• Episode 402 - Which ID Are You Today?

    12 GIU 2024 · In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show, Justin tells Shawn and Andy about the Busted water heater in his basement and damage it has done to the area. Andy wonders if there is a Home Monitor that could have told him on the water leak/pressure issue. Justin talks about A Smart Valve Sensor on the Water Heater and how it works. Justin tells us about the products for creating a If this Than That system for all in the home. He tells us about Zigbee, Z-Wave found at https://www.z-wave.com and Matter found at https://csa-iot.org/all-solutions/matter/ . Justin has been checking out videos from Reed at Smart Home Solver on YouTube, found here https://www.youtube.com/c/smarthomesolver and while the idea of Home Automation can help in many ways, Self-Autonomy is something Shawn is not ready to give up yet. Justin likes how Home Assistant works great. Listener Question from Jennie on adding a Hub to her Mac and what could be solutions. Andy and Shawn look at products from EZ-Quest at https://www.ezq.com and another resource is Sabrent at https://www.sabrent.com Justin shares a laugh with his new shirt of Vault Boy from Fallout and tells us how he has got back into the game playing Fallout 76. He has even been buying merchandise based on the game. Justin makes a friend using voice chat in the game, Jay Dawg, and the guys discuss how having the voice connections can help a game become even more exciting. Shawn does a breakdown on the history of in-game chat from AOL Messenger to MSN Messenger, ICQ, Mumble, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, Skype and then now Discord. Rumblings about Microsoft Co-Pilot Recall and how it could screen shot everything done on the computer to aid AI to make your experience faster. Would this cause people to move to Mac or Linux? Shawn's upset at the feeding of Ads in the OS Interface Start Menu. What are the downsides to moving to Linux? A listener Rodney in Sahuarita heard the story about the NSA recommending Restarting the Smart Phone at least Once a Week and wants to know if that should be done with the Computer. The guys agree it should be done once a week and they discuss why. Andy mentions Hibernation, meaning Sleep, and Justin schools Andy on why hibernation is so bad. The discussion focuses on an update to the Terms of Use agreement which has upset some users which could appear to give Adobe a right to see your created content. Also, a Story about Ansel Adams and an image created by AI and sold on Stock Images which were taken down when found they were very close to Adams Images. With Father's Day around the Corner, Andy shares some products he featured on News13. The Anker 521 PowerStation for portable power can be found at https://www.anker.com and the SteelSeries Arctis 5x Headphones can be found at https://www.steelseries.com. Andy also talks about the TPM2.0 Module he will be doing a video of hopefully allowing a Windows 11 Update on an Older Motherboard. Justin wraps with our Website of the Week, https://www.cloaked.comThis allows you to create identities for filling out forms or even Phone Numbers, As Shawn says It Worked for the Romulans! Tune in, Stream or Download the latest in our discussion of Tech and other fun discussions! Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers X @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!
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  • Episode 401 - Printing Your Garden

    6 GIU 2024 · In this week's TechTalkRadio show, things took an unexpected turn. Shawn is out sick, and Justin had yet another water pipe mishap in his studio! Despite the setbacks, we've got an exciting lineup of segments you may have missed. Segment One: Canopy - Safety and Security for Young Eyes on Smart Devices With kids home for summer break, it's crucial to ensure their safety online. In this segment, we revisit Canopy, a service designed to provide safety and security for younger users on smartphones and other devices. Learn how Canopy can help parents monitor and protect their children’s online activities effectively. Segment Two: Extending Your Home Wireless Network with Netgear Struggling with Wi-Fi dead zones in your home? In this segment, we dive into the world of Netgear and their range of products aimed at enhancing your home wireless network. Listen to our interview with a Netgear representative to find out how you can extend your Wi-Fi coverage and improve your home network’s performance. Segment Three: Irrigreen - Technological Innovation in Garden Water Management Discover how technology can revolutionize your garden’s water management in this insightful segment. We explore Irrigreen, a company that uses advanced technology to provide efficient and sustainable irrigation solutions. Find out how you can save water and maintain a lush garden with Irrigreen's innovative systems. Final Segment: A Fun Contest Between Show Members We wrap up the show with a blast from the past - a fun contest between the show members from November. Test your knowledge and see if you can answer any of the questions posed during this entertaining segment.Don’t miss out on these valuable insights and fun moments. Tune in next week for an all-new segment packed with fresh tech news and discussions!
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  • Episode 400 - Scams, Screams, and Screen Streams

    22 MAG 2024 · In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show, Matt, Shawn, Justin and Andy open this week’s show with a story from Justin and getting ready for the new season at the Water Park. Justin tells us about a Cyber Attack and how he was able to mitigate any damage. One of the first indications during this and tracking down where the root of the attack came from. Justin shares the steps he needed to take after finding out some employees clicked and opened the attachment. Andy tells the story of https://www.cox.com/residential/support/coxnet-email-transitioning-to-yahoo.htmlwhich has opened scammers to try and get credentials for users. Beyond Email attacks, the guys talk about Phone Scams and why with today's technology users need to be vigilant almost to the point of not answering the phone to any unrecognized numbers or users. Justin tells us about the https://support.google.com/phoneapp/answer/9118387?hl=en  Matt and Justin share the need for continued education to employees and methods used. What was the worst attack they have faced?    Matt tells us about attending the https://cybersecuritysummit.com/summit/denver24/and being captivated by presentations from The United States Secret Service and another by the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS Agent has a specialist involved in investigating Crypto Scams. The Secret Service, which is a part of the Department of the Treasury talked about the Internet Crime Complaint Center and how investigations can be begun to hopefully help recover funds stolen after a cybercrime. https://www.ic3.gov The faster a cybercrime is reported the better the odds for recovery,  Listener Benny has a question about adding a second monitor. Andy took this and used it for his TV Segment at News13. He shared the LePow 15' Monitor but decided to look at the https://amzn.to/44XhTpd which connects directly to the laptop. Andy also talks about the https://amzn.to/3wC9Npx a 4k connection to a Big Screen TV with HDMI for Duplicating your device or extending your device to the Big Screen via Bluetooth. This can also be used to connect your Smartphone to stream to the TV. After a previous discussion Rick left us a comment on the Apple Watch and why for health benefits this is a great solution. The Technology is there why not use it? Andy, Justin and Shawn share a couple of personal stories of always having Technology with you.   Sandy from Sahuarita want to know about Windows 10 and not being able to update to Windows 11 which is ending support officially https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/products/windows-10-home-and-pro What are the options for those that can't update to Windows 11. Is it a security risk to run software after EOL? Matt shares the story of a person who hooked a Windows XP system to the net, didn't even go out to the internet but within minutes was full of malware.  The guys talk about the strange coincidence of having discussions of a new car, dream vacation or furniture needs to then notice ads on your devices for this product. Matt explains to Sandy about the TPM Chip and updating to Windows 11.  Shawn tells us a story about a bug in Apple 17.5 which had previously deleted photos suddenly reappearing, a Patch to 17.5.1 is now available however the privacy concerns with this expand to all users including business.    Tune in, Stream or Download the latest in our discussion of Tech and other fun discussions! Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!
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  • Episode 399 - Capturing Lightning Bolts!

    16 MAG 2024 · In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show, Shawn and Andy revisit the purchase Andy made of the Series 9 Apple Watch. Shawn tells a story of his Son locking Mom out of the house along with her iPhone, yet she was still able to call Shawn through the Apple Watch they own to get his assistance. Andy tells about a service on the Apple Watch called Walkie Talkie however, sitting in for Justin, Shawn reminds us that feature was originally found on Nextel devices and is also available on Samsung Smart Phones. Shawn shares what happened when the fire department showed up to help gain access to the house. The Conversation switches to the recent photo opportunity of the Northern Lights and how Shawn and his friends about 250 plus miles away where getting amazing photos of the geomagnetic storm. Shawn shares how he was attempting to get a photo of not only the Geostorm but also the ISS space station which was orbiting overhead.  Be sure to check out Shawn's Photos on https://blog.techtalkradio.com   Andy and Shawn welcome to the Show, Storm Chaser, Weather Photographer and Podcaster, Lori Grace. Andy tells about finding her photos on social media of incredible weather photography about a year ago and being amazed at her work. Lori tells us about how she was able to find the passion for photography and experiment with capturing powerful shots. Lori tells us how she keeps an eye on Weather Patterns and works to find the perfect location. Happy Dancing under a storm is something both Shawn and Lori have experienced when capturing that spectacular image.   Lori shares the difference between catching Daytime and Nighttime lightning and what time seems to be more pronounced. One image that Andy was amazed by was a shot which captured a Rainbow and Lightning Bolt at the same time. Lori is based in Southern Arizona yet has traveled to other areas for Weather Photography and Shares dream spots she would like to go to. Lori also shares how social media helped grow the audience but also the story of her getting struck by lightning. Lori has a great website for seeing these images, https://www.lorigraceaz.com Mark in Green Valley sent a question about last week’s show and Cutting the Cord, he would like to know what the best streaming service available is. Andy shares how Comcast/Xfinity is developing a streaming package with https://www.theverge.com/2024/5/15/24157137/comcast-netflix-peacock-apple-tv-plus-streaming-bundleAndy tells us in terms of services how he likes Peacock and Hulu for older shows but also after testing https://www.pluto.tv he loves that as a service.  SteelSeries have released a new Wireless Headphone, https://steelseries.com/gaming-headsets/arctis-nova-5has many features to enjoy including 100+ Audio Presets and he ability to be used on just about every platform. Now Available the Arctis Nova 5. Shawn talks about how he loves his previous version.  Tune in, Stream or Download the latest in our discussion of Tech and other fun discussions! Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!
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  • Episode 398 - Better Than a Colonoscopy!

    8 MAG 2024 · In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show, the Entire crew is on hand Andy, Justin, Shawn, Slick and Matt. Andy notices that most of the crew looks solemn and serious while Justin notes that the scowls look similar to the face after drinking a pre-colonoscopy beverage. Either way they press on and kick off with the https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2024/05/apple-introduces-m4-chip/which will in available in the new iPad Pro from Apple. Shawn tells us how his parents which travel have reduced their Technology to an iPad and love the experience of its portability and ease of use. As tablets become more powerful and feature rich, Matt and Justin share how it is viable to use Tablets as replacements for Notebooks or even desktop systems due to the power of Software and Services and connectable Bluetooth folios or keyboards to them tablets.  Andy notes how the Tablets can be an Entertainment Portal with all the Streaming Services. He also shares a recent product he shared on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUNKMaG4IYM&t=184s which can hold most tablets in place in a foldable case which features a Bluetooth keyboard.  The guys share some good uses for tablets while Andy focuses on the Broadcasting Aspect in a software called https://www.rcsworks.com/zetta/ Andy hasn't had an IPAD since Generation 2, Matt talks about how when he worked for Apple, he was happy with the functionality of the iPad’s and sees how far they have come. Slick uses different tablets and shares his experience with them including one with a strange memory configuration. Shawn has found good use for an older iPad Mini and uses that for his Plex Server. Justin uses his older tablets for Home Assistant. The New IPAD Pro 11' and 13' upon the announcement was immediately available to Order from Apple.   Listener Brian visits a Yard Sale and picks up an used Western Digital My Book for 15 bucks but wants to know how to be protected when taking it home and wanting to use it. The guys talk about the good call that Brian is questioning plugging hardware into the computer and the dangers that could go along with it. Some possible solutions are covered. Justin shares the worst solution which has us in stiches with the reminder, don't do this at home. There are other problems that could come up buy used storage beyond Malware which offers a bad scenario to consider. Matt gives us a safe legal solution.   Roberta in Tucson is thinking about cutting the cord and wants to know about switching from Cable to YouTube TV in comparison to her Cable/Internet Provider.  Shawn gives us the basics of how the https://tv.youtube.com/Service works. Shawn tells us how the Cloud DVR Service works and how YouTube TV does not require converter boxes. Local Channels are available based on IP in most cases. According to Justin, the programming guide is much better than what the cable company provides. What is needed is Hi-Speed internet, a Smart TV or Device such as Roku, Fire Stick Etc. Money Saving would be more than likely and up to three simultaneous streams could be used.  The subject shifts to shopping in Best Buy and helping customers which also conjures memories for Matt.  When it comes to saving money, Matt talks about an Introduction plan for YouTube TV that is available and what you shouldn't see on your bill. A 7 Day Free Trial should allow enough time to see if it would work for Roberta before cutting the cord.   Andy talks about https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/using-an-apple-watch-for-the-first-time-transformed-my-relationship-with-self-care/and articles she has been doing surrounding the Apple Watch and Fitness. One article shared how she noticed her relation to health had changed when looking at the results it was guiding her to do even better. After Andy's recent procedure he decided to invest in the https://www.apple.com/watchand is also enjoying the experience. Justin shares his respect for the Apple Watch and those health features. He also reminds us that Samsung and Pixel do also offer Watches. There was some confusion as to the Cellular version and Andy shares how the Cellular version is basically a smart phone on your wrist which can act independent of the smart phone while the non-cell version will still interact with an iPhone. Similar to Andy's situation, Shawn shares his dad was able to use his HSA Account to purchase the Apple Watch due to the fact it is certified as a medical device in recording Hyper Tachycardia.   Shawn talks about the Popular game https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/553850/ and how Sony found its very vocal User Base. Tune in, Stream or Download the latest in our discussion of Tech and other fun discussions! Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!
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  • Episode 397 - But Can It Fly?

    24 APR 2024 · In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show, Andy, Shawn and Justin kick off the show with Slick jumping in as well. With Last Week’s https://www.spreaker.com/episode/episode-396-the-car-is-trying-to-kill-us--59506053focusing on Tesla, Justin follows up on some announcements from the company including Price Adjustments and the Full Self Driving update.  When it comes to Electric Vehicles, Justin points out that most auto manufacturers have an EV choice which has created competition in that marketplace. Andy asks the guys about the possible TikTok ban in the US and while many Content Creators have used it as a platform, is there really a concern that TikTok is a possible security concern? Shawn makes the point that Personal Data is collected by many companies and technologies. DJI has been having its own issues yet there has been little heard on a bill to prevent DJI or other drones manufactured in China from Collecting data in the United States.  Shawn shares though that DJI has just announced a new Drone the https://amzn.to/3UcRzTgwhich has extended flight time and more gesture controls and out of the blue, 2 new Solar Generators Lithium Iron Phosphate LifePO4 generators. Just announced is https://store.dji.com/product/dji-power-500?utm_source=techtalkradioand https://amzn.to/3Wccati For those doing drone shoots on the go, this could be a benefit. Shawn mentions this can be great for the preppers, Justin mentions that since the Amazon Fallout series has aired, some have noted an increase in prep in case of a catastrophic event.  Slick tried to watch the series but could not get into it.  Shawn lets us know about being prepared and having Water and Food for at least 72 hours.    Listener Laurie is the Caregiver for a 14-year-old that is Autistic. Unfortunately this young man has gone through a few tablets and is looking for recommendations on a durable tablet. Shawn tells us about the https://amzn.to/4d9F1EJ which includes a 2-year warranty. Another choice could be the Panasonic Toughbook’s or https://amzn.to/4d9ZV6G and others from the company which are geared at Military and Law Enforcement.  AI continues to be a Buzzword as Microsoft continues to invest in AI and many are talking about the https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/project/vasa-1/of Mona Lisa with a Rap done by  Actress Anne Hathaway that was featured on Conan O'Brien Show back in 2011. It can be found online.   Adobe shared a YouTube Video on the company’s flagship Video Editing Platform https://youtu.be/6de4akFiNYM?si=4w6yTD_J5Sdc5Sux. Shawn shares why he is not 100 percent into AI, calling himself the Anti-AI Guy on the Show. Slick also has not had the greatest response. Justin reminds us that part of the issue is learning who to speak to AI and get the response you are hoping for.  Slick agrees and applies the same thinking for using search engines. Andy shares the new website for testing out AI for those that haven't created an account with OpenAI, it is https://talkai.info The Musical Group https://www.yachtleycrew.com/ is coming to Tucson May 3 at the https://www.rialtotheatre.com/Andy gets the chance to talk with Lead Singer Philly Ocean about the origins for the band and how the manager, Andy Gould, behind Rob Zombie, Pantera, Guns and Roses and Lional Ritchie found them at a performance in Hollywood. Since the bands start in 2017 the Audience Size and Venues have gotten bigger. Andy asks Philly if any of those Yacht Rock favorite Singer Songwriters or family members have found out about the band. The Full Steam Ahead Tour is about the performance and Experience and as Philly says they have been called the Kiss of Yacht Rock. Andy asks about how technology has helped the band find its Audience and Philly gives a lot of credit to the use of social media. Philly tells us about the 6 Song EP which features an Original Song. Philly Ocean tells us about doing the Show in Tucson and what he loves about T-Town!   Find out more about the band at https://www.yachtleycrew.com/ Slick and Justin share info on IT Departments phishing their own employees as a way to enhance and educate on the dangers of link clicking and how protecting the company assets can begin with employees. Slick reminds us about hovering over links to verify the source but always second guess them.  As an IT Manager, Justin tells us how he has used a service called Ninjio https://get.ninjio.com/ for training employees and loves the videos for training they have put together. Justin also shares about Physical Social Engineering and a test he will be doing. Tune in, Stream or Download the latest in our discussion of Tech and other fun discussions! Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers X @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: https://www.techtalkradio.com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!
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  • Episode 396- The Car is Trying to Kill Us!

    17 APR 2024 · In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show, Andy, Justin and Slick reflect on the past week of Tax Filings on the 15th of the Month which gives us a chance to look back on Justin and Misa's purchase of a Tesla Model Y. While Justin shares that some of the Tax Benefits of an Electric Vehicle like the Tesla have begun to fall away. Justin shares some of the info around the car including the Full Self Driving features which when first used, had some less then desirable experiences. Earlier this https://www.tesla.com/support/software-updatesor the Full Self Driving feature has been pushed for a new version. Even with his earlier experience he was able to take a drive from Denver to Broomfield using Full Self Driving and had a great experience with this new update. The guys talk about spotting the Tesla https://www.tesla.com/cybertruck and with the weight of the Electric Vehicles how this has affected tire longevity. Justin https://www.teslaoracle.com/2024/04/12/the-true-story-of-how-fsd-v12-helped-a-tesla-owner-reach-hospital-and-saved-his-life/of a man who was in a medical emergency and his Tesla drove him to the emergency room of the local hospital. Slick asks Justin about regenerative braking and how that works to recharge the vehicle.       Justin shares a question from Scott in Tucson about Adding multiple drives with the same files and is looking for a way to dwindle the duplicate files down. Andy recommends looking at https://amzn.to/4aEOEJQ Pro and as a part of the toolbox, Bulk File Renaming and Duplicate File finder is available as part of the Suite. Also recommended is https://alternativeto.net for locating open-source software as alternatives. Justin does a google search on https://sourceforge.net/ and find a few solutions including DupeGuru which has some great reviews. It is recommended to trend lightly when google searching for programs due to malware and infected programs, RESEARCH! Darlene sends a question about Small Diskettes and how to read data off them without the reader. Justin recommends a https://amzn.to/3Q5ZGiZ reader which can be purchased from a Computer Repair Shop, always a good way to support local business or of course Amazon.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/simonthompson/2024/04/15/ten-years-of-pluto-tv-and-how-the-underdog-became-an-industry-leader/for Television which may be a surprise to some. Aside from the Cost of services which continue to increase such as Netflix, Disney +, Paramount Plus, Hulu there are Free Services with Ads such as Crackle, Tubi, Plex and https://pluto.tv/en/live-tv/ In the Article, Pluto which is owned by Viacom - Parent Company of Paramount offers great programing. Slick shares his top services including Xumo, Roku and Pluto.TV. Surprisingly, Pluto has been around for 10 years, and some have never experienced the interface. Andy recommends taking a look with a smart tv or even tablet at the Pluto Interface.  Justin is happy about ATSC 3.0 and in some markets, it is available already. In an Article at https://www.theverge.com/2024/4/16/24130968/atsc-3-0-roxi-faststream-ease-live-local-news-dvr, one addition to this format for Over the Air television is from a company called Roxy working with NBC Universal which could in some way give users the DVR capabilities.    https://www.amazon.com/Fallout-Season-1/dp/B0CN4HV16N and Justin is loving the show along the same story line universe of the Popular Video Game Fallout. The Gritty show though is geared at grownups, Justin admits being so excited about the series not realizing its  intensity having his 7 year old watch it with him, that ended pretty quickly.  Andy shares some info on the https://amzn.to/3UkG9hj which can deliver some amazing video and photos but also has options such as Timed Capture and Gesture Controls to capture a photo. Justin likes the 4k Capabilities and tells us why.   Tune in, Stream or Download the latest in our discussion of Tech and other fun discussions! Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!
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  • Episode 395 - Duct Tape Fixes Everything!

    11 APR 2024 · In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show, Andy, Shawn, Justin and Matt recap the past weeks Solar Eclipse which Shawn experienced in 100% Totality. Shawn tells us about the foreboding incident with a broken water pipe and then making his way to the Indianapolis 500 Speedway to camp out for the party type atmosphere. The Video and Photos Shawn and his friends captured were amazing. Shawn breaks down the cameras he was shooting with and noted the best images he captured came from some of his cheapest and older cameras including the Nikon Cool Pix P900, Nikon D7000 and Nikon P850 Full Frame. Shawn also shares some of the lenses he used with the cameras including the filter. Shawn's Friend Steve shot with a Canon 70D connected to a telescope! Steve also uses a 800mm Prime with a doubler taking it to 1600mm on a Canon R5. The video captured of the Diamond Ring that Shawn captured is breathtaking. Shawn's friend Dustin launched a Drone and talked about seeing the shadow move over the ground. Andy talks about his cousin Maria in California that captured some impressive shots with her Samsung S24 using the Solar Glasses over the lens. Shawn tells us about the atmosphere at the event and the applause which broke out during the Diamond Ring. Andy wonders about some of the bizarre stories surrounding the eclipse and Shawn tells a story of a woman who reportedly was trying to give her money away for what she thought could be the end of life for us all, when that didn't happen, she wanted her money back? Also, some people were having migraines after, Matt and Shawn tell a related story regarding pressure changes. Either way some great images to share, be sure to check out the images on our https://blog.techtalkradio.com     Justin tells us about a Water issue he dealt with, and the guys talk about filing insurance claims and USAA insurance. Andy talks about the https://blog.google/products/android/android-find-my-device/feature which is now available giving users the ability to locate phones, tablets, earphones now even when not connected to the Web or offline. The guys share how they may or may not use this feature. Listener Estella in Tucson wants to know how to keep Air pods in her ears which tend to fall out. Matt tells us about his problem with this due to ear shape which has his Air Pods “Shawshanking for Freedom”. Matt recommends using a smaller tip for the ear while Justin suggests Duct Tape which honestly fixes everything.       Listener Bob has been called upon by his Parents to fix their computer. They have a habit to throw everything to the desktop of the computer and Bob is having an issue explaining it to his folks. This prompts Justin to ask us how many icons we have on our desktop. Matt has nothing on his desktop while Andy and Shawn have about 40-50 and Justin has three. Matt tells us about https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/553850/ the Game for grown ups and why it is a lot of fun.   There is a lot of talk with Microsoft developing Windows 12 although the company is quiet about it, the Guys talk about what they would like to see in what Windows 12 could be. Wrapping the Show the guys talk about a https://www.macrumors.com/2024/04/09/vision-pro-owner-pain-complaints/, some owners of the Apple Vision Pro have reported health issues with use of the Vision Pro, Andy compares this to the Opti Grab fallout featured in the Movie https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079367/ Andy also shares that Artifact has been saved from going away with a purchase by https://www.yahooinc.com/press/yahoo-announces-the-acquisition-of-artifact-the-news-discovery-platform-created-by-instagram-cofounders-kevin-systrom-and-mike-krieger.    Tune in, Stream or Download the latest in our discussion of Tech and other fun discussions! Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!
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  • Episode 394 - The Worst Car You Ever Had?

    3 APR 2024 · In this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show, Andy, Shawn and Matt get together to go over the trends in Tech. Matt tells us about waking up a few weeks back to his Wife’s Jeep getting rear ended while parked in front of their residence, all captured on the Ring Dash Cam. While we could expand on the importance of Video Doorbell Technology instead, we discuss the process of buying a vehicle. Is it Safe to buy a vehicle on Facebook Marketplace? Matt tells us about his history with Carfax and working with https://www.aamva.org/and why Carfax is always a great idea. This also allows the guys to talk about some of the First and Worst Cars they have ever had.   Southern Arizona is getting 68% and Denver where Matt is, seeing 64% Totality for the upcoming Solar Eclipse. Shawn will experience 100% and is taking the trip to the Ihttps://www.visitindy.com/events/eclipse/ of those experiencing the Eclipse.  Shawn tells us some points to consider if wanting to take a photo or video of the Eclipse and how to create a Pinhole Box. Matt tells us during the eclipse, the Silence is deafening and the light shadows on the ground are different. A Great website is https://eclipse-explorer.smce.nasa.gov/ to check out how it will effect different zones. Matt mentions the center of X will be in Carbondale.  Listener Trisha in Vail sends in a question about the Defragmenter and wonders if it should still be done. Matt gives us a breakdown on where that utility went to and what is was used for. Dale asks about Outdoor Camera's that could Zoom in, Shawn refers to Ubiquity or Unify as a source due to the home security options not really allowing a Zoom feature. Andy shares headphones to test out from Logitech, the https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/headsets/zone-wireless-2-business-headset.html Bluetooth Capable headphones with a boom arm with 4 discrete microphones for AI Noise Reduction to eliminate background sounds. Andy calls these the most comfortable headphones he has ever worn. This works out great with a question from Stephanie wondering about headphones and wearing a hat. Andy tries this but doesn't understand the assignment. Doh. Air Pods would be an option and a recent story in the Tech blogs are Apple should be releasing a lower cost Air Pod. Google Incognito wasn’t as incognito as users expected and what this means.  Matt tells us about a recent story of Glass Door not as anonymous as those posting on the site believed. The guys share a password generator focusing on kids to get them to understand and learn the importance of passwords available at https://www.dinopass.com. Also coding for kids with https://www.codemoji.comThis fun website can help the kids understand coding and its importance.   Tune in, Stream or Download the latest in our discussion of Tech and other fun discussions! Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!
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  • Episode 393 - Busted Brackets and Melted Hard Drives

    31 MAR 2024 · For this Weeks TechtalkRadio Show, Andy, Shawn and Justin open with the busy schedule for Shawn due to Sports Coverage at the University. Justin, however, now has his https://www.steampowered.com and gives us the breakdown of his first impressions of this, going so far to say it will change his gaming experience forever. His first purchase was South Park Snow Day and Justin tells us why he liked it so much. Shawn tells us how https://www.ifixit.com/Parts/Steam_Game_Consolehas stepped up the Right to Fix with a page dedicated to the Steam Deck.  Justin tells us the best way to buy the Steam Deck. https://amzn.to/3IZHAeQ, Shawn likes it for some of the new features however understands some of the hesitation from users to buy a new Cam from them due to the security issues they have had documented in the past. https://www.worldbackupday.com happens Annually March 31st as a reminder to take the pledge to make backups of your Data. The Guys talk about Hardware such as https://amzn.to/3TVtm4Tfor Computer Systems and iXpand Drives from SanDisk for Mobile Devices. They Also talk about Software they use such as Acronis and a Limited Free choice called https://www.easeus.com. The best advice they share however is, to Do it. Make that backup. Since World Back up happens this week, an Archived Interview with Former VP of Data and Storage Technologies Todd Johnson at https://www.ontrack.com/en-us which produces software solutions for Data Retrieval and Forensics. Todd shares some stories of Data Recovery and the impact it can make. If your Hard Drive stops powering up, in some cases, the PCP Board of these older Hard Drives can be replaced. In this Archived interview with Kevin Shaw of https://www.onepcbsolution.com, he talks about bringing a drive back to live with a PCB and Firmware Exchange. Justin tells us about https://www.netflix.com/title/81465101on Netflix that he's been watching while Shawn has started watching Scrubs in Rerun/Streaming. Andy has had a hard time watching shows however the guys tell him he needs to watch Breaking Bad which Andy couldn't get into. Andy tells about running into Actor Raymond Cruz, Tuco, in a McDonalds in Marana.  Tune in, Stream or Download the latest in our discussion of Tech and other fun discussions! Connect With Us on social media Facebook @techtalkers Twitter @TechtalkRadio Instagram techtalkradio Web: TechtalkRadio.Com Subscribe and Like on Audacy, iHeart, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify and Spreaker!
    55 min. 2 sec.

The Radio Show about Computers, Technology and the Internet - Hosted by Andy Taylor and Justin Lemme along with Shawn DeWeerd, Slick and Broadway! TechtalkRadio has been on the air...

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The Radio Show about Computers, Technology and the Internet - Hosted by Andy Taylor and Justin Lemme along with Shawn DeWeerd, Slick and Broadway! TechtalkRadio has been on the air since 1997, The show began broadcasting in Palm Springs, California. The radio show features discussions on New Tech, Old Tech and Cool Tech. Websites, Gadgets for Easy Living and Health, Video Gaming, Mobile Devices and even drones.
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