play out what the Chicago Bears would likely receive should the Commanders try to trade up from 2 to 1 now that Kliff Kingsbury is the offensive coordinator. Next, they look at what the Patriots might offer to move from 3 to 1. Finally, they discuss how much more would need to be involved should Poles trade down from 1 to somewhere outside of the top 5 and then again outside of the top 10. Whether you believe in Justin Fields or you want Caleb Williams to be the next quarterback of the Chicago Bears, it is important to understand that even with Williams being the top-prize target, the expectations of Bears fans seem highly unrealistic. Hit the SUBSCRIBE button on our YouTube channel and be entered in a drawing for a FREE Bears jersey. Hit the LIKE button and leave us a comment!
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    S3E74 | Did Ryan Poles get it right with the Shane Waldron hire as OC? | Now what to do with Justin Fields?

    22 GEN 2024 · The Chicago Bears have announced that they are hiring Shane Waldron to be their next offensive coordinator. This news broke AFTER our recording, but was he one of the top candidates? Did Ryan Pace and Matt Eberflus make the right hire? SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel if you agree with "F the Packers!" Hit the LIKE button if you enjoyed that Jordan Love interception vs SF! The Halas Huddle welcomes Bob Weiss back for this episode as Rob, Justin and Bob give their top three offensive coordinator candidates and discuss who they have on their "Do Not Hire" list! Where did Shane Waldron fit in? Then, Ryan Poles is visited by three spirits to help him decide what path he should take regarding Justin Fields. Should Fields remain as the starting quarterback in 2024 or should the team move on from him and draft Caleb Williams? Could Justin Fields be the answer for 2024 knowing that he does not necessarily need to be the guy going forward? Trading the first-overall pick could land a huge draft haul that could set the Chicago Bears up for a new quarterback in 2025 or 2026 should Fields fail to develop. Finally, is Justin Fields the future, franchise quarterback of this team? The locker room seems to believe in him. Is Ryan Pace willing to blow up the Bears' locker room continuity or should he run it back with Fields as the starting quarterback now and into the future?
    1 h 2 min. 2 sec.

The Halas Huddle is a football podcast following the NFL's Chicago Bears, complete with news, predictions, game recaps, hot takes and draft analysis. Hosted by Jeremy Layton and Rob Schwarz.

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The Halas Huddle is a football podcast following the NFL's Chicago Bears, complete with news, predictions, game recaps, hot takes and draft analysis. Hosted by Jeremy Layton and Rob Schwarz.
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