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  • Unlocking Revenue Growth: Proven Sales Strategies with Simon Severino

    11 GIU 2024 · Welcome to another insightful episode of The Advisory Board Podcast, where we connect you with industry experts to provide actionable advice for driving your business and franchise success. Today's episode is brought to you by our sponsor, ClientTether. We are delighted to have the exceptional Simon Severino with us. Simon, the CEO and founder of Strategy Sprints, is a renowned expert in accelerating revenue, enhancing creative sourcing, and increasing close rates. You may have come across him on social media or one of his 1,300 podcast appearances. He's a Forbes author, top TEDx speaker, and triathlete, with a wealth of knowledge that we're excited to tap into today. Introduction and Background Simon began by sharing his journey of falling in love with strategy 22 years ago. As a strategy advisor, he realized the immense importance of having an executable go-to-market strategy. His passion led him to focus solely on this critical area, developing a deep expertise that he now shares through his company, Strategy Sprints. Core Topics We delved into three main pillars to help businesses thrive: Increasing Pricing Power: Simon emphasized the importance of positioning and branding before increasing prices. By positioning your offering as a high-value solution, price becomes a secondary concern. He shared a practical exercise using the positioning tool, which asks three crucial questions to frame your value proposition effectively. Improving Win Rates: The key to increasing win rates is reducing talk time during sales calls. Simon recommends a talk time of 28% and listening for the remaining 72%. This approach builds trust and demonstrates that you understand the client's needs. He outlined a method involving eight steps and powerful questions for each stage of the sales process, ensuring a structured and effective approach to closing deals. Accelerating Sales Velocity: Simon shared strategies to shorten the sales cycle by 25%, such as creating valuable email sequences that partially solve the client's problems. He also discussed the importance of leveraging current clients for referrals and addressing their pain points to turn dissatisfied customers into advocates. Current Industry Trends Simon provided valuable insights into the current economic landscape, noting a decline in sales for lower-tier products while high-ticket items remain stable. This trend underscores the need for businesses to focus on high-value offerings and ensure their pipelines are robust and reliable. Actionable Tips Increase Pricing Power: Position your brand effectively, emphasizing the unique value you bring to clients. Improve Win Rates: Listen more than you talk, ask powerful questions, and ensure your sales process is structured and repeatable. Accelerate Sales Velocity: Use email sequences to add value and leverage client feedback for referrals. Final Thoughts Simon shared his own experiences of refining his sales approach, highlighting the importance of humility and continuous improvement. He also stressed the need for a sales coach to provide an external perspective and keep your strategies aligned with client needs. Engagement and Resources For those interested in diving deeper into these strategies, Simon's book "Strategy Sprints" is available on Amazon. You can also visit for more resources and to connect with Simon directly. Follow him on YouTube (Simon Severino High Ticket Sales) and X (Twitter) at @SimonSeverino for more insights. Closing Remarks We wrapped up the episode by discussing creative sourcing and lead generation strategies. Simon highlighted the importance of sharing valuable content and engaging with your audience authentically. By focusing on making people smarter, richer, or happier, you can create content that resonates and attracts potential clients. Thank you for tuning into this episode of The Advisory Board Podcast. We hope you found Simon's insights as inspiring and actionable as we did. Don't forget to check out our sponsor, ClientTether, for all your sales automation needs. Until next time, keep pushing the boundaries and driving your business to new heights!
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  • Building a Franchise on Faith: The Footprints Floors Story

    4 GIU 2024 · Welcome to another episode of The Advisory Board Podcast, where we bring industry experts to help us understand the intricacies of running responsible and successful franchises. This episode is proudly sponsored by ClientTether. Thank you, ClientTether, for your continued support. In this episode, we dive into the inspiring journey of Bryan Park, founder and CEO of Footprints Floors, a flourishing flooring franchise based in Colorado. Bryan's story is a testament to how Faith can profoundly impact franchise success and community building. Bryan shares that his business journey is deeply intertwined with his faith. He doesn't see himself as the architect of his success but as a steward of a mission he believes is guided by a higher power. "The Lord built this thing," Bryan humbly states, emphasizing his role as a caretaker rather than a creator. Footprints Floors has grown remarkably, boasting 90 franchisees and over 170 locations nationwide within just five years. This rapid expansion, Bryan insists, is not a result of his doing but a reflection of his faith-driven approach. His philosophy is simple: show up, serve, and let faith guide the way. Bryan's journey into the flooring business started in an unexpected way. After a stint in the Air Force and a plan to become a civil engineer, fate intervened when his dogs destroyed his carpet. Watching a hired professional install new floors, Bryan realized he could do the same. This serendipitous event led him to launch Footprints Floors in 2008, amid a challenging economic landscape. Despite starting with $40,000 in debt and a precarious financial situation, Bryan trusted in his faith. His story is not just one of business acumen but of resilience, humility, and unwavering belief. He recounts working without pay for six months during the 2008 financial crisis, prioritizing his employees' wages over his own. His loyalty and faith culminated in a turning point when he was let go from his job, pushing him to fully commit to his own business. Footprints Floors was born out of a period of significant personal and financial strain. Yet, Bryan believes this was when the Lord was carrying him, a sentiment that inspired the company's name, derived from the famous "Footprints in the Sand" poem. This ethos is embedded in the company’s DNA and is reflected in its culture and operations. Bryan's faith informs every decision at Footprints Floors, from business strategies to team building. He emphasizes that their faith is not compartmentalized; it permeates every aspect of the business. This holistic approach creates a unique culture that prioritizes trust, love, and community. A striking example of this is Joyful Light Youth Theater, a community initiative Bryan and his wife run, involving about 400 participants. This project, though demanding, is a labor of love and a way to give back. Bryan's leadership in this venture mirrors his approach at Footprints Floors—rooted in faith and service. The inclusive culture at Footprints Floors stands out in the franchise industry. Despite being led by Christians, the company does not discriminate based on faith, race, or orientation. Bryan proudly notes that their team includes people from diverse backgrounds, including LGBTQ individuals, Jewish and Muslim franchisees, and many who have never set foot in a church. This inclusivity, he explains, is a core Christian value of loving one's neighbor. Maintaining this culture amidst rapid growth is a challenge Footprints Floors meets through strong leadership and continuous engagement with franchisees. Regular webinars, annual conventions, and personal interactions help reinforce their values and ensure everyone feels part of a supportive community. Bryan's humility and focus on serving others have cultivated a strong, supportive culture at Footprints Floors. He believes that true leadership is about service and humility, a lesson he embodies daily. In conclusion, Bryan's story is a powerful reminder of the impact of faith in business. His journey shows that integrating faith into business practices can lead to not only financial success but also create a positive, inclusive, and supportive community. As Bryan aptly puts it, "We can't serve two masters. Serve the Lord, and everything else will take care of itself." Thank you again to ClientTether for sponsoring this episode. Join us next time on The Advisory Board Podcast for more insights from industry leaders. Until then, remember to lead with faith and integrity in all your endeavors.
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  • Daniel Stein's Journey: Faith Amid Franchise Struggles

    14 MAG 2024 · In this enriching episode of The Advisory Board Podcast, brought to you by our generous sponsor ClientTether, we dive deep into the inspirational journey of Daniel Stein, the CEO and Founder of Special Strong. Daniel’s story is one of faith, perseverance, and the transformative power of franchising. From humble beginnings, starting his first business at the tender age of 17 with an arbitrage of broken phones and random household items, to the impactful enterprise he runs today, Daniel's path has been anything but ordinary. His journey into franchising began with a vision shared by a friend from church. This vision evolved rapidly following a life-altering moment when a video showcasing the progress of a client named Brandon went viral, illustrating Brandon walking again thanks to Special Strong’s training program. Faced with overwhelming demand and limited by geographical boundaries, Daniel was propelled into the franchising world to expand his mission. Daniel discusses how a few pivotal moments reshaped his life’s work, leading to the establishment of Special Strong, a brand dedicated not just to business, but to making a profound impact on lives. He shares heartfelt stories of how his services have helped special needs youth and adults gain independence, combat depression, and improve physically, which he feels brings an abundant life to his clients, as echoed in John 10:10, a guiding scripture for their work. The core of Special Strong’s philosophy lies in its foundational values, deeply rooted in biblical verses, shaping not only business strategies but also fostering an inclusive, faith-based community. Despite societal expectations, Daniel emphasizes that building a business on faith principles doesn’t create barriers but invites a diverse clientele united by shared values. In a candid revelation about the pains of franchising, Daniel opens up about the challenges he faced—from self-funding and incurring debt to dealing with misaligned partners. However, he highlights the invaluable support of coaches like Gerry Henley and technology that empowers franchisees to focus on strategic growth rather than day-to-day operations. Daniel credits his resilience to the strong support network including his wife, Trinity, and friends who've stood by him through thick and thin, underscoring the importance of community in navigating the arduous journey of franchising. This episode not only sheds light on the unique challenges of expanding a faith-based business but also serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the strength found in collective support and shared values. Special thanks to ClientTether, whose support makes it possible to share these powerful narratives that inspire and educate our listeners about the transformative potential of faith in franchising. Join us next time on The Advisory Board Podcast, where we continue to explore compelling stories of leadership, innovation, and impact. Stay tuned and stay inspired!
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  • The Key to Thriving Home Service Franchises

    30 APR 2024 · Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Advisory Board Podcast! In this session, we delve into the intriguing world of franchising with Tony Hulbert, the dynamic CEO of Horsepower, a brand that's revolutionizing the franchising landscape by easing operational burdens for franchisees. First off, a huge thank you to ClientTether for sponsoring today’s episode. Their support helps bring these insightful discussions to all of you! Today's chat starts with Dave Hansen highlighting Horsepower's innovative approach, which significantly lightens the load for franchise operators, allowing them to focus more on growth and less on the grind. Tony’s journey is as fascinating as it is instructive. Starting in the PepsiCo system, moving through roles as a franchise operator in the nutrition space, and now leading Horsepower, Tony brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective on building and scaling successful franchise models. Tony shared insights into the “Z services” platform at Horsepower, which provides a suite of essential services like bookkeeping, marketing, and recruiting to franchisees, effectively addressing common business pain points. This model not only simplifies operations but also allows franchisees to concentrate on what they do best: expanding their business. An essential part of our discussion was the critical role of data in franchising. Tony emphasized the importance of having a robust data strategy that begins with understanding customer interactions and extends through detailed performance metrics across the business. He outlined how Horsepower develops key performance indicators (KPIs) that guide franchisees from the launch phase through to established operations, ensuring a clear path to success. Furthermore, Tony touched upon the strategic thinking behind Horsepower’s branding and market positioning. He explained the importance of aligning franchise operations with consumer expectations and market dynamics, ensuring that every franchise unit is not just a business but a well-oiled machine capable of sustained growth and customer satisfaction. As we wrapped up the episode, Tony reflected on the broader implications of their work at Horsepower, highlighting how they’re setting new standards in the franchising industry by integrating innovative practices that respond directly to evolving market needs and franchisee feedback. Thank you once again to ClientTether for making this episode possible. Their commitment to enhancing customer relationships mirrors our discussion today on building strong, supportive, and successful franchise networks. Tune in next time for more insights from the front lines of franchising on The Advisory Board Podcast. Until then, keep striving and thriving in all your business endeavors!
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  • Maximizing Franchise Potential: Brand & Team Strategy

    23 APR 2024 · Welcome to another episode of The Advisory Board Podcast, generously sponsored by ClientTether. Today’s episode features the marketing maven from Hot Dish Advertising Group, Jen Campbell, and hosted by Dave Hansen. Hot Dish, celebrated for consecutive years as the top marketing agency by Entrepreneur Magazine, is praised not only for its innovative marketing strategies but also for its admirable treatment of staff. Jen kicks off the conversation with insights into the universe of franchise marketing. Hot Dish's methodical approach involves a comprehensive service suite designed to magnify franchise brands’ reach and efficacy across three critical areas: consumer promise, franchise development lead generation, and employee engagement. Her strategy, known as the "connected brand strategy," ensures alignment across these areas, setting a foundation for sustainable growth. Dave and Jen delve into the nuances of maintaining a robust brand promise, a theme that underpins much of today’s discussion. They explore the Chick-fil-A model as an epitome of operational consistency and brand loyalty, driven by meticulous attention to customer experience at every touchpoint. This model not only attracts consumers but also inspires potential franchisees and employees by showcasing the franchise's values and operational excellence. The dialogue transitions into a detailed examination of strategic marketing, emphasizing the importance of understanding the target market to craft precise messages that resonate deeply with potential franchisees and consumers. Jen illustrates how a nuanced understanding of each segment allows Hot Dish to craft bespoke marketing strategies that enhance visibility and engagement, thereby accelerating growth. In dissecting franchise marketing challenges, Jen highlights the pivotal role of employees in delivering the brand promise. She argues for targeted recruitment strategies that align with the brand’s core values and operational needs, ensuring that each franchise unit operates at its peak potential. The episode not only serves as a treasure trove of strategic insights for franchise owners and marketers but also underscores the importance of integrated strategies that consider every facet of the franchise business model. This holistic approach not only optimizes marketing spend but also fosters a cohesive brand experience that benefits consumers, employees, and franchisees alike. Before wrapping up, Dave extends a heartfelt thanks to ClientTether for their support of the podcast, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in driving forward the conversations that shape the landscape of franchise marketing. For listeners eager to dive deeper into franchise marketing strategies or to engage with Hot Dish Advertising, Jen invites them to reach out through their official communication channels. This episode is a must-listen for anyone involved in or interested in the intricate dance of franchise marketing — where brand promises are not just made but are kept, rigorously and consistently.
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  • Transform your FranDev marketing strategy

    16 APR 2024 · Welcome back to another enriching episode of The Advisory Board Podcast, where the world of franchising is demystified with insights you can actually use to boost your business savvy. A huge shout-out to ClientTether for sponsoring this enlightening conversation! Today, we dive deep with franchising powerhouse Liane Caruso, whose expertise spans a commendable 15 years across both agency and brand marketing. Liane, the visionary behind Hello CMO and co-founder of the Let’s Grow event and Franchise Assembly Group, generously unpacks her treasure trove of knowledge on franchise development and marketing strategies. Liane kicks off by sharing the overwhelming success of the inaugural Let’s Grow event in Dallas, hinting at the exciting expansion of the event to Toronto. She underscores the importance of these gatherings as a nexus for thought leaders in franchise marketing, particularly through the lens of her mastermind groups which are dedicated to enhancing the strategic prowess of CMOs within the franchise industry. A significant part of the conversation pivots to the common hurdles franchisors face in the industry. Liane points out the foundational missteps in budgeting for franchise candidate acquisition, emphasizing the disparity between expectations and reality. She stresses the critical need for a marketing-savvy approach in franchise sales campaigns, highlighting how often sales teams, unaided by marketing expertise, miss the mark on effective engagement strategies. Diving deeper, Liane and host Dave Hansen debate the often contentious relationship between marketing and sales teams within franchising organizations. They advocate for a symbiotic relationship where both departments leverage their strengths to achieve common business goals. Liane argues for strategic alignment and consistency across branding and campaign efforts, which she believes are essential for gaining a competitive edge. The duo also explores modern challenges in franchise development, including how to effectively utilize various digital platforms and the importance of a multi-touch marketing strategy. Liane explains that successful franchisors must employ a diverse mix of marketing tactics to reach potential franchisees, who now require upwards of 20 touchpoints before they engage with a brand. The discussion concludes with actionable strategies for nurturing potential franchise leads through thoughtful, consistent engagement that marries traditional and digital marketing techniques. Liane's approach is a clarion call to franchisors to innovate continuously and stay relevant in a rapidly evolving market landscape. If today's discussion resonated with you, or if you're looking to propel your franchise to new heights, Liane Caruso is just a LinkedIn connection away. Engage with her for more bespoke insights and strategies tailored to the unique needs of your franchise. Thank you for tuning in, and remember, each episode is a stepping stone to transforming your business dreams into reality. Stay tuned for more episodes that quench your entrepreneurial thirst, only on The Advisory Board Podcast.
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  • Avoiding Mistakes: Unit Operations Field Support Guide

    9 APR 2024 · In the latest energizing episode of The Advisory Board Podcast, we had the pleasure of welcoming back Angela Coté from AC Inc., making her second appearance since her insightful discussion in season one. Angela, a seasoned pro in the franchising domain, shared her unparalleled journey and the transformative focus her company has adopted towards field services in the franchising industry. Before diving into the rich content of this episode, a heartfelt thank you goes out to our episode sponsor, ClientTether, whose support is immensely appreciated. Angela Coté, with a legacy in franchising that traces back to her childhood at M&M Food Market, highlighted the intricate challenges and the evolving landscape of field coaching. Emphasizing the critical gap between operational support and strategic growth coaching, Angela shared personal anecdotes and professional insights into how franchisees can be nurtured from the ground up to achieve not just operational efficiency but also substantial business growth. Her narrative of transitioning from a franchisee to a multifaceted business leader underscored the importance of proactive, strategic coaching over traditional, reactive approaches. Dave Hansen, our host, navigated the discussion through the importance of developing a lifecycle approach to franchisee support, stressing the need for franchisors to provide value beyond the initial operational setup. The conversation delved into the nuances of field coaching, proposing a shift from traditional methods to a more goal-oriented, accountability-driven approach that aligns with the franchisees' long-term aspirations. A critical takeaway from this episode is the identification of a common pitfall where franchisors prioritize unit growth over the profitability and satisfaction of existing units. Angela and Dave discussed the profound impact that focused, strategic coaching can have on the overall health of a franchise system, emphasizing that the success of a franchise should not be measured merely by the number of units but by the success and growth of each franchisee. As we wrapped up, Angela underscored the importance of beginning with the end in mind, advocating for a strategic approach to franchisee support that not only addresses immediate operational challenges but also prepares franchisees for future growth, expansion, and even succession planning. This episode, brimming with actionable insights and a forward-looking perspective, is a testament to the power of proper field support in optimizing unit operations within the franchising community. For franchisors and franchisees alike, Angela's expertise offers a roadmap to transcending traditional boundaries, urging a shift towards a more holistic, growth-oriented franchising model. As we continue to explore the depths of franchising excellence, let's carry forward the lessons from this episode, embracing the changes necessary to foster a thriving, supportive franchising ecosystem. Thank you once again to ClientTether for sponsoring this insightful discussion, and to our listeners for joining us on this journey of learning and growth.
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  • Leveraging Layered AI for Marketing Excellence in Franchising

    2 APR 2024 · In this episode of The Advisory Board Podcast, we embarked on a fascinating journey through the intersections of AI technology, innovation, and human creativity to optimize content and marketing strategies . A special shoutout to our episode sponsor, ClientTether, whose invaluable support enables us to delve into such rich discussions. Diving into the heart of the episode, Dave, Ben, and Kelly explored the dynamic world of AI and marketing, engaging in a nuanced discussion on the balance between leveraging technology for efficiency and maintaining the integrity of human-centric content. The conversation around Google's stance on AI-generated content underscored the critical importance of quality, strategic thought, and ethical considerations in harnessing AI's potential. The personal narratives shared by Ben and Kelly, from Ben's journey of growth and success to Kelly's rich experiences in food safety and passion for e-biking, brought a humanizing touch to the discussion. These stories provided our audience with a unique glimpse into the lives of our guests beyond their professional accomplishments, fostering a deeper connection and engagement with the podcast. As the episode drew to a close, the discussion turned towards the future, with Dave, Ben, and Kelly reflecting on the transformative potential of AI in reshaping marketing and sales processes. They underscored the importance of approaching AI implementation with care, responsibility, and a forward-thinking mindset, highlighting the need for businesses to navigate the technological landscape thoughtfully and ethically. Listeners of this episode are left with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the business realm, equipped with practical advice and inspired to explore innovative solutions with a responsible approach. Through the support of sponsors like ClientTether and the invaluable insights of our esteemed guests, The Advisory Board Podcast continues to serve as a platform for thoughtful dialogue, learning, and inspiration in the ever-changing world of business and technology.
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  • How to Overcome Franchise Financial Challenges

    26 MAR 2024 · In this episode of The Advisory Board Podcast, we delve into the world of franchising with the amazing Shannon Wilburn, experienced franchisor, entrepreneur  and the driving force behind Shine Executive Coaching. A special shoutout to ClientTether, our episode sponsor, for making this insightful conversation possible. Shannon, with her vast experience, kicks off the discussion with an authentic behind-the-scenes look at the franchising world, emphasizing the importance of real expertise over the cacophony of bad advice flooding the market. She shares the inception of her exclusive group, the Advanced, a network of women in C-level positions within franchising, highlighting the power of community and peer support in navigating the challenging waters of business leadership. The conversation then shifts to the crux of franchising success - choosing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, where ClientTether's role as a trusted tool among franchisors sparks an engaging discussion. The mention of ClientTether by Shannon during a meeting of her elite group underscores the solution's impact and efficiency, further validated by enthusiastic nods from members using the platform. Dave Hansen and Shannon dive deep into the heart of franchise development and financing, where Shannon candidly discusses the hurdles and learning curves she encountered. She touches on the pivotal moments of her journey with Just Between Friends and how strategic adjustments and tough decisions led to the brand's resilience and growth. The conversation is a treasure trove of wisdom for emerging franchisors, emphasizing the significance of sustainable growth, strategic planning, and the courage to pivot when necessary. As the episode wraps up, the focus turns to the delicate dance of securing investment and the right partners in franchising. Shannon's insights into the nuanced world of funding are invaluable, offering a roadmap for navigating partnerships, equity, and the critical importance of aligning with partners who share your vision and commitment. We're immensely grateful to Shannon for sharing her journey, challenges, and triumphs, offering our listeners a masterclass in franchising success. And a heartfelt thanks to ClientTether, whose support not only made this episode possible but continues to empower franchisors and businesses to forge meaningful connections with their clients. Tune in to this episode of The Advisory Board Podcast for a deep dive into franchising excellence, enriched by Shannon Wilburn's unparalleled expertise and the innovative solutions from ClientTether.
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  • Scaling Your FranDev Team Successfully

    19 MAR 2024 · Welcome to another riveting episode of The Advisory Board Podcast, where we dive deep into the world of franchising with the cream of the crop from the business community. This episode, a treasure trove of wisdom and wit, is brought to you by the fabulous folks at ClientTether—their innovative approach to client engagement and lead conversion is genuinely changing the game for franchises everywhere. Big shoutout to them for sponsoring today’s conversation! In this episode, our host, Dave Hansen, sits down with the esteemed Don Shin, a veritable wizard in franchise development. With a background that’s as rich as it is fascinating, Don brings to the table over two decades of corporate Fortune 500 experience before taking the franchise world by storm. His journey from leading teams in the corporate sector to mastering the art of franchise sales offers invaluable insights for anyone looking to make their mark in the franchising industry. The discussion kicks off with a look at the current landscape of franchise development, a timely conversation given the economic uncertainties and the looming election year. Don highlights how these factors influence lead generation and conversion rates, stressing the importance of understanding the emotional drivers behind potential franchisees’ decisions. This approach is not just about selling a franchise; it's about guiding prospects through a journey of self-discovery and alignment with their goals and aspirations. A significant chunk of the conversation is dedicated to the nuances of lead generation and the crucial role of training and motivating franchise development teams. Don recalls his experiences and the lessons learned at the BAI conference, emphasizing the need for continuous improvement and adaptation to keep sales teams fresh and motivated. Dave and Don delve into the art of maintaining a strong pipeline, discussing strategies for engaging prospects and the importance of quality over quantity. They share anecdotes and strategies on fostering relationships with franchise consultants, enhancing the quality of leads, and the pivotal role of technology in streamlining the sales process. One of the episode’s highlights is the exploration of situational sales coaching—a technique Don advocates for keeping sales teams and prospects on track. This method emphasizes the importance of setting clear expectations, scheduling follow-ups, and progressively building prospects' commitment to the franchise opportunity. Throughout the episode, Don’s wisdom is peppered with personal stories that bring his advice to life, offering listeners a unique blend of professional guidance and personal insight. Whether you’re a seasoned franchisor, a new franchisee, or somewhere in between, this episode is packed with nuggets of wisdom that can help you navigate the complexities of franchise development with confidence and finesse. We wrap up with a hearty thanks to ClientTether for making this episode possible. Their dedication to improving franchise operations through superior lead management and client engagement solutions is truly commendable. Don’t miss out on this episode of The Advisory Board Podcast—your go-to source for all things franchising, served with a side of professional playfulness. Tune in, soak up the insights, and let’s conquer the world of franchising together!
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Every franchise needs expert advice. So, we're bringing the business strategy, marketing, sales, and franchise growth experts to you. Join franchising gurus to learn best practices in franchise sales, franchise...

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Every franchise needs expert advice.

So, we're bringing the business strategy, marketing, sales, and franchise growth experts to you.

Join franchising gurus to learn best practices in franchise sales, franchise marketing, franchise operations, and even motivation and franchisee relationship management.

We'll deliver actionable, valuable insights each podcast from true experts in franchising that are really doing what they talk about, rather than just talking about it. It's a subtle but important difference that you'll feel when you tune in.

This is a no chest-beating podcast as well. There are plenty of those available. We focus on what we know will help emerging, growing and even well-established franchise systems take the next step toward franchising nirvana.

We'll publish a new episode every 10 days, and episodes should last between 25 and 40 minutes.

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