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The Car Throttle Podcast

  • Ep 40: What It's Like Getting Pulled Over For Speeding (feat. Queen B)

    31 MAG 2021 · This week, we're joined by special guest Queen B to discuss getting pulled over, life as a YouTuber and things that grind your gears!
    1 h 12 min. 30 sec.
  • Ep 39: Why You Shouldn't Practice Left-Foot Braking On A Public Road

    17 MAG 2021 · This week on the Car Throttle Podcast, we're joined by DannyDC2 to discuss the dangers of left-foot braking and what to do if you lock yourself in your own car.
    1 h 10 min. 2 sec.
  • Ep 38: What It's Like To Crash At The Nurburgring

    10 MAG 2021 · On this week's Car Throttle Podcast, we speak to YouTuber DannyDC2 about his 100mph Nurburgring crash, as well as answering your questions and emails!
    1 h 11 min. 20 sec.
  • Ep 37: Will Petrol Cars Always Exist?

    3 MAG 2021 · On this week's Car Throttle Podcast, Ethan asks an impossible question, Gareth tells us about the times he chased a giraffe, and we answer your car-buying questions!
    59 min. 16 sec.
  • Ep 36: Are Delivery Drivers The Worst?

    26 APR 2021 · On this week's Car Throttle Podcast, Alex vents about delivery drivers, Jack shines a spotlight on a YouTube channel he's been enjoying, and Gareth reveals what's happened with his M4!
    1 h 4 min. 18 sec.
  • Ep 35: The Stupid Mistakes We Make While Driving

    12 APR 2021 · On this week's Car Throttle Podcast, Ethan tells us about the time he ran a red light, we discuss 'policing done right' and argue about driving etiquette!
    1 h 3 min. 43 sec.
  • Ep 34: Your Police Questions Answered

    29 MAR 2021 · This week, PC S responds to some of your police questions, we discuss whether you should import a car and Jack hosts 'Guess The Price Of The Car'.
    1 h 17 min. 3 sec.
  • Ep 33: Why Traffic Wardens Don't Deserve Your Hate

    22 MAR 2021 · This week we talk about the prices of cars in Denmark, a frightening acetylene bomb prank and Alex has a new 'Guess The Price Of The Car' game.
    52 min. 16 sec.
  • Ep 32: When A Burnout Goes Wrong

    15 MAR 2021 · This week, we've got a C63 burnout gone wrong, a story from a police officer, and more things that grind our gears!
    1 h 29 sec.
  • Ep 31: Another Car-Buying Scam You Need To Be Aware Of

    8 MAR 2021 · This week, we've got another car-buying scam that you need to be aware of, discuss things that grind your gears and Gareth tests our car knowledge with '20 questions'!
    52 min. 56 sec.
Welcome to The Car Throttle Podcast, where Alex Kersten, Ethan Smale, Jack Joy and occasional special guests air your automotive laundry, offer (probably terrible) advice and reveal their unpopular opinions!

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