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  • CNLP 659 | Dr. Alison Cook on Why Therapy Has Become the New "Church", The Dangers of Spiritual ByPassing, and What To Do When You Want to E

    25 GIU 2024 · Dr. Alison Cook discusses how therapy has become the new church. She and Carey also discuss the dangers of spiritual bypassing, what to do when you want to escape your life, and how much cognitive dissonance is normal for leaders. Follow Follow   This episode is sponsored by: Don’t let your message fade into the background. Sign up for free texting with Gloo today, at Watch how God uses YOUR church to impact the world when you host a Compassion Sunday. Find out more at     TIMESTAMPS: The rise of therapy in the culture (00:00:01) Therapy as the new church (00:00:20) The intersection of faith and psychology (00:02:04) Challenges in the church regarding mental health (00:04:38) The dangers of spiritual bypassing (00:19:02) The need for deep transformational work (00:28:34) The impact of compulsive availability (00:31:15) The normality of escape fantasies and cognitive dissonance (00:39:01) Dealing with shame in a religious context (00:46:13) Shame and its neurobiology (00:46:15) Understanding shame and guilt (00:47:15) The practice of Naming, Framing, and Braving (00:50:51) The challenge of numbness in leadership (00:53:51) Addressing toxic leadership situations (01:01:59) Options for dealing with toxic environments (01:06:46) The importance of healthy communities (01:08:59)     Brought to you by
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  • CNLP 658 | Spotting Toxic People In Your Organization: Six Subtle Signs Leaders Miss

    20 GIU 2024 · Every organization and every church has them: toxic people. But how do you spot them? In this teaching, Carey Nieuwhof covers six subtle signs leaders miss. Carey outlines exactly what you need to do to make sure you limit the impact of toxic people in your church and shows you what you need to do to stack your team with healthy leaders. Follow Follow   This episode is sponsored by: Thousands of leaders have used the material in The Art of Team Leadership to grow their leadership and learn how to better lead, manage, and motivate a team. You can learn more by visiting If you're ready to spend more time making disciples and less time stuck behind a screen, visit and use the code CAREY at checkout for an exclusive 25% discount off your first three months.     TIMESTAMPS: Toxicity and its Impact (00:00:04) Introduction to Toxic People (00:01:02) Recognizing Toxic Behavior (00:02:51) Metaphor of Toxicity (00:04:53) The Leader's Role in Addressing Toxicity (00:06:49) Obvious Signs of Toxic Behavior (00:07:50) Subtle Signs of Toxic Behavior (00:08:55) Reciprocity and Dominance in Relationships (00:11:05) Seeking Attention and Hijacking Conversations (00:13:27) Early Engagement and Frequent Communication (00:14:30) The signs of toxic behavior (00:16:20) Types of people: Wise, foolish, and evil (00:19:12) Dealing with foolish behavior (00:23:19) Handling evil people (00:25:33) Stacking the organization with wise people (00:27:36) Creating a healthy culture (00:28:47)   Brought to you by
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  • CNLP 657 | Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley on The Backstory of the One Minute Manager, Seagull Management, The Power of Simplicity and Brevit

    18 GIU 2024 · Legendary leadership expert Ken Blanchard and Randy Conley talk about the backstory of the One Minute Manager. They also discuss seagull management, the power of simplicity and brevity, and how to stay fit, engaged, and contributing at age 85. Follow Follow   This episode is sponsored by: As a pastor, I knew child sponsorship was an opportunity for my church to make an impact worldwide and I trusted Compassion International to make that happen. Learn more about hosting your own Compassion Sunday at Take the pain out of communicating with your people, get free texting with our friends at Gloo. Check out   TIMESTAMPS: Co-authorship and Writing Process (00:07:40) The One Minute Manager (00:18:28) Spiritual Foundation of Leadership (00:24:23) Simplicity in Leadership (00:26:30) Development of Situational Leadership (00:29:10) Focus on Middle Management (00:35:32) Influencing Top Managers (00:37:19) Seagull Management (00:37:54) Creating Memorable Metaphors (00:39:21) Ego's Anonymous (00:41:27) Servant Leadership (00:48:44) Refiring at 85 (00:50:52) Longevity in an Organization (00:55:07) The One Minute Reprimand to Redirect (00:59:45) Fear and Trust (01:00:55) Unequal Treatment and Fairness (01:03:38) Leadership in Absence (01:05:53) Collaboration and Leadership (01:10:01)   Brought to you by
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  • CNLP 656 | James JP Poulter on the Best and Worst Case Scenarios for AI in the Next Decade, Practical AI Tools You Should Start Using Now, A

    11 GIU 2024 · James (JP) Poulter talks about the best and worst-case scenarios for AI in the next decade, practical AI tools you should start using now, and the pastoral implications for AI for every church leader. Follow Follow   This episode is sponsored by: If you’re looking to level up your leadership and level up your church, I'm hosting my very first conference — the Art of Leadership LIVE — in Dallas, Texas, from September 16th-18th.  It's time to break free from what's been holding you back. You can secure your spot by visiting Our friends at TENx10 are committed to making faith matter more to the next generation, and right now, they’re offering you a free five-minute assessment called the Relational Discipleship Inventory that measures your youth ministry’s efforts. Visit today to complete your free assessment!     TIMESTAMPS: Discussion on the threats of AI (00:05:53) Ethical considerations in technology development (00:13:21) Worst Case Scenarios for AI (00:21:57) Best Case Scenarios for AI (00:25:49) Perplexity and Beautiful AI (00:29:40) Comparison of Cloud and ChatGPT (00:32:09) Training Data and Applications of Language Models (00:35:11) Conversational AI and its Importance (00:38:50) Ecclesia's Agenda (00:42:34) Church's response to AI (00:46:56) Integration of AI in ministry (00:48:27) Understanding and using AI responsibly (00:50:07) Transparency and disclosure with AI usage (00:54:49) Ethical Use of AI (01:02:01) Humanizing Tasks with AI (01:03:46) AI in Church Ministry (01:07:43) Empowering with AI (01:09:12) Responsibility and regulation (01:12:47)     Brought to you by
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  • CNLP 655 | William Ury On How To Fire Underperforming Staff and Handle Angry Church Members, De-Escalating Nuclear Conflict with Donald Trum

    6 GIU 2024 · William Ury, co-founder of the Harvard Program on Negotiation and one of the world's leading experts on negotiation, coaches leaders on how to fire underperforming staff and handle angry church members. Plus, he shares strategies and tactics he's used negotiating with Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un (and Dennis Rodman), de-escalating nuclear conflict and negotiating peace in the Middle East. Follow Follow   This episode is sponsored by: Our friends at Gloo are offering your church free, unlimited texting for up to three groups. This is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your church's communication strategy efficiently. Don’t let this opportunity pass by. Visit Out of the 168 hours in a week, how many hours does your church actually have the full attention of your people? That’s where Subsplash comes in. Today you can join 17,000 other churches who partner with Subsplash to go beyond Sunday and make disciples. Go to to get $500 off when you sign up.   TIMESTAMPS: William Ury's background and expertise (00:03:07) The impact of Ury's paper on Middle East peace negotiations (00:07:48) The role of anthropology in negotiation (00:15:53) Case study: Camp David negotiations (00:19:06) Reframing positions into Interests (00:33:41) Averting Nuclear War (00:36:33) Trump's Victory Speech (00:38:35) Meeting Dennis Rodman (00:39:32) Negotiating with Kim Jong Un (00:41:14) The Framework (00:45:53) Negotiating with yourself (00:47:02) Negotiation strategies (00:57:16) The Third Side (00:57:46) Leadership and conflict resolution (01:00:30) Congregational conflict (01:01:54) Negotiation and compromise (01:03:48) Conflict in staff management (01:11:26) Dealing with employee layoffs (01:15:20) Handling emotionally charged situations (01:16:26) Negotiating with a president (01:20:03) Managing conflict in a congregational setting (01:24:40) Navigating turbulent times in the church (01:32:04) Negotiation insights (01:34:43) The role of the church in conflict resolution (01:55:56)     Brought to you by
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  • CNLP 654 | Matt Chandler Opens Up About Hitting the Wall, Lessons from His Leave of Absence After His Instagram Incident, And How to Revital

    4 GIU 2024 · Matt Chandler joins the conversation today and opens up about hitting the wall in his late thirties. He discusses recovering from a dead heart and from brain cancer, lessons he learned from his leave of absence after an Instagram exchange, and gives some incredibly insightful lessons on how to revitalize a dying church. Follow Follow   This episode is sponsored by: I recently took a look at the list of leaders who are registered for my first ever conference this September in Dallas, Texas - The Art of Leadership Live and let me tell you, it's shaping up to be quite a stellar group of people. I'm already excited to connect with a number of people I've met before — some of whom have even been guests on this podcast You can learn more by visiting Strike the work-life balance you deserve. Text CAREY to 55123 to receive a free download of Belay's eBook, Rise Up & Lead Well. Or visit   TIMESTAMPS: Impact of childhood experiences on extroversion (00:07:05) Realization of calling to ministry (00:09:01) Struggles and self-awareness in late 30s (00:15:36) The impact of childhood on identity (00:19:26) Communication style and personal experiences (00:22:50) Revitalization of Village Church (00:29:01) Challenges and changes in leadership (00:31:06) Challenges of church growth (00:36:26) Lessons from mistakes (00:43:08) Facing personal crisis (00:47:18) Empathy for those in distress (00:56:57) Lessons from a ministry interruption (00:59:30) Power imbalance and influence (01:08:37) Enduring marriage and leadership (01:11:42) Living out the Gospel in daily life (01:17:43) The Overcomers Podcast and Book (01:20:52)   Brought to you by
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  • CNLP 653 | Ken Costa on The 100 Trillion Dollar Wealth Transfer, When Millennials and Gen Z Inherit Unprecedented Money, and The Keys to Wea

    28 MAG 2024 · Global investment banker, financier, and philanthropist Ken Costa talks about the 100 trillion dollar wealth transfer that's happening over the next decade as Boomers pass on their wealth to their Millennial and Gen Z children. He discusses what happens when the next generation inherits that much money and the key to wealth for beginning investors. Follow Follow   This episode is sponsored by: Forward-thinking pastors are turning to texting—a direct and effective way to reach your congregation. Our partners at Gloo are offering free, unlimited texting to up to three groups in your system. Visit What if I told you that you can get a personalized assessment of your youth ministry in just 5 minutes? Well, now you can! To complete your free Relational Discipleship Inventory and access other expertly curated resources, visit today.   TIMESTAMPS: Misconceptions about money and faith (00:10:45) Compound interest and investment (00:22:16) The $100 trillion wealth transfer (00:25:40) Influence of wealth transfer on the housing market (00:28:44) Impact of technology and inheritance (00:32:06) Generational divide and church's role (00:35:16) Technology's empowering role (00:38:49) Preparing for the wealth transfer (00:43:09) Churches and estate planning (00:46:05) The vision for generational unity (00:50:29) Financial advice for younger generations (00:52:31)   Brought to you by
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  • CNLP 652 | Rethinking Rest: 4 Strategies To Sustain Peak Leadership Performance

    23 MAG 2024 · 41% of Americans experience burnout after taking time off in the summer. In this episode, Carey breaks down why rest isn't enough to sustain a leader. He explains what's at stake when you return from vacation (or Sabbatical) and continue to lead tired. Carey outlines four strategies that will help you sustain peak leadership performance after you return from your summer break. Follow Follow   This episode is sponsored by: My program, At Your Best, is a proven strategy to get your time, energy, and priorities working in your favor — not against you. Ready to start building the life you’ve only dreamed of? Visit With a single click of a button you can actually turn your message into small group guidance, devotions, social media content, and more. Visit and use code CAREY at checkout   TIMESTAMPS: The problem with time off (00:00:02)  Rethinking rest (00:01:00)  The impact of burnout (00:02:02)  The importance of sustainable pace (00:04:02)  Time and energy audit (00:15:09)  Categorical decision making (00:17:53)  Managing energy (00:21:40)  Finding non-work focus (00:24:23)   Brought to you by  
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  • CNLP 651 | Rich Birch on What Growing Churches Are Doing Right Now, The First 100 Days of a New Attender's Journey, Creating a Compelling In

    21 MAG 2024 · UnSeminary's Rich Birch returns to the podcast to talk about what growing churches are doing right now, the first 100 days of a new attender's journey at your church, whether to live stream or not live stream your services, and how to create a compelling invite culture at your church. If you're looking for a conversation about practical church growth, this is it! Follow Follow   This episode is sponsored by: With texting, your messages are guaranteed to be seen. Thanks to our friends at Gloo, you don’t need to squeeze another subscription into your budget to make it happen. Visit With Overflow+ Tap, your church can now tap their phone against the seat in front of them and instantly be transported to your giving page. Head to to learn more.   Brought to you by   TIMESTAMPS Church growth trends and diversity (00:07:21)  Increasing Diversity in Churches (00:15:02)  The Impact of Diversity on Church Attendance (00:19:39) Streamlining Newcomer Pathways (00:21:09)  The 100-Day Connection Window (00:22:07)  The Shift from Foyer to Online Engagement (00:24:46)  Creating Accessible Encounters (00:26:13)  Building Community Spaces (00:29:37)  Challenges of engaging online attendees (00:31:18)  Impact of church decisions on culture engagement (00:35:11)  Building a Compelling Volunteer Experience (00:44:51)  Understanding the Diffusion of Innovation Curve (00:45:42)  Equipping People for Invite Culture (00:46:33)  Strategies for Creating an Invite Culture (00:49:28)  Leveraging Shareable Weekend Teaching (00:52:41) Strategic use of events and gimmicks (01:04:50)  Differentiating Sundays (01:11:28)  The invite culture litmus test (01:13:26)  Leveraging time change Sunday (01:16:28)  Building strategies around data (01:17:14)  Unlocking invite culture (01:18:03)  
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  • CNLP 650 | Gavin Adams on Why Leading a Church is Harder Than Leading a Business, Overcoming Your Insecurity When Working With Gifted People

    14 MAG 2024 · Dr. Gavin Adams, former Woodstock City Church Lead Pastor and entrepreneur, talks about why leading a church is harder than leading a business. He also discusses overcoming your insecurity as a leader when working with gifted people and offers top advice from Home Depot, Popeye's, and Coca-Cola on leading and scaling change. Follow Follow   This episode is sponsored by: You can keep learning from your own mistakes, or you can fast-track your growth and learn directly from people who have been in your shoes before—including me. I'm active in the Art of Leadership Academy community almost every day each week, and it's truly me... not a bot, AI, or team member. You can learn more and join today at Leave worrying and agonizing in the past — it's time to start GROWING as a leader and as a church. Has there ever been a more distracting time to be alive? Subsplash puts the best of today’s technology into the hands of churches—to help you break through the noise and make disciples. Go to to get $500 off when you sign up.   Brought to you by  
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The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast is a podcast all about leadership, change and personal growth. The goal? To help you lead like never before—in your church or in your business....

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The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast is a podcast all about leadership, change and personal growth. The goal? To help you lead like never before—in your church or in your business. Carey interviews top business and church leaders like Seth Godin, Adam Grant, Nancy Duarte, Simon Sinek, Cal Newport, Patrick Lencioni, Tim Keller, Annie F. Downs, Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, Rob Pelinka, Michael Hyatt, Christine Caine, John Mark Comer, Henry Cloud, Gordon MacDonald, Francis Chan, Lysa TerKeurst, Ian Morgan Cron and many more. For insightful posts on leadership, change and personal growth, episode transcripts and podcast show notes, go to
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