• SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: How to design and be a better brand with Silvia Stella Osella

    26 GIU 2023 · In this talk you will learn at what you should pay attention if you want to make a sustainable brand and a sustainable design. Silvia started to work on sustainable design since 2009 and she build up something special: an holistic approach that goes beyond the marketing campaigns. One of our best talk ever, super inspiring with a great knowledge that really goes into the detail of the issue. Thank you Silvia
    19 min. 26 sec.
  • Revolutionising Leather Tanning: Is OLIVENLEDER the Future? With Thomas Lamparter

    19 GIU 2023 · Starting from a waste material (leather skin) using another waste to make the tanning. This is a great example of a real circular product. A new way to tan leather with the waste of the olive trees. We are used to Chrome tanning, vegetable Tanning and lately to Chrome free tanning that is not always more sustainable. This new method it seems to have all the characteristic of all the above. In this case you do not need to look for leather alternatives materials because they will have or bigger impact (petrol) or/and a shorter life. In this talk, Thomas, not only share with us his view on leather, circularity and sustainability but gives us more details on this product.
    19 min. 18 sec.
  • NATURAL BLACK DYES with Jane Palmer (Nature Coatings)

    12 GIU 2023 · Black dyes are is the most used color and it is mostly synthetic (petrol base). This talk with the funder of Nature Coatings bring us into a natural way of making black dyes from WOOD WASTE.
    13 min. 58 sec.
  • CIRCULARITY: Digitise second hand clothes with Elena Ferrero

    5 GIU 2023 · Everybody talks about circularity in the fashion industry, but what does it exactly means? Is the fashion industry circular? How can we make a profitable business model with circularity? Thanks to Elena Ferrero to share with us her project, Re4circular, that is looking into digitise the sorting process of recycling clothes. Together with Sara Secondo they founded a female social start up, Atelier Riforma to solve the biggest issue that brands has: how to collect and sort old clothes? You cannot do it yourself, unless you are one of the 5 giant in the world, but even there you need to make sure to don't mix material compositions that won't be possible to recycle. Recycling companies are not always profitable in a sustainable way as the sorting process can be very time consuming. Technology need to help fashion and that's why we love this project Good luck Elena & Sara
    12 min. 59 sec.
  • How can Denim be Sustainable? - with Laura Vicaria from MUD Jeans

    2 GIU 2023 · Denim can be one of the most polluting material. This is why MUD jeans has born tackling the challenge of making this industry more sustainable. MUD Jeans is one of the first B Corp that not only reduce the environmental impact of the production process but also take care of the end of life of the product driving into a circular model. Doing this they save: -93% of water -73% of CO2 -51% biodiversity impact How can they do that? Post Consumer Recycled cotton, innovative technologies (as foam dyeing) and good chemical mangement are the key pillars for this shift of mindset. Yes, "recycle" become one of the most popular word in the last 12 months, but how can we collect enough old clothes and what we do with that? Accepting that not everything can be solved at once but pushing the boundaries makes the fashion industry closer and closer to the perfect set up What is the role and what are the limits of certifications? They need to support the fashion industry and the final customer to share the right message in an understandable way. Should it be done from an NGO or through a government regulation we don't know yet but there is still room to make the sustainable claims more understandable and clear. And of course we can't miss traceability, Regenerative farming and more... Thank you so much Laura Vicaria former CSR Manager MUD Jeans to push the boundaries to the next level and to share it with us.
    19 min. 26 sec.

    28 MAR 2022 · IMPACT OF DENIM  If you are passionate about denim you can't miss this episode.   Today we have the pleasure to have with us one of the biggest expert of denim from the brand side, Nicolas Prophte   There are a lot of misconception on denim impact. A lot of developments have been done in the last 5-6 years from the #environmental to the #traceability side.  We wrongly think that the dyeing andwashing process is the most polluting part but is the growing of the cotton that has the biggest impact and that needs most of the attention.  It is the right time to put in place Physical and Digital traceability of the material to analyse and improve the real numbers.  This is the only way brands can proof the real impact beside the specific #certifications that can be a starting point but can't proof much.   This means to be responsible for the product we are producing and responsability (for the planet, environment and people) is one of the key interpretation of Nicolas for sustainability   He associate the denim process and supply chain with the process of cooking where ingredients and kitchens have a key role.   But how can we calculate the impact of denim? What are the tool out there? Who is in charge of making the rules?   Thank you so much Nicolas to bring awareness to our community in a such delicate topic Let's start the next chapter of denim
    20 min. 2 sec.
  • Going to the beach with Alberto Bressan and a LOW IMPACT BEACHWEAR B-Corp

    21 MAR 2022 · In this talk Alberto tell us how to become a B-corporation in 2 years from 0.  They created and patented a new model called Re3 to Recycle, Reuse and Regenerate old garments.  They are the first one that don't only take back their own clothes and give a discount but also other brands clothes, that's the game changer. And you ask "How do I know where my garment goes?"  Though a QR code you can trace your old garment and see where it goes.   This and more, including the importance of certification and the use of the world SUSTAINABILITY
    16 min. 50 sec.
  • Can a BAG be VEGAN? With Joey Pringle

    14 MAR 2022 · Joe Pringle the Co-Founder of Veshin Factory talk with us a bout his journey.  If the meaning of vegan food is clear and understandable the meaning of a vegan bag is not.  Of course a bag will never eat meat. Especially when we associate the meaning of sustainability with the word vegan in fashion it is a clear greenwashing. No animal is killed because of leather in fact leather is a byproduct from the meat industry that would be burned otherwise. Until a certain extend we could consider this material as a circular bio material. Circular because it comes from a waste and his durability is the longest of all the materials as well it can be repaired.  But if your factory embrace Buddhism you can't of course use leather and you start to look into alternatives materials that are not the easiest ones to industrialise.  Joey also looks beyond a common factory mindset as profit is not everything but wellbeing of the employee has also a crucial role in his view.  Can the fashion industry make also this step and don't think only about have higher turnover but a better wellbeing?  Looking at the most popular fashion magazines it seems we are still very far from there.   Thank you joey for sharing with us your view and to open up our mind into a different challenges we do not always think
    17 min. 17 sec.
  • Formal Reselling and pre-loved clothes with Trisha Bantigue (Queenly)

    7 MAR 2022 · How to hack a life situation and make your dreams come true.  How many time you need to go to a special event, gala, party, wedding etc... and you do not have high budget to spent for one time dress but you still want to look memorable?  Most of this clothes are used once or twice and stay all your life in the wardrobe Waste of money, resources and space.   Trisha Bantigue (Forbes under 30) and Kathy Zhou founded Queenly, the number one formal reselling platform,  to solve this issue
    17 min. 34 sec.
  • Where to find sustainable clothes?

    23 FEB 2022 · How is it difficult to look for a sustainable garment?  First of all you need to know what is sustainability for you.  Then you need to search into the multitude of brands that claim to be sustainable but they are only greenwashing.  Iris tell how she is trying to solve this issue with other 3 Italians co-founder and un app called Renoon. They created a platform that gives you a selection of brands and fashion items based on your sustainability preferences.   In less than a year from starting the company, the team has been internationally recognised by WWD, FashionUnited, Vogue Business, DutchNews etc. and is among the 70 top change makers in Europe for 2020 according to Sifted from Financial Times.   Renoon’s CEO is among Forbes Under 30 list for 2021 and the team as a whole is a young (at heart) and dynamic group putting high skills, talent and passion into something positive for the world.     www.renoon.com
    16 min. 6 sec.

The Fashion industry is often a black hole. We are two old Italian friends, working more than 15 year in the fashion supply chain. We want to make some clarity...

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The Fashion industry is often a black hole.
We are two old Italian friends, working more than 15 year in the fashion supply chain.
We want to make some clarity with the most sustainable players of the fashion industry
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