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The Fires of Freedom

  • Freedom & "Femaleness"

    17 MAG 2023 · Today's episode is on Freedom and being female. What better topic is there to speak about when being female is being erased by the corporate, government, academic, and cultural forces? Of course, they can't erase being female because it's an objective biological category. But I ask you. Why are they trying to? What do you make of that? Is there anything about trying to eliminate female and femininity as an objective category that makes sense? There is something about it that makes sense; that makes perfect sense, something absolutely logical. It just all depends on what your goal is. If your goal is to have healthy, thriving human beings then you would honor and support femininity and masculinity as separate distinct complementary categories. If you cared about human thriving you would celebrate the difference; you would do as the French say and do, “Viva la différence”, because only with healthy functioning females – of sound mind and body – and healthy functioning males – of sound mind and body – can there be a healthy functioning next generation. “Male” and “female” are not costumes or roles. They're two sides of what it takes to bring children into the world and raise them up – properly – and well enough to build a more robust and better future. They're the two sides of a family. If you think of a family tree as links in a chain, every single one of those links is made up of a male half-circle and a female half-circle, so the chain of life links together. As far back as we can recall and as far forward as we can imagine, only a person hostile and destructive towards society would want to confuse and disable femininity and masculinity on such a grand scale. In my opinion, that is exactly the reason for the transgender mania because the powers that be in this world – the too, too, too-powerful bankers and the way too-powerful corporate leaders, who view the world as their playground – quite simply want more power, more money, and fewer people. What better way to have fewer people than to disintegrate masculinity and femininity; to weaken it, to question it, to dilute it…
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  • Freedom & The US Federal Government’s March to War

    10 MAG 2023 · Today's episode is Freedom & The US Federal Government’s March to War. I don't know about all of you but I'm getting pretty fed up and disgusted by the attitudes and actions of the US federal government. It pains me to say this because I'm a veteran and an extremely patriotic person. But I'm not of the mindset “my country do or die”; my country can do no wrong. I'm not of that mindset at all. I'm of the most traditional mindset which says God then country. So, when I see my federal government – my country and my flag – doing things that are contrary to basic judeo-christian morals, that are an insult to God, I have to put my loyalty to God before my country. That's not to say that I'm against the country. That's to say that I love it enough to rebuke it and to call it out where it needs to be called out. The question for this episode is this. Are we going to stand by and let the federal government drag us into nuclear war or are we going to do something about it…
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  • Freedom & The Texas Transactional Currency

    4 MAG 2023 · This special episode is entitled Freedom & The Texas Transactional Currency, also known as House Bill 4903 in the Texas House of Representatives Calendar Committee currently, as I record. I had the opportunity to testify briefly on the importance and historical significance – and urgency – of this bill last week but now that it's advanced to the Calendar Committee I felt morally obliged to produce this interview-style podcast specifically for the Calendar Committee so that they'll have a chance to fully understand the historic opportunity they have before them to rush HB4903 out of Calendars and into the Senate; to get it passed with us and for us as Texans and as Americans. So, I brought this to you in the format of an interview. I recently had the opportunity to talk about all of this with Frank Salvato the host of the podcast. Frank seemed like the perfect person to be the interviewer and to tease out this essential information for you because he served as editor to numerous online publications including The Washington Dispatch and The New Media Journal. His analysis of important matters has been recognized by the US House International Relations Committee and the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention. Honestly, I think HB4903 is, in a sense, a form of conflict prevention because we're living in very frightening and increasingly economically uncertain times. People up and down the economic scale are worried about soaring crime, soaring economic despair, soaring inequalities, and soaring non-responsiveness by our government. HB4903 is an opportunity to fix all of those things in one epic and historic bill together with its companion in the Texas Senate. So, I thought Frank's background and expertise were just perfect. I'm so grateful to Frank for participating in this interview so I could bring this information to you. And I want to let you know, if you're interested, Frank can be heard on radio program. His segments are broadcast twice weekly – Mondays and Fridays – on the Salem Broadcasting Network. And now, let's get into the interview…
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  • Freedom & Money

    19 APR 2023 · Get ready for today's episode, my friends, because it's going to be both a trip down memory lane for some of us of a certain age and it will also involve a radical rethinking of one of the most fundamental lifebloods of society (well at least in the material sense). The topic of today's episode is Freedom & Money. Money. Everyone wants it. Ninety-five percent of the world's population struggles to have enough of it to meet their basic needs; for food, shelter, clothing, safety for their family, and education. What is money? Is it a means of exchange? A store of value? A ticket? A tool? A status symbol? The root of all evil? Or, is it a necessary evil? No matter what you think money is, there's one truth about money that applies to everyone. Money is something you trade your life's energy for. You pay for money with your time. This is something I talked about in one of my earlier podcasts. This definition of money comes from the book by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. Money is a unit that allows people to exchange their lives energy with one another. Bartering is clumsy. For example. If I spend two hours making a pie I don't want to have to turn to you and say, “Can you cut my lawn and we'll swap?” So, money is a way of us exchanging our lives energy with one another; a way to take advantage of each other's skills and creativity. It's a unit that represents the most scarce and limited resource on the planet: A human being's time and creative energy. So, the big questions I want to ask are these. Is all money the same? And does it remain the same? For most of us of a certain age, our lived experience tells us that it is not and it does not, although it should. At the end of this episode, I will share some thoughts about how to fix money…
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  • Freedom & The Young

    12 APR 2023 · In today's episode, we're going to walk through Freedom & The Young. Freedom is a state of being in a country where the citizens have power over the government. From a political point of view, that's what freedom is. In any situation where the government has the ultimate authority over the people, there's no freedom. The United States has been, perhaps, the only truly free country because of our Constitution that guarantees the government works for us. Of course, it hasn't been working for us for a very long time and a key reason for that is this. We've taken our eyes off the health, well-being, and education of the young. Being young is supposed to be, in many ways, the best years of a person's life: physically, mentally, intellectually. These are supposed to be the years of growth, branching out from your family, maturing, and finding your place in society. Healthy young people are full of hope and promise and vibrant health, and even though every day isn't peachy, net-net they see the world as their oyster, as it ought to be, because when young people are given this space and this protection to develop they grow to be healthy links in the network of our society; they grow to be the torchbearers of freedom for the next generation and the next generation and for all of posterity to come. But today – and for quite some time, young people are suffering – badly. And so I ask you to ponder with me these questions: What is our role in midlife to the young and how does that role help protect our freedom…
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  • Freedom & Trans-Identity

    5 APR 2023 · Today's episode is a current and delicate topic: Freedom and trans identity. Trans identity is a topic you can’t avoid these days. It's everywhere. I decided to touch upon it because I believe at the heart of the question of freedom and trans identity is a deeper question and that is this. How do we judge what is good for human freedom from what is bad for human freedom? How do we do that as a species? I believe that lies at the heart of the question of freedom and trans identity and I think it's of critical importance that we're talking about it. If you listen to those from the Ivy League. they would say the question of what is good for human thriving and bad for human thriving; good for human freedom bad for human freedom resides in their circles. If we want to know what it is we should just ask the Cultural Elite. Well, I'm afraid their monopoly on the answer to this question has brought us to this place in history, which is not a healthy one. So, I have digressed a little bit, but the subject of freedom and trans identity is deeply philosophical and critical to overall freedom because it asks the question “How do we judge what is good for human freedom, bad for human freedom; good for human thriving, bad for human thriving? I believe that there are three areas in which trans ideology is bad for human thriving and bad for human freedom: 1) the destruction of children's minds and bodies; 2) the destruction of cultural values that orient the prefrontal cortex in the human adult and; 3) the destruction of sports in a way that completely alienates half of society…
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  • Freedom & Immigration

    15 MAR 2023 · Today's episode is on Freedom & Immigration. Of all the crazy things going on in the world and of all the questions being hotly debated – from the most minuscule one of how to address people who are, let's say far out of the norm with the way they express themselves, regarding the “pronoun question,” up to the level of the battles going on in the Catholic Church over what Christ really taught, there are battles raging everywhere. It's a war of the minds. It's a war of ideology. It's a war of what reality is and who gets to define it. So, what's that got to do with immigration? Everything. Aren't freedom and immigration the same thing as freedom and human movement? Isn't that the same question? Are we free, as human beings, to move from one place on earth to another place on the planet without having to show documents or without having to pass through some identity patrol that tells us whether we are or aren't welcome? In crossing over this arbitrary line on a map, as we've sat back and watched millions of people pour across our Southern border – are utterly wide-open Southern border – aided and abetted by Catholic Charities as well as very vicious Mexican drug cartels (truly strange to find gangs and Catholic Charities sharing a common view on the answers to these questions about freedom and movement) it appears that both groups Catholic Charities and the cartels – I don't know the names of the ones who are in control on our border there are probably many different groups it doesn't matter, suffice to say there's organized crime – are in charge of our Southern border on the southern side, and on the Northern side there's nothing but chaos; there's nothing but bureaucratic, illegal, gumming of the works and failure to enforce our laws. It doesn't really matter where you are on the subject of whether or not human beings should be free to move from one place to the other, although that's an important question, but any person of any good faith side of that question – be they cartel members, Catholic Charities, or ordinary people sitting in their American suburbs watching mainstream media and challenging their own moral view of the world – good people in good faith might be able to struggle with this question at a very very high philosophical level. But on a practical level, on a fundamental level, when one looks at what's going on, which has all the hallmarks of human trafficking, i.e. women and children being raped, people with terrorist backgrounds coming into our country, there are reports of children ending up selling their labor, older children who are able to do things, selling their labor to American companies who are willing to exploit them. Perhaps because they tell themselves that the morally right thing to do is to have freedom of movement that shouldn't be hindered and restricted in any way by the state, in any way by the views of the people in that particular country, in any way by any written constitutions, or in any way by any other moral, legal, ethical, or philosophical means…
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  • Freedom & The World Economic Forum

    1 MAR 2023 · Today's episode is about Freedom and The World Economic Forum. I believe the biggest threat to human freedom that humanity has ever faced is exemplified by the attitudes, ideas, and behaviors of the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum, you probably know, has about 5,000 members including heads of state heads, nonprofits heads, heads of cultural groups, Hollywood types, corporate types, everybody who's anybody in elite International circles is a member of the World Economic Forum. And it's led by Klaus Schwab, a German Professor born in the 1930s whose father happened to be a collaborator with the Nazis. But, you know… So, the World Economic Forum is one of the most powerful organizations in the world and throughout the years they've said some truly dystopian things and they've pushed some insane projects all of which you would think George Orwell had written, They've managed to creep and push these insane ideas out into the world via the very rich, powerful. and culturally powerful group of members. At the top of the list of crazy ideas that demonstrate what a threat to freedom they are is their vision for the future, which is a vision in which you will own nothing and be happy. Yes. You will own nothing and be happy. If you haven't heard that before, go and do a little digging about it because it was one of the World Economic Forum’s earliest marketing videos of their vision for the future. Of course, it's an absolutely insane idea in and of itself. It reflects very deeply into the minds of those at World Economic Forum. I asked you. Are you ready to tell your children they will own nothing and be happy? And that the State will provide everything they need within reason, and do so within a 15-minute walk? Are you ready for that to be the life for your children or grandchildren? That's the question to think about as we delve into some of the insane things and what these ideas mean about how they view humanity…
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  • Freedom & Children

    22 FEB 2023 · Do you remember the old Whitney Houston song? It was really popular in the '80s. It went, “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” Well, Whitney couldn't have been more correct about the first line. Of course the children are our future, in every possible way. Without children there is no future for the human race. Children keep the world going forward. Children are our pride, are joy, and they're the future for all of humanity. So, she's right, of course, children are our future and yes we should teach them well, a subject that's become very controversial lately. What does it mean to teach them well? I'm going to touch on that a little bit in this podcast but, lastly, the “let them lead the way”, Whitney, I don't think that makes any sense at all. We need to let children naturally and in their own way and at their own time unfold, like a blossom. You don't want to force the blossom open, by any means. They should lead in their own development along the arc of their own natural course of growing and learning. Each child grows and learns and changes at their own pace, in different areas, in that way, yes, we should let them lead the way. But in the larger sense of what the world's all about and how to get by in this world and what to make your most important value, no, children should not be leading the way…
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  • Fredom & Diversity

    15 FEB 2023 · The topic for today's podcast is Freedom and Diversity. In my life, I've had the outstanding opportunity to travel and live abroad quite a lot, especially compared to the average American. I have lived in England, France, Japan, and Russia during the first decade after my graduation from high school. In addition to living in those four countries, I had the opportunity to travel for extended periods of time to places such as Brazil, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Okinawa, and Korea. I've been really blessed. I’m not trying to brag about my travels, just to say I've been really blessed. I’ve always had an adventurous spirit so I obviously sought out a lot of this world travel, first and foremost by joining the United States Air Force at age 18. But even after my discharge, I sought out opportunities to live and work and travel abroad because I'm really drawn to diversity. I enjoy and I'm fascinated by the differences between different kinds of people. So, the big question for this podcast is this. What exactly is diversity? And in what kind of ways is it our strength?
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A podcast dedicated to helping people see the facts about critical issues of the day without distortion featuring the Diamond Mind Foundation's founder and CEO, Katherine Novikov. Disclaimer: The opinions...

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A podcast dedicated to helping people see the facts about critical issues of the day without distortion featuring the Diamond Mind Foundation's founder and CEO, Katherine Novikov.

Disclaimer: The opinions and positions espoused by Ms. Novikov on this podcast are her own and not those of the Diamond Mind Foundation.
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