• Facing the future.

    10 GIU 2024 · Season 2 of Talk to the Elephant is coming your way - and it's all about the future. We'll be bringing you inside like minds, talking to industry experts and discussing what's next for member communications.  Enjoy the trailer and watch out for Season 2 launching soon! 
    49 sec.
  • 9. The best bits from season one

    19 DIC 2023 · As 2023 draws to a close, so does the first season of our Talk to the Elephant podcast. We've had some fantastic guests over the past 12 months, and so we wanted to take some time to reflect on the best bits.
    45 min. 18 sec.
  • 8. Lost in Translation - communicating in a multi-cultural society

    12 SET 2023 · In this episode of Talk to the Elephant, we chat to Rachel Edwards, Senior Content Designer at Content Design London, to explore the importance of making communications accessible to those for whom English isn’t a first language – and ask: - what are the risks of not considering language when we communicate about money and pensions? - does plain and simple language as we know it really make sense? - how can we ensure our communication caters to people, whatever their background? - and how can we better recognise culture when we communicate?
    30 min.
  • 7. Investing for good - aligning our investments with our values

    11 LUG 2023 · In this episode of Talk to the Elephant, we chat to Edd Micklem, Head of Partnerships at Tumelo, to explore the responsibility pension schemes and trustees have to provide options that align with their members’ values – and ask: - how can pension schemes get to know their members and their values better? - how can we bring values-based investing to life for members? - and is it easier or more difficult to achieve in the world of master trusts?
    32 min. 22 sec.
  • 6. Think, feel and do - the ethics behind behavioural science and financial decision making

    9 MAG 2023 · In this episode of Talk to the Elephant, we chat to behavioural scientist, Joe Glassfield, to explore the ethics of behavioural science in the world of money – and ask: - how important is it for communicators to have a good foundation in behavioural science? - what are the positives and negatives of using behavioural science to inform the way we communicate about money and pensions? - how can we use our understanding of people ethically – especially when it comes to influencing how they spend and save? - and how will artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT, impact the future of behavioural science?
    38 min. 45 sec.
  • 5. The hidden generation - understanding “pensioners” better

    14 MAR 2023 · In this episode of Talk to the Elephant, we chat to Graeme McKenzie, Director of Let’s Talk Ageing, to explore the demographic groups in the 50+ age group and their varying cognitive, behavioural, and physiological characteristics – and ask: - what are the risks of considering all pensioners as one group? - what are the issues impacting older or elderly people that may affect how they relate to their finances and financial communication? and - how can the pension industry can continue to develop digitally, and meet the needs of older and elderly people?
    35 min. 14 sec.
  • 4. You don’t know what you don’t know - who’s responsible for financial education

    17 GEN 2023 · When we communicate about pensions and money, we might spend time considering the words and delivery mechanisms we use, to ensure the relevant people get the message. But what happens if they simply don’t understand what they’re being told or overlook it because they don’t know what it means? We chat with Ola Majekodunmi, founder of All Things Money, and explore when financial education should start, who's responsible for providing it, and what happens when people join the workplace.
    18 min. 45 sec.
  • 3. Financial freedom vs retirement with Lisa Conway-Hughes

    23 NOV 2022 · The way we talk about saving for the long-term is changing, with many people rejecting the traditional model of ‘study, work, retire’ and aspiring for financial freedom. But what’s driving the movement? Who’s most likely to subscribe? And should the pension industry move with the times and talk about financial independence instead of retirement? We chat with Lisa Conway-Hughes, author of 'Money Lessons – how to manage your finances to get the life you want', to find out.
    16 min. 4 sec.
  • 2. The Gender Savings Gap with Sam Gould

    5 OTT 2022 · The gender savings gap is arguably as much of an issue as the gender pay gap, with women having saved significantly less than men when it comes to retirement. But what’s the cause, what does this mean for women’s futures, and what can women and their employers do to help close the gender savings gap? We talk to Sam Gould, Head of PR and campaigns at NOW: Pensions, to find out...
    24 min. 3 sec.
  • 1. The power of community with Pete Matthew

    9 AGO 2022 · In this episode we look at being part of a community and the sense of belonging it offers. But could the power of community have a dangerous side too? How might the power of community influence the way we think and feel about money? And how do we communicate with hard-to-reach communities? We’re very excited to have the founder of MeaningfulMoney, Pete Matthew, on the podcast to talk us through this and more. At like minds we aim to make money and saving stress-free and easier to navigate for employees and those saving into pension schemes. If that sounds like something you need help or support with, drop us an email at hello@likeminds.uk.com.
    24 min. 20 sec.

At like minds, we understand that people are unique, with different backgrounds and life experiences. The stuff we communicate about – like pensions, benefits, and money – can be complex...

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At like minds, we understand that people are unique, with different backgrounds and life experiences. The stuff we communicate about – like pensions, benefits, and money – can be complex and sensitive too.

It would be easier for us to avoid these complexities, but that’s not our style. Instead, we put people at the heart of what we do, making things like pensions and money stress-free and easy for everyone to navigate.

Talk to the Elephant tackles the topics and issues we encounter along the way - things that we might not naturally talk about or shy away from as an industry.

We’re not perfect, and this podcast is about learning, sharing inspiration and ideas. Why? Because we believe it could have a real impact on peoples’ lives and ensure that no member is left behind.
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