• Former President Donald Trump Addresses the Nation in Speech 5/31/2024

    1 GIU 2024 · At Trump Tower, Donald Trump, visibly defiant, held a news conference following his historic conviction as the first former president to be found guilty of felony crimes. The setting was grand and opulent, characteristic of Trump Tower, with its golden hues and luxurious decor. Trump stood at a podium emblazoned with his name, flanked by American flags, and faced a sea of reporters. His expression was stern, and he addressed the crowd with a mixture of indignation and determination. The atmosphere was charged, reflecting the gravity of the situation and the intense media interest surrounding the unprecedented event.
    33 min. 19 sec.
  • Guilty

    31 MAG 2024 · Guilty: Trump becomes first former US president convicted of felony crimes https://www.alexexum.com/blog/alex-exum-s-blog-5/america-is-dead-the-legal-system-is-officially-weaponized-292
    44 min. 42 sec.
  • Crime

    28 MAG 2024 · Crime. https://www.alexexum.com/
    32 min. 26 sec.
  • The War On Police In America

    3 MAG 2024 · The Tragic Toll of the War on Police in America: Reflecting on the Charlotte ShootingReflecting on the Tragic Losses and Urgent Needs in Law Enforcement after the Charlotte Shooting. https://www.alexexum.com/blog/alex-exum-s-blog-5/the-tragic-toll-of-the-war-on-police-in-america-reflecting-on-the-charlotte-shooting-287
    46 min. 29 sec.
  • Don't Let Politics Ruin Your Life

    29 APR 2024 · Don't Let Politics Ruin Your Life In the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a community was torn apart by a senseless act of violence that serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers of political polarization. The case involving Ryan David Martinez and a Native American activist highlights how deeply entrenched political tensions can lead to devastating consequences, leaving lives shattered and communities in turmoil... https://www.alexexum.com/blog/alex-exum-s-blog-5/don-t-let-politics-ruin-your-life-learning-from-tragic-consequences-286
    19 min. 18 sec.
  • The Case of Nicolae Miu and the Apple River Tragedy: Don't Talk to Police Part 3

    28 APR 2024 · https://www.spreaker.com/episode/we-ve-got-another-problem-luis-don-t-talk-to-police-part-1--58963190 https://www.spreaker.com/episode/don-t-talk-to-police-part-2--59051938 https://www.alexexum.com/blog/alex-exum-s-blog-5/don-t-talk-to-police-part-3-the-case-of-nicolae-miu-and-the-apple-river-tragedy-285 https://www.alexexum.com/
    34 min. 46 sec.
  • Beyond the Verdict: Exploring O.J. Simpson's Afterlife

    15 APR 2024 · Beyond the Verdict: Exploring O.J. Simpson's Afterlife with Donna (Interview) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CD2RHMK1?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_K83RZPHZWR2CRWT68S08 https://youtu.be/EyFL1TLirwk?si=58BJVA2dXxnrVr8B https://www.alexexum.com/
    1 h 6 min. 15 sec.
  • Revolutionizing Hollywood with Artificial Intelligence

    4 APR 2024 · https://www.alexexum.com/blog/alex-exum-s-blog-5/openai-s-sora-revolutionizing-hollywood-with-artificial-intelligence-277
    1 h 10 min. 19 sec.
  • How a Revolutionary AI Sound Technology Is Rattling the Music Industry

    22 MAR 2024 · Harmonic Revolution: Suno v3 Unleashes a Paradigm Shift in Music Creation
    52 min. 34 sec.
  • Don't Talk to Police: Part 2

    15 MAR 2024 · Why You Should Never Talk to Police: Protecting Your Rights and Freedom The Crucial Case for Never Speaking to Police Without Legal Counsel https://www.alexexum.com/blog/alex-exum-s-blog-5/why-you-should-never-talk-to-police-protecting-your-rights-and-freedom-270
    49 min. 3 sec.
  • Supporters Club

    Synthwave 80's Flashback

    10 GIU 2018 · Synthwave 80's Music [All Music Licensed to Alex Exum and/or Royalty Free]
    1 h 41 min. 28 sec.
  • Supporters Club

    Murder Ballads vs Rap Music

    2 GIU 2018 · Murder Ballads vs Rap Music [Music] Commentary on Music and All music is either; a) in the public domain. All rights have expired. The authors have explicitly put a work into the public domain. There never were copyrights. b) used under U.S. Copyright Office Fair Use Policy https://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_domain_music
    37 min. 9 sec.

Unapologetic. Politically Incorrect. Lover of Common Sense. Alex 'The Experience' Exum brings his own personal approach to American culture, society and current events to the Exum Experience Talk Show. A...

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Unapologetic. Politically Incorrect. Lover of Common Sense. Alex 'The Experience' Exum brings his own personal approach to American culture, society and current events to the Exum Experience Talk Show.

A constant pitch of righteous indignation, The Exum Experience Talk Show is based in actuality; Actual existence, typically contrasted with what was intended, expected, or believed.


*The opinions expressed on The Exum Experience are those of the host, guests, and callers and are not necessarily those of any network, radio station, its management or advertisers. By listening you acknowledge this show is for entertainment purposes only, and this broadcaster nor any anyone associated holds no responsibility for the validity or accuracy of information discussed on this show.

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