• Belonging at First UMC Dallas: Safe and Sacred Conversations

    13 GIU 2024 · In this episode of Belonging, young adults from First United Methodist Church in Dallas discuss their experiences finding community through the process of deconstructing, and reconstructing, their faith. They emphasize the importance of safe and sacred conversations, even when there are disagreements, and that open-mindedness and joy are always helpful when creating community.  Throughout the conversation they share a variety of resources that have been helpful to them individually, as a young adult community, and as a church. Resources such as: - https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/an-altar-in-the-world-a-geography-of-faith_barbara-brown-taylor/255433/item/23649935/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=pmax_high_vol_frontlist_under_%2410&utm_adgroup=&utm_term=&utm_content=&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsaqzBhDdARIsAK2gqncXMnmaNAaugOBcylzx2rT4LQltkI1cNnW3biMn-6Z68-fXdFtg5b4aAl4yEALw_wcB#idiq=23649935&edition=5406419 by Barbara Brown Taylor - https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/searching-for-sunday-loving-leaving-and-finding-the-church/9198144/?resultid=7cb26eee-e0df-4f70-8324-26926f8df458#edition=8484461&idiq=9407389 by Rachel Held Evans - https://youtu.be/Alr-PzWOG2k?si=Bk2C3CLlMtuG0R4J series at FUMC Dallas - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuQVfAYB0S9oGqmvtluc231HMBURpN0IZ&si=ThEpEH8aqvoWgV6c - an online community hosted by Anna and Roy, another clergy at FUMC - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuQVfAYB0S9rZN_TLOARjQLd5ZWalMe2b&si=euVi7Nm1Yp4pNcxm - a podcast hosted by two other clergy at FUMC Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background 08:30 Centering and Taking a Breath 10:19 Deconstructing Faith and Challenging Beliefs 21:41 Conflicts and Losses in the Process of Deconstruction 27:13 Safe and Sacred Conversations 29:35 Belonging and Change 33:18 The Role of Spiritual Formation in Reconstruction and Belonging 36:20 Approaching Young Adults with Open-Mindedness and Authenticity 39:07 Investing Time and Being Vulnerable for Building Belonging 42:52 The Importance of Joy in Spiritual Spaces 45:14 Advice for Young Adults 48:32 Advice for the Church 52:23 First United Methodist Church of Dallas: Platforms for Connection and Community
    53 min. 53 sec.
  • Faith Transitions with Alexandra Nelson-Tomlinson

    24 MAG 2024 · In this episode of Faith Transitions, Rev. Phil Dieke welcomes Alexandra Nelson-Tomlinson, the interim Assistant Director of the 787 Collective. Alexandra shares her background in ministry and her current research as a PhD student at the University of Texas - Austin on body size, gender, and sexuality in American Christianity. They discuss the importance of embracing all body types and challenging societal expectations of appearance. Alexandra recommends resources for individuals and congregations who are interested in conversations around faith and embodiment. She also offers to engage in conversations about embodiment and the impact of health and fitness culture on young adults' faith journeys.  "All bodies are good bodies" You can connect with her by emailing her: anelson-tomlinson@austinseminary.edu As always, you can find out more about The 787 Collective by visiting our https://787collective.org/. Chapters: 00:00 Introduction and Transitions 04:14 Studying American Christianity and Bodies 07:01 The Goodness of Embodiment 09:55 Embracing All Bodies 26:22 Resources for Conversations about Bodies 32:17 Engaging in Conversations and Reflecting on Experiences
    33 min. 56 sec.
  • Belonging with Austin's Very Own EpiscoPals

    13 MAG 2024 · In this episode of The Collective Voice, Jade and Phil are joined by representatives of EpiscoPals, a group of young adult Episcopals in Austin, Texas. The conversation explores the origins and activities of the group, as well as their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guests discuss the use of poetry as a spiritual practice, the importance of connection and belonging, and the challenges and joys of gathering online. They also touch on the concept of Christology and the metaphor of a cathedral in a swamp to describe the church. EpiscoPals is a young adult ministry at St. David's Episcopal Church in Austin, Texas. The group provides a sense of belonging and community for young adults who may be searching for connection and friendship. The members gather regularly for social events, discussions on various topics, and shared meals. The ministry offers a safe space for individuals to explore their faith and engage in meaningful conversations. Episcopals emphasizes the importance of genuine connection and the value of intentional conversations. The ministry welcomes new members and encourages them to reach out and join the community. You can connect with the EpiscoPals on the https://stdave.org/ministries/join-a-group/group-detail/219492/young-adults/. You can find out more about The 787 Collective, including how you and your congregation could join us on The Collective Voice, on https://787collective.org/collective-impact/.  Chapters: 00:00 Introduction to Episcopal House 10:27 The Power of Poetry as a Spiritual Practice 31:27 Transitioning to Remote Work and Online Communities 39:20 The Evolution of Episcopal's Gatherings 50:19 Finding Belonging and Connection in EpiscoPal's 58:19 Encouragement for Young Adults Seeking Belonging
    1 h 6 sec.
  • Faith Transitions with Rev. Cecie Suknaic-Saulnier at Gather Austin

    6 MAG 2024 · This week's episode with Rev. Cecie Suknaic-Saulnier was actually recorded during Advent. Some of the references are a few months old and Gather Austin, the collaborative ELCA young adult ministry Cecie co-founded is not closer to their 18 month anniversary rather than their one year anniversary. Nonetheless, the conversation speaks to a variety of young adult transitions that take place: major milestones (such as an anniversary), moving from city to city, and starting things from scratch to name a few. Throughout the conversation, Cecie discusses the challenges of building a networked community without a physical church building and the importance of creating a safe and inclusive space for young adults from diverse religious backgrounds. She highlights some favorite moments, including blessing events for graduates and those leaving the community, and the willingness of young adults to step up and lead. She also reflects on how her role in Gather has shaped her growth and sense of calling as a pastor. Gather Austin has provided a safe and nurturing space for young adults to explore their faith and find community. It has given hope and a sense of purpose to those who may have lost hope in the traditional church. The creativity and innovation of Gather Austin have inspired congregations to think beyond the traditional models of ministry and consider new ways to engage young people. The message to young people is that Gather Austin offers a place where they can ask questions, be renewed, and find connections with others in their life stage. The message to congregations is to support and partner with organizations such as Gather Austin, recognizing that it is not about stealing young people but creating space for them to be nourished and then go into congregations of their choice. You can find out more about Gather Austin on their https://gatheraustin.org/. And, as always, you can find out more about The 787 Collective on our https://787collective.org/. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Background 03:20 Building a Networked Community for Young Adults 08:19 Celebrating Transitions and Blessings in Community 15:11 The Willingness of Young Adults to Lead 23:19 Creating a Safe and Inclusive Space for Diverse Religious Backgrounds 26:51 Personal Growth and Calling 29:23 Losing Hope and Finding Purpose 32:59 Looking Forward: Ministry Partnerships and Pilgrimage 38:25 Message to Young People: Finding Hope and Community in Gather Austin 41:48 Message to Congregations: Supporting and Partnering with Gather Austin
    50 min.
  • Belonging at University Presbyterian Church Austin

    29 APR 2024 · How do young adults balance faith in the midst of busy schedules? Young adults from University Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas join Jade and Phil to discuss a faithful look at balance and belonging.  They begin by discussing their personal spiritual lives and transformative rituals. They also share their experiences of finding connections with others their age in the church and integrating their faith into their daily lives. They emphasize the importance of recognizing the face of God in others and sharing God's love with those around them.  For more information about the ministries of University Presbyterian Church in Austin visit their https://upcaustin.org/.  Find out more about The 787 Collective https://linktr.ee/787collective. 
    55 min. 52 sec.
  • Faith Transitions in the Borderlands with James Martin

    22 APR 2024 · This week on The Collectice Voice we feature our first "Faith Transitions" episode. Rev. Phil Dieke and Jade Evans are joined by James Martin to disucss the completion of his 787 Collective Campaign Project. James reflects on the impact of the borderlands and the importance of accompaniment as he works to build community among a binational group of young adults. He also discusses the challenges of navigating invisible borders and the need for supportive communities among young adults, especially as they work for justice. Read more about James' project https://787collective.org/james-martin/. The 787 Collective Campaign Project is an initiave to center young adult leaders in work that supports and celebrates their vocational gifts and yearnings, in ways that enrich the mission of the church. If this conversation inspires you to apply for a campaign, emails us (787@austinseminary.edu). Chapters00:00 Introduction to Faith Transitions and the 787 Collective 08:13 Transitioning to a Bi-National Community in the Borderlands 28:42 Reflecting on Invisible Borders and Structural Challenges 34:56 The Future of the 787 Collective and Opportunities for Involvement
    34 min. 24 sec.
  • Have You Heard About Liberation Theology?

    15 APR 2024 · In the first episode of "Have You Heard...", Rev. Phil Dieke and Jeb Bunting have a conversation with Damon Garcia, a writer, video essayist, and public theologian, about liberation theology and liberative Christianity. In this conversation they discuss the origins and principles of liberation theology, the intersection between liberation and faith, and the radical message of Jesus. They also explore how liberative Christianity is being practiced and preached in the modern world, and the importance of grassroots movements and community engagement. The conversation highlights the need for a contextual and inclusive approach to theology that prioritizes the liberation of the marginalized and oppressed; as well as the intersection of faith, activism, and community. They highlight the need for religious communities to actively engage in social justice and liberation movements, specifically the importance of viewing faith as a communal effort and allowing marginalized voices to shape and change religious communities. They also emphasize the need for inclusivity and affirmation of all individuals, regardless of their identities. The conversation encourages young people to embrace a more collective mentality and seek community in third spaces if religious communities are not liberative. It concludes with a reminder that the journey of faith and activism is ever-evolving and that individuals are not alone in their pursuit of justice and liberation. To learn more about the work of Damon Garcia follow him on social media (whoisdamon) or his YouTube channel (https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCInlq91_eLitNzzrgfHUFXw). He mentions the work of Dr. Joerg Rieger and the work of the Wendland-Cook Program in Religion and Justice. You can find out more about their Solidarity Circles https://www.religionandjustice.org/solidarity-circles.  To become a part of the collective work or learn more about The 787 Collective, follow us on social media (@787Collective) or connect with us https://linktr.ee/787collective. You can watch each episode of The Collective Voice on our https://youtu.be/oEuVVfdLrBE. Chapters 00:00 Introduction to the Podcast and Guest 01:00 Holy Week and Meaningful Celebrations 03:29 Damon's Journey and Departure from Evangelicalism 04:24 The Radicality of Jesus and Liberation Theology 06:08 Introductions and Personal Backgrounds 08:41 Jeb's Experience with Christianity and Jesus 09:05 Jeb's Response to Damon's Book 10:32 Explaining Liberation Theology 11:16 Damon's Introduction to Liberation Theology 18:14 Liberative Christianity in Today's Context 19:18 Liberative Christianity as a Fringe Movement 21:44 Activating and Inspiring People in Liberative Christianity 25:00 Solidarity Circles and Grassroots Movements 26:46 Supporting Existing Work in Communities 27:43 Jesus Flipping Tables and Liberative Christianity 28:33 Jesus and the Den of Robbers 31:56 Faith and Activism 34:52 Materialist Answers and Spiritual Questions 37:56 The Communal Nature of Faith 40:54 Creating Community and Third Spaces 44:06 Being Changed by Others 47:43 Creating Liberative Faith Communities 53:59 The Journey of Faith
    54 min. 52 sec.
  • Belonging at First Presbyterian Church Austin

    8 APR 2024 · In this episode of The Collective Voice, Jade Evans and Phil Dieke are joined by a group of young adults from First Presbyterian Church in Austin, Texas. They discuss the importance of creating spaces of belonging and share personal experiences of feeling a sense of belonging. This episode begins with Jamie leading the group in a breathing exercise, a practice she uses to help with anxiety and being overwhelmed. They also discuss the power of vulnerability in fostering belonging. The group shares stories of finding belonging in different contexts, such as moving to a new city or joining a Bible study. They highlight the importance of being seen, invited, and appreciated for one's presence. They also highlight the importance of being asked to do more and the misconception that young adults are disengaged. Follow The 787 Collective on social media (@787Collective) or connect with us https://linktr.ee/787collective. Find out more about the ways you can connect with First Presbyterian Austin https://www.fpcaustin.org/.
    1 h 10 min. 7 sec.
  • Why a Podcast from The 787 Collective?

    1 APR 2024 · The 787 Collective at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary gathers young adults, and those passionate about the spiritual formation of young adults, for transformation toward healing and wholeness. We do that by centering the voices of young adults, and what better way to amplify these voices than a podcast? We call the podcast "The Collective Voice," because no one voice speaks for all young adults. Through this podcast we center the voices of young adults by inviting them to share their life experiences, their faith struggles and growth, and invite them to embrace their curiosity.  The Collective Voice will consist of three different shows: - Belonging - Faith Transitions - Have You Heard...? "Belonging" shares the lived experience of young adults in congregations and faith organizations. "Faith Transitions" leans into the reality that young adults are transient and the challenges and opportunities that accompanies this stage of life. And "Have You Heard...?" invites a young adult to co-host the podcast with us as they explore concepts that have led to their ongoing faith formation or peeked their curiosity.  Want to share your experience on The Collective Voice? Reach out to us on Social Media (@787.collective) or email us at 787@austinseminary.edu
    3 min. 45 sec.

The Collective Voice is a production of The 787 Collective at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary with the purpose of centering young adult voices and the experience of young adults in...

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The Collective Voice is a production of The 787 Collective at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary with the purpose of centering young adult voices and the experience of young adults in their ongoing faith exploration and formation. 

The Collective Voice consists of three shows: Belonging, Faith Transitions, and Have you Heard
  • Belonging documents the everyday spiritual lives of young adutls in churches and faith organizations with The 787 Collective. These conversations explore the role of young adults in their churches and organizations and invites their reflections on being a young adult Christian.
  • Faith Transitions shares the highs and lows of young adult Christian leaders within The 787 Collective network. These conversations feature The 787 Collective Campaign leaders and other young adults sharing about the transient nature of young adulthood through the lens of faith.
  • Have You Heard (about)... this show provides firsthand insights about current topics, innovation, and interests relevant to the spiritual desires and needs of young adults. These conversations bring insights from authors, experts, innovation partners, thinkers, and theologians. This a great space for curiosity.
If you are a young adult who would like to join us on The Collective Voice, email us at 787@austinseminary.edu.
You can find the video version of this podcast on our YouTube channel.

The 787 Collective is funded by Austin Seminary and a grant from the Lilly Endowment.
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