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Soul Care Intensive with James Van Praagh

  • Navigating Mediumship Readings

    5 FEB 2024 · Both Sides Now and Beyond: In this week's episode spiritual mediums James Van Praagh and Kellee White dive into the unseen realms to discuss preparing for and receiving mediumship readings. They emphasize being open-minded when seeing a medium, letting go of expectations, and understanding where you are in the grief process. James and Kellee share stories of miscommunications and lessons learned from readings gone awry when the recipient wasn't ready. They explore the idea that we pick the medium, but spirit guides the connection, and stress finding an experienced, reputable medium. This episode encouraged you to revisit messages. Mediums receive information differently - some intuit names clearly while others perceive more conceptual messages. Daily meditation and clearing the mind helps mediums connect with spirit. James describes merging his mind to let spirit communicate through him. Kellee and James agree relaxing the mind in a passive yet open state is key for mediumship. They remind us the other side is constantly learning and growing, and our experiences there are brought back to enrich our physical existence. From
    57 min. 8 sec.
  • Embracing Sensitivity as a Gift with Debbie Lynn

    31 GEN 2024 · Both Sides Now and Beyond: In this episode spiritual mediums James Van Praagh and Kellee White are joined by guest Debbie Lynn Grace, creator of Sensitive Living magazine. Debbie shares her journey as a highly sensitive and intuitive person, explaining how she suppressed these gifts in the business world before finally embracing her true purpose. After receiving signs from the universe, Debbie began teaching classes on soul alignment and supporting highly sensitive people. This work exploded in popularity, confirming the need to acknowledge sensitivity as a gift. Debbie then created Sensitive Living magazine as a resource for the highly sensitive community, pulling together experts to share guidance on all aspects of life as a sensitive person. She provides tips for sensitive people like daily energy cleansing, grounding techniques, and reframing sensitivity as a gift rather than a weakness. Debbie emphasizes embracing your power as a sensitive person and learning tools to clear other people's energy so you can shine your light. From
    58 min. 22 sec.
  • Redefining Perspectives: Life, Death, and Human Experiences

    29 GEN 2024 · Both Sides Now and Beyond: Spiritual mediums James Van Praagh and Kellee White delve into unseen realms, reshaping perspectives on life, death, and human experiences. This episode encourages listeners to embrace the power of intention in the shifting energies of 2024, providing a unique opportunity for personal growth and transformation. James and Kellee emphasize the importance of cultivating a deep relationship with one's soul, fostering intuition, expanding consciousness, and gaining clarity in navigating life's challenges through self-reflection and joy-filled activities. They also explore loneliness as an opportunity for self-discovery, advocating for embracing solitude, practicing self-care, and finding contentment and peace within. This episode, a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration, caters to those seeking spiritual insights, guidance on personal growth, or a fresh perspective on life's challenges.
    55 min. 14 sec.
  • Astrology, Spirit Connections, and Personal Growth

    24 GEN 2024 · Ask Me Anything: In this episode of Ask Me Anything, spiritual medium Kellee White discusses the astrology of the week and answers listener questions. She starts by sharing her experience with the freezing weather in Wisconsin and then dives into astrology. From recognizing signs from loved ones to understanding the significance of shared birth date numbers in numerology, Kellee covered a variety of topics discussing the impact of illness on our spiritual connections and how certain events. For those seeking guidance, Kellee pulled cards to provide insights into your personal lives, whether it's about love, career, or connecting with the spirit of departed loved ones. Through this episode, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their purpose, and their connection to the world around them. Ultimately, this can lead to personal growth, a greater sense of fulfillment, and a more meaningful life. Tune in to gain astrological wisdom and guidance for your life.
    55 min. 6 sec.
  • The Power of Mediumship: Developing Your Abilities and Connecting with Spirit

    22 GEN 2024 · Soul Care Intensive: In this episode, spiritual medium James Van Praagh welcomes listeners to a spiritual retreat, sharing his experiences during a vacation in Santa Barbara and expressing gratitude for well wishes during his recent illness. Engaging with the audience, he discusses development circles, critiques mediumship in Lily Dale, and introduces the Master Coach Certification Course, emphasizing the importance of personal growth for effective coaching. Throughout, James encourages listeners to embrace their mediumistic abilities, trust intuition, and foster personal growth for a positive spiritual journey.
    23 min. 21 sec.
  • Kellee White Responds to Your Questions on Dreams, Astrology, and Personal Growth

    17 GEN 2024 · Ask Me Anything: In this episode, listeners pose diverse questions, ranging from dreams and astrology to personal growth and relationships. Kellee responds with warmth and insight, offering personalized guidance based on birthdates and specific inquiries. The atmosphere is supportive, emphasizing the importance of spiritual development, positive intentions, and transformative celestial energies. Throughout the episode, Kellee provides card readings, shares messages from departed loved ones, and discusses the nuances of different birth cards. The episode serves as an interactive space for individuals seeking solace, practical advice, and spiritual insights from Kelly's compassionate perspective.
    55 min. 17 sec.
  • Retreat Reflections

    13 GEN 2024 · Soul Care Intensive: In this episode, James Van Praagh gives us a glimpse into his life, sharing updates on his health and reflections from a retreat in Santa Barbara. He weaves through various topics, from the eerie charm of the haunted Victorian house he's staying in to the spiritual ambiance of Santa Barbara. Engaging with listeners, he delves into dream visitations, the well-being of loved ones beyond, and teases about his upcoming courses and a mysterious new book. Throughout the conversation, James touches on letting go, the impact of our words and actions on energy, the soul's nature, and the essence of positive connections. It's a warm, interactive session that seamlessly explores spiritual growth, psychic certification, and the intriguing aspects of life on both sides of existence.
    33 min. 7 sec.
  • Holidays, Astrology, and Spiritual Insights

    10 GEN 2024 · Ask Me Anything: In this lively episode, spiritual medium and psychotherapist Kellee White shares heartwarming holiday experiences and reflects on the astrological significance of the first 12 days of the year, emphasizing a potent new moon in Sagittarius. Kellee encourages listeners to set intentions aligned with their values, anticipating a challenging year with key planetary influences. She announces an upcoming vision board class in collaboration with Julianne Siegel, blending spiritual principles. The episode includes live readings, addressing audience questions on topics like life lessons, karmic debts, and messages from the spirit world, offering a holistic approach that combines personal anecdotes, astrological insights, and spiritual guidance. From
    56 min. 5 sec.
  • 58 min. 4 sec.
  • 2024 Predictions

    1 GEN 2024 · Both Sides And Beyond: Dive into the ethereal realm with psychic mediums James Van Praagh and Kellee White as they unfold the mysteries of the year 2024. The duo reflects on 2023, revealing insights into the impact of COVID-19 and predictions spanning hidden agendas, societal unrest, and political upheavals. Predictions unfold, touching on political shifts, natural disasters tied to celestial movements, and a potential "Great Divide" leading to war. Explore visions of technological leaps and societal reforms, all while delving into the cosmic dance of spirituality amid adversity. Embrace the transformative energies of 2024. Tune in, align with the cosmic energies, and embark on a journey through the veiled dimensions of the future. From
    55 min. 41 sec.

"The SoulCare Intensive" offers a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, led by spiritual guide James Van Praagh. Through insightful discussions, meditations, and exercises, listeners are...

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"The SoulCare Intensive" offers a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, led by spiritual guide James Van Praagh. Through insightful discussions, meditations, and exercises, listeners are invited to embark on a journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery. From exploring forgiveness and compassion to delving into mediumship and intuition, each episode provides tools to connect with one's core being. Whether tuning in for live Q&A sessions or catching up on missed episodes, this podcast fosters a supportive community for those seeking to prioritize their soul's wellness. Join James Van Praagh and like-minded souls on this enlightening journey towards a more meaningful life.
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