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  • BHS - 8A – ‘Tech Tuesday’ with Rich DeMuro | Visa Denied Due to Tattoos

    25 GIU 2024 · KFI's own Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro joins The Bill Handel Show for 'Tech Tuesday'! Rich talks about Amazon setting July 16 & 17 as Prime Day, record labels suing AI music generators, Wells Fargo firing employees for using mouse moving devices, and the latest cellular speed test rankings. Supreme Court rules against LA woman, husband who was denied Visa because of his tattoos. Californians support term limits for local offices poll finds. 
    Ascoltato 24 min. 47 sec.
  • BHS - 7A – Restricting Masks at Protests | Gen Z Taking Parents to Job Interviews

    25 GIU 2024 · L.A officials talk of restricting masks at protests after violent protest. What happens to graffitied oceanwide plaza towers in Downtown LA. Who’s sitting in on that Gen Z job interview? It’s mom and dad. US Olympic team will bring AC units to Paris games.
    Ascoltato 26 min. 40 sec.
  • Handel on the News

    25 GIU 2024 · Neil Saavedra and Heather Brooker join Bill for Handel on the News. Julian Assange is flying back to Australia after a 12-year legal battle. Here is what we know about his US plea deal. Teens pretended to be ICE agents to rob Hispanic people in Southern California, police say. L.A. firefighter hurt in explosion during blaze near homeless camp. ‘I don’t appreciate your tone’: Judge in Trump documents case reprimands prosecutor. China’s Chang’e-6 moon mission returns to Earth with historic far-side samples. South Korean military says 350 waste balloons detected from North Korea overnight as tensions flare. Russia threatens ‘consequences’ for US over Crimea missile strikes.
    Ascoltato 29 min. 46 sec.
  • BHS - 8A – SCOTUS Upholds Domestic Violence Gun Ban | ‘Do They Have a Case’ with Wayne Resnick

    24 GIU 2024 · Supreme Court upholds law barring domestic abusers from owning guns in major Second Amendment ruling. How will this affect California? ‘Do They Have a Case’ with Wayne Resnick.
    Ascoltato 28 min. 4 sec.
  • BHS - 7A – Homeless Services Funding | The Problem with ‘In-Demand’ Jobs

    24 GIU 2024 · Closing the funding lag that drains millions from homeless services. For the first time ever, Gen X saw their 401K balances top those of Baby Boomers. The problem with ‘in-demand’ jobs.
    Ascoltato 26 min. 19 sec.
  • Handel on the News

    24 GIU 2024 · Neil Saavedra and Heather Brooker join Bill for Handel on the News. ‘Excessive Heat’ wave continues across California. Father of 4 shot and killed on Metro train; suspects on the run. California Gov. Gavin Newsom to deliver State of the State address on Tuesday. ‘Intense phase of war with Hamas about to end,’ focus to shift to Lebanon border, Netanyahu says. Shark sighting closes Orange County beach. Teen fatally stabs other teen at Los Angeles Police Department-sponsored street carnival. Saudi Arabia says 1,301 died on Hajj this year. Fauci admits truth about school closures.
    Ascoltato 30 min. 7 sec.
  • BHS – 8A – ‘Foodie Friday’ with Neil Saavedra | This Week's ‘World in Review’

    21 GIU 2024 · KFI food enthusiast and Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra comes on the program to talk about Netflix introducing a new line of popcorn.and the 10 most offensive things you can do at a restaurant  The show closes with this week’s ‘World in Review.’  
    Ascoltato 25 min. 50 sec.
  • BHS - 7A – SCOTUS Upholds Gun Ban | Are Dress Codes Discriminatory?

    21 GIU 2024 · AT&T’s plan to ‘phase out’ landline service in California likely to be denied. Immigration could sway California congressional races, house control. Supreme court votes 8-1 to uphold gun ban for domestic abusers. Are restaurant dress codes discriminatory? Here’s the answer.
    Ascoltato 25 min. 25 sec.
  • Handel on the News

    21 GIU 2024 · Amy King and Neil Saavedra join Bill for Handel on the News. USC student won’t face charges for fatally stabbing burglary suspect. Southwest flight flew just 525ft above Oklahoma town, triggering altitude warning. Mortgage rates fall to their lowest level in almost three months. Trump gets final word at CNN debate after coin flip. US gives Ukraine front-of-the-line privileges for air defense missiles. Family-run retail theft crew in Southern California taken down by L.A. police. New horned dinosaur species discovered ‘largest and most ornate’ of its kind ever found.
    Ascoltato 31 min. 38 sec.
  • BHS - 8A – ‘How to Money’ with Joel Larsgaard | SCOTUS: Decision Making Time

    20 GIU 2024 · Host of ‘How to Money’ on KFI Joel Larsgaard joins the program to talk about Gen Z using Astrology to predict stocks, the stock market ‘bubble of all bubbles’ might be right around the corner, and ‘spaving’… the new trend of spending to save. The Supreme Court have limited time to make blockbuster decision on guns, abortions, government regulations on Facebook and many more. It’s a tense time for the mostly conservative court.
    Ascoltato 25 min. 29 sec.
Bill Handel is heard live Monday-Friday from 6-9am on KFI AM 640. His syndicated show, Handel on the Law, airs every Saturday from 8-11 a.m.

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