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  • Finding the Right Fitness Approach for You with Trainer Kyle Dobbs

    29 APR 2024 · Gianna is back with a special guest for National Fitness Month. In this episode, we welcome trainer, strength coach, and owner of Compound Performance, Kyle Dobbs, to Stronger U Radio.  Kyle found his passion for training while rehabbing sports injuries in college. After graduating with a biology/chemistry double major, he moved from the Midwest to New York City and quickly became a high-producing personal trainer at a big commercial gym. Kyle worked up the corporate ladder in education and management as his career advanced before eventually leaving for the private sector. After gaining experience overseeing thousands of employees over several domestic markets, he and his wife relocated back to the Midwest, where he would start his entrepreneurial career. He founded Compound Performance a little over six years ago and has since founded a second company, the Compound Training app, where they have worked with several thousand clients and trainers.  Kyle and Gianna sat down for an inclusive conversation about fitness from his perspective as a trainer and strength coach. During this episode, they dive into:  - Kyle’s approach to his fitness routine as a busy business owner and dad  - Tips for getting started with exercise as a beginner  - The importance of customization and choosing the right exercises to meet specific fitness objectives, emphasizing strategic use of exercise variations  - Adjusting frequency and volume to optimize results  - How nutrition and other lifestyle components factor into performance, recovery, and results  - Training approaches suitable for the general population versus those designed for high-performance athletes  You’ll walk away with relevant insights and strategies whether you’re a new exerciser, fitness enthusiast, or a coach. Tune in and then head to the to share your thoughts.  
    1 h 12 min. 35 sec.
  • Caffeine 101: The Impact of Caffeine with Dr. Jess and Coach Gianna

    27 MAR 2024 · In this episode, Stronger U Dietitians are spilling the (science-backed) beans on caffeine! Stronger U Radio host and RD Gianna Masi welcomes back Dr. Jessica Bachman,  Stronger U's Director of Operations, and trusted nutrition expert. Dr. Jess, with a PhD in Nutrition and extensive experience in academia, shares insights into caffeine consumption dispelling common misconceptions while shedding light on its effects on body composition and performance.  They delve into key highlights from a recent journal article on caffeine, covering recommended daily limits, sources of caffeine, its impact on hydration, and its role in weight loss.  Gianna and Dr. Jess explore caffeine's ergogenic effects, performance benefits, and potential risks.  Grab your favorite latte and tune in for practical advice on balancing caffeine consumption with fitness and wellness goals, empowering you to make informed choices.  Don't forget to subscribe to Stronger U Radio for more episodes like this and join the conversation in the Stronger U Community. 
    32 min. 8 sec.
  • Mastering Compassion-First Behavior Change with Karin Nordin, PhD

    2 FEB 2024 · Our next Stronger U Radio guest has a large fan base within the Stronger U Coach community. Karin Nordin, PhD is an expert in mindset and behavior change and a published researcher of mindset theory. After graduating with her doctorate, Karin had a striking realization: The typical self-help and productivity approaches of the personal development industry were shockingly inconsistent with the actual research on change. That inconsistency fueled her business, Body Brain Alliance, where she’s on a mission to teach people to change and teach coaches how to teach people to change. Fun fact: Even as a behavior change expert, Karin has gone through nutrition coaching and credited it to changing her life. She says, “There is a difference between knowing something and actually doing it, and when we encounter changes in our lives, we need a heightened level of support.” She joined us on the podcast for a science-backed discussion of the many facets related to behavior change, including - The importance of having a coach during times of high demand. - Why she’ll always have a coach herself. - What self-compassion is and isn’t, plus the three skills to develop it. - What you should do to achieve the consistency you’re looking for to achieve your goals. - Going from all-or-nothing thinking to cognitive flexibility. - Her thoughts on resolutions and tips on setting goals. - Her one life-changing recommendation. - And so much more... Whether you consider yourself a self-help junkie or are new to the topic, there is something in this episode for you. Tune in and then head to the to share your thoughts.     Subscribe to        Follow us on       
    52 min. 9 sec.
  • Coach Julie Beegle’s Mindset Transformation

    10 GEN 2024 · This episode of Stronger U Radio brings you a special guest interview with Dr. Julie Beegle, a Stronger U Coach who has a formal education in stem cell biology and clinical research. Like many of our coaches, she’s been coached and has gone through the process of change herself. During her conversation with our Manager of Nutrition Education and Innovation Gianna Masi RDN, CISSN, Dr. Beegle shares her personal story of transformation and path to nutrition coaching. She candidly reflects on her relationship with food growing up, her experience of using food as a coping mechanism, and how her approach to nutrition was a symptom revealing deeper issues in her life. Her inspiring journey transitions from a period of struggle with personal nutrition to dedicating decades to education, making her a nutrition coaching leader. Dr. Beegle has fostered a genuine connection with members, evident through their testimonials. In this episode, she offers a glimpse into why her approach resonates so strongly with those she guides. Tune in to learn about how she transformed her mindset and set herself on a path to growth. Head to the to share your thoughts.     Subscribe to        Follow us on       
    50 min. 51 sec.
  • Behind the Scenes with Coach Adina: Health Goals and Perseverance

    22 NOV 2023 · Welcome to another episode of Stronger U Radio! Join Registered Dietitian Gianna and Coach Adina as they delve into the intricacies of working through set backs and adjusting goals, perfectly timed for the holiday season. In this episode, they explore the ongoing challenge of maintaining equilibrium amid life's complexities. With a blend of nutritional expertise and life insights, Gianna and Coach Adina share strategies for remaining flexible when applying your goals to living a real life—especially pertinent with the holidays looming. The spotlight is on Adina's personal journey, revealing how she rediscovered joy in movement and adapted her exercise routine after confronting health challenges. This candid discussion provides valuable insights into resilience and flexibility, particularly relevant as we approach the diversity of the holiday season. Beyond the realms of food and exercise, the episode delves into the influence of mental well-being and relationships on overall health. Gianna and Adina discuss the highs and lows of pursuing a healthy lifestyle, offering tips for finding joy no matter where you are in your health journey. If you've grappled with the complexity of integrating health into your hectic life or seek inspiration for a balanced approach that you can easily apply to your holiday season, this episode is for you. Ready to elevate your wellness strategy? Tune in now for practical wisdom from Gianna and Adina. Join the Subscribe to Stronger U Radio more insightful discussions.
    54 min. 11 sec.
  • Going Beyond Symptoms: Navigating Holistic Wellness with Dr. Matt Tolstoy

    1 NOV 2023 · Could there be a link between a health challenge, chronic pain, or behavior pattern and another seemingly unrelated area of your lifestyle or past trauma? The short answer is yes, there could be because of the interconnectedness of the various systems of the body, one imbalance can create another. Healthcare is moving away from the model of isolating the symptoms and instead looking at the body, mind, and emotions as a whole to uncover the root of the problem to support healing. This emerging approach to health refers to holistic wellness. In this episode of Stronger U Radio, Stronger U Registered Dietitian Gianna Masi sat down with Dr. Matt Tolstoy to discuss the elements of holistic wellness and why he believes it’s the future of healthcare. Dr. Matthew Tolstoy is a pain rehab practitioner, licensed acupuncturist, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) with a private practice in NYC and virtually. Additionally, he’s been on staff at New York City Ballet and an educator for Equinox Health Clubs. He helps many people with chronic pain and post-traumatic pain or stress-related conditions. This multi-faceted conversation covers a lot of ground and touches on many important points including: - The pros and cons of holistic wellness. - The ethical gray areas in wellness and mental health due to the lack of boundaries (both personal and professional). - The definition of wellness heartbreak: how it happens, how you can prevent it, and what’s important to consider. - How to find a qualified and evidence-based holistic provider that you align with, plus the red flags to look for. - The traits of a healthy therapeutic relationship. - What Trauma is and isn't - The effects of stress, and anxiety accumulation on the body - What conventional and holistic medicine get right and wrong - The idea of “destination happiness” and how in some cases it can be a response from your body to keep you safe and from experiencing something you’re trying to avoid. This is one discussion you’ll want to tune into if you’re interested in taking a more well-rounded approach to your well-being or if you’ve struggled with unresolved health issues or behavior patterns. Head to the to share your thoughts.     Subscribe to        Follow us on       
    59 min. 35 sec.
  • Choosing Grace of Over Perfection with Coach Jodi Burchill

    18 OTT 2023 · Stronger U Radio’s Coach Series has been about getting to know some of our inspiring, knowledgeable, relatable coaches. These individuals are a big part of what makes the magic of the Stronger U community so special (in addition to our members, of course). In this episode, we caught up with our first international coach, Jodi Burchill. Hailing from Canada, Coach Jodi gives a little background on how she stumbled upon Stonger U through the CrossFit community. A powerlifting competitor and former decade-long CrossFit gym owner, she became a Stronger U Coach after realizing her passion for the nutrition side of fitness. Her longtime tenure in the industry, working with many members and everyday athletes, has given her a unique perspective. In her chat with Branden, Stronger U’s resident Member Experience Specialist, she offers tips on prioritizing quality of life over losing those last 5 pounds and how to approach vacations, travel, and alcohol. She closes out the episode with solid advice on choosing grace over perfection. Listen to the short episode and then, head to the to share your thoughts.     Subscribe to               Follow us on       
    17 min. 36 sec.
  • Exclusive Interview with Book Club Author Matt Fitzgerald

    13 OTT 2023 · We're thrilled to bring you a special Stronger U Radio episode! Our very own Gianna Masi and Glen Schleehauf sit down with this month's community book club author, Matt Fitzgerald. Join us as we delve into the world of peak performance and nutrition. Matt shares unique insights and details about his writing process. He also reveals how he created a running club that welcomes runners of all skill levels to come and improve their abilities. In this enlightening conversation, we explore motivation, determination, and the science behind pushing your limits. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, Matt's expertise will inspire you to reach your full potential. Don't miss this episode; it's the perfect prelude to our upcoming book club discussions on "How Bad Do You Want It." Plus, mark your calendar for a community live with Matt on October 26th in the Stronger U Community! Prepare to be inspired, educated, and motivated to elevate your performance to new heights!
    54 min. 52 sec.
  • Walking for Weight Management: Coach Dean’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

    20 SET 2023 · “Make walking great again.” That’s the slogan that Stronger U Coach Dean Guedo lives by. In this Stronger U Radio episode, he joined SU Registered Dietitian and Manager of Nutrition Education, Gianna Masi to chat about his unique approach to coaching members towards success. Dean is a nutrition coach driven to find a better and more efficient way to help people optimize their lives. His mantra is “doing more, eating more and moving more.” Hear about how he came to be known as the “walk more king”, and the science that supports why increasing steps can be so impactful. During their conversation, they discussed a study of a population whose high steps and general daily movement counteracted their higher-than-recommended daily calorie consumption in terms of weight. Additionally, Dean heavily touched on alternative strategies beyond decreasing calories or eliminating certain foods. He drives home the message that while food is an integral piece, it’s not the only avenue to weight or fat loss, and how other lifestyle factors can play a major role. The biggest takeaway: adherence and the importance of making changes that you’ll enjoy and stick to whether they involve caloric intake changes, movement or other components. Tune into this entertaining, informational, and motivational episode that may leave you with a new perspective on how you approach your goals. Head to the to share your thoughts.     Subscribe to        Follow us on       
    47 min. 41 sec.
  • Diverse Journeys, Common Goals: Coaching with Dru

    16 AGO 2023 · The Stronger U Radio Summer Series continues with another coach feature hosted by Branden Hazelwood. In this episode, we hear from Coach Dru Madrid, a longtime Stronger U coaching veteran. You’ll get the details of his background in powerlifting and how it eventually led him to nutrition coaching. Most importantly, he shares how his work with Stronger U and helping thousands of members from all different backgrounds has shifted his mindset in how he approaches supporting members through challenges. Spoiler alert: he’s realized that taking a tougher approach doesn’t always deliver better results. Listen to the episode to hear Coach Dru’s wisdom on how to handle: - struggles and difficult situations - vacations - reducing alcohol at social events - incorporating cultural cuisine and comfort foods while sticking to your goals Then, head to the to share your thoughts.     Subscribe to               Follow us on       
    25 min. 21 sec.

Join Stronger U as we continue to help build a healthier world. Packed with special guests, relevant conversations, and cameos from Stronger U coaches, this podcast is everything you've been...

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Join Stronger U as we continue to help build a healthier world. Packed with special guests, relevant conversations, and cameos from Stronger U coaches, this podcast is everything you've been missing. Please visit for more information on the Stronger U story and how to sign up today!
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