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The Best of The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show with Rob McConnell

  • Rob McConnell Interviews - NATHANIEL GILLIS - Demonologist

    30 GEN 2024 · Nathaniel Gillis, known as an esteemed demonologist, is a captivating figure in the realm of the supernatural. With an unwavering dedication to unraveling the mysteries of the infernal, Gillis possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has established him as an authority in his field. With his piercing intellect, he navigates the delicate nuances of demonic lore with ease, elucidating the dark depths of the occult to shed light on ancient summoning rituals, maleficent entities, and the intricate forces that govern their interactions with the mortal world. Gillis's astute observations and cautionary advice are renowned, offering those curious about the supernatural an insightful glimpse into the intricate realm of demons. His patience and unwavering commitment to his mission make him an invaluable resource for both scholars and those in need of protection from the sinister forces that lie beyond human comprehension. Nathaniel Gillis stands as a beacon of wisdom and guidance, bridging the gap between the known and the unknown, compelling us to delve into the shadowy depths of the otherworldly.
    57 min. 42 sec.
  • Rob McConnell Interviews - LARRY LAWSON - Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation

    30 GEN 2024 · LARRY LAWSON - In over 36 years in law enforcement, I Have learned a few things. The most important is the proper gathering and preservation of evidence is vital to putting the "Bad Guy" behind bars. It’s no different in the world of paranormal investigation. Whether it is the search for the afterlife, cryptozoology, extraterrestrials and UFO's, how we gather the evidence of their existence, preserve that evidence and present it to a court of our peers will make the ultimate difference in proving the existence of worlds and entities that are beyond our imagination. Join me on a journey that seeks to prove, with undisputable evidence, what man has struggled to believe for centuries. Join me, Larry Lawson, host of PARANORMAL STAKEOUT coming to The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network. Check out the broadcast schedule for the PARANORMAL STAKEOUT with yours truly, Larry Lawrence at
    57 min. 41 sec.
  • Rob McConnell Interviews - SOPHY JONES - I Saw The Future

    30 GEN 2024 · In 2012, during travelling in another country, S Jones discovered (from a room mate) she would constantly sleep talk. This led Jones to investigate what she was dreaming about at night, from here she discovered the endless entertainment of dreams for the first time in her late twenties. One of the dreams would involve her living a whole life as a man, up until his 40s. One day, Jones shifted her conciousness and found herself in interstellar space in a space vehicle with a heightened IQ and around 3,000 years in the future. This is one of a hundred stories that Jones shares in her "I SAW THE FUTURE" book. Jones started creating a dream journal to track their dreams in 2013. Within five years of focusing on her dreams, Jones was recalling up to five dreams a night. This led to many meditation sessions where Jones was able to shift consciousness into another being in the future. Jones shares this dream journal for purchase for others to benefit from, see "How to remember your dreams".
    57 min. 41 sec.
  • Rob McConnell Interviews - RANDALL SMITH - Helping Spirits and Ghosts Cross Over (Psychopomp)

    30 GEN 2024 · Randall Smith possesses a special sensitivity or connection with the spiritual realm who has devoted himself to helping ghosts and spirits cross over to the other side. These individuals, often referred to as spiritual mediums or paranormal investigators, work with empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of spiritual energies. They offer support and guidance to lost souls and trapped spirits, aiding them in relinquishing their earthly attachments and finding peace. Through various methods such as energy clearing, communication with the spirit realm, and facilitating healing, these helpers create a safe and supportive environment for spirits to transition into the afterlife. Their work not only brings solace to the departed but also brings closure and healing to the living who may be affected by spiritual disturbances.
    57 min. 43 sec.
  • Rob McConnell Interviews - PAUL DALE ROBERTS - The Evil Side of Criminals and Horrific Crimes

    28 GEN 2024 · Paul Dale Roberts is a renowned paranormal investigator whose unwavering passion for uncovering the mysteries of the supernatural realm is matched only by his remarkable expertise and years of experience. With a trailblazing career spanning decades, Paul has elevated the field of paranormal research to new heights, making him a respected authority in his field. Armed with a profound curiosity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he fearlessly ventures into the unknown, unearthing truths that transcend the boundaries of the physical world. Paul's affiliation with Halo, a leading organization dedicated to exploring the paranormal, has allowed him to combine his keen investigative skills with cutting-edge technology, creating a formidable force in the pursuit of the unexplained. Through his meticulous research, spirited demeanor, and genuine empathy towards those affected by the supernatural, Paul embodies a true pioneer in the realm of paranormal investigation. His unwavering determination and dedication have not only revealed invaluable insights into the world of ghosts, aliens, and other mysterious phenomena but have also served as an inspiration to countless aspiring paranormal investigators worldwide.
    57 min. 42 sec.
  • Rob McConnell Interviews - JOE RAINONE - Paranormal New England

    28 GEN 2024 · In April of 2008, several members of various local paranormal investigation groups got together to form Paranormal Boston. This small group, as well as the addition of a few new, talented, carefully-chosen individuals, possess either a strong background in paranormal investigations or they’ve had their own profound paranormal experience. All are open-minded skeptics who take a scientific approach that goes much deeper than looking for unexplained creaks and shadows (like you see on television). Our group’s credibility and professional reputation have led to requests to conduct home and business investigations throughout New England, and we have gained additional recognition via national and local cable television shows, national and local radio shows, local newspapers, trade magazines, books, podcasts and social media. Despite many requests from reality television shows through the years to perform investigations on questionable paranormal cable TV shows, we have made a conscious choice to stay out of the limelight and avoid the reputation that often comes with compromising your values to boost television ratings (and egos). In January of 2018, we changed our name to Paranormal New England to better identify the entire geographical area we have worked in the past, and will continue to work in the future. We are dedicated, and passionate, and here to help our fellow New Englanders should they need us.
    57 min. 42 sec.
  • Rob McConnell Interviews - LOYD AUERBACH - Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations

    28 GEN 2024 · Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations - and author of A PARANORMAL CASEBOOK: Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium, which hit the bookshelves October 1, 2005 His 2004 releases were GHOST HUNTING: How to Investigate the Paranormal and HAUNTINGS & POLTERGEISTS: A Ghost Hunter's Guide (Ronin Publishing). His first book, ESP, HAUNTINGS AND POLTERGEISTS (1986, Warner Books) was named the "Sacred Text"` on ghosts by NEWSWEEK (in August, 1996). PSYCHIC DREAMING (1991, Warner Books; 1999 Barnes & Noble Books), deals with the current understanding of dreams in general and psychic dreams in particular. His third book, REINCARNATION, CHANNELING AND POSSESSION, was published by Warner Books in April, 1993. MIND OVER MATTER (Kensington Books, 1996) focused on the limits human beings set for themselves and on psychokinesis. Auerbach has recounted some of his more interesting paranormal investigations on a two audio-CD set called GHOST STORIES (Michael Scott Studios, 2001). In addition, he has a video lecture ("Exploring the Real-Life X-FILES: GHOSTS) and video seminar (with psychic Annette Martin). available. The seminar, GHOST HUNTING IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM, is a 5-plus hour video seminar that also offers a test of one's knowledge in order to become a part of the Office of Paranormal's referral network. In 1999, he released the first videotape on "The Haunting of the USS Hornet" (a haunted WWII era aircraft carrier in Alameda , CA ). He was a Consulting Editor & columnist for FATE Magazine, a 50+ year old national publication dealing with the "unexplained," from the beginning of 1991 to the end of 2004. He was President of the Psychic Entertainers Association (PEA) from 2001 - 2005. The PEA is an international organization of psychic entertainers (performers of including mentalism, bizarre magick, hypnotism, cold reading, and allied arts). He is immediate past President of the California Society for Psychical Study (repeating a run from 1988-92), and was 1989 President of Assembly 112 of the Society of American Magicians, making him the first parapsychologist to have actively served as an officer of both a psychical research group and a magicians' organization. He has been one of the very few parapsychologists active in both psychical research and mentalists and magicians' organizations -- -- he's also served as Chairman of the San Francisco Bay Area magician/mentalist group Club 53. -
    57 min. 58 sec.
  • Rob McConnell Interviews - JUNE LUNDGREN - Claims To Be An Archangel

    28 GEN 2024 · She a psychic, medium, demon seer, healer, animal communicator, international author and nurse. She is descended from a long line of women with psychic and spiritual gifts. Raised by her maternal grandmother she communicated with spirits, animals and angels. She is called a demon seer because she can see, hear, communicate and has the ability to remove negative entities. She has been helping people with their paranormal problems, animal issues most of her life. Her first book, A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal, was released in 2009. Since then She has written seven more books including: A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal, The DarkSide of the Paranormal, Paranormal Encounters, Paranormal Encounters Book 2, Outta Time, Demon Seekers: the Journey Begins. She is currently completing her eighth book entitled Demon Seer: The Beginning. *** AND NOW *** The ‘X’ Zone TV Channel on SimulTV - The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper - The ‘X’ Zone Universe -
    57 min. 43 sec.
  • Rob McConnell Interviews - DALE KACZMAREK - President of Ghost Research in Chicago,Illinois

    28 GEN 2024 · Dale Kaczmarek is a renowned paranormal investigator and writer known for his contributions to the field of ghost research. His passion for the supernatural and his dedication to uncovering the truth behind alleged haunted locations have made him a prominent figure in the paranormal community. Kaczmarek has conducted extensive investigations at various haunted sites and has written extensively about his findings. His books and articles provide valuable insights into the world of ghosts, spirits, and the unexplained, making him a trusted source among enthusiasts and researchers alike. Kaczmarek's work has not only shed light on paranormal phenomena but has also inspired others to delve deeper into the mysteries of the supernatural.
    57 min. 44 sec.
  • Rob McConnell Interviews - PETER METZNER - Dreams, Synchronicity, Coincidences and Shadows

    28 GEN 2024 · Peter is a,, who through presentations, workshops, seminars, coaching and consulting helps leaders, teams and organizations better engage and align staff to business drivers and the organization's mission. Peter helps leaders develop the self-awareness, self-mastery and interpersonal skills that enable sustainable high performance and high functioning teams. Through experiential learning and a practical down to earth style, clients learn to implement behaviors that lead to greater individual, team and organizational effectiveness. Peter's focus includes: preventing executive derailment, transformational leadership and creating high performing teams. His approach focuses on clients creating self reinforcing and sustainable positive movement leading towards personal and professional breakthroughs and sustainable organizational effectiveness. Peter is a certified Peoplemap™ Trainer. He is also Everything DISC and MBTI certified. He has served as Vice President of Client Relations and Program Development for Before joining the Trust, he was employed by the, where he helped customize executive development and training programs for major businesses and corporations. Peter also taught Psychology at Vance Granville Community College. Currently Peter facilitates seminars on Leadership and High Performing Teams at UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University Medical Center and The International Coaching Federation. He has recently been the Keynote Speaker for the Georgia University System's Staff Council Conference.
    57 min. 42 sec.

Welcome to The 'X' Zone.... a place where Fact is Fiction and Fiction is Reality where Canadian broadcaster, the host, creator, and executive producer, Rob McConnell has been at the...

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Welcome to The 'X' Zone.... a place where Fact is Fiction and Fiction is Reality where Canadian broadcaster, the host, creator, and executive producer, Rob McConnell has been at the helm of this Internationally syndicated terrestrial radio, TV and satellite program since 1990.

Topics that are discussed with those that Rob interviews from around the world include:

11:11, 2012, 666: The Number Of The Beast, 9/11, Alien Abduction, Aliens, Angels, Apocalypse, Astrology, Atlantis, The Bible, Chinese Astrology, Conspiracy Theories, Cosmology, Crop Circles, Cryptozoology, Crystals, Demonology, Dreams And Dream Interpretation, Electronic Voice Phenomena, End Times, End-Time Prophecies, ESP, Exorcism, Extraterrestrial Communication, Fairies, Forbidden Knowledge, Ghosts, Government Cover-ups, Hauntings, Herbalism, Kennedy Assassination, Kirlian Photography, Life After Death, Lost Tribes And Civilizations, Mind Over Matter, Near-Death Experience, Nostradamus, Numerology, Occult, Ouija Boards, Palmistry, Paranormal Hoaxes And Frauds, Paranormal, Parapsychology, Past Life Regression, Precognition, PSI, Psychic Phenomena, Psychic Phenomenon, Psychic Surgery, Raelians, Reincarnation, Remote Viewing, Sacred Geometry, Science Fiction, Séances, Shadow People, Shamanism, Spiritualists, Tarot Cards, The Apocalypse, The Bermuda Triangle, The Dalai Lama, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Michigan Triangle, Time Travel, UFO Crashes, UFOs, Unsolved Mysteries, Vile Vortices, VooDoo, Wicca, Zombies and much more!

Since 1990, Rob has interviewed more than 4,500 guests, a list of which can be view at

To read what guests have said about their visit to The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show, go to

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Now, our The Best of The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show with Rob McConnell
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