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  • The OpenAI Shakeup

    23 NOV 2023 · Carl and Brian explain what the Sam Altman drama means for software develoipers. OpenAI's board approached Anthropic CEO about top job and merger OpenAI Charter New Yorker Radio Hour Podcast with Geoffrey Hinton: Before Altman’s Ouster, OpenAI’s Board Was Divided and Feuding (NY Times) Toner's Paper: Unauthorized “David Attenborough” AI clone narrates developer’s life, goes viral UPDATE: OpenAI Made an AI Breakthrough Before Altman Firing, Stoking Excitement and Concern
    19 min. 50 sec.
  • The Chip Wars and Other Developments

    19 NOV 2023 · This week we talk about the Chip Wars, HBM memory, develolpments in China, Microsoft Semantic Kernel, crazy uncle Elon, Github, and "This week in hallucinations." Super Intelligence (Book) The Age of Spriitual Machines (Book) AGI Artificial General Intelligence NVIDIA: GPU Supply Issues Involve Packaging, Not Chip Wafers Elon Musk "GPUs are harder to buy than Drugs" HBM High Bandwidth Memory SK hynix Develops Industry’s First 12-Layer HBM3, Provides Samples to Customers (Video) Behind the Scenes: Scaling ChatGPT ChatGPT Cancels Subscriptions due to Usage,based%20on%20its%20new%20abilities Nvidia unveils H200, its newest high-end chip for training AI models U.S. in game of "catch me if you can" with Nvidia on rules, state-controlled China newspaper says Microsoft announces custom AI chip that could compete with Nvidia Measuring Hallucinations in RAG Systems Musk says X subscribers will get early access to xAI’s chatbot, Grok The Inflection Point of Large Language Models with Grant Barrett Anime Rock, Paper Scisors (YouTube) Did We Just Change Animation Forever? (YouTube) Turn drawings into code with GPT-4 Vision (Tweet) LangChain Expands Collaboration with Microsoft Microsoft Semantic Kernel Github Copilot transforms GitHub into the AI-powered developer platform Github Copilot Workspace
    29 min. 21 sec.
  • Announcements from OpenAI DevDay and Other News

    10 NOV 2023 · There were a lot of announcements this week: - GPT-4 Turbo with 128K context and 3x lower prices - Increased rate limits - New APIs: Assistants, Dall-E 3, Whisper 3, Text to Speech with 6 voices. - Reproducible outputs, seeds - Fine-tuning for GPT 3.5 16k, GPT-4 - Copyright Shield - Updated knowledge to April 2023 New models and developer products announced at OpenAI DevDay Introducing GPTs Prompt engineering for Claude's long context window Greg Kamradt on Twitter Sam Altman on Twitter Meet Grok: Elon Musk's AI offering Elon Musk’s Grok chatbot: What you need to know about xAI’s ChatGPT competitor Chinese AI unicorn’s 34B LLM outperforms larger Llama 2 and Falcon models
    55 min. 19 sec.
  • What's Next?

    3 NOV 2023 · New leaks about upcoming developments with OpenAI, GitHub, and Microsoft. OpenAI DevDay Conference Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot – your copilot for work Google Bard ingests your Drive and Gmail data OpenAI acquires Global Illumination (August, 2023) (Video) The AI Bot Show episode 5 - The State of Agents Anthropic Raises Big Money (Video) Behind the Scenes: Scaling ChatGPT Boston Dynamics Talking Dog video Shield AI raises $165M at a $2.3B valuation to fuel development of its military autonomous flying systems There Are So Many Explosives-Laden Drones Flying Over Southern Ukraine That They’re Running Into Each Other Ukraine Drone Losses Are '10,000 Per Month' Ukraine's "Army of Drones" tells CBS News $40 million worth of Russian military hardware destroyed in a month White House Issues Executive Order on AI Countries at a UK summit pledge to tackle AI's potentially 'catastrophic' risks
    23 min. 4 sec.
Carl Franklin and Brian MacKay discuss the week's newsworthy stories in the world of AI from a software engineering perspective.

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