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  • Nellie T. Travis 1:30:24 7.32 PM

    31 GEN 2024 · Photo: Usage: CC BY 2.0 DEED Walking in the Rain in Memphis by Nellie Tiger Travis is categorized under the genre blues. It has some elements of country blues. Left my hometown Chicago Chasing my dream with you That's how the song starts out. It's a beautiful blues. Things start out great leaving the hometown Chicago, but after getting to Memphis, things began to change. Nellie Tiger Travis sings Walking in the Rain in Memphis. The single comes from her 2017 album Mr. Sexy Man. You might know Travis by her single If I Back It Up. She made other songs like Baby Mama Drama, and You Gonna Make Me Cheat from her 2021 album Wanna Be With You. If you haven't heard Nelly Tiger Travis and the single Walking In The Rain in Memphis, give it a listen. It's a beautiful song. It's a song you might wanna hear in some relaxation. I'm Gail Nobles. You're listening to the Country Blues Show.
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  • Taj Mahal-Corinna 9:18:23 8.17 PM

    19 SET 2023 · Music intro by: Gail Nobles Photo: Blues musician at the in Vienna ( Usage: WIKIPEDIA Taj Mahal is a blues musician and actor. He plays the guitar, piano, banjo, harmonica, and many other instruments, often incorporating elements of world music into his work. Taj Mahal has a single called Corinna. The song was written by the blues man and musicologist and released on his 1968 album Natch’l blues. The song sounds like a soul country blues and I love it. Corinna is a great song with great rhythm. Mahal has a great voice. I love the harmonica sound and all the instruments played in the song. It is a song well done. His song Corinna has a beautiful natural sound. I love Taj Mahal's sound. You’re listening to the Country Soul Show. I’m your host, Gail Nobles.
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  • Yola - I Don’t Want To Lie 3:27:23 12.26 PM

    27 MAR 2023 · Song: I Don't Wanna Lie Song by: Yola Photo credit: Roberta - Usage: Wikipedia: Music Intro by: Gail Nobles Vocals by: Gail Nobles Today’s Topic: Yolanda Yolanda Carter is a singer writer and musician. She has a song titled, I Don’t Wanna Lie from her debut Studio Album Walk Through Fire (2019). It received critical acclaim and earned her four Grammy Award nominations, including Best New Artist. Hello, I’m Gail Nobles & you’re listening to the Country Soul Show. Yola is a very talented musician & singer. Her follow-up, (2021), received similar acclaim and earned her two more Grammy nominations. Yola made her acting debut in 2022, portraying "godmother of rock n roll" in’s biopic I love Yola’s song I Don’t Want To Lie. (Singing) So if you haven’t heard Yola Carter, check her out today. She’s a great singer singing great songs.
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  • The War & Treaty 1:19:23 6.36 PM

    20 GEN 2023 · Soul Keys Transformation Piano - Keyboardist: Acoustic Guitar with Delta Blues Solo loop by Gail Nobles Podcast jingle "War & Treaty" written by: Gail Nobles Vocals by: Gail Nobles Song: Are You Ready To Love Me Song by: War & Treaty Photo credit: - Own work Usage: Wikipedia Hello, I’m Gail Nobles on the Country Soul Show, and today I want to talk about a husband and wife duo of Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Trotter. They call themselves The War & Treaty. During an argument Tanya yells out “This isn’t war Michael, so let’s come to some sort of treaty here. (Singing War & Treaty) Tanya & Michael’s genres are Rock, Soul, Americana, Country, Folk, & Blues. You’ve got to hear their songs. They have songs such as: “That’s How Love Is Made”, “Blank Page”, “Dumb Luck”, & “Are You Ready To Love Me”. “Hold me, baby, hold me close. Cheek-to-cheek and nose-to-nose yea. Kiss me darlin’, Kiss me right If you do it good, we be kissing’ all night Are you ready to love me baby..” War and Treaty! They are the bomb. They really put their hearts into their singing. The duo was formed in 2014. In 2016, Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Blount released the duet album Love Affair as Trotter & Blount. They changed their name to War and Treaty in 2017. In 2018, Rolling Stone reported The War and Treaty’s debut album Healing Tide. In 2020, The War and Treaty released their sophomore studio album, Hearts Town, on Rounder Records.
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  • Ann Peebles- (You Keep Me) Hanging On 1:9:23 9.54 PM

    10 GEN 2023 · Song: (You Keep Me) Hanging On Song by: Ann Peebles Photo credit: from Memphis, Tennessee, USA - Usage: Wikipedia Keyboardist: Gail Nobles Vocals: Gail Nobles You Keep Me) Hanging On Is a song by the Gosdin Brothers, released in Aug. 1967. It has been recorded by numerous artist, including Joe Simon, Cher, Cliff Richard, and Ann Peebles. Ann Peebles gained celebrity for her albums of the 1970s for Two of her most popular songs are "", which she wrote with her husband and radio broadcaster Bernie Miller, and "". In 2014, Ann Peebles was inducted into the I love her version of the song, ( You Keep Me) Hanging On. “It's true you got me wrapped around you finger Seems to me like that's where I belong You know you know how to hold me You know how to thrill me And you know how to control me, makin' me like it Just enough to keep me hangin' on” I’m Gail Nobles, & you’re listening to the Country Soul show.
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  • Donna Summer - Starting Over Again 10:1:222 3.20 PM

    1 OTT 2022 · Song: Starting Over Again Song written by: Donna Summer Photo credit: Harrywad derivative work Usage: CC BY-SA 3.0 Hi, I’m Gail Nobles & you’re listening to the Country Soul Show. Today’s topic: Donna Summer - Starting Over Again. A song that was written for Dolly Parton. The song goes like this …(Singing) Starting Over Again written by Donna Summer. It was performed by Dolly Parton and released in March 1980 as the first single from Dolly Parton’s album Dolly, Dolly, Dolly. Starting Over Again made the U.S. pop top forty, peaking at #36, and reached number 1 on the U.S. Country charts on May 24, 1980. Donna Summer also performed it live numerous times on television specials during the 1980’s, including her own program, The Donna Summer Show. The song is about a couple separating after 30 years of marriage. I love the lines in the first verse. And all the kings horses And all the kings men Could never put mommy and daddy back together again. The song was based upon the divorce of Donna Summer’s husband Bruce Sudano’s parents. I’m Gail Nobles and you’re listening to The Country Soul Show.
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  • Donna Summer - Celebrate Me Home 7:21:22 8.05 PM

    22 LUG 2022 · Vocal intro by: Gail Nobles Song: Celebrate Me Home Song by: Bob James & Kenny Loggins Celebrate Me Home is a song written by Bob James and Kenny Loggins, and recorded by Loggins as the title track of his 1977 debut solo album Celebrate Me Home. Donna Summer song Celebrate Me Home live in Japan 1987 with her two sisters if I’m not mistaken. They were a great trio singing together with great harmony. Mary Gaines Bernard and Dara Bernard. Donna Summer made me think about heaven singing the song, Celebrate Me Home. The song’s genre is considered country & R&B/Soul. It’s a family song to me, and it can help you feel better about a loved one who has gone away from this world. I’m Gail Nobles & you’re listening to The Country Soul Show.
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  • Jerry Butler & Betty Everett 5:11:22 8.16 PM

    12 MAG 2022 · Song: Let It Be Me Song by: Jerry Butler & Betty Everett Podcast vocals: Gail Nobles Cover design by: Gail Nobles Let It Be Me is a popular song by the Everly Brothers and later with the duet by Betty Everett and Jerry Butler. It is also a duet by Rod Stewart & Jennifer Hudson released 2009. The Everly Brother’s version is still the most popular, and was released in 1960 and rose to #7 on the Billboard Hot 100. The 1964 cover of “Let It Be Me” by Betty Everett and Jerry Butler was released and it was a smash. Their version peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and topped the Cashbox Soul/R&B charts for 3 weeks. Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell have also covered the song “Let It Be Me” from the Everly Brothers. They have made their song enter the Billboard Country chart. The Everly Brother’s music fused elements of rock and roll, country, and pop, becoming pioneers of country rock. Betty Everett and Jerry Butler were soul artists. Betty covered a number of duets with Jerry. Their biggest hit is “Let It Be Me”. It was a soul version. It was the first duet from Butler and Everett. The song “Let It Be Me” has been covered many times by different artists. I really like Everett & Butler’s version. I’m Gail Nobles. You’re listening to the country soul show.
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  • Brook Benton - Rainy Night in Georgia 4:12:22 9.01PM

    13 APR 2022 · Song: Rainy Night in Georgia Song by: Brook Benton Written by: Tony Joe White Podcast vocals: Gail Nobles Keyboardist: Gail Nobles Hello! I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to the Country Soul Show. Today’s topic is Brook “Rainy Night in Georgia”. Benton was a singer and songwriter who was popular with rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and pop music audiences during the late 1950s and early 1960s. He made a comeback in 1970 with the ballad, “Rainy Night in Georgia”. The song was written by Tony Joe White in 1967. The song was popularized by Benton in 1970. It was originally released by White on his 1969 album, Continued, on Monument Records, shortly before Benton’s hit single was issued. The song “Rainy Night in Georgia “ was a major hit and was a million seller which topped the Billboard chart. It’s a song that has been covered by a number of musicians. David Ruffin, Ray Charles, Otis Rush, Randy Crawford, Little Milton, and George Benson just to name a few. Has it been raining in your state? You know it’s been raining some nights in NC. It’s good sounding rain. I’m Gail Nobles!
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  • James Carr 4:5:22 8.46PM

    6 APR 2022 · Song: At The Dark End of the Street Song by: James Carr Written by: Dan Penn & Chips Moman Intro music: Gail Nobles Vocals by: Gail Nobles Cover collage design: Gail Nobles Today’s topic: James Carr - At the Dark End of the Street. Hello! I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to the Country Soul Show. James Carr is who I want to talk about today and his song, At the Dark End of the Street. James was a soul and R& B singer described as “one of the greatest pure vocalist that deep Southern soul ever produced.” His greatest success and most critically acclaimed performance came in 1967 with his original recording, “ Dark End of the Street.” The song was written by Dan Penn and Chips Moman and first recorded by James Carr. It is said to be a country soul song. Some just say soul. When it comes to country soul, usually there’s a mixture. Gospel harmony, piano, and guitar, and church organ can be heard in the mix. Soul Artist James Carr first recorded the song in late 1966, and it became his trademark song, reaching number 10 on Billboard Magazine’s Black Singles Chart, and crossing over to number 77 on the Billboard Hot 100. Six months later fellow soul singer Percy Sledge included his version of the song on his 1967 album The Percy Sledge Way, but it did not chart as high. In the years since Carr’s original version, many artists have recorded versions of the song. You’re listening to The Country Soul Show. I’m your host, Gail Nobles.
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The Country Soul Show is about country soul songs and singers such as Ray Charles, James Carr, Percy Sledge, and more. Gail Nobles © 2022

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