• Growing up Latchkey part two: Childhood memories

    13 GIU 2024 · In part two of The GenX Show series Growing up Latchkey Jeff talks about growing up in the 80's in Arvada Colorado and how he decided that his own latchkey experiencev formed the way he is right now. In particular not packing a lunch for school.  Enjoy the show! 
    28 min. 44 sec.
  • Growing up Latchkey: An introduction essay

    6 GIU 2024 · Starting a new series here on The GenX Show. The next four episodes (the month of June) is all about growing up latchkey ... aka Growing up with little to no parental supervision.  This is a very short introduction essay episode where I talk about the societal factors that came together to form a generation who didn't have any parents around. What was going on with the Boomer generation and how their rejection of their parents oppressive perfect family conservatism led to a divorced/professional household with no one around. Hope everyone enjoys the series! 
    16 min. 4 sec.
  • Kids Movies that Scared Us: Honey I Shrunk the Kids (1989) w/ Trace Thurman

    18 APR 2024 · Trace Thurman from the Horror Queers podcast and Bloody Disgusting joins Jeff to talk about the Disney classic Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.  Along the way they talk about latchkey kids, bad parents, the history of Disney Studio's in the late 1980's and how great the practical effects were. They discuss 'the' scene with the Ant and the Scorpion and ask what in the hell was a scorpion doing in a suburban back yard.  What a great conversation with a great guest.  Follow Trace on twitter https://twitter.com/TracedThurman Catch The Horror Queers Podcast anywhere you get your favorite pods. 
    1 h 13 min. 37 sec.
  • Dune (1984): It's failure and profound effect on David Lynch

    21 MAR 2024 · David Lynch's Dune from 1984 is a massive failure on both a commercial and artistic scale. It was too weird to be a blockbuster and too blockbuster to be a weirdo independent film.  Dune's lasting legacy, however, is it spurred David Lynch on to go make the movies he was always meant to make. Gritty, weird neo-noir films starring Kyle MacLaughlin. How in failing on such a large scale led to maybe his best movie ... Blue Velvet. Enjoy the show! 
    36 min. 13 sec.
  • Lucio Fulci's Zombie (1979): The Dawn of the Dead 'sequel' and the Italian knockoff era

    29 FEB 2024 · In 1979 Dario Argento's cut of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead was a huge hit in Italy. To capitalize, Italian producers were looking to make a quick sequel. In comes Lucio Fulci and the most surreal, over the top, grotesque zombie movie of its era was born. We also talk about the "Italian ripoff cinema" era and how gloriously bad it was. From the Bronx Warriors to The Last Shark. Italian cinema at its most absurd. Enjoy the show!
    32 min. 22 sec.
  • The Visitor (1979): Star Wars and the Omen starring John Huston

    15 FEB 2024 · In 1979 Greek Egyptian Oviido Assinitis gave us the craziest Italian movie of the 1970's, The Visitor. A combination of Star Wars, The Omen and Italian Giallo woven into a batsh*t crazy tapestry. It features some of the greats of old Hollywood in John Huston, Shelley Winters, Glenn Ford, Mel Ferer and even director Sam Peckinhpah. That doesn't make the movie any less crazy. In the latest GenX Show Jeff talks about this undescribably film and why it is worth you watching. Enjoy the show!
    31 min. 38 sec.
  • How record company price gouging in the late 90's killed the Compact Disk

    24 GEN 2024 · On the latest GenX Show, Jeff talks about the history of recorded music and how record company greed in the late 1990's caused their own demise. How a cheap to make CD became so overpriced a revolt was bound to happen. Enjoy the show!
    34 min. 8 sec.
  • U2 at The Sphere review and analysis of where U2 is at in the modern age

    4 GEN 2024 · Magnus and Pat recently made a trip to Las Vegas to see the band U2 at the brand new Las Vegas Sphere. On the latest GenX Show the fellas review their experience, talk about the technicalities about being in the Sphere and U2's performance. Does the band miss Larry Mullen Jr? Is the band re-invigorated and what does that mean for the future of our favorite band. Hope you enjoy the show!
    1 h 54 sec.
  • Netflix and the vanishing of the B movie experience

    30 DIC 2023 · Netflix has been an issue in Hollywood. On the latest GenX Show Jeff talks about the history of B Movies, their evolution, and how Netflix (specifically) has hollowed out the 'bread and butter' B movies that sustained Hollywood. It's not that people don't go to movie theaters anymore (which is sorta true) it's that what's available on streaming is either big budget extravaganzas or utter crap C movies. Like the analytics boom in the NBA hollowed out the mid-range, the advent of analytic driven streaming has hollowed out the middle in Hollyood. The great B movie decline. Hope you enjoy the show and Happy New Year!
    33 min. 45 sec.
  • The Legacy and influence of Silent Hill (1999)

    19 DIC 2023 · A little, underpublicized game game out in 1999 that changed the way we viewed horror gaming. On the latest GenX Show, Jeff talks about Silent Hill ... the little game that could, that it's parent company couldn't care less about, changed our perceptipon of what makes something scary and laid the groundwork for future horror games. Enjoy the show!
    35 min. 47 sec.

A podcast covering all aspects of culture from the slacker generation. Featuring guests and subjects on music/movies and more that are sure to appeal to your inner flannel-wearing teenage self....

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A podcast covering all aspects of culture from the slacker generation. Featuring guests and subjects on music/movies and more that are sure to appeal to your inner flannel-wearing teenage self. Not.
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