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The Gift Of Sales

  • Ep 8 - FIRST ONLINE COURSE LAUNCHED!!! Huge step for me and here is how I did it...

    14 GEN 2023 · For YEARS now I have wanted to create and publish my own course for people to watch. I finally pulled the trigger and now have 40+ people in my membership area. It was weird, the thing that was holding me back was not what I expected.
    Played 10 min. 57 sec.
  • Ep 7 - Four Easy Ways To Get Started In Sales...

    12 GEN 2023 · If you have ever been curious about getting into sales or pivoting into a different industry, here are 4 easy ways you can get started in sales today. P.S. I am not associated with any of the options I listed and have no team to recruit you to. This is just information
    Played 12 min. 20 sec.
  • Ep 6 - Customer Cancels Appointment And Says Never Reach Out Again!!...How To Handle it...

    11 GEN 2023 · Working with one of the solar reps, I helped them get their CRM set up to start doing some out bound calls. The other day I wake up with with a text message from one of the reps saying that a prospect did something very strange... In this episode I break down how I personally handle a specific objection and how to get out of the prospect what really is their true objection.
    Played 12 min. 26 sec.
  • Ep #5 - How to grow a Facebook group full of your target audience

    10 GEN 2023 · Have you ever wanted to know how people are growing Facebook groups and filling them full of their target audience. In this episode I go over step by step how I grew one Facebook group and filled it with my target audience. This can be for any industry. The framework I go over will work for any business that is wanting to build a facebook group full of people that you can serve.
    Played 15 min. 28 sec.
  • Ep #4 - Tips for recording your video trainings, and very unexpected results testing a lead mag!!!net...

    8 GEN 2023 · One reason I do not enjoy recording video trainins is because they feel like a lot of work. I did find a way thought that made the process much much easier. After yesterdays episode, I went back and forth about the membership site. One of the questions that kept going through my head was..."are they even going to want what is in there?"... so I decided to run a test give away to the facebook group.. The results were incredibly unexpected!
    Played 9 min. 37 sec.
  • Ep #3 -Things Do Not Always Go As Planned...When I got that text, my heart stopped...

    8 GEN 2023 · Things do not always go as planned. A few hours before I am about to teach a group how to automate their sales, something breaks... On top of that, I run into some imposter syndrum while launching my product
    Played 13 min. 58 sec.
  • EP #2 - Your List Is Your Business - One easy way to get started

    6 GEN 2023 · Someone once told me.. "Your list is your business" and they explained to me that if I wanted people to buy from me in the future, I better remember who they are.. It made sense and I began collecting information from everyone I talked to. HAHA I would even collect peoples phone numbers while I was out walking my dog. In this episode I break down why it is important to have a growing list and exactly how you can use it to sell more products.
    Played 4 min. 1 sec.
  • Ep #1 - This one skill can transform your life...

    5 GEN 2023 · Going from making $9.00 an hour drowning in debt, to $10,000 in a day multiple times, I really never thought that was even possible. Learning one skill changed my life and continues to change the life of millions around the world. To me, being introduced to sales, was a gift...A gift that got me out of the 9-5, that has payed my debt, and has helped me develop into the man I am today. Some say that Sales is the one profession that is recession proof. Even in the lowest of economies, there will alwasy be businesses looking for pros to sell their products. In this episode I break down how I was introduced into sales and how it has given me freedom. At the end of the day, It is not for everyone... Ill let you make that decision though
    Played 9 min. 12 sec.

The big question is, How do you get out of the traditional 9-5 with low hourly wages? How do you make a decent living in today's economy without having a...

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The big question is, How do you get out of the traditional 9-5 with low hourly wages? How do you make a decent living in today's economy without having a big expensive degree saying you are, quote on quote, “educated? How do you escape the rat race and make sure that you have built a life that is comfortable for you and your family? Well, the answers are right here inside of this PodCast. Welcome back to “The Gift Of Sales” where we believe sales is a gift.. A gift to the person willing to step outside of their comfort zone, take a look at the opportunities, and try the profession for themselves…
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