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Stranger Connections

  • Nathan Timmel- being unapologetic in the world of performing and influencing

    13 MAG 2024 · Check out the first guest to ever rebuff my invitation to stay weird (at the very end). I was caught off guard as is Nathan Timmel's specialty.  Listen in with us, as we discuss Timmel's very cool YouTube comedy special, called Unapologetic. It's funny, it's fast-paced, and it's free!  Nathan Timmel is a digital creator, author, total influencer, and very fun comic. With a wife and kids, he is one of the good guys who knows where the humor lies.  We talk about his special and the quirky behind-the-scenes details, why it matters how you tell a joke, can you really read an audience, and why we keep seeking acceptance.  His podcast is called Idiots on Parade and it's a wild ride with his co-host Jake Vevera (and sometimes extra guests) to jab fun at current events. linktree/ntimmel Facebook too. 
    33 min. 3 sec.
  • Lisa David Olson - super secret guest for Episode 200 of SC Podcast

    29 APR 2024 · Celebrating the wrap up of humor month, and the super special milestone - episode 200 of Stranger Connections Podcast! Listen in as Lisa David Olson interviews Lisa David Olson.  Still trying to connect with Carol Burnett (happy birthday!) but meanwhile, learn about Improvisation, Humor, Strangers, Skills to connect in the workplace, What Great Leaders Know, and how to protect the introverts.  Book:  From the Spotlight to Real Life Website: Podcast: Stranger Connections Coaching and Speaking: Card Game: Dare Zone
    20 min.
  • Andrew Temte -The Balancing Act Guru who shares grace, dignity, and compassion.

    20 APR 2024 · "You won't be great until you can learn to love SELF." Dr. Andrew Temte is the former CEO of Kaplan Professional (La Crosse WI) and the author of two books . . . so far. He's also the leader of a rock band, a University Teacher, a mentor, a speaker, and a podcaster.  Listen in as we discuss: How to inspire Imposter Syndrome Tools to be present in the work life How Purpose brings us back to center The first two words he uses as a teacher Connecting personal purpose to the work we're doing Being present. Truly present. Being comfortable with the human you are Living your purpose Bringing our whole selves to the world of 'work'. His band is called The Remainders, and they are active in many fundraisers and committees in the La Crosse WI area. Go to and find them on Facebook Dr. Temte's books are: Balancing Act; teach, coach, mentor, inspire and The Balanced Business; building organizational trust and accountability through smooth workflows. His podcast is Balancing Act Podcast with Andrew Temte and you can also listen to the Saturday Muse show, too. Check out his website for a free guide called Living a Purposeful Life and join the newsletter. EVENT: May 1, 2024 - The Balancing Act podcast will record three episodes live at The Main, An Event Space - in La Crosse WI. $35 at the door goes toward scholarships at Western Technical College in La Crosse WI #AndrewTemte #AndyTemte #TheMain #BalancingAct #Purpose #Grace #dignity #compassion #Kaplan #LaCrosse #LaCrosseWI #strangerconnections #lisadavidolson #speaker #author #Remainders #TheRemainders #band
    26 min. 40 sec.
  • Mike Hammond - interrogating an interrogator: getting nosy with a retired homicide detective from Chicago

    16 APR 2024 · Retired homicide detective Mike Hammond was with the Chicago Police Department for 22 years. He has SEEN some things . . .  and I get nosy and ask everything I wanted to know more about.  CAUTION:  Some content may be harder to hear as crimes are discussed, so listen with caution.  We talk about polygraphs (lie detectors), the main case Hammond can not let go of, mental health, murders in Chicago, interview styles, gaslighting, lies, common sense, and how to get into the mind of a criminal, to help keep others safe.  Check out Mike Hammond's podcast; Detective Story (with Mike Hammond) which has a focus on victims and their families, as well as talking about actual cases and investigations. 
    41 min. 27 sec.
  • Carla Collins - the queen of quirky; inventor of chuckle & chill and laugh-ermations

    6 APR 2024 · "I'm like a comedic aging Disney princess." laughs Carla Collins This episode kicks off Humor Month on the Stranger Connections Podcast. Carla is THE most charming, hilarious, witty, and gorgeous comic in the US and Canada alike.  She's grabbed several comedy awards, and you've most likely seen her in shows, or you will soon because she just doesn't stop.  Carla Collins is an award-winning comic, actor, writer, emcee, auctioneer, and innovator. She does several fun characters on her social media pages and always brings smiles to her fans.  Learn about Chuckle and Chill, Laugher-mations, Vision Pop Boards, LAAF Podcast, three b*tches in an RV, a year of pranks, the emotional support cougar, and the laugh of attraction.  Her first book is 'Angels, Vampires, and D*uchbags', and on the flippy flip she is now creating a children's book!  Also soon to be released is her very sassy deck of Tarot Comedy Cards.  Follow this superb human. Send me a thank you note later. Facebook Instagram  CarlaCollinsComedian
    32 min. 4 sec.
  • Amanda Grace - songwriter & musician, Minnesota native blending genres on 'Give Me Away'

    26 MAR 2024 · "Try to remember that they just hate themselves, and they're takin' it out on you." This beautiful lyric is from Amanda Grace's latest album (her 8th!). The album is Give Me Away and this song is 'Love Yourself'. Amanda Grace is a Minnesota native who travels, performs, and collaborates to create unique shows and brilliant albums.   In this episode, you'll find out why Amanda has plans to hold a show at a cemetery, what her musical tastes were growing up, and how she is in a long-term happy marriage with super cool kids. (Tough to write break-up songs with all she has going for her).  Amanda sings part of a song for us (spoiler - it's beautiful!) and I even inspire a new song for the next album. I'm gifted like that.  Join the newsletter of Amanda's, and find show and album details on the website:
    25 min. 29 sec.
  • Aaron Frale - humorous fantasy author on 'writing the dumbest book I can think of'

    17 MAR 2024 · On Episode 195 of Stranger Connections Podcast: Author Aaron Frale's book "My Three Year Old is a Barbarian - and other parenting problems" caught my attention. Frale is a Montana resident whose wi fi happened to work while we recorded this episode.  Learn about writing, laugh along with us, and hear about the prank that made the news, as well as almost banning him from an online service! Topics we sort through:    What it means to 'stop when it's getting good'    Writing with your spouse (and sometimes the kid)    Authoring fantasy genre, and adding moments of humor    Is Frale's three year old actually a Barbarian    Why he wrote Time Burrito     What does it mean to pair food with your book    We need to be open to our stupid ideas    Writing the dumbest book you can think of Grab a free book at Aaron's website, join the newsletter, too. He says he makes it funny.  We will be the judge of that.
    28 min. 40 sec.
  • Jen Barney - multi food network champ shares behind the scenes of competition

    9 MAR 2024 · "I like when you taste something and it takes you on a journey." Jen Barney, multi Food Network baking champion. Jen Barney grew up on a farm in Stoddard Wisconsin. Unsurprisingly, most of her ingredients are a nod to local dairy farms and products from Wisconsin. But these are not basic potluck cupcakes. Her baked goods are described as Ridiculously Awesome Desserts.  Learn about how she didn't believe the person calling her to ask that she compete on the Food Network the first time.  Find out why connections matter to this sweet and brilliant baker.  Hear about her bakery beginnings with stocking her goodies at a local coffee house and baking in her home basement.  Barney's story as a pastry chef has been loosely featured in a non-fiction novel series by Amanda Zieba.  She thanks her wonderful hubby for his photography and tech skills to help run the business which is now the brick-and-mortar "Meringue Bakery and Cafe" in historic downtown La Crosse Wisconsin. From Canada to New Orleans to Vegas (in no particular order) we get to hear the inside track to being on a network food contest show.  What are the prizes? Do people get along? Does everyone eat all the cakes? One of a kind wedding cakes with hand painted designs and flecks of gold. Why not? This show is ala mode style, without the calories. 
    27 min. 22 sec.
  • Kim Korven - conflict queen, the best parts of divorce, the bat sh*t crazy game

    3 MAR 2024 · "Sometimes helping people is more important than following rules." Kim Korven, retired lawyer, former judge of tenant-landlord disputes, 'conflict queen'. Welcome to episode 193 of Stranger Connections Podcast, which features weird life stories, quirky careers, and prank & dare stories. Kim Korven shares her experiences as a lawyer and judge, including how divorce can be a gift you give yourself and your children. Did you know you can divorce without a lawyer? Korven shares tips on how to spend less and co-parent respectfully. As Korven says, "YOU are the CEO of your life." Listen in to learn: - The bat sh*t crazy game - You can love someone and not like their behavior - When a couple needed a mediator to divide the absurd item - What's the deal with lefse - Can a couple have a respectful divorce - A prank sprinkled with revenge - How do we navigate a narcissist - CAKE life community Grab a free gift on Kim's website: a flowchart on how to divorce while committing to the kids. TheConflictQueen.CA Find more from Kim on Instagram and LinkedIn, too!
    30 min. 23 sec.
  • Jason DelGandio - the habit of the twenty minute vibe, and his permanent dare

    21 FEB 2024 · After listening to this episode, you will most likely notice the word Vibe. Either hearing it, seeing it on shirts or signage . . . everything will be reminding you about The Vibe. And that's a great thing! Jason DelGandio has been studying the exchange of energy for nearly 30 years. He's a PhD, an author, a presenter, and an award-winning teacher. Is Good Vibes Only really in our best interest . . . ? For his doctoral work, DelGandio developed his own philosophy of the vibe, referred to as "bodily emanation." He defines vibes in two ways: The exchange of energy between you and the world, and a communicative dynamic involving a variety of affective experiences (emotion, mood, feeling, vocal expression, body language, physical presence, and psychological outlook). Discover how and why you are vibing each day. Learn why it's important to take the time to define and understand the phenomenon. Tapping into the vibe helps modulate feelings, moods, and emotions. It helps in relationships, and connects a deeper connection to Self. Find Jason on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and InstaGram.
    20 min. 8 sec.

Lisa David Olson has over two decades of writing and performing comedy experience, as well as speaking on the benefits of humor and tips from the stage to more effectively...

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Lisa David Olson has over two decades of writing and performing comedy experience, as well as speaking on the benefits of humor and tips from the stage to more effectively communicate in real life.
Be the nosy neighbor and listen in as she interviews people she barely knows, (or hasn't yet met) to hear about their weird life stories or quirky careers.
There's a lady who says she can communicate with your dog, a man who used to be a zen monk, and even a guy from Russia who gave himself up for adoption at age 9.
Expect a few laughs sprinkled in as guests are invited to share a prank or embarrassing moment too. When your host is a bold and curious beast - anything goes.
This podcast is an offshoot of Lisa's project in bravery, called Serious Selfies With Strangers; where a dare for a non-smiling photo with someone she had not yet met always created a moment of laughter, and often forged the way to new friendships that would never have been.
Books available; Laughs On Wry; an improvisor's memoir and What If's and Why Nots; a journal full of creative cues to unravel stuck moments. Comedy album of actual telemarketer calls on iTunes: Phun on the Phone.
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